Sunday, April 18, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/14/10

Running a bit late this weekend, but we know you can't live without them, so here is another dose of the Moments of the Week! The comic with the most moments is Brightest Day, but we also have moments from some of the Siege tie-ins, as well as some from Daredevil, The Flash, and more. Hit the jump to see them, and be sure to let us know what was your favorite moment this week in the comment section.

Atomic Robo and The Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #2

This issue was basically Atomic Robo teaming up with the Power Rangers to fight a giant monster in Japan. In other words, it was awesome.

Black Widow #1

The infamous operating scene from the first issue of Black Widow. She was drugged earlier so they can't put anesthesia. The doctors don't realize that the drug she was administered is wearing off, so she is feeling the whole thing. I dare you read this scene without cringing!

Booster Gold #31

The chalkboard with notes make a comeback in Booster Gold. Any theories?

Brightest Day #0

If there is any kind of gore that DC would be against showing, we haven't found it yet. I must admit, a baby bird crashing to his death, breaking his neck, and cracking open his skull is a new one, so kudos to them.


We're going to need more milk, I think.

That's a huge forest that has grown in Star City, where the bomb exploded. It looks like DC is going to turn it's Robin Hood analogue into a literal Robin Hood. Watch out, Sheriff of Nothingham, here comes Oliver Queen!

A tease of future story lines to come? What do you think?

Daredevil #506

You're looking kinda Hellboy there, Daredevil. (It's just a hallucination from Bakuto, the guy fighting alongside DD)

Speaking of hallucinations, it's not immediately clear if Elektra was really there or not. And for those keeping score at home, this is the second hero to have gotten their guts surgically open this week.

The Flash #1

Just wanted to post some pretty artwork from this issue. Just look at all the details from the car.

And the panel layout in this other page is great as well. Francis Manapul knocked it out of the park with this one.

Green Arrow #32

Apparently Green Arrow gave himself up and was unmasked. I thought his identity was public already, but shows how much I know. Even then, how many people sport that facial hair in this day age? It couldn't have been that hard for someone to piece it together, right?

Hulked Out Heroes #1

Ho ho ho!

New Mutants #12

"Nathan, please, they are totally going to kill me if you don't take me with you!"

PunisherMax #6

Just a friendly reminder from Jason Aaron that this is not the same Bullseye as the 616 one.

Just a friendly reminder from Jason Aaron to get yourself checked, prostate cancer is one of the leading cause of death in men!

Secret Six #20

Catman just straight up tell the captors of his child to kill him. He's hardcore like that.

And he goes for the person that was behind it all. HE'S THE GODDAMN CATMAN!

Siege: Loki #1

The text might be a bit hard to read at this size, but it's shown in this scene that Loki was really the Green Goblin mask that was talking to Norman Osborn in some other comic (was it Dark Avengers?)

Loki wears a pretty spiffy armor under his usual cloak and clothing.

Siege: Young Avengers #1

I really liked this scene between Speed and Ronin/Hawkeye. This is the kind of role that Clint should be to these kids.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, that's the first I've heard of the "Trolololo" meme.

Siege: Loki was fantastic all around. I really need to read Phonogram now.

Gaz-L said...

You missed a great detail from Loki that sort of carried on through the issue. The last panel there? He's looking right AT the reader. And he does it a few more times.

And the ultimatum in the bathroom while Natasha was on her date in Black Widow really should be there. Making a wife-beater choke on a high-heel while you make it DAMN clear he's going to divorce the poor woman and give her every dime she's owed for what he put her through is good stuff.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Is it just me or does Booster Gold have rickets? Get out in the sunshine, dude, get that glorious Vitamin D into you!

Eric Rupe said...

I honestly want to know the thought process that went into giving Star City a star shaped forest and turned Green Arrow into Robin Hood. Making a metaphor literal is never a good idea and sign that you've run out of ideas or don't know what turning a metaphor literal is a bad idea.

Klep said...

So is that a clue on the chalkboard or a Deadpool gag?

Matt Ampersand said...

@Anon #1: Ha, it's funny because Jeff Parker was totally obsessed with that video a couple of weeks ago in Twitter.

