Friday, May 14, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/12/10

Friday means it's time for the Comic Book Moments of the Week.  Lots of great stuff here this week.  We've got hints at a Butterball led team, a new Slingers, gore porn up the wazoo, time travel hijinx, TPS reports and more to review from the past week in comics.  Hit the jump for all the momenty goodness!

Amazing Spider-Man #631

Lizard kills son part one.

And part two.  I really liked how the Lizard's tail broke Curt Connor's inner monologue and the way the panels are shattering. 

Avengers: The Initiative #35

Nice, Komodo's back in action.  With how Marvel's pushing the Avengers Academy, I hope Cloud 9, Komodo and the other Initiative members don't get kicked to the curb.  

Oh god, the furries have learned how to breed.  Kill it with fire!

Damn you Marvel!  Don't tease both a Slingers revival AND a Butterball led team when you damn well know neither have a chance in hell of ever happening!

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1

The word Joker is universal in all languages and Cave Batman does not like it.

Cave Batman proving his godhood above the fallen Vandal Savage.

This is not how time travel works.  Go back in time another two minutes or so and you'll find him!

Birds of Prey #1

White Canary? Black Canary was talking about how she was as good as or better than Shiva (when she was in shadows and they couldn't see who it really was that was kicking their asses), but it definitely doesn't look like Shiva to me.  Is it supposed to be Sin all grown up?  Marque?  Cassandra Cain/Batgirl?

Dark Avengers #16

Wow, they're actually going to keep Victoria Hand around.  Guess Maria Hill isn't getting her job back any time soon. 

Flash #2

 I thought this was a cute scene. 

Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1

We're putting new coversheets on all the TPS reports before they go out now. So if you could go ahead and try to remember to do that from now on, that'd be great. All right!

Hulk #22

It took two years to reveal the identity of the Red Hulk.  It turns out to be the person everyone predicted the minute the character was announced.  To further this mystery over the years, they've both shown General Ross with the Red Hulk on the same panel talking to each other and even had the Red Hulk kill Ross. 

Incredible Hulk #609

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Reed Richards is the smartest man in the world.

And if you missed it in the Red Hulk identity reveal moment, Red She-Hulk is actually Betty Ross back from the dead. She's killed by Skaar here. 

You might remember this old What If... tale.  Notice how Ross Hulk has a mustache.  They sure fooled us by not making Red Hulk have his mustache... 

Justice League: Generation Lost #1

Couldn't find a decent scan that explains it, but if you recall from Brightest Day, Maxwell Lord was having a major nosebleed and fell into a tub of ice trying to mind control someone.  Turns out he was trying and succeeds to mindwipe the entire planet from remembering who he was.  Except the old JLI team. 

Siege #4

Loki's death was better in the tie-ins that spoiled it a week before Siege #4 came out.  I'm still not sure why Thor gave a damn after everything Loki did recently, like getting him exiled, making him kill his grandfather, Bor, trapping Sif in an old woman's body, stealing her body, causing the death of Bill, selling his people out to Dr Doom and causing the destruction of Asgard.  But aside from that, I guess Loki's been pretty good to Thor, so I can see the cause for concern.

No, this isn't a repeat of the Loki death, though it's strikingly similar in layout and colours.  This is actually what it looks like when a helicarrier blows up.  Yeah, those things that fly overhead of major cities and fall out of the sky every other Wednesday.  This is also what defeated the Sentry/Void and ended Siege. 

Anyone else immediately think of Gargoyles

Norman Osborn is at least as strong as Spider-Man.  He could take Captain America's head off without even trying, especially from behind and with a big hunk of rock.  Yet, in this issue, he was manhandled by the Olympic level athlete and taken into custody with ease. 

Superman: War of the Supermen #2

They turned the Sun red back when Zod (different one with red armour during the whole Imperiex stuff) was in charge.  Instead of reusing the technology from that, they had Luthor create some missile to do it this time.  I know physics and comics never work, but the thing that really bothers me about this is that the Sun changed to red immediately, despite light requiring about 8 or 9 minutes to reach Earth.  Kryptonians move at light speed or close to it as well.  This makes it even more improbable that none would have made it to Earth in the time it took that sunlight to reach them.  Other than that, General Lane needs to be tried for some kind of war crime.  I believe destroying planets or killing off endangered species or some form of genocide will work here.

The Sentry: Fallen Sun #1

Sentry confirmed for return?  Or evil robot building doomsday device?

Wow, that's, uh, some really funny dialogue for a funeral...

Some more awkward dialogue.  So, basically, Rogue's been screwing around with the Sentry, whose been married all these years?  And this adds what to the character post-mortum?

