Sunday, May 23, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/19/10

Light load for the Moments of the Week this time around. Not sure if I just couldn't find anything online being discussed or if it was just a light week.  Either way, Atomic Robo stole the show for this week and possibly every other week with his battle of wits with Dr Dinosaur.  Hit the jump for that and more!

Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #3

When I read the first panel, I made note to make it a moment for the genius definition, but the lighting sequence at the bottom ensured this page got a moment. 

Another great Dr Dino moment.

SCIENCE solves everything.

A continuation of the previous moment.  Middle panel for great justice.

Pff, mammal "facts" mean nothing to Dr Dinosaur.

Avengers #1

Wow, never thought I'd see Avengers Next in the 616 Marvel Universe.  Maybe their own line or self-contained title, but not in continuity.

For those wondering whot he old man is supposed to be, it's Steve Rogers calling Kang a time terrorist.  A time terrorist.  Wow. I can't believe that made it into a comic book.  

Turns out Kang, a time traveller who bows to no one, not even a reality altering, all powerful Magus over in Guardians of the Galaxy - or in any appearance for that matter - has been subjugated by possibly the Maestro version of the Hulk.  He's a little different looking than I recall though.

Brightest Day #2

Rock Band: DCU Edition - fun for the whole family!

Another great Anti-Monitor splashpage.  It's all he seems to even get though.  Every comic he appeared in since Sinestro Corps War has had a similar page.  Weird.

Justice League of America #45

Alan Scott meets up with his recently revived daughter, Jade, and then proclaims he's going to destroy the world while donning his Kingdom Come armour.

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

Earth Man is one of the more annoying additions to Geoff Johns' Legion reboot.  I'm disappointed to find out Levitz is still using him and actually chose him for the first Green Lantern to help revive the corps. Could turn out well under Levitz, but don't see how you can redeem the xenophobic character or how he qualified.

X-Men Legacy #236

Greg Land out does himself here with his orgasm face filled imagery.  Good thing we can't see below their waists.  I don't want to know what's going on there. 

This is actually what caused those orgasms above - Bastion created a giant bubble to trap all the mutants inside so they can kill them I suppose.  From Google Earth, it looks like a giant zit.

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mugiwara said...

Dr Dinosaur makes it very, very hard to wait for the TPB.

X-Men Legacy:
Nobody knows who is the black guy, neither the girl with the porn face. Random Land tracings.
The bubble reminds me this X-Treme X-Men story, in which interdimensional conqueror Khan traped Madripoor into a similar force field (and the Avengers were also unsucessfully trying to break it)

Kang refering himself as "time warrior"? Doesn't he usually say "time conqueror"?

mugiwara said...

Oh, I forgot: when I flipped through this issue of Atomic Robo, I had a feeling of deja vu with the last page.
And indeed:

Radlum said...

Maybe it's a different Kang?
Regarding Second's like Land isn't even trying anymore, he knows everyone thinks he can only trace from porn so he just keeps doing it because we can't expect otherwise.

acespot said...

i wish somebody would do a post that finds all the photo references for Land's art and puts them side by side.

Randallw said...

Here you are

revelshade said...

I'm trying to cut back on my floppy habit: stop showcasing weekly awesomeness! (Is Atomic Robo consistently that funny?)

Reading Legion was weird. It's not quite "my" Legion. For instance, old Brainy = overconfident; new old Brainy = arrogant as hell. I take this as a good sign, that Levitz is taking the opportunity to rethink all the characters a little, maybe add some rough edges to things that got rounded off over the years (if that makes any sense).

Anonymous said...


Justice League of America is way much better than the train wreck that was the MCdufie run. That was awful.

Now JLoA is improving in each new issue besides Mark Bagley is getting better (not USM level but better that Trinity)

Kirk Warren said...

@The Mexican - McDuffie did a good job with what he had to work with. He was constantly forced to write around events and would write a story about a certain character only later to be told he couldnt use that guy (Green Lanterns) or take his story about the death of Hawkgirl and Hawkman where he was told they died, wrote an emotional scene with Red Arrow at Hawkgril's grave adn then later was told they were actually alive post-Final Crisis and had to change it despite the art being done.

None of that is really his fault. I think he had a solid grasp of the characters and some good ideas. When he was allowed to write what he wanted without influence, which was rare, he was excellent. He gets a bad wrap due to the hoops he had to jump through.

Anonymous said...


@ Kirk Warren: You made a good point; sometimes Editorial mandate in DC derails the potentially good stories of some of their writers. Who knows what kind of stories he could have done without the interference of Editorial. On the other side, what do you think of the Robinson's run? is it getting a little better or is it going down?

Kirk Warren said...

I haven't kept up with Robinson's outside of random glancing through ont he shelf. I tried Cry for Justice, but absolutely hated it. The new stuff with Bagley could be good or bad, but I have no interest in it.

Daryll B. said...

Ok... I used to be on the anti-atomic robo fence because of some of their more "zealot" fans mostly... but heck...I am SO going to have to track down the trades now... Damn Weekly Crisis moments got to me....

So Greg Land has put Luke Cage in the X-Men now huh? I totally grossed over that while reading....

What X-Crossover doesn't have some impenetrable barrier outside of Mutant Massacre? Think about it....

An "evil" Alan Scott? Seriously?

I still wonder what would have happened if McDuffie had Johns or Morrison type freedom for 2 years on JLA.... Think about it this way: between him, Dini, and DeMattheis on JL and JLU, how many episodes have you heard people say they "hated"?

Two-Bit Specialist said...

@Kirk - You should fix the typo under the first X-Men Legacy panel. Although, I supposed I wouldn't want to see below their wastes either (or any other direction).

Anonymous said...

brightest day =so much win

the mighty

Kirk Warren said...

@Two-Bit Specialist - Fixed, thanks!

Ryan K Lindsay said...

You know what sucks? We can all piss and moan as much as we like but Greg Land can just sit back knowing it makes no difference. He's got one of the biggest gigs in the Marvel U and he's probably getting paid stacks, and so why would he care what we think?

That sucks.

Ivan said...

It does suck.

Anonymous said...

@the great anonymous
land does great work . if it is not your style that is fine. but like Hitch both artists put realism into their comics

Daryll B. said...

Anonymous 17....bwahahahahahahahaha....*GASP!* bwahahahahahahahaha....

No...really...that was a joke right?

I put it to you this way, take out Iceman, Psylocke, Storm, and Angel out of that pic, who are the OTHER X-Men there???

That's Land's problem...other artists photo reference too but HE doesn't do it to fit the damn story. He doesn't even attempt to change faces or make characters distinguishable.

You may like it, but to reviewers who pour over the quality things in books to criticize/praise, it definitely comes across as lazy #17....

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