Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cover of the Week - Transformers Spotlight: Prowl & X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back

We had a pretty busy week here at the Weekly Crisis, with contests, reviews, Top Ten articles and many more, but as we normally do on Sundays, we are now going to take a look at the Cover of the Week. This week is a strange one, as both of the winning covers feature rather secondary characters though rather long titles. Hit the jump to see them!

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - Transformers Spotlight: Prowl by Nick Roche

Ryan L.: You know, I barely think I can explain why this cover sings to me. There's just something about it. The graininess of the image, like a cross between a Bigfoot sighting and an old Black Dahlia casebook photo, or maybe it's the POV from inside the alleyway; am I stalking a Transformer or is it stalking me? I would most likely never buy this comic but sometimes you just have to admit that you like something and just own up to it.

Matt's Cover of the Week - X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #3 by Stuart Immonen

Matt: Perhaps it is a bit unfair for me to choose this cover, as I am a complete sucker for anything that Stuart Immonen does, but I really like the use of top-heavy images for covers, when they are properly and purposely created like this one is. The colors are also incredibly well done, though I'm not sure who did them.

Runners-Up: The Marvelous Land of Oz #5, The Brave and The Bold #33, The Torch #7

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Radlum said...

Great choice Ryan; I dropped the Transformers series in the middle of All Hail Megatron because of the bad writing and art, so it's nice to see that the spotlight issues still carry some weight in the art department, at least in the covers. That one was good enough to make me interested in reading the comic, so I guess it accomplished it's goal.

The Dude said...

personally I prefer the torch cover to the other two and dont much care for the transformers one at all. the Pixie cover is great though I dont like the series.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@The Dude - yeah, I won't argue that the Transformers cover is the greatest work of art I've ever seen, I just know it grabbed out at me for obvious, and subliminal, reasons, and sometimes that's what art should do. It should just hook you and make you like it, and this cover really did.

TheDonAbides said...

Well, you tell me Nick roche is drawing a cover, I am there. I dropped Transformers after AHM due to...well, a lot of factors, but Last Stand of the Wreckers, written and drawn by Nick Roche, is fantastic. They should let/force him write every Transformer series. Okay, mini rant over.

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