Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 04/14/10

The inmates continue to run the asylum here at Weekly Crisis as Kirk continues to take some time off. That means I’ll be flying solo once again on this week’s Post-Crisis Previews. To make up for Kirk’s absence I’m bringing you an extra-sized dose of previews as I take a look at my pull list for this week and provide commentary. Sound interesting? I figured it would. Hit the jump to find out more!

Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Lee Garbett

The conclusion to ""Batgirl Rising"" begins here with part one of the four-part ""Flood"" storyline! A string of bizarre, technology-based ""suicides"" gets the attention of both Batgirl and Oracle, but for very different reasons. And the two heroes will soon realize that they're the real targets of a nefarious madman Hell-bent on revenge...

Ryan: Isn’t this issue supposed to be the conclusion to the Red Robin/Batgirl crossover? I’m so confused. Not that it matters because Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett have been kicking all kinds of ass with this series. This has quickly become one of the strongest comics in DC stable, so no matter what story they are going to tell, I’m excited for it.

Written by Tony Daniel
Art by Guillem March

Only two months until BATMAN #700! As the landmark issue nears, Dick Grayson's life as The Dark Knight heats up in a big way. With Black Mask out of the way for good, the Falcone crime family attempts to fill that void – with no regard for the safety of Gotham City's citizens! And what's going on with the Riddler?

Ryan: What is going on with the Riddler, indeed! I’ve been really confused about what DC’s plans for the characters are and why a chance is necessary. I’d like to see him stay Paul Dini’s pet character, but it will be interesting to see what Daniel does with him here. I’m also hoping that we’ll see some of Catwoman and Catgirl in action since the Falcone’s will be stepping in to fill the void left by Black Mask. It’ll be interesting to see how this issue plays out creatively as well, as Daniel is writing for an artist that isn’t himself for the first time in his DC career.

Written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi
Art by Fernando Pasarin

The biggest event in comics continues as BRIGHTEST DAY burns back the BLACKEST NIGHT! Although the threat of Nekron appears to be over, the effects that the already classic BLACKEST NIGHT will have on the DC Universe will be felt for years to come. This issue not only sets the stage for the new ongoing bi-weekly DC Universe book, BRIGHTEST DAY, but also the next exciting era of the DC Universe!

Ryan: I’ll just be testing the water with this issue. I can’t say that I’m tremendously interested in any of the main Brightest Day characters except Firestorm, so if this issue is mainly focused on folks like Aquaman and the hero formerly known as Deadman, I might not be on board with this high-commitment title.

Written by Josh Howard
Art by Josh Howard

Nara's old nemesis Violet returns and she wants revenge. But when the truth about Violet's resurrection is revealed, Nara must confront an ugly secret within the Zodiac. Meanwhile, Asia finds herself captive of the terrible Witch Queen.

Ryan: The first issue of this miniseries was a great payoff for longtime fans of this franchise. With both Violet and Asia returning, I expect more of the same in this issue. Howard definitely knows how to deliver for his fans, so I’m pretty sure I’ll dig the crap out of this issue.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul

A BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in! Get in on the ground floor of DC's next epic in the making! The Flash races out of BLACKEST NIGHT and into his own monthly title as the all-new adventures of The Fastest Man Alive start with ""Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues!"" Barry Allen runs back to his life in Central City, but when one of the Rogues turns up murdered under mysterious circumstances, it's up to The Flash to not only solve this bizarre crime, but protect those that are still targeted by the elusive killer. Plus, don't miss a peek into the future of the Flash universe in this special, extra-sized starting point issue!

Ryan: I’m of the generation that has always seen Wally West as the Flash and so it has been really hard for me to get accustomed to Barry Allen being back—especially since every time I’ve seen him, Geoff Johns has mostly written him as Hal Jordan’s boring pal. That puts me firmly on the fence with picking up this issue, though the draw of Francis Manapul might be enough to get me to pick this one up.

Written by JT Krul
Art by Federico Dallocchio

""The Fall of Green Arrow"" continues with Oliver Queen as a fugitive from justice. But what happens when the Justice League of America learn of his crime? The Emerald Archer's relationship with the World's Greatest Heroes will never be the same.

