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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/28/10

Some interesting moments came out of this week.  The biggest shock was the spoilers for Siege #4 found in tie-ins.  No, you aren't mistaken, Siege #4 has not actually come out.  Just delays and other mix-ups at work.  Hit the jump to see these and more moments in this installment of the Moments of the Week!

Captain America #605

Uh, no expert, but pretty sure that guy is probably dead even with a river below them. That is seriously high up and the current there is not going to help a dude in armour swim...  This isn't even heat of moment or some major bad guy.  Just a random lackey that actual told him everything he needed to know and helped call in a helicopter for Falcon to escape on.  

And to go with Falcon's questionable kill above, we have Bucky killing the 1950's Captain America.  To be fair, Bucky was stopping him from blowing everyone up with a bomb and destroying the dam they were standing on, but still a pretty gruesome death by machine gun.  Hopefully this is pre-Heroic Age.  Two kill shots by heroes in one issue would be pretty un-heroic in most people's eyes.

Deadpool #22

Your Schwartz is bigger than mine!

Rare to see Deadpool taken serious for the threat he actually is, but this agent isn't going to get himself killed trying to take Wade in.

Fantastic Four #578

Johnny's date for the evening bugged out on him.

He seems to be taking it well though.  Gotta love the positive attitude.

Green Lantern Corps #47

Words, words, words.  The entire first couple of pages looked like this.  I wasn't sure what to think.  Thankfully, Tomasi seems to have been just getting the recap stuff out of the way so he could move along uninterrupted.

I love how Guy looks and acts here.  I can just picture the sarcastic voice he's using while speaking to Salaak.

Eat it you dumbass Smurf!

Invincible #71

Conquest is back and Invincible can't believe it.  Think the issue ended here, but I suspect there'll be a blood bath next issue.

Invincible Iron Man #25

Ugh, that is the gaudiest looking thing I've ever seen.  Looks like Ultron's face though.  Wonder if that will be explained or if it's just coincidence?

Yes!  This is like the first time I've seen anything from Fraction's run that didn't shit all over Stark's portrayal since Civil War.  He shouldn't be sorry.  He made the right decisions based on the information available at the time and things just went horribly wrong due to things beyond his control.  Hell, why is Thor even giving him all this grief when Pym and Reed were the ones primarily responsible for the clone of Thor? 

New costume in action.  Doesn't look as streamlined or modern as the mock-ups did.  More of a slight modification of Extremis.

Mighty Avengers #36

Loki dies in Siege apparently.  There's a few tie-ins released this week and, based on what transpires and in addition to the happenings in Siege: Loki, it seems Loki has set himself up to be a hero that dies saving everyone and has built in a back door for his own return with the Norn Stones, deals with Hela and Mephisto, the introduction of the Disir and even his banishment by Balder.  Not sure what his game is, but there's a lot of things coming together for this "death".

New Avengers #64

Heroes all die in Siege.  Another page I saw had them revived by the Norn Stones that Loki (off panel or next page, not sure since I didn't read this issue) takes the stones from Hood, pictured at the bottom.  The stones were powering the Hood and his villains going into Siege and Loki uses them to 'save' everyone.  I take it that causes Sentry to kill him in the moment from Mighty Avengers.

Punisher #16

I'll be using that line on my friends in the future.

Secret Warriors #15

Viper becomes the new Madame Hydra here in what looks like Hydra from Earth X. 

Thunderbolts #143

Wow, Quicksilver was actually given a cool moment.  He's been a punching bag for everyone since the whole House of M thing.

We knew Luke Cage was going to be heading up the Thunderbolts, but just thought I'd show the actual in-comic confirmation.  He talks about having a 9 to 5 job so he can be safe and with his family, but wasn't he confirmed for Avengers (one of the half a dozen teams, think it was New Avengers) in Heroic Age?  How does that work?

Ultimate Avengers 2 #1

Wow, Millar is bringing back the Captain America tribute costume for Punisher in the Ultimate Universe.  I actually liked it, so not going to complain.  Fury is recruiting Ultimate Punisher for his black ops team's "Captain America" analogue and don't want him to look too grim or something. 

X-Force #26

Just a flesh wound.  Where's Elixir at?  We'll fix this right up.

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Andy said...

Forget Elixir! Just call in Layla Miller.

And I wouldn't count Kurt totally out just yet. His father is Belasco, former ruler of the Underworld after all...

Ivan said...

Quicksilver > Wolverine.

Radlum said...

I don't mind Bucky killing 50s Cap, it was the kind of situation that begs for heroes to make the call of killing the villain, the kind of situation that people in favor of heroes killing use as an argument so I kind of liked it (the Falcon one isn't a case of this).
Also, I think that the best moment of X-Force wasn't Bastion's hand going through Kurt, but Kurt managing to teleport from Las Vegas to Utopia; at least he got to go doing something awesome.

Dickey said...

I hadn't really read Fraction's Iron Man before the Disassembled arc, so maybe my complaint has been happening all along. But does anyone notice something wrong with the background in the Thor/Stark panel above? Answer: three out of four panels are straight-up photoshopped in backgrounds from real life photos. Did I miss the memo where it became acceptable for an artist from the Big Two to take web comic short cuts. Shit, the badly photo-refed faces are bad enough, but this takes the cake. Larocca takes this shortcut in numerous panels throughout the issue, and it managed to pull me out of the comic each and every time. Does anyone agree with me that this should count up there with Land porn faces in unprofessionalism?

onefinemess said...

That Quicksilver page was awesome. I was going to wait for next issue to start buying again, but that was just awesome. Especially as a nice illustration of what happens when you "switch partners": super badass martial arts telepath, meet speedster -> splat.

The octopus hat was a bit much.

Also, I think the point of Detroit Steel is to look horrible/gaudy/American.

