Monday, February 15, 2010

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 02/17/10

Spider-Man, Atomic Robo, both Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, Guardians of the Galaxy and more make up what could be one of the best week's for comic book releases of this year so far and likely one of the toughest to beat moving forward.  Hit the jump to see what Ryan and I have on our pull lists this week and what we expect from each in this edition of the Post-Crisis Previews!

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Michael Lark

SPIDEY needs a favor from the BLACK CAT. Nothing big. He just needs her help stealing one of MR. NEGATIVE'S most valuable possessions. It's not like anything could go oh-so-horribly wrong! Also in this ish: a dark turn for CARLIE COOPER, a disturbing development for CURT CONNORS, and a malicious move by...AUNT MAY?!

Ryan: I’m going to give this a flip-through in-store, but the inconsistency of this series and the fact that it ships three times monthly has finally caught up to me. If this was a once a month comic, I’d consider sticking around, but it is going to take something majorly cool to keep me around now. I love Spider-Man, but enough is enough.

Kirk: I've been loving everything Spider-Man for the past couple of months.  It's shocking I had been considering dropping it around the New Year, but a string of great stories - the Sandman, Rhino and Mysterio arcs to be exact - has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the title and I can't remember the last time I've enjoyed Spider-Man this much.  However, Mr Negative isn't the strongest new character introduced and I haven't liked the regression of Black Cat's character, but the book has built up too much trust over the past few months to doubt them now.

Written by Brian Clevinger
Art by Scott Wegener

New York City, 1999. ATOMIC ROBO has to wrap up some loose ends before jetting off to Japan for a business trip. Yup, just an average day at Tesladyne HQ where nothing bad can happen. Especially not THE REVENGE OF THE VAMPIRE DIMENSION starring ATOMIC ROBO, the force of nature known only as JENKINS, a ton of VAMPIRES, and DR. BERNARD FISCHER on his very first day on the job.

Kirk: Diamond has this listed for this week, but Red 5 says next week.  I thought I'd play it safe and list it now.  It's Atomic Robo.  There's not much else to say other than you should be buying it.  

Written by Tony Daniel
Art by Tony Daniel

Batman at the mercy of Black Mask! While trapped in the crime lord’s headquarters, The Dark Knight must find a way to escape before all of Gotham City falls prey to the Mask’s lethal toxins. Guest-starring Catwoman, Penguin, Robin and the Reaper!

Ryan: Tony Daniel’s run on Batman has been a majorly mixed bag. It seems like for every step forward, Daniel has to take a step back. I really want to like this story more than it is, but Daniel needs to tighten his focus and play to his strengths more (or just draw more Catwoman, since he is rocking that!).

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Scott Kolins

It's a case of the chicken-or-the-egg as Barry Allen takes on the Black Lantern Reverse-Flash and seeks answers to the very nature of Professor Zoom's impending resurrection. Plus, the Rogues witness an act so horrifying that it changes one of their own forever.

Kirk: Blackest Night: The Flash has been a pretty solid read so far and Johns really tones down the Saint Barry worship and added angst that has turned me off of his Barry Allen Flash stories so far.  Looking forward to seeing how this concludes.

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Luke Ross

Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. But who is a patriot and who is a tyrant? Is it all in the eye of the beholder? Captain America has the answer as the Cap from the 50s strikes back.

Ryan: Much like Amazing Spider-Man, this book is on the chopping block this week. I’ll give it a flip-through, but this book has been going downhill for about a year now. I’m a HUGE Captain America fan and normally dig Ed Brubaker’s writing quite a bit, but I’m not sure how much longer I’m willing to suffer through this one before I cut loose.

Written by Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston
Art by Marco Checchetto

The Man Without Fear visits the Land of The Rising Sun! As the new leader of The Hand, Matt Murdock seeks to unite its five continental regions behind his banner and lead the organization to a new future – but when all five “fingers” of The Hand form its mighty fist, you’ll be surprised at who gets hit first! Series writer Andy Diggle welcomes Marco Checchetto (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) for the Three-Part epic, THE LEFT HAND PATH!

Kirk: This feels like a bit of a side trip diversion pulling us away from the action and intrigue that surrounded Daredevil's new status quo as leader of Hand and how he'd taken over Hell's Kitchen last issue.  I'm curious as to how this will pick up from there.  Hopefully we see what's going on in New York while Daredevil is off uniting the rest of the Hand factions under his rule in Japan. 

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! The secrets of the Sentry are revealed but is it too late? Is this a hero reborn or a eulogy? The most pivotal moment in this controversial character’s life yet is here, and how it affects the siege on Asgard will leave you breathless.

Kirk: I've kind of lost interest in Dark Avengers, but feel like I should buy it just to see it through to the end.  

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

The most epic battle in BLACKEST NIGHT yet comes to a shocking conclusion as Hal Jordan makes the ultimate move to take on the Black Lantern Spectre. But what price comes with the unleashing of Parallax? And what does this mean for the future of the emotional spectrum’s avatars?

Ryan: If you read my very enthusiastic review of Green Lantern #50, you should know that I’m chomping at the bit of this one. Hal’s return as Parallax was awesome and I cannot wait to see him take on the Black Lantern Spectre, though I’m more interested in seeing how the various Lanterns contain Hal after the battle is over!

Kirk: I'm anticipating this issue a great deal. My only fear is that they release Parallax, take down the Spectre and then put the genie back in its bottle with no consequences.  Hoping it isn't as cut and dry as that.  Johns hasn't disappointed with his Green Lantern yet.  I doubt he will here either.

Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Pat Gleason

The battle for the Green Lantern Battery on Oa comes to a bloody end as the new front in the War of Light emerges!

Ryan: Last issue was a bit of a letdown, but otherwise this series has been absolutely awesome for the last several months. With a big showdown between the Green Lanterns and Red Lantern Guy Gardner on the horizon, I’m thinking this is going to be one of the best issues of the week.

Kirk: Guy has a chainsaw construct. I don't really need to say much more.

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Art by Wes Craig

A REALM OF KINGS TIE-IN—GUEST-STARRING MAGUS! Star-Lord and the Guardians risked everything and suffered terrible losses in their epic, cross-time battle with Adam Warlock’s evil half. Except...everything they—and you—know could be wrong. Welcome to what’s really going on! Welcome to the kingdom of Magus!

Ryan: Last issue pulled a major swerve by revealing that Magus—the evil side of Adam Warlock—is the man behind the curtain with the Universal Church and that the Guardians we thought were dead are actually his prisoners. This issue promises answers and that alone makes it my most anticipated read of the week!

Kirk: After the ending to last issue, I really need to know what happens next.  IS COSMO ALIVE OR NOT?  DON'T TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE THIS DNA!

Written by Greg Pak, Jeff Parker & Fred Van Lente
Art by Rodney Buchemi

"ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS," Finale! IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS! The past two years of storylines in Incredible Hercules have been building to one climactic moment, and here it arrives at last! The final showdown between Hercules and Typhon! Amadeus Cho becomes a true hero at last! And just why was Athena so happy at the end of "Sacred Invasion," anyway? All secrets are revealed in what is undoubtedly the most shocking ending of the year! Don't tell the Internet why we had to call this issue "EVERYBODY DIES!" PLUS! A bonus backup story featuring the AGENTS OF ATLAS!

Kirk: I'm the biggest Incredible Hercules fan, but I just haven't been feeling this 'event'.  It has its moments, is above average, but is not on the level of past Hercules storylines.  A 'bad' Herc is still better than the best of most comics, but it's just not the same feeling as Thorcules or the God Squad or numerous other stories.

Written by Bryan J.L. Glass
Art by Victor Santos

Karic comes to a momentous decision regarding his fate, challenging even Cassius's faith in him, and setting both on a collision with destiny; reckless, audacious, and a bold course of action that will change everything. While at the capital, the scheming handmaiden Alexis defies the royal consort Lorelie, and sets her sights on Leito in the dungeons below the palace. And the bats send an emissary to entreat with King Icarus, making their own move at last in the delicate game of competing powers.

Ryan: Last issue revealed what Karic’s next mission needs to be if the prophecy regarding his fate is true, which means this issue is definitely going to pick up the pace as this volume begins to head towards a close. You should know from reading my reviews by now that this series should not be missed and I can’t imagine that will be any different with this issue.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Conner

Satanna is back in town with her animal menagerie in tow to terrorize Power Girl. The villainess tries to succeed where her former lover, the Ultra-Humanite couldn’t. This time, though, Satanna has a secret weapon Power Girl won’t see coming.

Ryan: I’ve never been a huge fan of Power Girl and only started picking this series up for Amanda Conner’s art, but I’m proud to say that I’ve been won over by the wit and charm of this series. There are few superhero titles out that there are just plain fun, which makes Power Girl all the more addictive. I expect more of the same here and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Written by Various
Art by Various

Special celebratory 50th issue! Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle reunite to tell an epic, oversized battle royale between the Girl of Steel and a mysterious, diabolical new foe! Still reeling from last issue’s harrowing events, Supergirl is put to the test when she uncovers a terrible secret about her friend and confidant, Lana Lang. Plus! A look into a day in the life of the Girl of Steel written by Jake Black and Supergirl herself, actress Helen Slater! SUPERGIRL #50 is an extra-sized extravaganza you won’t want to miss!

Ryan: You had me at “Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle reunite,” but you lost me at “written by Helen Slater.” Anything that would cause me to relive the horrors of the 1984 Supergirl movie is right up there with root canals, filling out my taxes, and baseball season as things I seriously do not look forward to dealing with.

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gil said...

I'm most looking forward to the Green Lantern books. The variant for Green Lantern with Scarecrow is pretty amazing. I might have to pick that up. Turner's cover for Supergirl is pretty damn good too. I might get it just for that.

Ethereal said...

Batman, GL, and GLC from DC. Good week, no complaints.

Captain America, Daredevil,and Guardians of the Galaxy ( I want that Deadpool Variant!). Good week from Marvel. I'm more pumped for GotG after last issue, and with the news on a Thanos return. Daredevil has been great. Captain America seems to the weak issue of the week.

M├ędard said...

This weeks Amazing is being drawn by Michael Lark? How can this not be a must have? :)

Minhquan Nguyen said...

Power Girl is very much like the Incredible Hercules of DC--fun, irreverent, action-packed, and full of imagination. I expect that when it reaches its stride, it'll have its emotional moments too, but for now, it's just a delight to read every week.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Yeah, with Lark on Spidey duties I'll definitely thumb through at the store, maybe even pick it up 'for my nephew'...

Parallax207 said...

Let's just hope I have enough money for food after my pull list this week. GL, GLC, Dark A, Cap and BN Flash... pretty great list of comics.

Nathan Aaron said...

I've seen the preview of Spiderman by Lark. Could we PLEASE have him as permanent artist! MAN! Gorgeous... I still miss him from Daredevil!

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