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Weekly Crisis Comic Book Reviews for 03/31/10

The fifth Wednesday of the month is typically pretty light for comics.  Occasionally, we get a 5th week event or other themed books, but it looks more like they spaced things out this month and we end up with only a handful of books to read to end March.  Blackest Night #8 is probably the most noteworthy for most people and I've got a review of that on tap.  Other reviews include Roger Stern's return to Amazing Spider-Man with issue #627 and an excellent Inhuman story over in Fantastic Four #577.  Hit the jump for the reviews!

Written by Roger Stern
Art by Lee Weeks

I've been looking forward to this issue ever since they announced Roger Stern and Lee Weeks were on board Amazing Spider-Man for a follow-up to the classic "Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut" story from the 80's.  That story is one of the universally accepted 'all time greats' for Spider-Man and a personal favourite of mine as well.  To say I was excited for this issue would be an understatement.

However, the problem with older creators returning to books to tell a follow-up to their glory day stories is that, typically, they suck.  They either try too hard to be great or simply do not live up to the original.  It's as if they are trying to tell an instant classic and fail to address the basics of storytelling.

Thankfully, this return to Amazing Spider-Man by Stern was a riveting opening salvo.  Combined with Weeks' art, I was quite impressed with just about everything in this issue.  Solid story, though there are a few hiccups I'll touch on in a bit, with great art and a relatable Peter Parker mixed with some fun Spider-Man scenes and an intriguing take on the Juggernaut theme.

I think my favourite part of the issue was just how much the story sucked me in.  I just kept flipping pages over and over until the end and was left wanting more, but in a good way.  Not the 'that's all I get for my $3?' way.  It was a timeless Spider-Man story, too, which is how they should be told.  Sure, we have some Brand New Day characters, like Carlie, floating around, but I could stick this issue in any order for my Spidey collection and it would read like just another adventure for Spider-Man.  A really good adventure compared to much of his history, but a great, timeless Spidey story nonetheless.

Another thing I loved about the issue, which ties into my favourite part above, was the pacing.  This was a well paced story.  It just keeps building and build towards the end.  There are some highs and lows sprinkled throughout, but all add to the ever increasing pace of the story until the final reveal of just who 'stopped' the Juggernaut at the end of the issue. 

But with how much I enjoyed this issue, I have to admit, there were some minor flaws in it as well.  For starters, the "oh no, who could ever do this to the Juggernaut?" plot has been done before.  Many times before in fact.  It's actually very similar to what happened during the whole Onslaught storyline from the 90's.  I don't want to harp on this too much, as just about every super hero story can probably be traced to a previous story and most everything is a repeat of something else, but it just stuck out as an obvious cliche to have the 'unstoppable" Juggernuat stopped like this. 

The other thing that bothered me was the fact Peter's being fired for doctoring photographs, in which J. Jonah Jameson states he will make sure Peter never works in publishing again, is not referenced in the least.  In fact, Peter shows up at the Juggernaut's landing site with a press pass for Frontline and tells the police he's taking photos for said newspaper.  Carlie mentions that his being fired when she tries to take him out for a lunch, but that's the extent of how that development was addressed.  Again, I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I think it was quite possibly the worst thing to ever be done to Peter Parker and would like to see it forgotten and/or retconned (let's blame Chameleon), but I'm also perplexed with how cavalier they are about it.  It's like they wanted something to pitch to the media (Peter got fired in this bad economy!) and then had nothing else to say or do for that story.

Verdict - Buy It.  Very strong opening issue to this storyline.  Loved the art and story and highly recommend picking it up. 

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis

What do I say about Blackest Night #8 that I haven't said about previous issues in the series?  This was supposed to be the final part of the story.  The big finale.  Everything should have come together and Johns and Reis should have wowed us with a jaw dropping conclusion.  Instead, we got some hamfisted morals rammed down our throats, Hal Jordan hero worship, either rushed or sloppy art compared to earlier issues of this series, a Care Bear Stare and a bunch of unexplained resurrections.

