Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Siege #2 Review *Spoilers*

Siege #2 is the only notable release this week, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to do a more in-depth review of the event title.  If you've been avoiding spoilers, note that this review is full of them, even going into detail on who the mystery Avenger slated to die in this issue is and the circumstances that led to his or her demise.  With spoiler warnings out of the way, hit the jump to see what I thought of this issue.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Olivier Coipel

It's difficult to review Siege #2 without critiquing the flaws inherent in the event itself.  The very premise makes little sense.  Norman Osborn, who had the world in the palm of his hand, takes Loki's, the God of Lies, advice and invades Asgard, even going against the orders of the President of the United States, who had told him to stand down. 

Up until that moment, Osborn had been pretty capable in his role as the director of HAMMER and, barring the odd quirk or hint at his past time as the Green Goblin, had yet to really fail at his job.  Siege just comes on us so quickly that the change in Osborn to raving lunatic hell bent on invading Asgard makes it difficult to take seriously.  Add a staged Civil War 2-like 'accident' to give Osborn his reason, as flimsy as it was, to invade and Siege is sort of handicapped from the get go since the entire reason for the event makes little sense and feels forced.

Ignoring these flaws, how did I like Siege #2?  It's an improvement over the first issue, I'll give it that, but it still suffers from a general lack of momentum.  We faded to black after Osborn and the U-Foes took down Thor to end last issue.  That dramatic fade away gave the impression we were done with that fight and, with the shorter issue count to this event than usual, I figured we'd skip ahead to the aftermath or entrenchment in this war.  At the very least, I thought we'd see the Avengers enter the fray. 

However, it turns out that fight with Thor wasn't over.  Thor is merely hurt and, after a quick save by Maria Hill, who came to his rescue in the back of a pick-up truck firing rockets and other heavy ordiance, which put a smile on my face despite the ridiculousness of it and ease with which they enter and leave a warzone filled with gods and super heroes. Thor even shows he has a bit of fight left in him and goes on to save Hill and aid in their escape.  This just killed one of the few dramatic moments from the previous issue and made that fade away ending, which many had issues with over not seeing any details of this fight where some D-listers somehow took down Thor, that much worse now that we're shown he's far from out of the fight.

From there, the story shifted focus to Ares, who saw some significant face time last issue.  He had doubts about Osborn's motives and threatened to kill him if he found out Osborn was lying to him about the reasons for invading Asgard.  Heimdall, who had been seriously injured during the opening salvo of this war, staggers from the rubble to interrupt Ares's fight with Balder and informs him of the situation and truth that his all-seeing eyes convey.  Ares's reaction is exactly as he predicted last issue with him heading off to kill Osborn for his treachery.  

Touching on this a little bit, I like the way Ares has been written and it is one of the few times Bendis hasn't written him as a complete meat head.  However, the turn of events, which took little over an issue and a half to go from leader of Osborn's armies to turning on him, happens too quickly to really have any impact.  It's telegraphed beyond belief and there isn't even really a pay off. As soon as he confronts Osborn, Sentry steps in to stop him.  I didn't expect Ares to take down Osborn by himself, but we didn't really get a resolution to this.  It just goes from one event to the next without stopping to address the previous.  I never thought I'd say this, but I wish Bendis would dial it back a notch and slow things down a bit.  It would really help if he let the many threads he's weaving actually develop before moving onto the next one. 

As you can probably surmise, with this issue being hyped up as "An Avenger dies!!!" in solicits and interviews and with Ares now in a confrontation with Sentry after betraying Osborn, Ares is the Avenger that dies.  Olivier Coipel draws an amazing fight sequence between the two, but Bendis ends it in an abrupt and extremely gorey manner when Sentry literally tears Ares in half.  This puts Walking Dead or Invincible to shame in terms of gore porn with giblets and various organs smeared across the page.  I'm pretty sure that kills the teen rating of this issue, but doubt anyone pays attention to those anyways.  Also, a bit of a demeaning death for Ares.  I know Sentry is God's Wrath or Galactus or whatever, but they could have at least given Ares a clean and honourable death or let him get a few blows in.  Hell, Thor slapped Sentry away like he was nothing last issue, yet Ares gets eviscerated in the span of a few pages without so much as putting a scratch on Sentry.  

