Friday, March 12, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/10/10

Okay, I know these are the Moments of the Week people, but please bear with the first couple.  They are anything but moments and consist of nothing but anti-moments of the week.  They also all come from Amazing Spider-Man.  Go figure.  Your regular momenty goodness continues shortly after those, so don't despair over those early negative ones.  Hit the jump for more.

Amazing Spider-Man #624

Come off it, the cliffhanger from last issue shows Jonah, in that hideous brown suit, with the Vulture menacingly standing over him and we cut back this week to see that by some fluke someone else was wearing that same brown suit no one would be caught dead in?  And that he's practically a body double of Jonah, despite the fact JJJ was alone and being carried away by the Vulture last time we saw him? 

Peter's using Photoshop? Huh, looks like he's cutting out a photo of JJJ and pasting it into a shot of the Vulture.  Weird, that would be fake and easy to spot, especially since Peter doesn't own a computer and would have minimal knowledge of Photoshop outside of basic manipulation.  More so since he's doing it in such a quick and rushed manner with JJJ's people waiting on him developing the photos.  Nah, there's no way someone as responsible as Peter would do something like this.  Must be some kind of editing mistake or my misinterpreting the scene.

Speaking of the Vulture, turns out he was the bestest, best grunt for the mob ever and handled everything for them and was best buds with everyone.  He even took steps to help them out when they were running on bad times and setup a program to create their own super powered muscle.  The top brass upon finding out about this and in the span of two panels decide to turn on their loyal friend who is literally the perfect lieutenant for them and turn him into the Vulture with the hope that his memory will be erased if the process works.  Am I taking crazy pills or is this the dumbest origin ever?  It's almost as bad as the possibility that Peter would create a fake photograph like that previous moment implied. 

Oh god, you mean that wasn't some editing mistake and Peter actually did Photoshop his photo and submitted it as a real one?  JJJ, you are my Man of the Year for calling out this sack of shit.  And look, Mr "I take responsibility for my actions" didn't even have the fortitude to sit there and man up for his actions and, you know, take responsibility for it.  He runs away.  Bravo Marvel, you've outdone yourself here. 

I was hoping the next page, which features Spider-Man crying over this, to have Eddie Brock (he became Venom after Spider-Man proved his Sin Eater story was fake and Brock was blacklisted from all journalism for it) show up and do a big ol' Simpson's style Nelson laugh (HA-HA!).  This effectively ends Peter's photographer career forever (or until the next deal with a devil to undo it) and there's no way he'll be a teacher again with this on his record either.  Maybe he'll take a cue from the Ultimate title and start flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Batgirl #10

She's right, he does look like Dr Mid-nite.

Batman and Robin #10

With how gud this issue was, I'm willing to forgve another editorial misteak in Batman 'n Robin dis munth.  Of note, this is the first page of the issue and the first sentence of that first page.  How does this not get noticed?

A bigger shot of the Wayne family gallery with some more context below.  I can't help but believe the pilgrim one is Bruce from the covers to Return of Bruce Wayne.  The missing one will likely be of some importance by the end of this story.  The fourth painting has Joshua Wayne holding a bat bible.  There's a lot of clues to consider just from this one image alone.
I like how Damian was acting here.  He cares about being Robin and you can tell he likes Dick and doesn't want to lose thier partnership.  The thing I don't like though is the implication that Dick will go back to being Nightwing.  Why?  Seriously, why?  There's two Captain Americas, why not just have two Batmen.  It's not like there's some shortage of crime in Gotham and having multiple Batmen with two capable men wearing the cowl can only be good.  

Hell, have a whole corps of Batmen with Bruce, Dick and even Tim sporting the cowl.  Dick can have Batman and Robin with Damian, Tim is the detective, so put him in Detective when Batwoman gets her own title and give Batman back to Bruce post-Return of Bruce Wayne.  I really don't see how they can throw away the development and growth of Dick just because Bruce is back. 

Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way #1

Hey, look, it's the Anti-Monitor.  He's even from an anti-matter Earth.  Oh, and of note, this 'breaking into comics' book?  It has nothing to do with breaking into comics.  No tips, no knowledge, no information, nothing. 

Hulk: Let the Battle Begin #1


Justice League: Rise and Fall Special #1

Every single major DC hero has killed/murdered someone at one point or another.  Superman murdered Zod and the Phantom Zone criminals, Batman killed Darkseid, Wonder Woman snapped Maxwell Lord's neck, Barry Allen snapped Reverse-Flash's neck, Hal Jordan wiped out the entire universe once or twice, well, you get my point.  No one has any moral high ground to stand on here, yet are black balling Green Arrow for killing Prometheus.  Ah, comics, never change.

PunisherMAX #5

Yes, Punisher kills two horses with some well placed claymores.  Call of Duty has nothing on this.