Let's start with my biggest gripe about this issue - Hal Jordan is awesome.  Wait, no he isn't.  We're just supposed to buy into how great he is.  For starters, he's quoting Latin poems to begin the issue in an attempt at being deep and oh so smart.  It sounds so wrong coming from him I had to double check to see if someone else was doing the narrative. 

From there, he goes on to mock Sinestro for failing as a White Lantern, takes the Entity himself and then starts bringing all his friends back to life in the form of White Lanterns before leading the charge against Nekron.  What the hell was the point of making Sinestro the White Lantern and then spending an entire issue of Green Lantern - one in which the cover has a speech bubble stating "You were expecting someone else?", joke about how everyone expected Hal to be the White Lantern - and then come right back in Blackest Night and have him fail spectacularly against Nekron before Hal Jordan comes in to save the day? How is that even remotely good storytelling? 

Speaking of Nekron, he's literally a phantom menace that never materialized in this event.  Even here, at the very end of the story, he is never a credible threat or even something to fear for our heroes.  He punks out Sinestro to kick things off, then Hal swoops in, there's some random Care Bear Stares from the numerous corps on hand (they couldn't take down the Black Lantern Battery this way, yet now it works on Nekron himself?) and then he just disappears after one blast because they resurrected Black Hand, his only tether to this world.  Let me ask a quick question here - what happens when Black Hand dies again? 

And to go along with the impotence of Nekron, what about the entire army of Black Lanterns?  They were useless and show up on like two pages total for some splashpage and mass character images.  Black Lantern Superman should have torn most of the DCU heroes apart, yet is shown throwing one punch the entire time since he was turned into a Black Lantern.  They've got some of the biggest hitters in the DCU as Black Lanterns right now and they did nothing.  The main threat, Nekron, did nothing.  They all stood around while the same tired story of a hero dying and becoming a Black Lantern played out for 8 issues and then the event ends with a goddamn Care Bear Stare from a magic white entity that resurrected the characters the writer wants to play with in the future. 

And now that we're on the topic of resurrections, those spoilers from earlier in the day turned out to be correct in reference to the people that were revived.  Don't ask me how anyone was revived.  The Entity (what they call the White Lantern entity) joins with Hal, they turn Superman, Impulse, Wonder Woman and the other 'reclaimed' Black Lantern heroes into White Lanterns, effectively resurrecting them again, and then go on to revive other arbitrary or pet characters of Geoff Johns.  Most are either Silver Age originals, like Captain Boomerang, or the more recent characters Johns has put his mark on, such as Maxwell Lord or Osiris.  Why are they revived?  Because. Why these particular characters?  Because.  Why no Ted Kord Blue Beetle (or insert other favourite character not revived)?  Because.  In short, they are revived because they want them revived.  And it also lets them make more White Lantern toys.  Gotta milk this thing for all it's worth.

My final complaint, as anything else is really just nitpicking at this point, is the art.  This is some subpar art if I ever saw it.  Open up Blackest Night #1 and try and tell me this is anywhere near as good as that issue.  There are roughly 40 pages to this issue.  I think 5 panels  - panels, not pages - have backgrounds.  Every other panel consists of clouds of billowing dust and smoke or random cross hatches or gradient fills.  The most stunning pages, such as the "LIVE" splashpage showing off the recently revived heroes, also suffer from this.  Every page looks like a damn character sketch pasted onto the page with some clouds thrown in as a background.  There are some pages with dozens of characters on them.  This was used back in Sinestro Corps War to great effect.  Here, they look like they are just trying to fill space.  There's nothing awe inspiring or jaw dropping about it.  It looks like they tried to fit as many characters on one page as they could with no real rhyme or reason behind the placement of anyone but the most forefront characters. In short, it's pretty looking at a glance, but is completely lacking on any kind of closer examination.

Verdict - Avoid It.  I loved the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps issues of this event.  They were extremely well done.  This...thing...though?  No, I can't recommend it.  It's the antithesis of good storytelling and the equivilent of Michael Bay's Transformers movies.  Some action and eye candy along the way, but an empty and vapid venture nonetheless. 