After Ares's death, you'd think the issue would come to some kind of conclusion. However, we spend a few pages watching the Avengers board a plane and Spider-Man marvelling over the technology of a SHIELD-issue Quinjet knock-off.  The only purpose of the entire sequence was to telegraph yet another upcoming event with the leaving behind of Ares's son, Phobos, who we all know will come in to avenge his father or make his presence felt in some way.  We even get a couple pages of Bucky begging Steve Rogers to take Captain America's shield into battle, despite months of delays to Captain America: Reborn that led to an issue called, "Who Will Wield the Shield?", that firmly established that Bucky would, in fact, wield the shield.  

In short, everything post-Ares vs Sentry read like filler.  We knew the Avengers were coming.  We didn't need an explanation for Cap using his shield.  We didn't need to see the Avengers loading a ship or getting on it or marvelling over how great modern technology that lets their ship fly fast is and we certainly didn't need a final page with four identical panels of Osborn standing there waiting for Captain America's shield to smack him upside the head. 

Verdict - Check It.  Overall, I can say that I enjoyed this issue, but there were a lot of flaws.  It goes from the break neck pace at the start to a near-stop as it dragged its way to a conclusion at the end.  Many of the major events are telegraphed and happen simply to move the story along.  It's a pretty book, thanks to Coipel, and an improvement over the first that should appeal to most, but the pacing really hurt my enjoyment of the issue.

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Anonymous said...

This issue was amazing. Your way too picky

Anonymous said...

I hate hearing about how forced, weak, and illogical Osborn's decision to invade Asgard is because this is not a legitimate criticism. Osborn's decision is supposed to be illogical and seem forced to a reasonable reader because Osborn has lost his grip on reality, has always been crazy, and is a villain. If Osborn had a legitimate and logical reason to invade Asgard that would defeat the whole purpose of this story. The heroes haven't taken Osborn down until now because he hasn't given them a chance, he was acting somewhat sane. Now Osborn has made a mistake and the heroes are taking advantage of it in order to take back their country. If Osborn's decision made as much sense as Tony Stark's reaction in Civil War then how would Osborn be acting any worse than Tony. The story is showing that Osborn has gone so off the deep end and is a true villain so the superhero community can get over their differences and rally against. Ares' crazed reaction to realizing Osborn's true reason for invading would not work if the reason was actually legitimate.

Steven said...

Can't take the killing of a mythological "god" very seriously as they come back to life pretty quickly in the Marvel universe.

I have a feeling we will be seeing him again before too long, since his brother Hercules is set to die soon too and you know that won't last.

I see this happenening toot sweet. Either Phobos ends up getting to the battle somehow and makes the Sentry so afraid he kills himself or the Sentry kills Phobos. Phobos will then rise and a full-fledged god and THEN kills Sentry.

Whatever the result I think we can almost guarantee that the Sentry will not be around post-Siege.

Anonymous said...

You're entitled to your opinion, and you raise several points which are legit. However, the only issue I have with this review is this:

"Olivier Coipel draws an amazing fight sequence between the two, but Bendis ends it in an abrupt and extremely gorey manner when Sentry literally tears Ares in half."

Essentially the positives of the fight go to Coipel and the negative (in your eyes, I thought it was amazing, and despite the obvious shock value, I haven't reacted like this since Spidey's unmasking) of the fight goes to Bendis. Granted Bendis probably wanted a gorey finish, but it seems a bit lopsided to blame the one part of the fight that was negative on Bendis.

If Bendis gets the blame for the gore, then Bendis gets the credit for the beautiful choreography of that fight. My opinion? Credit the entire sequence to Coipel.

Chris said...