Anonymous said...

I knew Kurt was going to die but I'm still highly disappointed and sad about it. Seeing peoples speculations I am starting to doubt if he'll be gone for good.

And why do they feel the need to get rid of all the teleporters?...Hmmm

Anonymous said...

I love the quicksilver'd think that his superiors (when he's an avenger) would be calling him for such battles all the time, given how obvious Speedster>Telepath-Martial Artist is. (And it does seem to be common power "reading your moves" that guys have)

Allen G said...

Absolutely loved the Quicksilver moment from Thunderbolts. Mr. X was long overdue for such a one-sided beating and I'm glad Pietro was the one to give it to him.

I haven't been thrilled with Siege, but I hate when tie-ins give away the endings to events because of delays.

And WTF for that Falcon moment. I'm not that stunned by the Bucky moment because he is a trained soldier and there was no other was he was going to stop The Captain, but Falcon just threw that guy off the train for the hell of it.

Monch said...

Quick question to all: Why does Iron Man has his suit's power source so visible and in front of his chest all vulnerable like that? I know he can use it to throw beams but come on, that's just asking to get it hit! (I know I would)

Now, the armor does look cool :)

On Kurt dying: Mutants come back from the dead more than any other hereo type, he'll be back in a year or so.

Matt Ampersand said...

So Nightcrawler actually died, surprising absolutely no one. It was such a stupid death too.

Anyway, it's funny (and I mean ironic, not haha) that Millar complained a storm about the X-men doing a vampire storyline, claiming they stole his idea or whatever his claim was. And now, he has Ultimate Punisher in pretty much the exact get up that Fraction had the 616 Punisher in during War Journal.

Daryl Tay said...

Was pretty clear to everyone Kurt was going to die, and while it wasn't as bad as some deaths have been in recent years, it sure didn't have the magnitude that a long-standing character like him deserved!

Henry said...

Tony greenlit the whole Clor thing and Pym was a Skrull agent, so the bulk of the blame falls on Tony when it comes to 'Avenger Most Responsible'. Reed is a dick, people expect him to do things like that, and he was never a friend of Thor's so there isn't the same sense of betrayal in his part of that mess.

Temjin said...

The killing of Kurt just breaks my heart. I first started reading comics back when Storm was the leader of the X-men and X-factor had Cyclops. Kurt was nowhere to be seen and only after being introduced to eXcalibur did I became aquainted with Nightcrawler.
I just loved his stance as a leader. He was very human (for lack of a better word), very flawed and yet a very consumate and complete (uhm, better word escape me yet again).
I think he was - like many other characters - hindered by his past as an X-men. It's like High school, once you graduated you never go back... Unless you become a teacher.
It works for some characters, for others... not really. They seem "hammered" into the context or something. And I always felt Kurt was one of those characters.
And now they kill'im off. Bang. Queue the "He-was-one-of-us-burial issue".
Well it sucks. It's a crap concept and I could bitch about it for a long time. But it does no difference, it's just a bloody shame.

And I thought Scott Lobbstrosity was a crappy X-man writer...

Kirk Warren said...

@Dickey - Ya, Larocca's art has been criticized for the plagiarism and copy and paste-like nature of the art before and, while not the only reason, it wasa big factor in why I dropped the book after the first arc.

@Monch - I think it's just a visual asthetic thing. Let's say it has heat related problems that would meltany armour on top of it and go with that, ahah.

@Henry - The 3 of them agreed upon and made up all of the 'fix everything' stuff. And Tony doesn't know anything about biology (cloning) or cyborgs (Pym is Ultron field of science mainly). STark is an engineer, which while similar, isn't as specialized as what Pym does. It's likely Stark had little to no input in the entire Clor creation, especially when it's clearlys hown that Reed and Pym are the ones working on Clor post-Bill Foster killing to see what went wrong while Tony doesnt do a thing.

Anonymous said...

Siege 4 needs to come out already so we can see if they Kill off Void/Sentry or not. Anyway when it comes to making deals I don't think anyone in comics can beat Loki at that.

Steven said...

@Kirk - Hank and Reed were not in charge. Tony was. Tony was the "decider". The buck stopped there. At the end of the day it was all his decision and all pretty much his idea.

The sloppiest, most amateurish part of all of this is that none of the heroes have really given any thought to all the other heroes they imprisoned along with villians, then abandoned to the mercies of the negative zone.

The Heroic Age should seriously be based on them cleaning up all of their disasters and dealing with the guilt for all the heroes that were killed and maimed because of their actions.

Monch said...

@Kurt: But remember, Tony was the one who saved Thor's hair from when he sat on the avengers couch (or something to that effect) so it was Tony who had envisioned at some time to clone Thor.. he just doesn't know how so that's were Pym and Reed enter the scene.

Nathan Aaron said...

I've seen quite a few photo panels in (mostly) Marvel comics within the last year or so. (Can't name any of them besides Iron Man, but I know I've seen them in others as well. Perhaps a few in Dark Avengers, as well?) Personally I think it's a really lazy tactic. I mean, you're an ARTIST. You're SUPPOSED to draw the background... but then again I get tired of seeing "Iron Man being played by Sawyer from Lost" every time I crack open Invincible Iron Man, anyway. Larocca is alright, but I think it's time to bring in a new artist. Though I don't actually see that happening anytime soon...

Sorta speaking of, what was up with that two panel shot of Stark and Reed, when on the top panel, Reed's hair is pushed way back on his head, and then on the next panel (same exact panel, except Reed looks different) his hair looks fine. Was that a huge art error, or was that a story point I completely got lost on? I had no idea what was going on...

Dickey said...

Reed was doing a brain stretch/espansion to calculate how fast Stark's brain now runs.

Anonymous said...

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