Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crisis On Infinite Arts - Francesco Francavilla's Hawkman (and more!)

Francesco Francavilla is the insane genius mind behind a stack of pulp reinterpretations of superheroes, pulp heroes, and horror and sci-fi flicks from the past. His comic work can be found in Zorro and Green Hornet Year One, as well as previously in the fifth trade of Scalped, High Lonesome, and Tales of the Fear Agent. He has a Wildstorm mini series coming up, penned by Jeff Marriotte, called Garrison which looks to be very interesting and perfectly suited to Francavilla's lurid dime-store style (which I say with all the respect I can, and should, muster).

Much of the following work can be seen on Comic Twart, an initiative where a group of artists choose a weekly character and all interpret that character in their own style and way, and also Francavilla's own website, follow him on Twitter, @f_francavilla, and you'll eventually most likely be lead you to his side project, Pulp Sunday. If you're not Google Reading those sites by now then after the jump you most certainly will be. We've got John Carter, Zorro, Jason Voorhees, Dashiell Hammett, Elvis, Black Beetle, and Archie. Check it out, you know you want to!

A lobby card-style image of the Black Beetle

A John Carter of Mars pulp paperback cover that we wish was real.

Finally, an Archie comic I would actually buy, were it real.

Just imagine finding this in your secondhand book store, and on Friday the 13th, no less.

Francavilla's take on Johnny Recon makes you wish it were serialised at the start of all your Saturday matinees.

I'm sure with all the CG tech we have now we could remake all of The King's movies to be lurid and seedy.

Francavilla made this cover as a tease for the next issue, #18. I wish more comics had a Scary Tales issue once in a while, you know, Spidey, Batman, it would work for anyone.

It's this image that makes me want to see Francavilla collaborate with Brubaker in the Criminal/Incognito universes.

And because you've waited so patiently, here's a look at his upcoming mini from Wildstorm, Garrison. Looks pretty damn cool from this view.

Thanks for trawling through so much art, wasn't it awesome? If you haven't seen Francavilla's work before then please go back up to the intro and check out his sites. I dare you to not keep hitting 'older posts' on his Pulp Sunday, he does little Twilight Zone images for episodes and remakes Hammer Horror posters, the man is a phenom and deserves your support. I'm still just waiting for him to do a Daredevil piece, then the universe will be complete and make sense once more. Then he'll also give me that piece...ah.

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TheGoose said...

Awesome. I love the Hawkman piece.

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