Yeah I kind of have to agree with the second poster about Osborne...I mean, this is a guy who went back and forth from trying to kill Spider-man to not even knowing he was the Green Goblin for years...I mean, this guys isn't all there....and they have hinted at his sanity leaving him a few times. Also, I have to say that my favorite part of the book was the last page with Cap's shield coming at Osborne's head (and they aren't identical..the shield reflection is getting larger in each panel...just saying). I do agree that the Ares/Sentry fight seemed too easy and was a bit quick, but it was still pretty cool. I really liked this issue a lot, it was miles better than the first one.

Chris said...

Also, I wish I didn't spell Osborn wrong all the time.

Zamaskowany Anglista said...

Didn't Ares land at least one blow? As far as I can remember, he got his axe halfway through Sentry's arm, with his "golden energy" leaking from the wound and whatnot. Anyways, the art was spectacular.

I liked Hill better when she was a bitch. That whole sequence with her going in with heavy ordinance just seemed forced, as if somebody was trying to make her more generally likable.

I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Fury and his Secret Warriors, and rather unpleasantly by yet another change of Cap's shield ownership.

Brandon Whaley said...

Osborn's decision to invade Asgard came out of nowhere. Sure, WE know he's the Green Goblin and freaking unstable as crap, but he's acted reasonably sane up until now. It was like he said "Screw sanity, I'm going wack again" overnight and just woke up as the Goblin again. No lead-in, nothing. This issue was not great. It was some gore and flash covering what was really a problematic issue, although miles beyond the first. As far as events go, this one is biting it hard thus far.

Anonymous said...

But it almost seems like you read nothing put out by Marvel in the last year. Osborn has had so many ups and downs, and has looked like a freaking loon. Check out Dark Avengers, especially the crossover with Uncanny X-Men. he's mad as a hatter without tea. Even in New Avengers, he hasn't acted like a normal sane commander of HAMMER should. He's crazy, you can't ignore that and say, he's been having "odd quirks or hints."

And if you had read DA, you would know that Loki has been manipulating Osborn for quite some time. More than likely since Secret Invasion ended.

This was great and I wish you could wash that bias of yours off and enjoy something well written and well paced. That last page was brilliant and I bet half the writers out there wish they had written it.

Brandon Whaley said...

No bias here. Osborn's been crazy since he threw Gwen off a bridge. I mean, that's no surprise. I just really think this event, this so-called "7 years in the making event" isn't even succeeding as an event as well as Blackest Night is, and you can't even get the whole story from Blackest Night alone. Sure, the issue has some moments but for the most part it was meh and didn't mesh well with the issue that proceded it. Its like a movie that has explosions and no substance.

Anonymous said...

I can level the same "explosions and no substance" at Blackest Night. It is very superficial. Blackest Night "succeeds" more because it appeals to a broader group. Those who don't want to think too hard and look at the preetty colours.

In my humble opinion, after reading 6 issues of Blackest Night and fifty or so tie ins, and two issues of Siege and four tie ins, Siege is a better story, with a more convincing and less contrived lead in.
Seven Years in the making. If they had said "Four years in the making" for Blackest Night, would people have stabbed that to death or embraced it?

Eric Rupe said...

"If they had said "Four years in the making" for Blackest Night, would people have stabbed that to death or embraced it?"

That is actually a legitimate claim for BN. Johns has been seeding stuff in the GL books since Rebirth. In fact, the Sinestro Corps symbol appears in Rebirth itself, way before the group was even hinted at by name. And here is a quote from the Black Hand from GL #6 - "But Death is stronger. It is the pure power of the far end of the emotional spectrum. The emptiness of Space. The Blackest Night."

There is nothing to suggest that Siege is the culmination of any kind of plan other than Marvel decided to make their universe darker for X years and it would end with a big event as some point. Hell, Osborn's ascension points to the opposite since Dark Avengers looks like a knock off Warren Ellis's Thunderbolts, which is ironic since Ellis's work is essential pointing out the stupidity of the whole concept.

Tyler said...

The whole thing with Steve Rodgers and Bucky didnt bother me so much, I thought it was clear Steve would take the shield for this one thing, but it was ultimately Bucky's.

Daryll B. said...

