Saturday, March 27, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/24/10

We've got some weekend moments lined up for you in this edition of the Moments of the Week.  We've got new costumes, returning characters, editor fail, Hank Pym Fail (which is an entirely new level of fail from your ordinary, run of the mill kind of fail) and Sinestro becoming space Jesus.  Hit the jump for these and more!

Amazing Spider-Man #626

New costume for the "new" (aka it's the old female one) female Scorpion.  I liked the old one more.  She's so generic looking now.

Green Lantern #52

Origin of the various entities.  Ion comes from evolution, rest make up the Bible.  Compassion is apparently supposed to be Jesus Christ.   It'll be awesome if he's the original Black Lantern.  We can get a spin-off of Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter except this time it'll be Jesus Christ, Zombie Hunter.  A bit heavy handed with the origins here, especially since Earth isn't even as old as other planets, but Johns was never exactly a subtle writer.  

A splashpage of the various entities for those wondering what they look like.

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1

If you can't figure out what is wrong with this image, I'll spell it out for you - women are weak crying machines.  I love how Cyborg just doesn't give a damn about it either.  I can just imagine a thought  bubble coming from him,  "Did I leave the iron on?  I did, didn't?" or some other inane thing because this has absolutely no affect on him.

In all honesty, it was about time he went back to being a drug addict.  Builds character.  Now, popping half a dozen oxycontin will likely kill him, but he's a super hero, so he can tough it out.

Mighty Avengers #35

Ahaha, Hank Pym, we now find out you caused Siege?  Is there a single #$%^ up in the entire Marvel Universe that you aren't personally responsible for on some level?  I also love the irony of how he was shocked to find out about Siege a page earlier, then admits he caused it and, to cap things off, finds time to mock the secret agents behind him for not knowing about Steve Rogers being back from the dead yet. 

I don't even know where to start with this moment.  First, Hank blows off Captain America's call to arms to help save Thor and all of Asgard from over in Siege and then he goes off to create the most sophisticated sex machine on the planet with living flesh legs and arms.  Oh, and he blew off Cap to create this sexbot.

Ah, US Agent, we finally agree on something.  Screw Pym.

From what I gathered from spoilers online, the infinite mansion Pym's been using is linked to "underspace", which is probably no where near as cool as the Underverse from Chronicles of Riddick, but seems to be where Thor sent the Wasp's soul after she died.  I'm guessing Pym wants to save her somehow by putting her in his new fleshbot sex machine, Jocosta.

Power Girl #10

That is the definition of shrinkage.

Power Girl and Terra fought and defeated the Ultra-Humanite (fancy name for a monkey with a human's brain in his head) in the opening arc of this series.  Seems he's been hiding in Terra's head or completely replaced her at some point. 

Thor #608

It's funny because he's fat.

Just liked this scene for some reason.

Thunderbolts #142

What is with heroes' losing their arms lately?  Risk lost two, one in Infinite Crisis and the other in Sinestro Corps War, Red Arrow/Arsenal/Speedy/Guy with Bow Who's Not Green Arrow lost an arm in Cry for Justice and now US Agent loses one here (shown on another page, but you can see the severed hand in the bottom left corner in this shot).  It's a disturbing trend, but I guess it just means you get a cool cyborg arm like Bucky now, so can't be all bad.

Uncanny X-Men #522

Beer is a vegetable!

This would have been a pretty cool scene of Reed showing up the X-Club on the intelligence side of things, but then he goes and says something like, "You might can fool some of the satellites...".  "You might can fool"?  I don't even go out of my way to find these things.  Is anyone reading these scripts before they go to print?

Kitty Pryde was brought back from magic bullet hell by Magneto.  Not sure how it happened, but she's out of the bullet.  Problem is she's still phased permenantly.  Except the soles of her feet since she can walk around.  Not sure why she didn't just fall to the center of the Earth since she's phasing through everything else, but it's comics, what can you do?

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Eric Rupe said...

I think Johns's explanation of the origin of life in the DCU and creation of the emotional spectrum may be the dumbest things I have ever seen in a comic book. I honestly want to know much thought Johns actually put into that stuff since it sounds like horrible fanfic.

And, for someone who seems to like Hank Pym, Slott can't seem to do anything but write him like an unlikeable moron.

Bill said...

I'm not sure she'd fall to the center of the earth. I'm not sure air resistance or friction would be factors since she makes no contact with other matter. So she would accelerate down to the center of the earth but blow right past it, slowing down all the way until she reached the surface on the opposite end (probably in the pacific somewhere, I dunno), then fall back down again, and she'd just oscillate back and forth.