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Dale Eaglesham

This issue was an unexpected surprise.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this was like a modern day Lee/Kirby story.  Everything about the issue was what I expect from a Fantastic Four comic, from character reactions to world building to, well, it was just fantastic. 

Want an example of what I'm talking about?  The issue starts with something going down on the Moon.  We're just chilling and talking over some tea and it leads to a casual, "who's up for a trip to the Moon?", from Reed and then, bam, we're in a rocket flying through space.  It sounds pretty mundane for a super hero comic or something you see every day, but it just worked so well and, honestly, if you could, you'd be in your spaceship taking trips to the Moon every other day, too.

From there, the Fantastic Four meet up with four new races of Inhumans, each from a different part of the galaxy.  This where all that world building talk from earlier comes in.  In the span of a few pages, Hickman has completely sold me on these new races of Inhumans.  They aren't replacements and are woven into the history with relative ease.  They are simply other attempts by the Kree to create 'Inhumans' on different worlds in their attempt to find a cure for their evolutionary problems.  These Universal Inhumans are made up of four tribes led by four queens, each of which is subserviant to their king, in this case, Black Bolt.  They await his return from Hala, unaware that he has died fighting Vulcan.  Their plans for the future? Reclaim their holy land of New Hala.  What's New Hala?  Oh, just Earth.  No big deal.  

I'd like to make note that the introductions of these new Inhumans was not just some random info dump or Wikipedia article aimed to fit them into continuity.  They don't read like a retcon nor do they clash with any previous information to my knowledge.  They are just a brilliant addition to the Inhuman mythos and I loved reading those last half a dozen pages or so that introduced and built up towards the New Hala reveal.  

Also, while the recent Mole Man/Moloids story suffered from a rushed pace that seemed to leave little time to explore the vast underground worlds they were trying to show off, this issue read perfectly to me.  I never felt like it was moving too fast or too slow and it didn't feel like I was having continuity porn fed to me to explain how these new Inhumans work nor did it feel like I was left wanting either.  

Verdict - Buy It.  Excellent issue and probably one of Hickman's strongest yet.  Feels like what a Fantastic Four issue should be - cosmic adventure and exploring new races and worlds.  One minute they're sipping tea, the next they are on a rocket to the Moon and meeting new alien races.  Never feels forced or like they are shoehorning new races into the backstory. 

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wirehead4ever said...

Regarding the end of Blackest Night, I do have to agree with your comment on how impotent Nekron and in fact all the Black Lanterns were at the end. Not to contrast or compare but at least Siege still has a credible villain (the Void) for the heroes to face in the end. To reiterate I don't want to start a BN/Siege debate here I'm just stating my opinion.

onefinemess said...

Yep. Blackest Night 8 was a huge letdown. When is heroes coming back from the dead a huge letdown? When you do like 8 at once! Marvel at least staggered their Necrosha resurrections out a little, and invoked it sparingly on "big names".

The "villain" in the Spider-Man arc was a big surprise, and it almost makes sense. Curious to see where that one goes.

I'm curious what all these "cities" are building up to in FF. Basically each issue is a new world/city. And a random panel or two of Sue acting HIGH and strange. I wonder if that's a subplot or just strange writing/fanboy love?

Kirk Warren said...

@onefinemess - I forgot tomention that Sue moment. Not sure what that was all about. She's not that smart to really "think of that" in regards to the advanced tech nor is shesomeone that would consider floating above the ground to show her powers off/appear better than others instead of just walking. Really odd scene.

Steven said...

I just want to see all of the guilt and angst that the DC characters must be feeling, having spent so much time claiming that the Black Lanterns weren't really their dead friends, but just the rings programmed with their memories, only to find out they were wrong and those really were their friends that they were ensuring couldn't be ressurected when they were severing all those black ring connections.

Radlum said...

