Friday, March 12, 2010

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Pia Guerra's Batgirl

I have to admit I'm not usually big on redesigns that look too much like just normal street clothes, but this take on Batgirl (or it could very well be Batwoman) has a definite appeal to it. Look at that leather jacket/mask combo, it has " I'm going to kick you ass!" written all over it. Kudos to Pia Guerra for putting so much personality into this pin-up.

Pia Guerra ( Home Page | Twitter | Photobucket ) is name that most people associate with one series: Y - The Last Man. She had actually been working on various underground and indie comics, before beginning to work in the critically acclaimed Vertigo maxi series alongside with Brian K. Vaughnan. Guerra illustrated most of the sixty issues that the series lasted, and while it didn't make her a household name (like say, Jim Lee), it sure catapulted her popularity making her an "overnight" sensation.

Since then, she has not done a whole lot of comic work, save for shortly contributing to a Doctor Who series for IDW. Whatever work she does end up doing in the future, she has demonstrated that she is a talent and a force to be reckoned with. Hit the jump to see more of her artwork.

A (rather old) Typhoid Mary sketch.

A Matt Murdock pin-up.

Hurley and Locke from Lost

Dream of the Endless.

 A page from Y - The Last Man featuring Yorick, Beth, and the first appearance of Ampersand.

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Ivan said...

Haha, what a great concept. The mask screams "bought at a supermarket".

Radlum said...

Nice artwork; while I didn't like the look on Dream's and Hurley's faces, the rest where pretty good, my favorites are Typhoid Mary and Matt Murdock

ShadowWing Tronix said...

"Since then, she has not done a whole lot of comic work, save for shortly contributing to a Doctor Who series for IDW."

Specifically, she worked on the mini-series "The Forgotten", with current ongoing series writer Tony Lee. (Although Kelly Yates substituted for an issue or two.) It's a great story for New Who fans who also love the original series. Like me.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

That Typhoid Mary pin up is brilliant, among the rest of the brilliance on the page. Mary so often looks trashy, thanks to her wicked perm, but this one looks alluring. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!! And great selection of artists in the banner! Anyone can say me who's the penciller of the PowerGirl's art?

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!! And great selection of artists in the banner! Anyone can say me who's the penciller of the PowerGirl's art?

Matt Ampersand said...

@ShadowWing: Ahh, I see. I thought it was that mini series, but I looked up info and I couldn't find concrete info that she had done all of it.

@Ryan: I really liked the Typhoid Mary one too, and I thought about putting it as the spotlight piece, but it was a bit old, so I went with something more recent.

@Anon: No idea, Kirk created the banner, so maybe shoot him an email to see if he knows.

Tromeritus said...

Y'know, now that I look at it, the only problem I have with that Batgirl sketch are the sunglasses. Goggles might have fit, but shades? Lame.

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