Titans: Villains For Hire #1

They spent an entire issue showing off this evil Titans team by having them take turns trying to kill Ryan Choi, the would-be Atom who found himself out in the cold when Ray "I'll tap dance on your brain if you don't talk!" Palmer came back.  Why does this not surprise me anymore? 

Oh, you've got to be $%&#ing kidding me now.  Who the hell approved this?  They shrunk the dead body down and stuck it in a matchbox so they could give it to one of the Atom's enemies?  This is seriously messed up shit here.  I heard they'd killed him off and was disappointed in DC for doing it since I enjoyed Choi's ongoing, but this is just messed up.  Thought I was reading Cry for Justice for a second seeing this.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10

Principal quits over the stuff that happened with Kitty Pryde.  Aunt May confirmed as next Charles Xavier for Peter's high school?  I can see it becoming the super hero high school it already is under her rule.

D'awww, now that you're back together, dress him properly again.  He looks ridiculous like that.

Huh, Magneto was right, eh?  Somehow I can see this straining your newly reformed relationship....

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mugiwara said...

Yeah, Osborn should have beaten the hell out of Cap America, but when's the last time Cap looked bad in a fight? Aside Iron Man owning him in Civil War, I can't remember. This guy is supposed to be peak human, but he still embarasses the liked of Spider Man or Wolverine because writers or editors have a man crush for him.
I miss the time when the freakin Beetle was able to defeat him.

USM: I hope it will be explain how Kitty got from "Kong I love you, my dear human BF" to "screw all humans, Magneto was right".

ASM: If the Lizard really ate his son, it was poorly done. I know people tend to get upset when little children are killed and even more when the killing is showed, but they should at least have added some blood or chewing, so we can be sure it's not a false death.

MisterSmith said...

A:TI - I was all like "F&%K YEAH!" on that last page. Prodigy & Butterball FTW!

DA - I'm sure Hill is going to stick around, too. I don't see why she'd get kicked to the curb just because Hand will still be around.

HA:PoP - Oh, Cho. That rascal.

Siege & Fallen Sun - Between these two stories, I'm so glad this whole thing is over. Eugh.

Titans - For no particular/specific reason, I can't say I read a whole lot of DCU titles. But this? THIS is a reason. And all of this other brain-jumping, child killing, baby bird-bashing nonsense DC has going on right now.

Brandon Whaley said...

@mugiwara I thought the way they showed Connor's son's death (or rather didn't) was a welcome change. And yeah, he's dead. Otherwise it wouldn't have been the "death of Curt Connors" that they predicted. He would still have some will against the Lizard.

Aaron Kimel said...

@Kirk If you take the "Norman could've taken Cap's head off with one punch" too seriously, you'll notice all sorts of craziness. Hulk once hit Daredevil. His hand should've probably gone through his body. Hell, Luke Cage just beat up Daredevil this week and DD was just a little bruised and bloodied. These people are more powerful than 18-wheelers, but we don't think twice when they punch out a random mugger on the street, even though that mugger's head should've exploded.

Kirk Warren said...

@Aaron Kimel - True enough, but this is two issues in a row that he has been completely useless without his armour, despite being a metahuman with super strength, regeneration, etc. He's taken out with one punch by Spider-Man, despite typically being shown as stronger than him in most Spidey comics (loses due to hero always win syndrome/inner monlogue = more strength type of deal for the hero stuff, which is fine by me), and now reduced to weaseling away like Henry Gyrich or some other non-powered human and basically manhandled by Steve Rogers not once, but twice (recaptured later and thrown around again).

Similar thing happened in Dark Avengers with creators having villains forget their powers when Moonstone gets punched out while attempting to escape, despite the fact she can phase through everything. She could have just went underground, but flew into a fist instead.

Have Osborn smash the ground as Cap dodges and get taken out by a shield to the face or something at least. Don't just job him out like some common thug.

Radlum said...

Am I the only one worried by the quality of the art in Dark Avengers? It wasn't as good as Deodato's work in Thunderbolts or the early issues of DA; I hope he improves for Secret Avengers.
I never understood why people are so sensitive regarding race issues in comics, but the death of Ryan Choi finally got me to understand it. I wouldn't like to say that the people at DC are racists, but they certainly don't care for their minority characters; I just hope they never pull something like this with Blue Beetle, since if they do, they will be losing this very proud Latino reader

Steven said...

Norman has never really been stronger than Spider-Man. Whenever it came down to a one on one, no bombs or gliders, fist-fight between the two, Peter pretty much always completely outclassed and beat the spit out Norman.

Anonymous said...

There was a warp behind the missile when it hit the sun
Just sayin'

PMMDJ said...