I'm just glad Blackest Night is over; main events like BN shouldn't last 8 issues, the story dragged for too long and the best issues were the GL and GLC tie-ins, but the main event was lacking in many ways and the resolution seemed arbitrary in many ways. I just hope Brightest Day is better at tieing loose ends.

brandon said...

Between BN 8 and the last couple of issues of GL and GLC it has become more obvious than ever that they never had 8 months of story. They seemed to have picked an arbitary length of time for this thing to run. Very, very disappointing. The whole thing.

Ivan said...

I hate being "that guy", but can someone spoil who stopped the Juggernaut?

Nathan Aaron said...

Everyone has their opinion on Blackest Night (I actually thought the 8th issue was entertaining, though I agree with A LOT of what you're saying about Nekron, etc.) but ART wise, you could not be more wrong.

I'm not sure if you're an artist or not (honestly, not sure, that's not a jab statement LOL) but if you were, you'd know just HOW much work goes into drawing something like comics. (I went to school for it, so I know.) I thought Ivan Reis BLEW it out of the water with this issue. I mean a) he managed to draw ALL eight issues, himself. Tell me the last time DC managed to accomplish that goal with an event mini (Infinite Crisis, nope. Final Crisis, nope, etc.) b) did you even SEE those splash pages? That one with all the heroes coming in to fight the battle was AMAZING, simply amazing. And he managed to draw not ONE splash page, but what, three?! Full of characters. AND it was a 40 page issue!

Give the guy some credit. For some reason fans today expect GOD like artistic talents from comic artists, and even when they deliver we love to pick them apart.

Fans have to draw the line on what they want. They want amazing artists to blow them away while getting it all done in a monthly time frame, AND for the books to stay $2.99. And unfortuately, you can't have it all. Something has to give.

Sorry to completely rant on this, I guess it's just (more so) close to home for me, and my mouth dropped when you said "rushed or sloppy art compared to earlier issues." Forgive me. :)

Dickey said...

@Nathan - I could definitely see a "sloppier" job with the art in this and the past couple of issues. I'm not sure if I would blame it solely on Reis though. I'll admit that I don't know jack about how the exact pencils to inks to colors process goes, but looking at this issue it felt like the inking was just too heavy handed. Maybe they were trying to add to the dark tone of everything. But to me everything just seemed to be washed in wayyy to much blackness and it made the overall art just look dirty and messy, compared to the beginning of the story when everything was clean-lined and beautiful.

Kirk Warren said...

@Ivan - A new Captain Universe.

@Nathan Aaron - I do give Reis credit and realize that it is difficult to draw and takesa lot of work and skill.

However, that is kind of his entire job - to draw comics. He only had to draw 8 issues for abouta 10 month span (there was a skip/delay month remember) and took off work from Green Lantern back before Agent Orange (about 6 months prior to Blackest Night) to start work on this.

My problem was that there isa huge dip in quality from this issue to even just the issue before and greater still between this and the first issue. Go open them up and look for yourself.

Are some of the pages stunning? Yes, particularly when it comes time for a splashpage, but the majority are lacking in details by comparison. Yes, it is better than a vast majority of art foudn in comics, but I'm not basing my assessment on being better than others. I'm basing it on how good Reis is and this isn't as good as earlier issues.

Finally, you can't deny that he literallyd id not draw any backgrounds for an entire issue. The Mera/Aquaman scene should have been a powerful moment and she and Aquaman looked fine, but there isnt any backgroudns. It's this jarring smoke that covers the entire background. It looks like he drew them in a sketchbook and just pasted them into the panels. It's not one or two pages. The entire book has this smoke and/or single colour gradient with cross hatches to define backgrounds. They were in a major city/graveyard, yet you cannot tell where anyone is located throughout the entire issue.

Art is more than just pretty looking characters posing on a page. If you've studied it and trained to be an artist, you should know that. Coipel did the same thing in Siege and I lambasted him for it. There's no excuse for not drawing backgrounds. Some scenes it adds to the effect by going with a solid colour background or you can get by with a simple close up on someone's face, but clouds from head to toe for an entire issue is not acceptablet o me.

