Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day - One Year Later

Back when I joined The Weekly Crisis, the very first post I did was a look at some of my favorite female super heroes as a celebration of International Women's Day. It is one year later from that original post, and I thought it would be a good idea to see how these heroines have changed, and what important events have happened in their lives. Hit the jump to read the rest of the article.

Invisible Woman

Not much has happened in Sue Storm's life since last year. She is still a member of the Fantastic Four, and she has gone through the events that such a life entails. Notable among them, is when her older self traveled back to this reality (and died at the hands of Doctor Doom) and when she was hurled along different realities during one of her husband's many experiments during the Dark Reign storyline.

In more recent events, the Fantastic Four found a new civilization that requested a spokesman to speak for all humanity, and Sue stepped up to the role. What this event will mean to future stories is unclear at this moment, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Invisible Woman play a more prominent role in Hickman's Fantastic Four run.

Ms. Marvel

I have already written plenty about Ms. Marvel, in my farewell post to her ongoing series. In this year, she was briefly replaced by Moonstone while pretending to be one of the Dark Avengers. Since then, Ms. Marvel has gone on a date with Spider-Man, she has been siding and fighting along with the New Avengers, and hanging out more with the Jessicas (Drew and Jones, more commonly known as Spider-Woman and Jewel) not to mention the time she died and her essence was separated into different personalities.

What the future holds for Carol Danvers is unclear at this moment, but I would not be surprised to see her join one of the Avengers teams that are going to be formed in the Heroic Age that the Marvel universe is going to be going through.

Atom Eve

Atome Eve has gone through a very rough year since the last post. In the Invincible War and Conquest storyline, Earth was attacked by alternate realities Invincibles and one of the fiercest warriors from the Viltrumite empire. In both situations, Atom Eve (and just about everyone else, really) found herself vastly outmatched by the invaders and suffered many injuries. In one of them, she was on the verge of dying, but her powers went into overdrive and she was able to manipulate her own body structure and restore it back to health.

It has been hinted that the process was not a perfect one, and something may seriously be wrong with her body now. She is currently spending lots of time with her boyfriend Invincible, and both of them are currently operating a superhero security business together. Also of note, she shared a mini series with her ex boyfriend, Rex Splode, which explored and expanded their origin and first meeting.


In my original post, I declared my worries with the fact that Barbara Gordon would somehow been cured of her paralysis. The mini series, came and passed, and that did not happen (much to my relief). Instead, Oracle is still working alongside with (the new) Batman, Dick Grayson, to fight crime in Gotham. Additionally, she has developed a working relationship with the new Batgirl, Stephanie Brown, helping her and teaching her the ropes of the superhero business.

The future seems bright for Oracle, as the series that lauched her popularity, Birds of Prey, is going to be relaunched in the future under the pen of Gail Simone, who wrote a good portion of Birds of Prey original run. We can expect a larger place in the spotlight for her collaborating with other heroes like Black Canary and Huntress, alongside with her usual guest appearance in other Batman related books.


Overall, I should count myself lucky that none of my favorite female characters have died (although Atom Eve was close) and that despite Ms. Marvel's cancellations, I am probably going to be seeing more of them in the rest of 2010. What do you think the future has in store for them? Where do you think they will be a year from now? Let me know in the comments section.

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Klep said...

Frankly I'm just thrilled to see the Black Widow, whom I remember mentioning in the comments of your original post, getting a lot of attention and an ongoing to coincide with her appearance in Iron Man 2. I hope the new book is successful.

Daryll B. said...

Hmmm women ready to break out in the next year...?

First outside of the big 2...

Starlight from The Boys and Ivy Raven from Echo - You can see where their storylines and the plots around them are getting ready to converge for some inter resting reading.

Michonne from the Walking Dead - Between the series and the upcoming TV series might be an interesting year....

DC - Liberty Belle: Time for her to step out of everyone's shadow now.

Mera: They have to do something tangible with her after all these happenings in Blackest Night right?

I'll be curious if Batwoman and Question can keep up their momentum after this past year.

Marvel: Hope: I mean the WHOLE X-Universe is dependent on her story coming up. So this is a given right? Right?

Hawkeye and Nomad - Seriously if Clint is getting his name back, and internet rumors of a "New" Nomad are to be believed, what happens to the tough teenage gal equivalents?

Songbird - Seriously Marvel, it is time to use use her and the original Thunderbolts again. This fan-wankery and mockery of the original concept has got to stop. What more does Melissa Gold has to do?

Creator wise: Will Amanda Conner get a bigger book besides Power Girl?

Can Gail Simone recreate her success on Birds of Prey the 2nd time around?

I am personally hoping that Emma Rios gets a steady X-Book gig by the end of summer. You see that art in Girl Comics?

OK Back to schoolwork...thx for the diversion Matt...

Matt Ampersand said...

@Klep: Really looking forward to the Black Widow ongoing. I hope it lasts!

@Daryll: I think Mera is going to be part of the regular cast of Brightest Day.

As for Emma Rios, I hope she gets more high profile jobs, although I personally would love her in one of the cosmic books.

Klep said...

Apparently July is going to bring JMS on Wonder Woman. If he brings the same respect for mythology to it that he brought to Thor, that should be a run to remember.

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