Friday, May 28, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/26/10

With how many cat moments are featured in comics this week, I'm renaming this the Comic Book Cat Moments of the Week.  We've got Power Girl naming her cat, Dr Nemesis sacrificing a cat for SCIENCE, Arsenal beating muggers up with a cat as a weapon, and even Rage Kitty finally making an appearance as Atrocitus' entourage on Earth.  Hit the jump for these catty moments and more!

Amazing Spider-Man #632

Lizard "sheds" his old look as the Lizard mind takes complete control of Curt Connors' mind.

Loved this page, especially in context of what it sets up after Spider-Man's line.

Just an awesome splashpage of Spidey unloading on the 'new' Lizard.

Doomwar #4

Black Panther enlists some help in the war against Dr Doom.  You can probably guess who it is by the end of the above moment, but for those needing a bigger hint, the next moment has you covered...

Hereeeeee's Deadpool!  I can just imagine Doom turning and blasting him on the spot, ending the fight instantly next issue. 

Fantastic Four #579

I'm Reed Richards and you are dumb.  Thank you for listening.  In all seriousness, this was hilarious.  Reed's at a conference with the supposedly smartest people in the world and he tears them all a new one. 

Green Lantern #54

This is the best sequence ever.  That looks exactly what I'd expect a cat, the evilest of all creatures on Earth, to look and act like if it wielded a rage filled ring of death. 

All of the entities are on Earth except the two that were already captured?  And they just happen to have the magic blood draw a perfect blood map of America, borders ending at Canada and everything?  Not North America, extending the coasts up to Canada and down to Mexico, but a perfect map of America?  That is some messed up magic mumbo jumbo if I ever saw it.  Not even going to debate the fact Earth is awesome and has every entity on it. 

First you torture people while bragging about your threesomes with female super heroes over in Cry for Justice and now you're kicking innocent little cats?  Hal Jordan confirmed for villain of the year.  Only villains kick cats.  What next, Hal, you going to remake the universe in your own image?  Oh wait-

Atrocitus learned how to make constructs.  Looks like he loves his rage filled Mera.  Wonder if we'll see him fight Aquaman for her.  He could be like space Namor trying to steal other men's wives.

That strange Guardian-like guy collecting the Poke-, er, entities reclaimed Ion from the Daxam star and gave Sodam Yat another lease on life.  He crashed into Daxam - along with every other  yellow star infused flying Daxamite on the planet.  Strange this happened in Green Lanter.  Ion has been sort of a Green Lantern Corps character all along. Figured his return would happen there, but it wasn't even mentioned.

Doug Mahnke draws one hell of a Lobo

Green Lantern Corps #48

This is how rings are forged, apparently.  Kind of weird how every other corps just sprung up out of nowhere if these rings are so hard to make...

Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #3

Roy's from the old school of thought where it's okay to do something to a girl if she likes it.  Things like whipping them with an extension cord.

And in case you didn't think she was enjoying being whipped with an extension cord, the one armed man somehow uses the extension cord to tie up the deadliest assassin in the DC universe.  While they cry over their dead daughter, they decide it would be great to stop killing each other and have sex.  But wait, there's more!

That's right, he's impotent and can't get it up.  So, what does he do?  He puts on his cybernetic arm and goes off to score some drugs and beat people up...

...with a dead cat.  Or maybe the cat was alive and he killed it as he beat them with it.  Who knows, but just check out the hilarious image.  Roy's face, the flies buzzing around the cat, drugs everywhere, and Batman.  Batman makes everything better.

Apparently Batman's a big cat fan.  I would be too if Catwoman was a recurring character in my life, but it's hilarious that someone can kick you in the face while calmly saying they are your friend.  That's just how Batman rolls though.  You have to expect a guy like that to kick you in the face at some point in your life.  He probably saw you run that red light.  Friends are friends, but crime never sleeps.  I'm rambling now.

Power Girl #12

Continuing with the cat love this week, Power Girl's cat gets a name. 

And Vartox returns.  Power Girl is not impressed. 

Secret Avengers #1

Nick Fury working for a secret, covert agency?  That's unheard of!  Probably an LMD, but still a lot to think about with this cliffhanger.

