Saturday, April 24, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/21/10

Welcome to the latest edition of Moments of the Week, where we take a look at the most interesting, awesome, or groan worthy moments that have appeared in this week's batch of comics. For today, we have plenty of funny moments from Who Won't Wield The Shield, some teasing of future storylines from Green Lantern, an space opera goodies from Guardians of the Galaxy, plus many more. Hit the jump to see them!

Brave and the Bold #33

Batgirl / Barbara Gordon walks in on Wonder Woman and Zatanna umm... embracing in the bathroom. It's not what it seems though, but you will have to read the whole issue to find out.

Captain America: Who Won't Wield The Shield #1

That's Forbush Man calling out Ed Brubaker and Jason Aaron for their grim and gritty comics. The running joke is that Brubaker is very protective and proud of his Eisners, you can see he even carries them around like medallions.

There is nothing in this page that makes any sense. Do no try to understand it, just accept it.

The origin of Golden Age Deadpool before he was recruited for Weapon Swastika.

They might as well have called this comic "Jason Aaron Mocks The Marvel Offices". Here we have Fraction and Bendis tweeting, Forbush man listing all the controversial editorial decisions of the past couple of years, and Joe Quesada living large with editors Axel Alonso and Tom Breevort. It is nice that Marvel can make fun of itself like this though.

Green Lantern #53

Here we have a Guardian like figure that is apparently planning to trap all the entities. Interesting.

The way that Larfreeze is sitting on top of his guardian totally cracked me up.

I really liked this scene, at least they acknowledge that people other than superheroes died during Blackest Night. Will probably be forgotten and ignored soon, but it was a nice touch.

The princess you are looking for is in another castle. This was  pretty blatant, but I am happy that Hal Jordan is going to be busy in Brightest Day. I don't know if you noticed, but all the cool scenes are from people who are NOT Hal Jordan, and maybe this way Johns will ease up on the Jordan worship (not likely though).

Guardians of the Galaxy #25

The two fractions of the Guardians of the Galaxy reunite, after they realize they are not dead. The tension between Rocket Racoon and Cosmo remains the same though.

The Guardians of the Galaxy fight against a very naked and very angry Thanos. Groot almost had him, but this is the result.

In the end, it's up to Star-Lord to use the cosmic cube to stop him. That second page is awesome.

Thanos is subdued, though not killed, and he is still very angry. Coming from someone else, the threat may sound like an exaggeration, but let's not forget that this is the guy that once killed half the known universe.

Joe The Barbarian #4

Your monthly dose of pretty Sean Murphy art, breathtaking as always.

Power Girl #11

What are you dense or something? I AM THE GODDAMN POWER GIRL!

Siege: Spider-Man #1


The symbiote took over Ms. Marvel. Venom with the capability to fly? Nothing good can come out of this.

Looks like this is going serious. As most people know, I'm a big fan of the MJ/Peter relationship, but if we can't have that, this is the next best thing.

Sif #1

I didn't know this, but apparently Sif and Beta Ray Bill had something going on in the past... is that even legal?

Ultimate Avengers #6

Hey kids, comics!

X-Men Legacy #235

Ariel is dead. Is this the first casualty of Second Coming? Honestly, I had to look up who this character was, so I can't figure anyone being too upset with her death.

Speaking of casualties, here is your weekly reminder from Second Coming that Nightcrawler is totally going to die. Why didn't Rogue just siphon off some of Kurt's powers and let him stay put for a while and take a breather? Because Nightcrawler has to die, probably.

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Radlum said...

Totally agree on those Second Coming moments; however while I don't think Ariel had many fans, I am upset by the fact that most writers (not limited to comics) like to bring some characters back from obscurity just to kill them off to show that "things are serious now", I think that's a lame way to give intensity to a story.
Also, my favorite moment of Who Won't Wield the Shield was Forbush Man freakout after realising he too was a victim of Marvel's bad ideas. That was an excelent comic

Matt Ampersand said...

@Radlum: There was at least one good moment per page in Who Won't Wield The Shield, but I couldn't post the whole thing, haha. Another favorite of mine was when Brubaker shots Forbush Man, calls Loeb and says "Now we have a dozen more books to write"

Alan said...

Ariel was a totally awful character from the horrible Fallen Angels mini-series of the late 80s.
Nobody cared about her. It's a meaningles death.

