Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dead Live - Brightest Day Spoilers

Most probably haven't read Blackest Night #8 yet, but it seems we've got some major spoilers floating about based on a cover to Comics Buyer's Guide regarding who comes back from the dead in Brightest Day.  Hit the jump for the image and list of who's coming back.  Oh, and spoilers obviously, though nothing directly from Blackest Night #8, just an image of the characters potentially back from the dead with no other context.

From what I can tell, we've got (from top to bottom, left to right):
  • Hawkman
  • Deadman - alive?  Still dead?  Just going to feature in Brightest Day?
  • Hawkgirl
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Reverse-Flash - we knew he'd be around based on the Blackest Night: Flash miniseries
  • Captain Boomerang - that death lasted long...  Actually, maybe it's the original?  He was pretty fat last time I saw him, but this looks more like his younger/in-shape version than his son.
  • Firestorm - girlfriend comes back?  Or yet another new one?  Or is it the original?
  • Aquaman - Arthur Curry I presume.
  • Jade - Not sure how I feel about this one. 
  • Hal Jordan
  • Barry Allen
  • Mawell Lord  - Looks like him at least. 
  • Osiris - Wonder if Sobek is coming back, too?
  • Hawk - Think it's Hawk (male version) pictured just below Osiris, but too cut off to really tell.


What do you think?  Anyone you agree with coming back?  Are these the only people being resurrected or are we still in for some surprises?  Who else deserves a get out of death free card?

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Flip The Page said...

with the silhouettes on Birds of Prey that look like Dove and male Hawk and now this I feel pretty confident the male Hawk is back. and after the power of shazam blackest night one shot I wish osiris would stay dead. it was a good story that closed off his character.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few more but this is pretty much who I expected. If they are going to bring someone back, it is going to be someone who they are actually going to do something with. They probably won't bring Vibe or Airwave back just so he can be in limbo.

onefinemess said...

Not a fan of resurrections in the least. I kind of knew that no one that died within the bounds of BN was actually dead... but the rest? Seems like overkill.

Ivan said...

First, let me just say that you guys seem to be on fire! It's like eveytime I hit F5 there's a new article!

On topic: Out of those guys, the only one I wish would remain dead is Jade. And please, retcon Lord into a lovable sleazeball again!

TexiKen said...

Did their feet not get resurrected? Hi-yooo!

PMMDJ said...

Seriously, the one I didn't want from this mess was *more* people coming back from the dead.

(Having Deadman front and center cracks me up, though.)

Zdenko said...

Who's Jade? *embarassed*

Dickey said...

Man, I was hoping they'd bring back the female Hawk instead of the male one. Krul's banter between them last fall would have been a nice starting point for a mini-series of the female Hawk and Dove.

And Ralph and Sue Dibny better be back somewhere in here. It doesn't make sense to have a Brightest day without the most loving couple in the DCU involved.

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading Blackest Night, and thats all of them. It is Maxwell Lord and Hawk. Deadman is alive and Hawkgirl has all here memories back.

A Person Who Exists said...


Jade is Alan Scott's daughter and an ex of Kyle Rayner. Her powers were similar to a Green Lanterns, though internal.

Also,, this idea just seems silly. I mean, I figured when they did away with Ralph and Sue in the comic with the green and indigo energies they were gone, but still, bringing back this many characters seems arbitrary. I mean, not that there deaths didn't seem arbitrary, and I do like that we have back not only heroes and the one villain we knew would be back, but also someone who helped Hal attempt to unmake reality and someone who tried to mind control Superman, but its still annoying.

ThePinkPeril said...

It's probably too much to hope they can re-retcon Max and he won't be evil again.

Ivan said...

Also, with the exceptions of the villains and Jade this could be an interesting Justice League.

And if that's the old Cap. Boommerang, I guess an story arc of Red Robin vs. Cap Boommerang is a given now.

Anonymous said...

It is Digger Harkness the original both alive and younger.

