Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 03/24/10

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends because it's Monday and that means it's preview time.  Ryan and I have a light load this week with only a handful of titles on the ol' pull lists.  Atomic Robo is the book I'm looking forward to most this week, but there's also some Green Lantern and Secret Warriors on the menu, among others.  Hit the jump for our thoughts and expectations for each of the titles on our pull lists!

Written by Fred Van Lente
Art by Michael Gaydos

Hiya, Retailers, Fred Van Lente here to tell you we could never let "The Gauntlet" get by without the return of another classic Spider-Man foe...THE SCORPION! She has brand new powers, a new modus operandi, and you won't believe her reason for tangling with Spidey-- Hm, what? Yes, we said "she." Why? Who did you think we meant?

Kirk: Is Marvel finally doing something with Carmilla Black?  Or is this an all new female Scorpion?  Black has shown up a few times, most recently in Avengers: The Initiative, but other than that, she's not really been used other than cameoing as a background character.  Seeing as Black was co-created by Fred Van Lente, I'm assuming this is who will show up.  But that doesn't really explain the whole "new" part. 

Written by Brian Clevinger
Art by Scott Wegener

Japan, 1999. Atomic Robo visits Science Team Super Go, the Tesladyne of the East. It's a perfectly ordinary business trip where nothing incredibly stereotypical like a Giant Monster attack happens. Robo just does some sightseeing.

That's all. Stop thinking about Giant Monster attacks. That would be silly!

Kirk: Despite the name, this isn't actually continuing the vampire dimension story from issue one.  From what I understand, Diamond messed up and just assumed because the first issue was titled Revenge of the Vampire Dimension, the entire volume of one-shots was titled the same and that's what we were left with.  Naming shenanigans aside, this should be another stellar romp in the Atomic Robo universe.

GI JOE #16
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Robert Atkins

The Baroness is having a really bad day at the top of the world. The M.A.S.S. Device is malfunctioning. Destro's causing problems. Cobra Commander is demanding results. And to add to her troubles, a hit team of master snipers has her in the crosshairs. Not a lot of job security in COBRA.

Ryan: I don’t believe that we’ve seen Cobra Commander (my favorite character in the GI Joe franchise) yet, so this should be a very interesting issue. Plus, Dixon’s take on the Baroness has been pretty solid as of late, which raises the bar for this.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

BLACKEST NIGHT'S penultimate chapter is here, and you do not want to miss this issue. Trust us on this one.

Ryan: Sinestro as the White Lantern is one of the coolest concepts to spin out of Blackest Night, it's just now a matter of how well that concept can be executed. This is the issue to beat this week based upon premise alone and with Johns and Mahnke on a roll as of late, I can’t imagine that changing.

Kirk: Was pretty pumped seeing Sinestro as a White Lantern instead of the obvious choice of Hal at the end of the most recent issue of Blackest Night, but that initial sense of excitement has faded.  I'm just hoping there's some story to this development other than it just being something they thought would look cool and be a nice visual.  I get the feeling he'll fail here and Hal will take over in the final issue for some reason.

Written by JT Krul
Art by Geraldo Borges

In JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, Roy Harper lost everything at the hands of Prometheus, barely surviving the brutal severing of his arm. But when he finally awakens from his coma, Roy will find that his dangerous journey into despair is just beginning.

Ryan: I added this to my pull list before reading anything was announced about the actual premise, but now I’m not so sure I want to check this out. Granted, seeing Roy pick himself up from the mire is bound to be better than seeing Ollie become a murderer, but I feel like buying this issue is a way of telling DC that killing off Lian Harper was okay, which isn’t something I want to do. I’ll flip through it, but I can’t make any guarantees about purchasing it.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Conner

Power Girl squares off against Satanna and her Animal Army just as Terra enters the fray! This should be a good thing, but somehow it looks like Power Girl's got a new enemy!

Ryan: It is a total bummer that this creative team only has three issues left before they leave this series, including this week’s issue. I’m really going to miss the madcap fun and awesome personality of this series, but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the crap out of this one.

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Stefano Caselli

The secret history of Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine: How did Nick Fury's significant other end up working for the hated HYDRA and what's the even more sinister dark secret buried deep in her past? It's part four of WAKE THE BEAST and a major turning point for several of our most loved, and hated, characters. Don't miss it!

Kirk: Hickman really brought it together with one of the best issues of the series.  Can't wait to see how he follows it up this month. 

