Friday, March 19, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/17/10

Hello, everyone! Kirk is out of town this weekend, so it is up to me to post the Moments of the Week! And what a huge week it is! Kirk left me some moments of his own so I could post, which means that this article is double sized! We got everything, from the big events of Siege and Green Lantern Corps, the big reveal from Batman, some groan worthy moments from the usual Hulk-spects and just general awesomeness from the Cosmic Marvel books. Hit the jump to see the moments in their full glory

Amazing Spider-Man #625

I may be completely mistaken here, but usually they show the Rhino running on his legs, never using his four extremities. Maybe showing him use his arms as an initial boost, but never full-on animal running. Goes with the story though, as they basically say that he gave in to his most basic impulses. Also, that's some gorgeous art.

Hey New Rhino, I don't think your suit's factory warranty covers animals attack, so I hope you bought the extended warranty. Also, HEY KIDS, COMICS!

Batman #697

Despite all the flak Tony Daniel (the writer) gets, it's nice to see that he remembers that Dick Grayson is supposed to have a different fighting style than Bruce Wayne. Tony Daniel (the artist) does a nice job of conveying the action here, as well as the more acrobatic and aerobic fighting style.

So the Black Mask is actually Jeremiah Arkham. I'm not sure how much sense that makes. And the Black Mask mask is made of flammable material, which is probably against regulation. Safety first, Dr. Arkham!

Booster Gold #30

Damnit, Cyclops, you are in the wrong book AND in thee wrong company!

Dark Avengers #15

Just look at that face, and that reassuring thumbs up! There's no way that Hawkeye is possibly going to do anything that could possibly endanger the lives of millions of people!

...such as killing Sentry's wife and dropping her in the middle of the sea. HEY KIDS, COMICS! I also wanted to mention, that I don't know if it's because of the colors or what, but Mike Deodato's art here looks a lot like one of Greg Horn's pieces.

Doomwar #2

Alright, so I know we have gone over the whole " heroes saying that killing is always bad is stupid" argument a bunch of times, but if there is one character that it would sound perfectly in-character to say it is Nightcrawler. A bit naive perhaps, but he is supposed to be the conscience of people around him.

What's going on here is that Doom wants T'Challa to open the last lock that would lead to the reserves of Vibranium that Wakanda has stored, and if he doesn't, he will kill Storm. He starts counting down, and...

T'Challa does not tell him how to open the lock, basically admitting that he cares more about the Vibranium than the well being of his wife. Doom does not kill Storm, obviously, but he ruined T'Challa's marriage, and...

...he also ruined one of the walls inside the vault. Oh yeah, Doom had already gained access to it, he was just doing the stuff above to mess with T'Challa.

Green Lantern Corps #46

It looks like a rainbow vomited all over the page.

Seriously now, I hope they paid the whoever was in charge of the colors of this issue some nice bonuses, because coloring all these lines must have been a pain int he ass.

Women in Refrigerators 2: The Fridge Strikes Back.

In this page, a giant space bug uses a rifle he created from his magic ring to shoot Dove, a superhero that can shoot white light, at the Anti-Monitor, a being from the anti-matter universe, while a bunch of members from other space corps push the bullet with their magic ring to give it an extra strength. Goddamn, comics are AWESOME.

Guardians of the Galaxy #24

Usually, the Guardians as shown as always losing, so it was nice to see them portrayed as a force to be reckoned with.

Oh, Rocket Raccoon, never change.

Man, Donald Trump has really let himself go. Actually, that's Maelstrom, telling Phylla-Vell that she has just been fired from her Avatar of Death position. Why? Well, because that giant purple mass of Titan, more commonly known as Thanos, has replaced her.

Hercules - Fall of an Avenger #1

In Hercules funeral, the gals show up to mention about how good he was in bad, while also pretty much letting the whole world know that Hercules and Northstar had a "team-up". I thought this scene could have been played with more subtlety, instead of for laughs. 

Hercules invested in Stark Industries while it was just getting started. Does that mean that Hercules gets to have his own Iron Man armor? I sure hope so!

Hulk #21

I just want to make sure it's not just me, but does this new Awesome Andy look like a dildo or what? Also, "Gammadroid"? That sounds awfully close to hemorrhoid.

Hulkpool ongoing series debuts in July.

Nation X #4

Doop is ALWAYS the bad cop. Do not f@$& with Doop.

Yes, Warpath totally just threw a kid inside a gas stove. Parental outrage starting in 3, 2, 1...

Nova #35

What are you dense or something? I'M THE GODDAMN NOVA!

A little bit of context: the Sphinx has gotten a hold of two Ka stones, which is something impossible anywhere except inside the Fault, where reality is wonky like that. How does Nova solve this? He opens a stargate and transports the Sphinx outside, where the impossibility of him holding the two Ka stones destroys him. Like I said, THE GODDAMN NOVA.

Also, Namorita is back from the dead (technically removed from an earlier time line). All in all, a pretty good day for Nova.

Siege #3

Not sure how tactically smart it is for all the Avengers to drop in on the same spot, but that's a cool splash page. That Oliver Coipel guy can draw, can't he?

I'm not quite sure how President Obama knows who The Hood is.

Damnit, Sentry, this is why you never get invited to parties!

This is Sentry's final form. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I thought that it looks a lot like Cassandra Nova's psychic body that she used when she was in control of Xavier.

X-23 #1

Just wanted to show off some of the artwork that Christine mentioned in her review of this issue.

"The powers you had? Stupid. That yellow jacket you wore for no reason whatsoever? Stupid. Joining the New New Warriors? Stupid."