Thor #610


Thor finally puts down Ragnarok and nothing of value was lost.

Thunderbolts #144

Huh, so that's what Ghost looks like out of costume.  I see he still doesn't bath out of costume.

Daaaaaammmmnnn, Luke, that's cold man.  Songbird got told.  Not sure if I like the new look for Songbird. Might grow on me though. 

New team photo op!  We've got Mach V in the background, Songbird, Ghost, Crossbones, Juggernaut and Moonstone pictured.  Fixer is in the book, too.  Oh, and someone special.  A new team leader.  No, not Luke Cage.  That guy's a bum.  I'm talking about...

BARON FREAKING ZEMOOOOOO!!!!!  Why didn't anyone tell me about this?  This better not be some fake out attempt at 'proving their loyatlties' by having a fake Zemo offering them a chance to join him. 

Wolverine: Origins #48

Daken was about to kill Romulus and take over his empire, but Wolverine had Cloak kidnap him at the last second and whisk him off to the Darkforce Dimension.  As you can see, Wolverine won't kill Romulus, opting to take the high ground and be a white knight and imprison him for all eternity, despite killing anyone with a pulse over in X-Force and having a body count in the millions at this point.  This will never backfire on him in a million years.  NEVER.

Wolverine also fought Daken this issue and beat him like a red headed step child.  Instead of killing the boy, he simply ripped the Muramasa tipped bone claws out of his forearms and buried the healing factor stopping blades and the broken sword off in the woods somewhere.  Daken woke up to find he had scars on his arms.  I don't know how he can have scars with a healing factor, but he does have tattoos and those should be impossible with a healing factor as well, so who cares about consistency. 

Wolverine: Weapon X #13

Spider-Man and the Thing make a surprisingly good comedic duo. 

Coming from the Back to the Future field of time travel study, when the guy that created the current time travelling Deathloks died in our present, the ones in the future were created by someone better and these upgraded Deathloks have energy claws and repulsors and other awesome super hero stuff.  Basically, never mess with the space time continuum.  Your mother might fall in love with you and not marry your father. 

X-Force #27

Poor Hellion, you had a nice thing going on in New X-Men and a possible love interest with X-23.  Now you lose both hands up to the elbow in a fight with futuristic Nimrods.  Such is the fate of all former New X-Men characters. 

Sucks to be X-Force I guess. 

X-Men: Second Coming - Revelations: Blind Science #1

Issue kicked off with a hilarious sequence.  I love the background action and make note of the nazi dolphins attacking Dr Nemesis on the second page.

I love Dr Nemesis.

Another cat moment.  This time Dr Nemesis sacrifices the poor kitty so they can sneak by the energy mutant things by infusing some mutant genes into the poor thing.

They save the now human Hank McCoy as Nemesis let's loose the best rallying cry ever.

Dr Nemesis? More like Dr Awesome.

In the end, it turns out they were "holodecked" with a fake world in an attempt to get them to make the Hope vaccine (the 'cure' from Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run).  Note that the other guy is just happy they didn't really have to kill a cat. 

X-Men: Hellbound #1

Finally, a character verbalizes the bullshit the X-Men put their non-clique members through.  If you aren't an All New, All Different X-Man, they don't give two flying shits about you and probably have the body bag already measured out for you.

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Flip The Page said...

Well, Hellion didn't REALLY lose anything yet. that's just a possible future Bastion is trying to make true. but then he is a New X-Man so I wouldn't be shocked if that actually happened

Kirk Warren said...

No, that was the present. It shows X-23 later over his bedside and bandages on his arms. They might reverse it with some time travel stuff, but it technically happened at this point.

Anonymous said...

no thanos imperative moments?

Radlum said...

If MACH had gotten a better design and Songbird had kept her lon hair (or at least something better than that poser punk hair), this issue of Thunderbolts would have been perfect. This is one of the few times I have actually liked Luke Cage in his role as leader. Also, I know Zemo's role is just for the initial arc, but I would love to see him get his own team of Thunderbolts.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - I couldnt find a single scan on scans_daily or other sites I frequent for the images.

Steven said...

Blind Science reads like someone trying to, badly, ape Warren Ellis' writing style.

And it is a painfully obvious ripoff to boot.