Matt Ampersand said...

@Alan: Yeah, like I said, I had to go look it up, and I have read a shitload of the X-titles. She is not even a mutant (as far as I know), so I'm not even sure why she was there. Anyway, we don't see the corpse, so I expect her to make a comeback eventually!

Anonymous said...

If you go on the X-Men stuff on CBR, alot of people are mad about Ariel Death.

Daryll B. said...

Count in Karma as fatally wounded....she has lost at least a leg and half of her blood vs Hodge... Do we get ever a mention? Nope....

HeHe Totally called those 2 Green Lantern moments over in Ryan's list but read that whole last page again... How can Ganthet be still wearing the Green Ring if he HATES the other Guardians? Hello Editors?

Scar survived somehow?

Naked Thanos? Scary. Naked ANGRY Thanos? Holy Cwap-In-Your-Pants fantastic! Good thing Star had the

Cuter Kick-A$$ couple? WW and Zatanna or Beta Ray and Sif....Place Ya BETS!!! =)

Space Jawa said...

I wish I could get fully behind the Spidey/Ms. Marvel relationship. Problem is, that would require I also get on board with the OMB/BND status being a permanent thing. So sadly, I can't. It's nice the way they interact and all, but I just can't accept it as a long-term setup.

mugiwara said...

I think I can't care about the Second Coming story, because I can't stand anymore minor character's deaths.
Ariel is dead (and I mean really dead) and nobody care about. This blue teleporter guy will die and everybody will make a fuss about it, although they know he will come back sooner or later.
Exactly like this phasing chick in her space suppository. Loads of one shots and issues about her being lost and look, she's already back! While nobody (amongst the readers or the X-Men) cared about Wolf Cub or Onyxx, who are probably dead for goo.
Worst part is this one shot where Bling! (Onyxx's best friend) is making a video, not about her friend, but about blue teleporter guy's death.
Marvel need to let popular characters dead for good, so they have more room to explore minor characters like Ariel instead of killing them.
Sorry for the rant. But at this point, it's ruining comics (especially X comics) for me.

Matt Ampersand said...

@Space Jawa: Oh I agree completely, but as far as possible relationships go, at least Ms. Marvel offers new possibilities.

@mugiwara: I must have missed those deaths, but I wouldn't be surprised. What bothers me about the upcoming death of Nightcrawler is that NO ONE was using him in any of the X-titles. Dan Slott asked for permission to use him in Mighty Avengers, and he was denied, even though no one used him anyway. And now, for Second Coming he is in EVERY issue because they want to make us care that he is going to die. It's artificial, it's cheap, and it's completely useless.

Monch said...

I hate how Marvel is using Mutants as cannon fodder. I mean the way Mutants die and come back from the dead is the same as having they sat something like "Im going to (the beach, the store, on a tropical cruise, visit my family, visit alternate future, visit limbo) for a while".

Killing a Mutant has no meaning now. As stated above Kitty was long gone in space without food or water and they brough her back like it was nothing.

I really like Nightcrawler and he is my fav x-men but I stopped reading X Titles along time ago when they just started killing off mutants like they were mosquitos... It's annoying to me when writters need to kill of someone just to create tension, come on, there are other more creative ways to achieve that!

Anonymous said...

Funny. I thought you'd include the panel where Starlord approaches Thanos saying, "Thanos! Over here! Yoo-hoo!!!" Only thing funnier in that panel is the number of flab-folds in Thanos' mid-section. The only thing scarier than an angry, naked, mindless Thanos is an angry, naked mindless Thanos who obviously needs to do some gut-crunches.

I'm really going to miss Guardians of the Galaxy (if the hiatus is indeed permanent).

Hoylus said...

Shooting Thanos with the cosmic cube - fair enough.

Shooting Thanos in the crotch with the cosmic cube? Priceless.

Two-Bit Specialist said...

Those moments from Who Won't Wield the Shield? are awesome, but the fact that they are ok with poking fun at themselves means that they have no remorse about their decisions. It means we won't see any of their controversial mandates reversed any time soon.

Ms. Marvel already knows Spider-Man's secret identity, right? I still find it hard to accept that the symbiote had Spidey as its former host, yet it doesn't know his identity anymore, because of that mind-wipe thing.

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