Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Losers Contest

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed The Losers: Book One, right here at The Weekly Crisis. Since then, the movie based on the Vertigo series, by Andy Diggle and Jock, has opened to mostly positive reviews. Whether you've seen the movie or not, you might be interested in checking out the graphic novel if you haven't done so already. Here's your change to have The Losers: Book One delivered right to your door! Hit the jump to find out how to win your very own copy!

Every thing you need to know about the book is in the review I posted previously, so we'll just jump straight into the details of the contest itself. Unfortunately, the contest is only open to those of you who live in North America, but rumor has it that we might be able to do an international contest in the near future, so stay tuned for that. Here's what you need to know:

  • As usual, you enter the contest by leaving a comment below. Aside from your name and email address, tell us what you thought of the movie (no spoilers please!). If you haven't seen it, tell us what other comic or graphic novel you'd like to see on the big screen in the future.
  • One (1) winner will be chosen at random from the comments below. Note that the contest is open to readers living in North America only.
  • If you win, you will receive a copy of The Losers: Book One.
  • Of course, only one entry per person is permitted.
  • This contest will run from April 28th through May 5th. The winner will be contacted by email and will have one week to respond with their mailing information.
Good luck everyone!

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Chris said...

Chris -

Haven't seen Losers yet.

I think a Box Office Poison movie could be fun. Could be a Clerks-type movie.

Brandon Whaley said...

Brandon Whaley

primewax AT gmail DOT com

I haven't seen The Losers yet, but I think an Elephantmen movie would be cool.

Nick said...

Nick -

I haven't seen The Losers yet but am looking forward to seeing it eventually.

I would like to see Desolation Jones made into a movie as it's out there and weirdly cool but I somehow think Hollywood wouldn't go for it.

Sector 2814 said...

barry - thevonroyale @ gmail . com

there are so many books i'd like to see as a movie (even an animated direct to video movie).
i think if they're going to reboot superman it should be morrison's all star superman.

jonathan said...

Jonathan Soweidy
jsoweidy at gmail Dot com

I haven't seen The Losers yet.

I would love to see Nightly News by Hickman as a movie. Its smarts, stylish and would be great starring Ed Norton.

Mike said...

Mike -

I haven't seen The Losers yet. Still undecided if i might like itit, haven't really had time to go on top of that.

I've read the first issue of the comic though. Might be interesting!

A decent Deadpool movie would be pretty awesome though :P

Jacob said...


I'm looking forward to The Walking Dead TV series.

Matthew O'Hara said...

What about a "Scalped" movie? That could be a great way to spend two hours, especially if you could get someone like Tarantino to direct.

The Dangster said...


I'd like to see either a Jaimie Reyes Blue Beetle or Incognito movie if they were faithful.

Marc said...

Marc -

How about a movie based on The Unwritten?

mrpeepants said...

-sambajonj AT gmail DOT com

haven't seen losers. a marvel announcement and push for Nova would be great.

Evan said...


Haven't seen The Losers yet. I think either of the stories from the 1st volume of Criminal, Coward and Lawless, would make a great movie.

Anonymous said...


I havn't seen The Losers yet but it looks awesome! I think "The Unknown" would be a cool movie adaptation

tworedhead said...


Haven't seen Losers yet (on my weekend to do list with Kick Ass)

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Bone done in a trilogy style ala LOTR.

Sean said...

Sean - Seanolumstad at gmail dot com

I loved the movie! I thought Chris Evans' part was extremely funny, as well as some pretty cool action. I never read the comic so I don't know how accurate the movie was to the book, but it was an excellent movie and I hope to see more of them.

Chris said...

Bilko AT email DOT sc DOT edu

Have not seen the Losers yet but did see Kick-Ass, which was awesome.

I'd like to see a movie of The Dark Knight Returns in the vain of the way the Watchmen movie was faithful to the original graphic novel

Michael David said...


