Friday, April 2, 2010

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Amanda Conner's Power Girl

Hey, wait a minute! March is over, right? You thought we forgot, didn't you? Well, we ran into some trouble near the middle, so the celebrations for Women's Month get an extension! And how could we celebrate the accomplishment of women in comics without mentioning probably the most successful female artist in the industry, Amanda Conner, and the character she has pretty much became a synonym with, Power Girl.

Amanda Conner (Home Page) has been working in several comics throughout the past two decades, early in her career working in such varied works like Gargoyles, Excalibur, Archie Comics and even Barbie comics (yes, as in the plastic doll). Even back then, Conner had a knack for detailed pages, clean and dynamic storytelling, and a eye for facial expressions, a powerful combination matched by very few other artists in the industry. Above all, every page that Conner designs has a sense of "fun" that she brings into it, making reading one of her comics a treat.

Later in her career, she worked for two years in the Vampirella comics, which jump-started her popularity and lead her to work alongside writers like Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis. One of her most popular works is The Pro, a creator-owned project where she worked alongside with Garth Ennis. In addition to a comic resume too long to publish in it's entirety, which includes books like Birds of Prey, JSA, and Wednesday Comics among others, she also works in design for video games, statues, and magazines. She is currently the ongoing artist of the Power Girl series, although she is set to leave after issue 12. What the future holds for Amanda Conner is unknown at the time, but I am sure it will great. In the mean time, hit the jump to see more of her artwork.

The cover for the hardcover collection of The Pro.

A page from the Power Girl series.

Cover for Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (featuring Black Cat).

A page from Wednesday Comics (featuring Supergirl).

A sketch of Vampirella.

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The Dude said...

Nice post!

Iv always liked Amanda Conner's work, the expression that she gives to her characters and the way she toes the fine line between realistic art and old school cartoon-ish feel has always been great.

Never realised she did Vampirella though.. huh, learn something new everyday I guess! :)


mrpeepants said...

I started checking out power girl from the random nods here on weekly crisis. I didn't even realize she did the supergirl wednesday comics strip.

SIGMATE said...

Amanda has a fantastic style! Must search out her Vampirella work.

Ivan said...

Haha, The Pro is pretty funny. Love her work.

Patrick Hulman said...

she also did peter david's Soulsearchers and Company

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