@Klep: I thought the same thing, but it could be something else.

Ivan said...

In my opinion THE Moment of the Week is that now Martian Manhunter wears pants.

(Yeah, I now he was fully clothed before his death, but he was acting all emo back then)

Dickey said...

My moment for Secret Six had to be the touch my cape and live scene. Oh, you can't make it past being knifed to the railing? Guess you didn't want it enough. Simone was full of pure win with that.

@Eric - Didn't you get the memo that it's a new era at DC? Literal is totally the new black.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it's not a deadpool gag (Mind you, DC Comic referring to deadpool would be off anyhow) but instead a reference to the new Time Masters miniseries that apparently is going to at least tie in with The Return of Bruce Wayne:

Pic from this issue of Booster Gold:

The Dangster said...

are people really upset over the bird dying? it's not a human child. i mean, i don't see kids getting blown up with a city but i've seen dead baby birds.

Space Jawa said...

I didn't get much this week, so the pickings were slim for me, but I enjoyed reading a better-end portrayal of ultimate Carol Danvers this week and her little encounter with Nick Fury.

Eric Rupe said...

I'm going to quote Warren Ellis on the whole bird dying thing - "The first scanned comic of the week was BRIGHTEST DAY 0 -- a frankly bizarre object square in the middle of what I recently thought of as Hysterical Comics (as in "hysteria," not "funny"), that opens up with a baby bird getting its neck fatally broken. We've all done strange things to superhero comics over the years, but sometimes I think that none are as outright weird as Geoff John's death-soaked shouting opuses."

Just found that funny but, personally, the whole bird scene reads like something that would be in a comic parodying or satirizing Johns yet it was actually written by him. It's an odd scene to say the least.

Ivan said...

What are you guys talking about? The bird comes back to life almost immediately!!

(Tongue in cheek, please)

Bobby Weenus said...

I'm sure Kirk already saw but its so cool you guys are mentioned on this coming week's blurb for Nova!

Matt Ampersand said...

Yes, we saw it already when the solicitation for that issue came out! Now we are REAL journalists!

In all seriousness though, if they also put it on the cover like they sometimes do, I'm putting that issue in a frame.

Matt Ampersand said...

Oh, and I wanted to mention regarding the dead baby bird, it's not that it bothers me that there is in fact a dead baby bird in a comic. What I found really puzzling is that they had the need/want to show the dead baby bird snapping it's neck and bleeding out. The scene would have worked just fine if Deadman just found the baby bird motionless on the floor and looked up to see the next up in a tree.

Anyway, that's just my two cents, it's not the violence in itself, just the need to wantonly show it. Sometimes a quiet moment resonates more with readers than a loud one, you know what I mean?

Bobby Weenus said...

You guys should frame it. Both because that is AWESOME, and because Nova covers are usually awesome too.

My old roommates and I used to run a music review site and one of our comments was on the cover of a Plain White T's album (personally not a fan), so we were pretty jazzed up too.

You guys run a great site here, I check it daily. I don't always agree with the opinions on here, but I still appreciate them and they're always well written. I'm a fan, none the less.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Bobby Weenus - hey, mate. Thanks for the kind words. I kinda like that you don't always agree with us (well, with the others, you always agree with me, right???) and yet you still check out the site daily. Good to see someone that can appreciate the thoughts of others and not need to flame then on or swear to never return again.

I'll take a dozen more BobbyWeenus' please, right here, thanks.

Daryll B. said...

Ok, so when are we going to find out that the "white entity" is within Deadman? was always meant to be in this role... Remember Perez/Busiek's Avengers #4 or the Memorial Cap issue featuring him, Iron Man, and the Young Avengers? Hell, him with the Thunderbolts... Briar Clint has shown this attitude more than most heroes... Spidey not withstanding...

Count me in as one who winced at the Black Widow operation scene....

Thx Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund for the Booster Gold run... Gl to Giffen/DeMattheis and.. damn did they name the new artist yet????

Gillen + Norse Gods = GOLD

*claps* Good job Gents....

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