Ryan: You can just call me a glutton for punishment here. I absolutely HATE the current direction of Green Arrow, but I’m still considering picking this up. If for nothing else, I’m interested in seeing what they do with Speedy though that might not be enough to get me to throw down my hard earned money to see one of my characters desecrated by a storyline that screams ill-conceived editorial mandate.

Written by Bryan JL Glass
Art by Victor Santos

As the druids prepare for their ceremony which King Icarus believes will elevate him to godhood, all paths converge on the capital city of Dealrach Ard-Vale. As Karic launches his audacious plan to confront his destiny, Cassius is reunited with his own squad of loyal Templar. Leito strikes an unexpected alliance. And Mornae comes face-to-face with the horrific Snake god!

Ryan: Things got incredibly intense towards the end of issue #8, so I expect all sorts of insanity in this issue as Karic plays his endgame against King Icarus and the various plot threads that Bryan JL Glass has expertly woven throughout this story start drawing together. We are almost at the conclusion to this volume and I expect it will be closing out with a bang. This is definitely going to be a “can’t miss” comic.

Written by Zeb Wells
Art by Ibraim Roberson

Fall of a New Mutant?! The X-Men are hot on the trail of Cable and Hope and meet Bastion's forces head-on, in the form of Bastion's capo William Stryker and his Purifier army. Stryker's forces score one casualty early, but who wins the battle? At the same time the New Mutants are hitting Bastion's second-in-command, Cameron Hodge. But going up against Hodge and 100 of his soldiers is way out of their league and one of them won't walk away from it.

Ryan: I’ve never been a huge fan of Zeb Wells and I don’t have a ton of interest in the New Mutants. On the flipside of that, I’ve been very pleased with Second Coming so far, which has me pretty excited about this one. It looks like one of the New Mutants is going to die in this issue, though I’m not even sure who is on the team at this point. Yowza.

Written by Gail Simon
Art by Jim Calafiore

Catman heads off to the African continent to find the three men who kidnapped his long lost son! He's been pushed to the very limit, so when the rest of the Secret Six come to his aid, don't be surprised if Catman decides to kill off his teammates as well!

Ryan: One of the things that I love about Secret Six is Gail Simone’s ability to seamlessly switch between very fun character-focused jaunts and simply disturbing and violent scenarios. I expect a lot of the latter in this issue as Catman goes on the hunt for the men who took he and Chesire’s son. This should be ten kinds of awesome.

Written by Christos Gage
Art by Federico Dallacchio

In Siege: Captain America, from Christos Gage and Federico Dallocchio, learn more about the role of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers in this war and how it will define their relationship! With interconnecting covers by superstar Marko Djurdjevic, these all new stories provide insight into the major players of Siege and set the stage for the dramatic Siege finale!

Ryan: I’ve really only been impressed with one issue of Siege and normally I avoid these tie-in one shots, so I’m really not sure about this one. Christos Gage is one of the best writers in comics and he has done wonders with Captain America in the past, which is the only thing pulling me towards this issue. This is going to require an in-store flip-through before I make up my mind.

Written by Sean McKeever
Art by Mahmud Asrar

In Siege: Young Avengers, from Sean McKeever and Mahmud A. Asrar, the Young Avengers take center stage as Wiccan and Patriot are pushed to their limits! With interconnecting covers by superstar Marko Djurdjevic, these all new stories provide insight into the major players of Siege and set the stage for the dramatic Siege finale!

Ryan: As mentioned above, Siege has been pretty hit-or-miss with me and I normally avoid these tie-in one-shots, but how can I pass up on Sean McKeever and Mahmud Asrar teaming up on a Young Avengers book? If we couldn’t get Young Avengers masterminds Allen Heinberg and Jim Cheung back on board for an ongoing (which we clearly cannot), this creative team would definitely be at the top of my wish-list of creative teams. This should be pretty awesome!

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WhoZeDuke said...

What about Siege: Loki by the Phonogram team of Gillen/McKelvie? It also ties into Gillen's Thor run (which has been great) and the issue of New Mutants he did.

Ivan said...

Sucks to have Chesire as a mother these days...

The Dangster said...

atomic robo?

Ryan Schrodt said...

@WhoZeDuke - I haven't been reading the Thor books. I keep meaning to read them in trade, but I've been a total slacker with the Thunder God.

@Ivan - I hadn't even thought of that. I really hope someone addresses Chesire's end of things at some point. Well, I really hope they just wash away this story like it never happened, but if I can't have that, I want Chesire's story.