Wow, I would wish when Anonymous would criticize they would at least have the guts to put a name on it so we could take it seriously. That being said, I have been down on the Siege concept about as much as I have felt let down by Blackest Night. You hit many of the areas where I was left dumbfounded Kirk:

Thor Cliffhanger: spoiled
Ares and Heimdall moment: spoiled
Phobos build up: ruined (for now)
Cap and Bucky situation: even more confusing that it was before
Sentry: Don't get me started...

What the F*** Bendis? First people (mainly your haters) complain that you write things too drawn out...Now I think you are writing this too fast...Is there a happy medium.

Then again, I am the same guy who felt this whole Dark Reign thing was ruined by the Siege announcement in the first place...

Sam said...

Speaking to the part of the story where Sentry tears Ares in half, I don't really know that I would say that it puts the content in Invincible to shame. Maybe on par with the gore but not to shame (See: The conclusion to Invincible and Conquest's Battle for more on that statement.)

As an aside I remember a few years back reading a comic titled "Infinite Crisis" number 6, which was a comic code approved mind you, which saw Black Adam push Psycho Pirate's mask through his head with his brains and the rest of the good stuff exploding out the back.

or even in the same issue (I think and have no pictures from wiki to support this) Superboy Prime dismembering quite a few characters who I think may have been Teen Titans at some point, though they may have been just a bunch of no bodies. I'm huge into DC outside of my long time following of Green Lantern so please pardon my ignorance to who these people were off the top of my head.

I guess the point I'm trying to illustrate here is that if content high on violence is good enough for a system that was created to ensure that comics don't have any material that will corrupt children, Marvel must be pretty big sticklers for advising parents on content giving the book a teen rating and all.

Brandon Whaley said...

@...well, whoever you are- I'm not saying Blackest Night is perfect. Heck, if all you were reading was Blackest Night you'd be confused. But even with all of its flaws, its a far more cohesive event. Eric listed several reasons that validate this. Siege seems more like a co-out to play to fans who complain about how dark the Marvel U has gotten. "Let's throw an event at them!" Bendis is normally a decent writer (I don't mind wordiness, have you seen some of what Johns writes?) but Siege misses the mark on so many levels.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous & Chris Re: "I hate hearing about how forced, weak, and illogical Osborn's decision to invade Asgard is because this is not a legitimate criticism."

Osborn is insane. So is every other villain dressing up in a halloween costume and trying to take over the world. But he hasn't been written as completely off his rocker in a long time. Even in Thunderbolts, he only lost it due to a pyschic attack from multiple telepaths.

Throughout Dark Reign, and the Initiative before it, Osborn has been on meds, shown to be pretty competent and only the odd bit of acting out. Even when he was completely insane in Thunderbolts or past Spider-Man stories, he's never been outright shown to be stupid. This is a man they retconned to having created a secret criminal empire in Europe and masterminded just about every bad thing that ever happened to Spider-Man from beyond the grave. He's come back and been a savy businessman that disproved he was the Goblin, taken over the Bugle and, in general, has always been shown to be calculating and to act with some modicrum of intelligence.

Dark Reign concluded with the Cabal special having him talking to a mask out of the blue. It then had him kill thousands of people in a Stamford-like explosion so hecould go on to declare war on Asgard agasint the presidents orders. They are forcing him to be insane and handwaving away any complaints by 'lol he so crazy, we dont have to explain it'. If the chain of events that ledto this were different and showed some kind of breaking down of Norman or indicated, outside of one or two instances near the end of Dark Avengers, he was losing it, I'd be more receptive ofthis. As is, he was doing a better job running HAMMER than Fury or Stark had with SHIELD.

@Anonymous 3 - Re: Art vs Writing, I view the writer as the driving force ofa book. Bendis didn't just write 'draw Sentry killing Ares' and Coipel then mapped out the entire fight himself and decided to kill Ares in that manner. Bendis laid out the number of pages, the general beats the fight would have and that conclusion. As such, I give Coipel props for making it look pretty and Bendis is taken to task for what actually happens.