I haven't seen The Losers, but I agree with the suggestion for a Nova movie. Nextwave could make for a fun comedy.

Okman said...

Okman Zeng

I'd love to see a Mouse Guard movie. I mean, if something like G-Force can come out, why not Mouse Guard?

Daryll B. said...

Daryll Benjamin

I'll go off the beaten track and suggest a Secret Six/Suicide Squad or early Thunderbolts type movie...

( THAT'LL ever happen....)

Daryll B. said...

o forgot to add, I loved the felt like "Iron Man" with the humor mixed with the action...

Chris said...

Chris Rohling

I haven't seen The Losers just yet, but I'm planning on seeing it this weekend.

I think Joe Kelly's I Kill Giants would make a fantastic animated movie. It'd be cool live action, but I think to really capture everything about it, you'd need to go animated.

Neil said...

nblumeng AT gmail DOT com

James Robinson's Starman deserves to be filmed, preferably for the big screen.

Agent_X said...

I would love to see a big screen adaptation of Larry Marder's "Beanworld"
Great storyline and very unique but familiar characters.

brandon said...


geekgoggles AT gmail DOT com

haven't seen Losers yet. Incognito, Cowboy Ninja Viking and Chew would be cool as movies.

My pledge is if I win I will read the TPB and mail it to another contest "loser" on here. Pay it forward.

Anonymous said...


Haven't seen The Losers yet, hopefully next week. I'm still waiting for a Sleeper film, preferably without Tom Cruise attached to it.

Anonymous said...

Corey -

Haven't seen LOSERS yet, but definitely plan to. Sandman Mystery Theatre or DMZ would be my suggestions.

John said...

haven't seen Losers yet but I'm looking forward to it. I just read the Starman Omnibus 1 and I'd like to see a few of those stories turned into a movie. I think he's an under appreciated character.

ArtfulDodger said...

I have no intention of seeing the Losers. I haven't read the book, and the movie seems like a generic team-revenge-by-military-operatives movie. The A-Team theme has been done to death, and there doesn't seem to be anything original to entice me into seeing the movie.

Personally, I'd like to see a low-budget adaption of Fables by a good director. Preferably as a mini-series, but a movie adaption could be decent. Oddly enough, I think the second trade of Fables would be better suited for a movie adaption than the first trade.

Rick M said...

Haven't seen The Losers yet, but I loved the books.

How about a movie based on Carey's Lucifer? Or maybe a Planetary television series?

Rick Marshall

Rick M said...

Haven't seen The Losers yet, but I loved the books.

How about a movie based on Carey's Lucifer? Or maybe a Planetary television series.

Rick Marshall

Simon Mac Donald said...

I haven't see The Losers yet but I'm hoping to get there this weekend.

I'd love to see Bone become a big screen 3D movie series for kids and kids at heart.

Simon MacDonald
simon at gmail dot com

Dan Carter said...

Haven't seen Losers yet, but it's my personal policy to purchase anything Jock works on. It's made me a happier, healthier person.

As far as what other OGNs would make a good movie, I think Channel Zero or Jennie One would be amazing and done for very little money, certainly a pittance of what most comic movies cost.

Dan Carter

about me! said...

Everything with The Losers was enjoyable and fun, but the Max segments were just overly goofy and irritating.

Mathew Quitney

I was actually getting ready to say I'd love an Incognito movie, and then I see the rights have just been bought!

Eric said...

Iamericbrown at gmail dot com

I haven't seen The Losers yet, but based solely on the first issue, I think Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards' Turf would be amazing on the big screen.

Patrick Wiedeman said...

i have yet to see the movie, though i plan to.
however, i would LOVE to see a mouse guard movie, i think it would have to be animated though.

Chad said...

Chad Biggar

The Loser's was pretty great. Action/Comedy/Sexiness. A good time will be had by all.

Anonymous said...

The Losers was a pretty terrible movie, but I had a good time heckling it.

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