Steven said...

DC has some seriously bad writers basically brutalizing the younger generation and the GA family.

Eric Wallace wrote his first comic book a little under two years and has written nothing of note save the Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink mini. Which makes his treatment of the Tattooed Man contradict his own work.

JT Krul previously only wrote absolutely senseless books for Aspen Comics before his recent DC work.

Felicia Henderson wrote no comics before her recent start. She quit working on Fringe to start writing Teen Titans, but was best known for writing Gossip Girl and writing for Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

While Marvel grabs talent like Hickman, Aaron and Parker. This is the type of new talent DC gives us?

Eric Rupe said...

Man, I'd be all over Hickman's FF if the art was done by someone who wasn't a bad Hitch imitator.

Flip The Page said...

@kirk warren oh wow I really had trouble understanding this issue of x-force. I'm embarrassed.

BobofBentleigh said...

Haven't read enough of Nick Fury, but could it be Scorpio (I know that's Fury's brother, are they twins?).

Favourite moment was split between Spider-man aping The Thing, or Dr Nemesis' ramblings.

and LOL at "this will never backfire on him in a million years. NEVER". Sarcasm just dripping onto my keyboard

Servando Gomez said...

I just became a new fan of Doctor Aweso... er Nemesis xD.

Other than that, Songbird hair for the lose = / and i'm thinking that Baron Zemo showing up is just a ploy by Luke Cage to see if anyone would jump at the chance to jump ship. Judging from the scan.

Other than that, marvel has their continuity far more f'ed up than DC and that's because i like Marvel more. How the hell is Wolverine in the East Cost with Bucky Cap avengers and still be sent to his death in X-Force? Not to mention fight draken.

Btw, WHY THE HELL are the avengers not coming to the rescue of San Francisco/X Men? Especially since in Secret Avengers Hank Mccoy should have the ear of Steve Rogers and if it he was half as smart as he should be, tell him about Hope/Bastion.

If anything, this is probably a Global threat that's probably even more pressing than the opening shots of Seige. I mean like before Sentry turned Void and right when Steve Rogers made the call for all superheroes.

Then again, it's comic books lol but how do editors think that fans will not notice that Wolverine being on 2 teams and being at three places at once (i'm assuming he's a player still in Doomwar).

Idk, i think this Second Coming event is starting to show how weakly woven together the marvel universe is = /

mugiwara said...

Stabbed by Lady D, infected with the Legacy Virus and now that. Hellion probably killed Kyle&Yost's dog or something. The odd thing it's that they gave him an awesome character developpement in NXM, so I don't get if they love him or hate him (let's say they love him the same way Mystique loves Iceman).

Pixie's line about the X-Men being huge dicks with those who are not in their private club is one of the best lines of the year.
Alongside with Iceman telling to Stinger: "No, don't worry, nobody will die. Well, yes, you will all die, but not the X-Men. It's historical".

Songbird was one of the most beatifull women of the MU. Now she looks like Ladytron from Wildcats...

I thought I couldn't hate Douche Jordan more than I already do. And now he kicks kitten.

In the other side Doc Nemesis is so awesome that I can almost forgive him for using a kitty as decoy. Almost.

Anonymous said...

"Btw, WHY THE HELL are the avengers not coming to the rescue of San Francisco/X Men?"

Well, they are; the main team arrived in this issue. There's just the giant impenetrable bubble in the way. Of course, they aren't exactly brilliant for telling Thor to hit it over and over with his hammer but hey they're trying.

Daryll B. said...

Nice to see you guys all finally coming around to my side about the New X-Men Academy members. We all got all over DC for their treatment of the Titans and Legion members in the past, nice to see Marvel continuing the tradition of maiming the next generation...*groan*

Good for Pixie...too bad this means she'll die soon too..

Is it possible Johnny Storm sent word to Spidey to be extra annoying to Ben while he was away?

I agree that they mutilated Songbird's hair..but Luke did get her good... and I thought Mach-3 and Fixer were already pardoned.. huh?

Doc Nemesis series in the vein of Vril Dox in L.E.G.I.O.N..... ok I want that right after the Rocket Raccoon/RageCat crossover book...