Kirk Warren said...

@Steven - Ahaha, wow, I never thought of it like that. I doubt they'll address it though. Probably throw a party for those taht came back and be on their way.

onefinemess said...

Anyone check out that Cloak & Dagger mini? I wasn't impressed with the plot or the characterization (why would the X-men give a DAMN whether someone is a mutant or not with respect to treating them like trash or not? I mean, Cyclops is potentially grooming Moonstar for leadership and she's a human) but wow, I found the art (noticeably the coloring - I almost never notice that) just gorgeous. I think I'm going to have to go back to the store and grab a copy.

Dickey said...

Oh, for anybody that read Fantastic Four, did it strike you as odd that the masters of science went to the moon on a multi-stage rocket booster? Reminded me of the line from Ministry of Space about American space flight being akin to lobbing potatoes over the horizon. I would expect a less wasteful form of space flight from Mr. Richards and company.

Matt Ampersand said...

@onefinemess: I added the Cloak & Dagger one-shot (it's not a mini as far as I know) and I was planning to review it for the site as part of Women's Month. That being said, because of Easter, i'm not sure if my shop is going to be open (probably yes) and if the books are going to ship (probably not). Once I do get it, though, I'll be reviewing it.

Lucho said...

I agree that all characters revived in BN#8 are Johns favorites. Maxwel Lord? Please no. Ok too late. I don´t like characters I really don´t care for being revived. I´m not going to follow Brightest Day.

Still, I loved Blackest Night. The problem it has is I´m sure Johns wanted to make it a GL Event and Didio suggested it should be a BIG Summer event. This could have worked better as only a GL story.

Are all the people of Coast City revived? Nope.

About the art... C´mon, really. You´re overreacting. I loved the art. Reiss rocks and you are a wuss. lol.

Blackest Night had some failures but it´s second on my list of "events" after Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Daniel said...

I could not agree with you more about Blackest Night. It all felt like an excuse to bring back a few pet characters. Sinestro, who is supposed to be a super-badass, fails at everything and Hal and Barry come out looking like champs. All of the build-up from the beginning of the event melted away into rainbow madness. GAH!

I thought this was supposed to answer questions about death in comics! Should we now conclude that, if a character has the force of will, he/she can be resurrected? Could Johns do anything more to cheapen what has already become a huge running joke in superhero comics?

I'm also going to take issue with the white lantern mess. A lot of the explanation of what the white entity is was left out of the main book. I picked up GL #52, and I'm sure many others did, but why should we have to? And you're telling me that Hal had the power to bring back everybody and he brought back Osiris? From 52?

I know my post is mostly incoherent rambling but I feel crummy about picking up a lot of this event just to find out it was an excuse to a)make Hal the GOAT and b)bring back whoever, whenever. Art was great. Stunning. That's gotta be the reason that some review sites are loving this.

Now after saying all of that, I'm going to flush my credibility on this site and note that I'M LOVING SIEGE.

snow00 said...

BN #8 - Different Strokes and all, but "empty and vapid venture" seems a little harsh. I just re-examined the art, and really don't see any thing "sub-par". The cloudy backgrounds where a non-factor for me....I really Dig Reis and thought he did a good job.

FF #577 - I loved Eaglesham on Justice Society and think his style is perfect for FF....much better than Hitch imo. I will def keep pulling FF...I ditched the Millar/Hitch run after a couple issues.

Anonymous said...

I really wish Nekron would have had a bigger role throughtout this event instead of just standing around looking cool. Even Black Hand was pushed aside until this issue! The whole Black Lantern threat just fizzled away which is sad considering, not just the sheer numbers of Black Lanterns, but how powerful they all should have been compared to the main heroes.

I think back to how excited I was when I saw the hands lifting out of the ground at the end of the Sinestro Corp War. What could have been...

Anonymous said...

Blackest night is the best crossover in years. Epic epic stuff going down in this comic and Ivan Reis is a god.

Bite that Marvel!

brandon said...