Kingpin, you magnificent bastard, this was a fantastic scene of how Fisk deals with someone threatening his son - just have another one!  It's also brilliantly mirrored with Punisher's ideology when it shows Frank not even remembering his dead son's birthday anymore.  Family was what mattered most to him, but now it's only the mission.  Same for Fisk, except with his need for power.  Aaron has been doing an excellent job of showing this symmetry between the two throughout the arc.  

Bullseye MAX was less impressive looking than I expected, but I'm still looking forward to seeing him in action. 

Red Robin #10

Why isn't Batgirl this competent in her own title?

Secret Six #19

I...I...I don't even know what to say to that.  Deadshot, take it away...


It's a wonder they get anything done with this kind of teamwork.

This is how Bane should always be written.

Again, Deadshot is the voice of reason.

S.W.O.R.D. #5

This was pretty much perfectly executed.

Pacified, yes?

What?  A dozen people on Earth as powerful as Beta Ray Bill?  Sentry, Thor, Hulk, Skaar, Red Hulk, uh...Dr Strange/Voodoo, Dr Doom maybe depending on how they define it...anyone else?  Juggernaut maybe?  This could easily be some kind of bluffing/pravado on Brand and Beast's part, but I'm kind of curious now.  Any thoughts on who would make up 12 people at Beta Ray Bill's level (he beat Thor without the power of a hammer in their first meeting for reference, just base level for him).  

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8

Project Pegasus has some nice toys in the Ultimate Comics universe.  Infinity GauntletCosmic Cube?  Hot lizard girls?  Wait, scratch that last one. 

Pretty simple ending, right?  Check out that blurb about the next issue.  Johnny is going to make out with Spider-Man's female clone.  That could be the best issue of anything ever. 

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Rawnzilla said...

That lizard chick is holding the Ultimate Nullifier

TheGoose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The 12.... Maybe, Molecule Man, Red She-Hulk, Blue Marvel. Is Graviton alive? Magneto maybe and Count Nefaria.

TheGoose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheGoose said...

I think Superman killing Zod and the Phantom Zone criminals is out of continuity. Also, you can't blame Hal since he wasn't in control of himself at the time him killing innocents.

Total BS on Hulk using Thor's hammer, BTW.

Kirk Warren said...

@Rawnzilla - So she is. Didnt even notice it the way it blended into the scene. I recognized the rod and tablet, too, but couldnt place a name to them.

@TheGoose - Didnt have to remove the comment (unless you are reposting it or something). I know the Superman killing was out of continuity (or is now at least) and Hal was Parallax, but it was more just generalization to prove a point - they have all killed at one point or another for whatever reason. Some were what you could define as murder, some circumstantial, all still kills on their records. That's all I was trying to get across.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - Is Nefaria still around? I can't remember what happened to him. Last I recall is that Avengers/T-bolts crossover, but cant remember if he died or what. Some definite contenders in the list though.

@TheGoose - There's you post, ahah. Re: Hulk, he doesnt use Thor's hammer. It's just gripping Thor's hand. I don't like how graphic it was with teh blood, but think it's perfectly fine to see Hulk, who was already ramped up on the rage and anger from his fight with the Wrecking Crew, to do that. It's not Odinforce Thor or anything. Have Thor merely groggy and Hulk making off in the confusion and it's a better scene to me, but I dont see the controversy over this. Maybe Red Hulk using the hammer in zero gravity has numbed me to this kind of thing.

TheGoose said...

Ok, but, then Supes and Hal would still be the only ones who have any moral high ground.

BTW, if Green Arrow history is right, this isn't the first time Ollie has killed, right? On Mike Grell's run, didn't he have Ollie kill someone?

Radlum said...

It's hard to believe that Ult. Peter Parker is sometimes more interesting than regular Peter Parker but the worst is that Marvel doesn't stop in its effor to show that uncle Ben's catchphrase is pointless at this point.

TheGoose said...

@Kirk - Thanks for the calcification on Hulk using Thor's hammer.

mugiwara said...

Oh god! Should I begin to scream Miyazawaaa! like some people scream Liefeeeld! or Laaand! Is that supposed to be adult women or the Teen Snake Society?

Poor Peter. I spent years selling pictures of himself without getting caught, and the only time he's spiting on journalistic ethics in order to help somebody other than himself, he gets busted. I'd want to cry, too.

12 people at BRB's level? Let's try:
1) Thor
2) Hulk
3) Rhulk
4) Dr Voodoo
5) Squirrel Girl
6) Juggernaut
7) Magneto
8) Nefaria (is he still alive?)
9) Sentry
10) Blue Marvel
11) Hela
12) Loki
13) Hercules
14) She Rhulk
15) Some Eternals

TheGoose said...

@Kirk - I don't know. I didn't think fight between Thor and Hulk was graphic. Their fight looks tame compared to Wolverine fighting all the Hulks in the Old Man Logan story.

Eric Rupe said...

Mark Waid wrote ASM #624 so I wonder if he was trying to make a point or something. Seems like something he would do.

Anonymous said...