Warwick Johnson said...

When Kitty phases she can actually walk on air molecules, there were a couple scenes of her in the danger room where she walked across trap doors and didn't fall (I think they showed this first in "Days of Future Past"). That's why she didn't fall into the center of the Earth. Does it make sense? No. Does it make comic book sense? Kinda. But Kitty was perma-phased after the Mutant Massacre too, and she got better. So this won't last.

Aaron Kimel said...

If Magneto could pull the phased bullet and Kitty back to Earth, we have to assume they are able to be affected by magnetic fields. So, let's just assume that Magneto is keeping her above the ground through constant exertion. :)

BobofBentleigh said...

Volstagg really reminded me of Obelix in this issue

Also, thought you might appreciate this Kirk

Anonymous said...

Slott writing Pym like a tool...there's gotta be something else going on.

Also, check out Orc makes a great escape from having his wang cut off. Awesome comic if you're tired of the same old cape drama.

Anonymous said...

So uh, who pissed Nuke off? haha I like that Wolverine scene made me laugh pretty good

Anonymous said...

It is a shame you dropped Streets of Gotham, cause the scenes where Zsasz completely owns Damian would have made a great addition to the Moments of the Week.

KB24 said...

To all writers: PLEASE stop severing arms and legs to provide shock moments.

Flip The Page said...

Wow, so i'm apparently the only person who doesn't think pym's a dick this issue, or in general.

TexiKen said...

Not only did USAgent lose an arm he lost a leg too. What the hell, Jeff Parker.

TheDonAbides said...

"You might can fool..." is, surprisingly, perfectly grammatically correct. That sentence I just typed, however, is not. Not your fancy Canadian Grammar, maybe, but here, it's okay!

That scene was pointless, tho, I thought. Why bother? It went no where and everyone was at the same place at the end. Reed didn't help the situation one iota.

ArianPoe said...

I agree with Warwick, Kitty has always been able to control where she stands. She can walk anywhere, it does make comic sense because otherwise her powers wouldn't work. I've collected X-men since I was a kid and she has always been able to walk on air, she can't fly though.

Kirk Warren said...

The way I viewed the Kitty thing is she can't control her powers anymore, so she should have fallen through the ground. She's not 'floating on air molecules' or anything. She's walking perfectly fine on ground and either walked back to Utopia or flew in a plane. She shoudl either phase through everything or she has control of the power. It shouldnt be completely arbitrary like it'sb eing shown.

Matt Ampersand said...

About the losing limbs, I think we can blame George Lucas for it. Think how many people lose limbs in the Star War movies, to the point that it loses the impact "Oh Luke lost one of his hands, don't worry, we can give him another one". I'm going to start calling it "The Lightsaber Complex".

Dickey said...

"But, but, but it's just a layer of molecules one or two deep. It just looooks like she's walking on the ground" (supportive protestor voice off)

It's really just like the excuse that the Flash family doesn't tear up the ground and kill people with the debris they should kick up while running at super-speeds because the Speed Force envelopes them in a magical layer that says "screw Einstein and the rest of physics". We never see this layer or any separation between the ground and them in the art, just accept that it's there. We're all pretty much screwed when we try to think logically about what would really happen with most of these power sets, especially when they go haywire. However, I would really like to see Bill's explanation of what would happen put to use in comics. Might make a fun Deadpool issue, have him send her on a yo-yo trip through the world.

Ivan said...

Haha, I love how the love "avatar" is a big scary monster.

And Pym is being ridiculously self-centered. "I brought Osborn and Loki together, so Siege is my fault". Pff.

jdk_007 said...

Looks like Batman no longer holds the record for most expensive comic book. Superman has taken that record back - $1.5 Million !!!

fo diggity said...

Kitty Pride could always walk on the "ground" (or in the air) when phased. She can also talk while phased.

Anonymous said...

In honor of US Agent's recent tragic mishap resulting the loss of multiple limbs, I think it's high time we honor him with a Marvel Legend action figure.

(i mean seriously Hasbro, how hard is it to repaint a Captain America?!?)

And Anonymous #6 is right. Orc Stain is awesome on many levels.

Kirk Warren said...

@fo diggity - I know she could when she was in control of her powers, but she cannot speak in this issue due to inability to control her powers. I didn't like how selective they were with the lack of control is all.

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