I dug it. Blackest Night has been my favorite event in a long long time.

Matt Ampersand said...

I know David Finch was supposed to be a big "get" for DC, but looking at that image, I really can't see why. Aside from the lack of feet, that someone mentioned earlier, look at the eyes! Everyone is squinting, maybe that's a side of effect of the "Brightest Day" (always carry your shades!)

In all seriousness, look at Aquaman, Maxwell Lord and Osiris, they all have the same face. If it wasn't for the coloring and the costumes, you couldn't tell them apart.

Matt Ampersand said...

Not to mention all the little anatomical mistakes. If you see one in an image, you can always let it slide, but when they are all together, it's horrible.

Flash's arm looks dislocated, Deadman's hip looks off, everyone's triceps has more muscles that possibly exist, Martian Manhunter's arm looks like it has a broken bone, etc...

M├ędard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheGoose said...

I'll leave my thoughts on the people who've come back:

Aquaman: Glad to have him back. Though his death was dumb. I loved the relationship and character arc in Blackest Night Between Arthur and Mera. I'm hoping that he'll be used right in Brightest Day.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl: It's a given that these two will always come back so I'm not upset that their back. I'm interested in what's going to happen with Sheira now that she remembers who she is.

Maxwell Lord: I miss the old shyster Max, but I thought his turn to villainy made sense. Though, I don't think he should have come back. His death was an important part of what happened in Infinite Crisis and with what happened with Wonder Woman.

Martian Manhunter: I loved his reaction at coming back from the dead in Blackest Night. I'm happy he's back, but I hope that they get someone good who understands him and writes him well.

Cap. Boomerang: Keep him dead. I liked his arc in Identity Crisis and how his son took over for him. I wish they hadn't killed Owen.

Deadman: I was surprised they brought back Boston back. Since he's alive, hes been robbed of his place in the DCU, but I'm interested in whats going to happen to him.

Jade: Glad to have her back. Her death was nothing but shock value.

Osiris: Keep him dead. He had a good story in 52.

Firestorm: I can't really say whether Ronnie deserved to stay dead, but I am interested him from reading history on him.

Hawk: Another character who I can't give any opinion on whether they deserved to stay dead. I don't really have any interest in what happens to him.

Reserve-Flash: I wish they had kept Thawne and Barry Allen dead. I'll be interested if Johns can convince me that Barry or Thawne deserves to be back.

Lucho said...

Blackest Night #8 rocked. I don´t like resurections but this was amazing.

Oh and the splash page with the Anti-Monitor!! YEA!!! My favorite Villain of all time.

Johns works in a funny way: He does not want one Flash he wants at least 6 Flashes. He does not kill characters. He adds. He´s always adding more and more.

JonesHawkeye said...

The Anti-Monitor was resurrected as well, and shipped back off to the Anti-Matter Universe by Nekron.

Anonymous said...

So he's retconning his retcons?

Also, I have a feeling Jade is being resurrected to create a bad love triangle storyline for Kyle. Just have a bad feeling about it.

Ivan said...


And it's going to involve the Star Sapphires.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I don't know what you're talking about, Matt Ampersand. I thought their arms all looked pretty puny...


Haha ;)

kareem said...

Jade and Maxwell Lord really should not be back, should they? It just makes no sense, their deaths were pivotal for Kyle and Wonder Woman. I can't see anything interesting come from Jade's revival apart from the usual love triangle crap.

As for Aquaman... fine, I guess. But what happened to the other Aquaman? AND WHAT ABOUT TEMPEST???

Anonymous said...

I just hope this isn't it I really hope Owen and Damage come back. also hooray! J'onzz is back prey he finds love no that he's back. one more thing I read up on wiki that Jade will have a relationship with Starman (Mikaal)

kareem said...

Well according to the Source the 12 resurrected heroes are back for a reason and won't be around for long, so I guess this is all just temporary anyway.

spidey said...

kyle needs to get some of jade again soooo hot

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