@Anonymous #19

It doesnt even come close to Sinestro Corps War IMO which really isn't that many 'years' ago.

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with the Blackest Night review. I think it has been one of the best line wide crossovers in years. The art is as great as in the first few issues, but it was still very strong and I thought he did a killer job.

I also disagree with the sentiment that it would have worked better as just a GL/GLC story like Sinestro Corps. While some of the tie-ins did little, the idea of the dead rising is easily interesting to more than just GL/GLC.

On FF. I think it is okay, and while I really liked Eaglesham on JSA I still cannot stand his rendition of Reed Richards.

Aaron Kimel said...

@onefinemess I thought the Cloak & Dagger one-shot was relatively unremarkable, even for someone like me who really has an affinity for the characters and has followed them in their few appearances. The plot felt cliche. The story did feature a nice tension surrounding the relationship between Cloak and Dagger though. Are they just friends? Lovers? I don't know if there's a canonical answer to this question at the moment, though I know that it has historically been Cloak whose love for Dagger was unrequited. This issue interestingly reversed that.

I didn't find the X-Men's characterization out of line since none of the X-Men DID seem to care that Dagger was not a mutant. Cyclops was rude to her because he was busy saving mutantkind, but it had nothing to do with Dagger's humanity.

Scott Roberts said...

I think its hilarious that Kirk thinks Reis' art in this issue is sub-par. Kirk what books are you reading because Ill read anything that makes Reis' work look sub-par. Just be honest man. Reis' work doesn't vibe with your tastes, which is fine, but don't insult the man's abilities.

pat said...

Hey Kirk i actually liked how there was no background for the mera/aquaman felt more centered on them that way and it drew more emotion to the each his own i guess

Kirk Warren said...

@Scott Roberts - I said he's better than most artists. There was no debate about his skill. The contention was the quality of his work in this issue compared to previous work, particularly earlier issues in the series, to which this issue is clearly sub-par.

Again, as I said, there are pages he does really well drawing characters, like the LIVE splashpage or with Mera/Aquaman reunion, but that's just it, it's only characters. He does not draw a single background - just billowing clouds of smoke and the odd crosshatched colour gradient.

Smoke doesn't work that way. Clouds dont work that way. It's lazy and incomplete work that looks like a bunch of sketch book pages with speech bubbles. I complained about the same thing with Olivier Coipel's Siege work. That doesn't mean Coipel is a bad artist nor does it mean Reis is a bad one in this case. It is what it is - a subpar effort for each for those respective issues.

Anonymous said...

Technically, all the "ihuman" races really are retcons; the Kymelians, the Badoon, and the Dire Wraiths were already alien races with their own history.

The Kymelians were a relatively peaceful race that had been friends with the Powers (and the FF, particularly Franklin) in Power Pack.

The Dire Wraith were (an I think partiall magical) race that once tried to conquer earth in the Early 80's in ROM: Space Knight.

And don't get me started on the Badoon: here's wikipedia;
They were an adversary at one point in Defenders.

Frankly, making them all Inhumans makes at least six kinds of nonsense.

That aside, I agree completely about the fun atmosphere of the issue, especially about the "trip to the moon" thing. It's my first issue of his run, but Hickman really seems to "get the FF. It was great seeing Reed with a smile instead of a grimace; FF used to be a FUN comic and I hope that keeps.

I just wish it didn't involve another Inhuman retcon; I really hope they don't try to make Black Bolt a villain again..

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Johns and DC editorial for handling this one right. Oh, and Ivan Reis hit BK#8 out of the ballpark. I've seen artists skimp on the backgrounds (i.e. Rob Liefeld. Sorry, Rob, but it's true) and compared to those artists I believe Reis gave readers everything they could have hoped for from a visual standpoint. In a book that contained so many characters, many time the crowd scenes and swarms of heroes charging into battle WERE the backgrounds.

da_blakester said...

Sorry for the multiple posts. I kept getting an error message and would attempt to repost not knowing that it had successfully posted.

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