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onefinemess said...

I thought the bit with Deadpool at the end of Wolverine Origins was actually decent too. I mean, FINALLY, an actual story driven, totally legitimate, completely logical reason to have a crossover with Deadpool. How often does that happen?

I agree on most of the other stuff.

The hulked out heroes thing... had to be Loeb. It's such a fanwank... had to be. It might be "fun" but, I dunno, it rather annoys me.

Doomwar has been pretty badass so far. I'm not sure that Storm will be bent out of shape in the slightest about what happened. I have a feeling she would have let T'Challa's mom die if necessary, because she knows that's what he would want.

Totally nipple shot on Namorita. I thought that was a bit much. Interesting way to do a resurrection too - hey she's not blue anymore! I don't even remember why she was blue.

Damn, Phylla always gets $%P%ed. And killed. I wonder if this one will take. And yes, Guardians are badass. The artist almost drove me to cancel it, but he is getting better. Finally.

Radlum said...

I knew Black Lantern Woman in Refrigerator was going to be a moment of the week. It was quite surprising to see Tomasi acknowledging that.
Also, Siege may be as dumb as a summer blockbuster but that image of The Void in the last page was great, Coipel needs to be in more comics.
Doomwar looks quite interesting. At first I thought it was some dumb mini but now I am truly interested.

MisterSmith said...

Rocket Raccoon: The best character ever or the BEST character ever?

Space Jawa said...

1) I can't help but wonder - Do DnA just hate Phylla for some reason, or did she simply draw the short straw when it came time to pick the resident cosmic punching bag? I may not be a fan of the character, but after being killed 4 times over the course of 24 issues (assuming Thanos killed her with his eye beams), I can't help but feel sorry for her.


Steven said...

I hope there is some reason that Thanos was in a cocoon like the one that was created by human scientists that eventually produced Adam Warlock.

I am wondering if this Thanos is from another universe. If not, I hope he is just being used as a tool right now. I liked that Thanos had gotten beyond his base villany and matured as a character and hope that DnA are not turning him back into the 2 dimensional monster he used to be. There is way too much of that bad writing currently going on in comics these days.

JJJ said...

While I wasn't happy with his character development being shoved down the drain, I did love Rhino going ballistic on that imposter in ASM. Rocket Raccoon's line was great too.

But I still don't see exactly why Sentry didn't tear Bullseye in two after he came back alone. Surely Bob at least has the passing knowledge that Bullseye is certifiably insane and has a thing about murdering women. Plus hasn't Sentry been shown hearing the words of people hundreds of miles away, even when he's busying with another emergency?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else get a laugh out of the thumbs up from Bullseye? He's too demented for words.

Anonymous said...

So Phyla is the Kenny of Cosmic Marvel? You should have put "Oh My God, They killed Phyla" in the caption, lol

McE said...

Back in New Avengers #2, Sentry flew the parasitic symbiote Carnage up into the stratosphere and tore him in half.

Did that shot of The Sentry on the last page of Siege look a bit Carnage-ish?

Anonymous said...

The intended audience for comics isn't kids anymore. They are made for teenagers and immature adults so making such a big deal out of violence in comics is kind of annoying.

Flip The Page said...

@anonymous10 but isn't making an arbitrary comment about such a thing also kind of annoying?

The intended audience for comics is a diverse lot, depending on what you're looking for, and kids are being introduced to comics all the time. and the likelihood of them picking up the latest big seller (in this case dark avengers) isn't exactly low. still, that's not too bad a violent thing, I'm just saying that moaning about such a thing is legitimate.

Daryll B. said...

and just like that...all of Jubilee's development into smart woman and capable leader from New Warriors has been wiped out....

How does it feel to be "Icemanned" Jubilation?

You guys read my mind in the previous review of GLC...It did seem to rehash things from previous GLC BN issues...however the Dove Bullet of Light was way cool!

Matt Ampersand said...

@Anonymous 7: Totally cracked up at Hawkeye's smile.

@McE: I read about that theory in another site, and I'm not quite sure if it could work or not, but boy would it piss off a lot of people if it did.

@Anonymous 10: I am well aware of the fact that most Marvel comics are not intended for a younger audience. Despite making the joke in the Rhino scene, it could have easily been more graphic, the fact that they shadowed/colored it without going into details. The Hawkeye scene, where there's six panels dedicated to breaking a woman's neck, borders on torture porn.

Ivan said...

Who is "Cyclops" supposed to be? Superman?

Radlum said...

@McE: I read that theory too and I like it. I don't know if it would make a lot of sense considering the way the Sentry and the Void work (which I don't care enough to find out), but it would be interesting that a plot point from years ago was quite relevant. I'm looking forward to what Bendis is going to do with the Void

ArianPoe said...

The whole Sentry thing is intriging me.. Why doesn't anybody remember that the sentry flew off in Secret Invasion and the all back void came back to rescue his wife.. it was a direct opposite that happened. Sentry was scared and wimpy and void was the hero.. But everyone is forgeting that the Sentry never showed up after that, where did he go and what happened with the void?? **This is my theory** It's been the void this whole time and the real Sentry has been roaming aimlessly through space.. I think that since the void is out in all his evil glory, the real Superfied courageous Sentry will come back from space to help the hero's.... just a thought, what do you think???

Jule said...

"An over-saturation of oxygen, coupled with the DNA Vyrra spliced into her at the time of her creation, caused her to change into a closer version of the original Atlanteans. Because of this, Namorita gave herself the name Kymaera." from wikipedia

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