@Dangster - I do Atomic Robo in trade. I believe Kirk does it in single issues, but I'm getting all Larfleeze-y with this week's Previews. MINE!!!!

Anonymous said...

You really need to pick up Siege: Loki since it has a phenomenal creative team and gives some huge insight into Loki's motivations in the main Siege book.

Radlum said...

How boring can Barry Allen be so he can be called "Hal Jordan's boring pal"? Just kidding; I am looking forward to New Mutants, it has been an average book so far, but Second Coming looks like a more interesting event that it has the right to be so I'll be buying this book

Dickey said...

I'm gonna go ahead and third that recommendation for Loki. I don't follow Thor, but McKelvie/Gillen are big winners. And McKelvie's draws some of the prettiest panels around.

Saw a preview for Brightest Day today. While it has convinced me that I was right in deciding not to pick it up, there is a scene involving a bird and a headstone meeting each other that is one of the most morbid and unintentionally hilarious bits I have seen in a while.

adezzy131 said...

from the previews of deadman in brightest day im actually kinda interested.
New Mutants: Cannonball, Dani Moonstar, Cyhper, Warlock, Sunspot, Magik, Magma and Karma. Also anyone who wants to be surprised, stay away from the preview art for X-Force #26.

Anonymous said...

may i ask where's eric annotations? I usually love his input. I also find it weird that the other ryan diD not help out.

Ethereal said...

DC gives me Batman and Secret Six. I'm not picking up any of the new series coming out this week (Brightest Day, Flash, Doc Savage). I'm also not picking up GA until it renumbers.

Only picking up Daredevil from Marvel.

Steven said...

There is nothing interesting in what Tony Daniel is doing with the Riddler. He is going "evil" again because a bomb blew up in his face. Nice explanation. Given that, most super-heroes should become villains. Spidey has had plenty of bombs blow up in his face.

The idea that all comic book bad guys must be two dimensional cardboard characters is gaining serious growth. Ed Brubaker just did an interview talking about making Baron Zemo a total evil villain again, cause villains are kewl. He basically derided the idea of villains being redeemed. I thought character growth was a strength.

Didn't Marvel used to redeem villains with somewhat regularity?

And how is the villainous Riddler a more interesting character than the "reformed" character has been?

Steve said...

@Steven: I agree totally. That Brubaker interview broke my heart. I had just finished reading the entire run of Thunderbolts, including Fabian Nicieza's surprisingly compelling and poignant Baron Zemo: Born Better miniseries, and one of my favorite aspects of that series as a whole was Zemo's very gradual growth towards actual heroism. It was a shame to see him immediately relegated to limbo, and the next mention I saw was Brubaker stating his intention to make him a moustache-twirling bad guy. Which wouldn't bother me as much if I hadn't gotten the impression that the reason for this regression was that a) Brubaker thought he was a cool villain and b) Brubaker needed a new villain now that his Red Skull story has wrapped.

Redeeming villains is tricky business, I guess. It's fun seeing longtime "evil" characters getting a chance to be heroic, but it's often too short-lived. For every Emma Frost there seem to be a handful of Baron Zemos and Sandmen and Juggernauts. I understand the temptation to use these characters as villains again (entirely new antagonists are definitely harder sells), but so often these characters' regressions to their evil roots are just lackluster stories (or no stories at all, as if they just forgot they'd decided to try out being a hero).

Now how long will it be before Magneto hurls Utopia into a volcano?

Ivan said...

@Dickey: Yeah, I saw that preview and it really felt disturbing, in a weird way. Well, props to the artist I guess.

brandon said...

I looked through BD #0 and it was almost entirely an anthology of most of the revived characters from BN. Not something I'm into for a bi-weekly for months. I passed.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@anonymous9 - sorry I didn't put anything into this one, mate. I don't usually have a full on preview/review section because I don't exactly pull down enough comics. I have a moderate pull list, mandated by the fact that there's still wicked conversion between Aussie $'s and your Yank $'s. I'm more of a gonzo journalist round these here parts.

Perhaps if Kirk has another week off at any stage I'll jump in to lend a hand, this week I'm only pulling down 3 titles, but they'll be the 3 best of the week: Daredevil. Daytripper, and Savage Axe of Ares!

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