Also, I gave Bendis props for how well written Ares was in this issue (and the last oen). As the issue focused on that fight for the majority of the issue, I think I'm being fair to Bendis.

@Zamaskowany Anglista - Agreed on the Hill bit. I liked it and said so in the review, but it does seem like an odd way for the more straight laced and serious HIll to act. If they move her more in that direction from here, I won't complain, but it does come out of nowhere, especially compared to how Fraction writes her in Iron Man.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous re: "This was great and I wish you could wash that bias of yours off and enjoy something well written and well paced. That last page was brilliant and I bet half the writers out there wish they had written it." -

Heh, bias, thanks, I enjoyed that. I read like 30 comics a month from various publishers. Bendis is one of my favourite writers. I've been reading and giving favourable reviews to Dark Avengers all year long with few exceptions. I believe this is a favourable reviewof Siege #2. I point out flaws in it as well as things I enjoyed, but I never outright hate on it or bash it. If taht is a bias, I'm not sure what to tell you other than I'm bias, I guess.

@Sam - I suppose you are right. It just seemed odd to me as i'm not accustomed to seeing that level of gore in a Marvel comic. Even those events you mention in DC don't seem on the same level as this death (you see all his internal organs and a big smear of blood as he's torn in half in graphic detail here). It's similar to Blackest Night's deaths (Ralph and Sue killing theHawks was pretty graphic, among others). I thought it was worth noting, but I don't personally have a problem with the gore.

@Daryll B. - I don't mind people posting as Anonymous. If they'd rather use that to post, that's their perogative and I enabled it long ago so people would have fewer barriers of entry to posting comments. As long as they remain civil about it, their comments are just as valid as the next and I take them serious whether they are positive or negative.

Nathan Aaron said...

Sentry is COMPLETELY unredeemable now, as far as I'm concerned.

CasinoGrande said...

While I enjoyed the issue far more than you did, I'd say that most of your criticisms are totally valid. I don't like the Civil War "parallel" that comes off as lazy, nor do I think the rationale for invading Asgard has been set up well. So far it's just been that Osborn is as crazy as those discount electronics salesmen.

However, I will defend the last page with the shield. It was a gag that only works in sequential art, and I loved it. Did it need to be a full page? No, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm pretty sure there have been more than one of two instances of him acting out in Dark Avengers alone, not to mention in several of the other titles. Also, why is it stupid of him to attack Asgard...because we know that he loses in the end? Wouldn't you also think it is stupid to attack the X-Men, provoke Namor by slaughtering Atlantians, attack Doctor Doom, develop an Ultimo virus, start a Cabal with the most powerful and untrustworthy people/beings in the world, etc, etc. I mean, everything he has done would be considered "stupid"....but he has succeeded because 1. Victoria Hand has managed to keep him sane and talk him out of things like beating Tony Stark to death on national TV and 2. Everytime Osborn got into serious trouble Sentry bailed him out....if not for Sentry Osborn would have probably died in the first Dark Avengers arc and he certainly would not have defeated Molecule Man...after all of this success why on Earth would he think he would lose this battle...I mean, he has a guy who just ripped the God of War into pieces...the way things look at the moment he doesn't look stupid at all, he launched this battle with a clear plan and I'm sure he expected resistance from the other super heroes....he just expects to win like he has been doing and like he has always expected himself to do.

Anonymous said...

I won't join the requests for Bendis to "slow down the pace and develop the character moments." I think character development is what he does best, although not in Siege. But this is what he promised for this series - "non-stop action". And I think if he slowed things down or stretched this out, he would have more complaints about his "talking heads comics." I do have complaints about this issue, though. One is: wondering what the Marvel/Bendis definition of immortal is. Ares better be back. I think the Coipel image of Ares being ripped apart was a wasted opportunity to show the same scene with more emotion, not just on the Sentry's part, but from Ares' dying response. I did flip back to the cover and check the age rating at this point in the scene, just out of curiosity. T+ I felt like the point of this issue was to get all the players in place, so hopefully the next two will be all-out battle. And finally, I feel like one of the biggest problems in the Cap and Bucky scenes stems from Marvel's timing problems lately. It seems like we're getting recycled conversations and scenes. I don't know how this is happening when the writers and editors meet and conference like they do. Can't we avoid some overlap and get something new in more of the pages? With that kind of reuse and the build, build, build (ex. last page) I don't see how this 4-issue series is going to come to a conclusion and resolution.