Hal was destroying the universe because he was being controlled? Nope, not until Johns retconned it to be that way. Let's get some perspective.

TheGoose said...

I know, but it was still retconned.

Anonymous said...

Hal becoming Parallax happened in continuity. Just like GA killing Prometheus happened in continuity. They may even retcon GA later, but wiping it away after the fact doesn't change the premise, it only gives you an opportunity to pretend it didn't "really" happen.

TheGoose said...

I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm saying because of Johns retcon, Hal is one of the heroes who still has a moral high code.

Kevin said...

Magneto, Squirrel Girl, Hercules, Loki. Also Sue Storm as well since it has been said that she is the strongest of F4 but that depends on the writer. And Ice Man since he is supposed to be an Omega Level mutant

Anonymous said...

I guess im just not seeing it, maybe im looking for the wrong type of mistake here,but whats wrong with the first sentence in B&R#10?

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #10 - It says "forgve" instead of "forgive".

Chris said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Peter doctoring that photo was dumb and out of character, I got into a debate with somone on another site over this so I'm glad to see someone who's probably read as many if not more Spider-man books than myself agrees with me!!

Lucho said...

Dick Grayson as Batman is not even interesting. I´m sure Brubaker did a great job with Bucky. Still, I don´t see tons of fans screaming "let Dick Grayson be Batman". Everyone is excited with Bruce coming back.

I think this is a good time to kill a useless character like Dick Grayson. And let him stay dead.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to see more than one Batman.

Anonymous said...

Let Dick Grayson stay Batman too.

The Dangster said...

I think Jonah ratting Peter out was pretty dickish. I always thought their relationship was strong than that.

I don't think Dick wants to be Batman, it's just his way of honoring Bruce. That's why he chose to be Nightwing. But I think Morrison and company are gonna let him stay longer, they've been alluding that "just because Bruce is back doesn't mean he wants to be Batman."

RoadRunner88 said...

Three Batmen could be pretty cool and if you think about it, it would only enhance the mystique and fear induced by the Bat in criminals, as long as they weren't all seen at once. Also, maybe Bruce could work more running the JLA as the elder stateman, or Dick with his connections and, easier manner, could lead from the front.

Klep said...

@The Dangster: Except when it comes to Spiderman, Jonah's professional integrity has always been extremely strong. He would not accept being exonerated by false evidence. I find it ironic that JJJ's character was written so much more properly than that of the book's main character. Doctoring a photo is not something that would even OCCUR to Peter Parker.

Of course, the Peter Parker that's been written since BND only bears a passing resemblance to the Peter Parker that was written for the previous 43 years, so maybe it's not that ironic after all.

Anonymous said...

What gets me about the whole business of Peter doctoring the photo is that he (and apparently Waid) believe a single photograph would completely exonerate Jonah. Considering how Jonah's already accused of creating the Red Vulture and that Peter works for the mayor's office, wouldn't someone logically conclude the photo was part of some staged photo-op Jonah came up with make himself look innocent? Peter's just lucky there were other witnesses who came forward.

Also, how is Peter recreating "precisely what he saw with his own eyes"? If you look through both issues, there no scenes in either last weeks or this week's issue of Spidey seeing Jonah fighting back against the Red Vulture. Instead, Jonah is either cowering behind his desk or running away. So I guess Peter must also have selective amnesia as well.

--Mike McNulty a.k.a. "stillanerd"

Mike-El said...

Superman killing Pocket Universe Zod is out of continuity? When did that happen?

Eric Rupe said...

Is the whole "Superman killing Zod" thing from Superman: For Tomorrow? If so, that was probably reconned out with Infinite Crisis and Johns post-OYL Action Comics run.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Peter Parker doctor a photo early in his run (first ten issues of ASM) in an Electro issue when Jonah wanted a photo proving Spiderman was Electro or something? Still, it's a good thing I'm not reading ASM anymore.

TheGoose said...

@Eric Rupe - I never read Superman: For Tomorrow, so I don't know if Superman killed Zod in that story.

The story I was talking about was during John Byrne's run where Superman when to an alternate reality where there were other surviving Kryptonians (during Post-Crisis, Superman was the only surviving Kryptonian). The surviving Kryptonains were Zod and two other Phantom Zone criminals. Superman managed to take away their powers with gold kryptonite, but Zod swore they would get their powers back. Superman, thinking that it was too dangerous to keep them alive lest they get their powers back, killed them.

Though, since that story had Matrix version of Supergirl, I'm guessing it's out of continuity.

Hoylus said...

Peter Parker made a deal with Satan - doctoring a photo is small fry.

VampireSelektor said...

"Hell, have a whole corps of Batmen with Bruce, Dick and even Tim sporting the cowl. Dick can have Batman and Robin with Damian, Tim is the detective, so put him in Detective when Batwoman gets her own title and give Batman back to Bruce post-Return of Bruce Wayne. I really don't see how they can throw away the development and growth of Dick just because Bruce is back." On that note,how does not everyone feel about Batman Inc.?

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