Monday, March 1, 2010

Celebrating Women's Month at The Weekly Crisis

As some of you may know, March is designed as Women's History Month in the United States, and March 8th is International Women's Day in many countries. Because of this, The Weekly Crisis is going to have a month long celebrating not only the female characters that populate the world of comics, but also the female creators of our industry. Every week of this month, you can expect a couple of posts that will hopefully foment discussion, spotlight creators, and, above all, review comics. So what can you expect? Hit the jump to read more.

The Women of Marvel

Marvel is doing something special this month, they will be releasing several one-shot titles that will work to spotlight their female characters, as well as Girl Comics, an anthology mini series completely created by the women that work at Marvel.  Expect in depth reviews of some of these comics, along with the usual dose of reviews we administer.

Crisis on Infinite Women Artists

A recent column that we have been doing is Crisis on Infinite Arts, where we spotlight an art piece from a creator, and the feedback that we have received has been incredibly positive. As part of the celebrations, this month we will be spotlighting women artists, and you can expect a new column every week.

Questions for The Readers

One of the aspects that I most enjoy about writing for the Weekly Crisis is the interaction with our readers. I often joke about this, but I think we have one of the smartest and most polite comment section of the comic blogosphere, and this month we will want to hear about all your favorite female creators, your favorite women in comics, and more. We'll be running a new Reader Question every week.

And Beyond

Obviously, it is only the first day of March, so there's some stuff planned that we don't have ready yet, but that we are always working ahead of time to provide quality content for this blog. Stay tuned, readers, it's going to be a great month here at the Weekly Crisis, for women and men alike.

Index of Posts

Carol's Last Dance: A Farewell to Ms. Marvel
Trade Waiting: Air Vol. 1, Letters From Lost Countries
Weekly Crisis Comic Book Review for Girl Comics #1
Comic Book Power Ratings featuring Girl Comics #1
Crisis on Infinite Arts: Colleen Coover's Frog Thor
Girl Comics #1 In-Depth Review
International Women's Day - One Year Later
Crisis on Infinite Arts - Pia Guerra's Batgirl
JMS & Wonder Woman
X-23 #1 Review
Spider-Woman: Motion Killed The Comic Star
Crisis on Infinite Arts - Emma Rios' Runaways
Reader Question - Creators: Male or Female?
The Unrealistic Portrayal of Spandex
Crisis on Infinite Arts - Amanda Conner's Power Girl

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Radlum said...

Sounds like a great idea; it's kind of sad that among the many media, comic books (at least mainstream ones) are the worst in terms of portrayal or participation of women, so any initiative to give more relevance to female authors or characters is a good idea.

Aaron Kimel said...

Ms. Marvel's final issue was shipped the last week of February. Mere coincidence that Marvel's longest-running female solo book died before Women of Marvel month began or intentional decision to avoid the apparent mixed message of ending the series DURING Women of Marvel month? You decide!

Kirk Warren said...

Spider-Girl is Marvel's longest running female solo book.

Ivan said...

I expect lots of Amanda Conner.

Matt Ampersand said...

@Aaron: You got my brain-wheels turning. Expect more on this matter.

@Kirk: I think Aaron was talking about the current longest running series. Spider-Girl was canceled and relaunched. Semantics and technicalities, I know.

@Ivan: You won't be disappointed. I hope.

Kirk Warren said...

Spider-Girl's first series was 100 issues long. Evenw ithout counting the continuation, it's longer than the 50 for Ms. Marvel. If he meant current, I think it's actually their only female solo series currently running. I may be mistaken, but can't think of any other female solo title.

Matt Ampersand said...

@Kirk: Spider-Woman and...yeah I guess that's it, all the other ones are mini series. But Spider-Girl is getting another shot at an ongoingm! And Black Widow is getting one too.

Aaron Kimel said...

I'm sorry I was ambiguous. I did mean the longest-running CURRENT series, though I could not have told you what the longest-running series ever was when I commented. (I rarely consider non-616 universes.) I invoked "longest-running" purely for its propaganda value to help the conspiracy theorists. I was mischievously trying to be provocative for its own sake! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!! And great selection of artists in the banner! Anyone can say me who's the penciller of the PowerGirl's art?

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