WOW the 5 major entities can ALL be found on EARTH in the MAJOR 48 states to boot?!?!?!?! Can we get more lazy with this? Next Johns will tell me that Batman already got them all located... Just like Superman lecturing Rip and Booster in RoBW about time travel...

Stop the insanity..I wanna get Good ones this week Kirk!

SerialProtagonist said...

@Kirk I'm surprised you didn't include the OTHER moment from Thunderbolts, where Jeff Parker drops an Aziz Ansari/MTV Next reference. "If he's got a neck tattoo,I'm gonna lick it." Oh god, that killed me.

@Steven It's Si Spurrier, friend to Ellis. He's another cranky, misanthropic English writer. He's got this insane column over at Bleeding Cool. It's pretty great.

@Servando Well the Avengers ARE there. They're stuck outside the stupid bubble while Thor hammers at it. And I reckon this takes place some time before Secret Avengers.

@Daryll Well I suppose Mach V and Fixer are there to keep the others in line. I think Songbird and the other two were there waiting for Luke to arrive. I got the impression Mach V and Fixer were already working for The Raft.

Anonymous said...

That's not Zemo. Way too beefy to be Zemo. That is so Luke Cage in Zemovestite gear.

onefinemess said...


Supposedly Hellion will be featured in the next Legacy arc, so we'll see where that goes.

I'm really upset that Zemo is back to being a super dick (see: upcoming Captain America arc where he tries to kill Bucky because his father did already???). I was pleasantly surprised by Thunderbolts itself, and will throw it on my pull for a bit.

Dennis N said...

Well, the Muramasa Blade dampens healing factors, so Wolverine may have used that to cut out Daken's implants, meaning it would take longer to heal, and leave scars for a little while.

Anonymous said...


I am sure that in the bogosphere there has to be at least one blog where MARVEL receives all the bashing and DC is not as trashed.

Feels like we are reading Wizard. Long live Marvel!

Anonymous said...

R we sure this place is not called The Marvel Crisis ? ...

Anonymous said...


Man it would be awesome if we could get a Lobo/Larfleeze crossover, just imagine Larfleeze wanting the Motorcycle of Lobo and Lobo kicking his ass because of that.

Boy, I should have been a comic book writer myself.

Matt Duarte said...

Oh, hey more butthurt DC fans! I know just the way to counter them. MATH!

Marvel, this week, released 23 comics, while DC released 16. (I'm not counting reprints or trades, or else Marvel would be even more ahead). That's close to 50% more comic books! The previous week, Marvel had 19 books, and DC had 12. Again, slightly over 50% more comics. The week before that, Marvel had 29 books and DC comics had 16. This time is almost double the output. And the first week of this month, Marvel had 16 books while DC had a closer 14 books.

I just did all these count by hand, so it's possible I missed a book (I didn't count Vertigo/Wildstorm books, nor did I count Marvel's adaptations to keep things simple, although I did count all ages books on both companies). Adding them all up Marvel had 87 books and DC had 58 of them. Again, close to double the output though not quite there. Considering that DC just launched this month Brightest Day and Generation Lost, which both ship twice a month, and had War of the Supermen which shipped weekly, I'd wager than on a normal month Marvel probably more evenly doubled DC's output.

As you can see, it is not surprising at all that more Marvel books show up on this blog, as there's that many more Marvel comics.

Also, DC is publishing crap like "Speedy has Erectile Problems and a Drug Addiction". How the hell do you excuse something like that?

Matt Duarte said...

Also, we decided to change the name of the site to The Marvel Crisis, BECAUSE ANONYMOUS DEMANDED IT!

(Kirk is my fucking hero)

Anonymous said...


@Kirk: "Your mother might fall in love with you and not marry your father."

That was a great phrase man! You know that sounded like a kind of Oedipus king from the future... by the way I love the Greek Street, love me some Greek literature based comic books!

Do not listen to the crybabies, if they want a DC blog then they shoud create their own and not coming to talk shit on this site.

Dickey said...

Bravo Kirk, that's beautiful up there

Kirk Warren said...