THOR #608
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Billy Tan

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! War has often come to Asgard before…but never like this! As the Shining City suffers the most brutal earthly attacks in its history, Thor and his allies fight to stay alive and save what they can! Might be a lost cause…The critically acclaimed breakout THOR run by Kieron Gillen (DARK AVENGERS: ARES) and Billy Tan (NEW AVENGERS) barrels on strong and takes turns you won’t want to miss!

Kirk: While not an amazing issue, I did enjoy the previous Siege tie-in.  Clor doesn't seem like much of a threat when Thor is presently fighting Sentry/Void over in the main title, but Gillen has a solid grasp on the characters and it should at least be an entertaining read. 

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Whilce Portacio and Phil Jimenez

She's been gone for a long time, but she's coming back. This isn't a hoax. This isn't a joke. CLASSIFIED is back in this over-sized special issue of UNCANNY X-MEN. Contains a backup story by Matt Fraction & Phil Jimenez.

Ryan: When Kitty Pryde was written out at the end of Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, I questioned the decision but had enough faith in the X-Men Editorial Office not to be angry. I really thought that this decision would play into a larger storyline and wouldn’t be used just for the shock factor to put some emotional resonance into what was an incredibly lackluster story.

Looks like I was wrong. Nothing has been done with or about the character since she disappeared, except for one really stupid issue of Uncanny X-Men about Colossus getting a tattoo. It was a stupid decision from the get-go, but as a big fan of Kitty, I’m still not going to miss her return! Man, I am such a sucker.

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Klep said...

Having Carmilla Black as a Spidey villain would annoy me, because as far as I'm aware she's always been a good guy before. On the one hand I hope this is someone new, on the other hand I'm getting annoyed by the need to Rule 63 every male antagonist in the directory.

A thought occurs. Wasn't there a female Scorpion in the Spiderman/Black Cat thing Kevin Smith did? Maybe it's her.

SerialProtagonist said...

@Ryan All I can say is thank evil flying jesus that Greg Land isn't "drawing" this issue. I don't think I could have taken much more, no matter how much I love Fraction. Oh god, I'm going to peek ahead in the solicits to see if any of the Second Coming issues are by Land.

brandon said...


Land is on the X-Men Legacy titles for Second Coming.


Are you sure Atomic Robo ships this week? It's not on Diamond's list.

Short week for me: GL, Supergod, Shuddertown, Scalped and possibly Orc Stain.

Ryan Schrodt said...

@Serial - Land is one of the biggest reasons I dropped Uncanny X-Men. Even as big of a Kitty fan as I am, if Land were drawing this issue, I'd still skip it.

Nathan Aaron said...

So instead they hire Whilce Portacio (who used to be good, but uh now?) Ugh, the art on this issue is so bad (and I'm not attempting to say Greg is great or anything) but this will actually keep me from buying this issue. Where are the Dodsons when you need them?!

Kirk Warren said...

@brandon - I didnt have a chance to check Diamond's list to make sure, but was going by the Atomic Robo site and other listings (TFAW, etc), which all say March 24th. It's possible it was delayed or pushed back though, but I'll be getting it if it's out.

cheetahmaster said...

Why can't Cyborg or Dr. Magnus or some other good-guy super-scientist in DC just whip up a cyber-arm for Roy?

JP said...

If eithr of you guys have any spare money, I would recommend "Batman: Streets of Gotham #10." Dini is returning, so we should get an awesome bat-story that Morrion and Daniel have failed to give us on their respective titles.

Kirk Warren said...

@JP - I'm done with Streets. It was the book I was most interested in post-RIP/Battle for the Cowl, but the constant, unannounced fill-ins just ended any interest in the current story for me. For all we know, it might not even be a Dini penned issue this week, just like the 3 or 4 other times.

Ryan Schrodt said...

@JP - I dropped Streets because my pull list was just getting too bloated. It was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. I was really only in it for the Manhunter story, which I will just get in trade this Fall.

Novaguy said...

I always thought Sinestro was the better and more likely choice... especially given the build-up of his backstory in earlier GL and GLC issues. Case in point - the "jailhouse" conversation between Hal and Sinestro around the Rage of the Red Lanterns storyline.

The Dangster said...

Getting streets now that Dini is on it, i didnt even read the filler issue though, Nguyen's art is always great.

Diamond distributors. Always screwing the little companies... those idiots.

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