Y'see, there's a group of us out there who really loved the original Sentry miniseries. And every time I think, man, Marvel can't do anything worse to that otherwise interesting concept... they find a way to lower that bar.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #8 - The missile got there through the warp, but that doesn't explain the time it takes the light to reach Earth, which was shown as being instant.

Kirk Warren said...

@Steven - Many Spidey comics has Peter comment that Osborn is as strong as he is. I know for a fact that Harry Osborn was stated to be stronger than Spider-Man with the improved Goblin Formula.

Anonymous said...

aaaahhh ultimate spider man . Im glad the movies are based on your universe

Anonymous said...

people talking about warp and light? yeah get a grip its a comic

Anonymous said...

Cap isn't as strong as ultimate cap so norm could of beat him

Klep said...

@Krik - We also know that Peter almost never goes all-out. He's basically always holding back out of fear he'll really hurt someone. So it's hard to say exactly how quickly he could put Norman down if properly motivated.

Brandon Whaley said...

The movies aren't based on the Ultimate universe, thank God. Otherwise we'll end up with Ultimatum: The Movie.

Also, I don't think there's that much difference in Ultimate Cap and 616 Cap, other than the massive stick Ultimate Cap seems to have lodged in his rectum.

I realize I'm rising to the bait here, but dang. Lol

Kirk Warren said...

@Klep - but the point of it is not who's stronger than who, but the fact that Osborn isn't a pencil pusher that can be manhandled by baseline humans and captured without a fight or taken down with one punch by anyoen short of Thor or Ms. Marvel or other heavy weights as he was shown in Siege.

Dickey said...

I think it's safe to just write off Siege as a palate cleanser that hasn't attempted to follow a logical storytelling structure from the beginning. All they needed to do was throw up enough "awesome" poster splash pages and most of the audience would be satiated. I know a good portion of my LCS was. The opinions of us who appreciate, and expect, proper storytelling and narrative structure don't really make a difference. "It's just a comic man, sit back and enjoy the fun." I vehemently oppose that train of thought, but what can I do. Here's to some of the new series, like Secret Avengers, being able to take advantage of this new chessboard and give us some higher quality stories.

Btw, the New Avengers Finale did a far superior job of providing a well done end to Siege. Well written, with some heart warming moments, it was hard to accet that they were done by the same guy.

Anonymous said...

dont you do in depth reviews ? rokks comic revoulution I mean now thats a review site

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #19 - You mean the Rokk's Comic Revolution that we list in our 'Friends of the Weekly Crisis' section in our footer? Never heard of them =p

Anonymous said...

no what Im saying is why dont you do more reviews? everytime you do a proper one Rokk has done several

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - If you'd like to discuss it in detail, feel free to send us an email through the Contact link at the top.

We reviewed 13 comics this week between Ryan's and my review columns and another 5 or 6 issues if you count the Batman: Snow TPB review by Ryan L. We do this in our spare time and try to review as many as we can.

We also can only review the books we bought. I got four comics this week, but only had time to review three. Ryan bought 10 and reviewed all 10.

Again, feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss it further since these comments are for the Moments of the Week. Thank you.

Brandon Whaley said...

@Anonymous Plus, over at the Revolution, each of us pick one or two issues to review. These guys do reviews of pretty much each issue they read. We have time to go a bit more in-depth because we only review a fraction of what we actually read. Its just two different styles of reviewing.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Anonymous - hey mate, I get the feeling it's the same guy always making the same anonymous comments but it's hard to tell, do you think you could put a unique name in, even if it's just anonymous23, or something?

As for reviews, I haven't bought anything from the store in a fortnight because two weeks ago I only had one issue come in for me, then last week my issues were late and still haven't actually arrived. Lame to live outside the US sometimes. Even then, I don't review everything I read, I only write articles about what truly grabs my goat to write about, not just anything.

As far as Rokk's goes, they're awesome and that's what they do, reviews, and they do them well, but we try to do a few different things; Moments of the Week, Covers of the Week, previews, trade reviews, creator interviews, retrospective histories, Hype Machines. We don't want to do the same thing as Rokk's, we figure you get that there, you'll get us here.

But if you ever have a suggestion for an article feel free to drop us a line. We love to hear from commenters.

Jarmir said...

Quick comment: the Void is not completely dead is he (it?)? I mean, there is a piece of the Void in Scott Summers head, so that leaves open his return in the future.

BTW, where did the open name option to post go to? I don't see it any more

Kirk Warren said...

@Jarmir - I forgot about the Scott Summers thing. Guess we've got our event for 2011 lined up then. Sentry's robot is rebuilding the tower, so whenever that's finished, they'll probably bust out that Void shard.

And the open name option was disabled for the time being due to a spammer abusing it.

Anonymous said...


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