Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cover of the Week - Nemesis: The Impostors, Detective Comics & Jonah Hex

It is Sunday, and we are taking a small break from our Women's Month celebrations, to bring you our choices for Cover of the Week. This time, the Ryans and me pick and choose our favorite covers from this week, and they are all from DC. Hit the jump to see which ones they are!

Matt's Cover of the Week - Nemesis: The Impostors #1

Matt: Wow, what a striking and simple image. The texture, the colors, everything about this cover is extremely well done. I'm not completely sure who it is that drew this, as it is not listed on DC's website, but it looks like the same person that has been doing the Secret Six covers.

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - Detective Comics #862
Ryan L.:  I'm not a man for the Distinguished Competition yet I have to admit that this cover just sucks me in. I really want to read this story based on this one image alone. It looks even better viewed larger, you appreciate the reflections in each blade and the way the cover is slashed in two and all points down to the blood collecting in a pool of the arrow's tip looks fantastic. I also like that, for me, the buttons on his cuffs look like little skulls.

Ryan S.'s Cover of the Week - Jonah Hex #53

Ryan S.: I only flipped through this comic because the cover from Billy Tucci was so enticing.  I love the faded look, the clean linework, and the excellent iconic pose.  Plus there are a ton of small details that really hooked me, including excellent textures throughout.  This is a cover that stands out from across the room and dares you to pick up the comic, but gets even better when you check it out up close.. 

Runners-Up: Chew #9, Girl Comics #1, Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #5

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BroMan said...

Here's the deviant art page of the artist who did the cover for Nemesis, and you were right he did the amazing covers for Secret Six as well.

Nathan Aaron said...

I can't believe you didn't mention Marvel's Stephen King's N. I thought that cover was gorgeous, creepy, and definitely eye-catching!

Matt Ampersand said...

@Broman: Thanks for the heads up!

@Nathan: That was a really good cover, but there were many strong ones this week.

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