Daryll B. said...

@Kirk I guess it just felt like an unjustified attack to me on you when "whoever" attacks your review without actually taking time to read it. I know it helps get more people to respond but come on "bias"? LOL

To the last anonymous, good point about the timing issues harming the product on the whole...and yeah I am unsure myself how Godly Reincarnation works in the Marvel U...

Again, if this Siege thing sprung up organically from the story I wouldn't have the hate for it that I do. But this "event" does feel rushed for EIGHT years in the making.

Think about it this way, outside of Avengers The Initiative, which other of the family of books naturally led up to this? Thor didn't... Secret Warriors...nope. Mighty, New, Dark...nope, nada, and gosh no. Iron Man...maybe in a faint way. Captain America...Totally counters Brubaker has written. Spider-Man.... Is Dark Reign actually happening in his "Brand New Day"?


Russel David said...

In terms of Ares' return... he's a god, as well as being a very good character, so he'll no doubt get better.

The four issue structure of this series though admirable in terms of cost has only caused things to feel incredibly rushed as we're pushed as quickly as possible towards the new status quo.

Daryll B. said...

@ Eric... I was a fan of the old Thunderbolts because I grew with the team and seeing them succeed / fail because of their natures was fascinating. I stayed with the Ellis version because of faith in his writing but besides the Steel Spider and American Eagle storylines, the rest of it frankly sucked to me simply because the characters are unlikeable...

I dropped T-Bolts as soon as the "Green Goblin" attacked Air Force One at 10,000 feet causing the American Government to instantly think Osborn was sane...

For me the writing was on the wall....

Steven R. Stahl said...

I'm puzzled by the comments that Osborn's invasion of Asgard is okay because he's insane. Insanity by itself isn't a justification for anything. Is the lesson a reader takes away from SIEGE #2 that being insane lets you do anything without having to suffer consequences? A story's supposed to be written for a reason, and have an understandable theme. "Insanity is great because it makes people do crazy and entertaining stuff" isn't a theme.

There are severe problems with the premise. The Asgardian gods can't be distinguished from medieval humans. Greek mythology made it easy to distinguish gods and demigods from humans, since the gods and demigods all had powers. In SIEGE, that's not possible. The Asgardians look pathetic, not godly.

The President should have stopped the fight by now, or tried to, unless Bendis is insisting that the fight is progressing so quickly that he hasn't taken action yet.

The "wormhole" stunt was a typical Bendis deus ex machina.

The stunt with Ares repeated the stunt with the Vision from AVENGERS #500, and was weak because of that. Gore by itself isn't entertaining unless you're conditioned to find it entertaining.

The handling of the Sentry explains the retcon of the Sentry's origin in DARK AVENGERS #13. Bendis wanted Osborn to have the Void present for muscle.

I can't see anything in SIEGE that made the event worth publishing. Seeing insane behavior as entertaining -- glorifying its existence -- is a deranged stance in itself and can be compared unfavorably to a number of things. What redeeming aspects are there to the story?



Mikey Donuts said...

Ok I'm pretty sure Ares shoved the back end of his axe into Sentry's side during the fight. And in a panel after that we see this weird stuff coming out of the wound (like light and tentacles?).

I think four issues is the perfect length for this.

Steven said...

Looked like the Void type of energy coming out of Sentry. But then, we know now that Bendis has retconned Sentry so that the Void is the real character and the Sentry is the personality disorder.

By the way, I wonder if anyone mentioned the idiocy of killing a god of war in the middle of a war. The war itself should be endowing Ares (and Tyr for the matter) with so much extra energy that his death won't take.

I still see Phobos killing Sentry though. I forgot all about his sword that kills gods too.

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