@THE GREAT ANONYMOUS - it's actually the plot of Back to the Future. Marty's mom starts liking him and he almost isn't born.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Avayan - did you just compare us to Wizard, or did I miss something...:)

I don't see why a blog (not a corporate news site, a blog, a review site) needs to be completely fair to all companies. And why is the debate only over whether we just like Marvel or DC? There are other companies anonymous', take us to task over that please, too.

You'll be happy to know that this weekend I've read 3 trades, one Marvel, and Ultimate at that, yeck, and the other two DC. I am prepping only one review out of that, and that's for DC. For next week I already have two articles written, one is about Marvel, and the other is about Dark Horse, will someone be pissed because I don't have DC included? Luckily this DC trade review should be ready so it'll be even. Thought poor old Image misses out this week, so who'll cry about that?

Holy fuckadoodle-doo, I just looked over at Rokk's site and his front page shows 4 DC reviews and 6 Marvel reviews, and an Iron Man 2 report. How dare they, Marvel lovers as well, I assume. On our front page we have 10 articles, 3 are Marvel centric, 2 are Vertigo centric, and the others are collections and an interview with an Image writer who does work for hire for both Marvel and DC. In the collection articles for us, we have Eric reading a bit of everything, and Ryan S read 6 DC titles compared to only 4 Marvel ones, and DC got the book of the week!

What I'm trying to say is, I'm certainly not going to alter what I buy or review because some whiny no name thinks we like one company too much, even when I've stated that I do prefer Marvel over DC any day of the week. That's just how I roll. The moment I get subsidised comics or paid for doing this will be the day every company gets a fair whack, and quite honestly, even then I'll only just pick up more Marvel comparatively as well.

Until then, hail to the Marvel Crisis - Kirk, you rock!

Anonymous said...


Damn! that was an easy one and now I look like a fool LOL . Yeah great movie, I hope they wont do a remake

Anonymous said...


Tom Brevort surely will be proud of you guys, you are just following his example. What is next? insulting every guy who buys anything blackest night related?

Go ahead and feel free to bash the work of good guys who are not working for your beloved marvel.

Shame on you

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Avayan - but we don't just openly bash DC, that's my point. Ryan S just gave DC his top comic of the week, is that bashing? I just feel like people only, ONLY, see the negatives, and the positives get no credit. What can we do? I'm not going to ensure I review an even amount of DC each week, nor give then even numbers of positives compared to any other company, that would be disingenuous.

Rawnzilla said...

Stupid anonymous is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm more of a DC guy but I have to admit that the "Dark Age" of the comics should have finished when Blackest Night concluded. Sadly we are geting the same amount of harsh storytelling and it seems it is not going to end soon.

The worst part? that titles like Brightest day are still in the top 5 titles. Also sad? that Justice League of America is recovering in the chart of monthly sales, it is slowly making his spot to the top 10 and it does not deserve it. I miss the old JLA-Morrison days.

@Rawnzilla: you mean that anyone posting as "Anonymous" is being a "stupid"? I myself do it and do not think that of myself nor of the other folks doing it but well, who am I to change your mind.

Overall this was a great post Weekly Crisis. Read you next week

Anonymous said...

by the way I am anonymous 32 and always post in this blog as "Not-so-anonymous" (unoriginal name I know lol )

Rawnzilla said...


I was referring to anonymous 29. I have no problem with people posting anonymously.

Ivan said...

I'm reading Matt's and Ryan L's comment going "Kirk rocks" and I'm thinking "WTF are they talking about"?

And then I see the banner. LOL.

About Hal Jordan: He's kicking a cat who just happens to be a furnace of burning hatred fueled by a cosmic rage ring. Sorry, I won't hold that against him.

Plus, I'm not a cat person myself. :P

Daniel Woburn said...

This has made my day.

Anonymous said...

yeah, being a Marvel-Zombie is the best thing this day could bring.

Yes indeed

Brandon Whaley said...

Man, you guys have truly made it as a blog, as you are attracting the haterade from random schmoes. Keep up the good work, guys, I'll still be around each week.

Kevin said...

I run my own moments of the week post over at the Revolution and honestly Marvel puts out more books and delivers bigger moments that stand out because of the output of comics they put out each week. I always try and get a balance between Marvel and DC but it is hard when DC just doesn't match Marvel's output. It is just that simple.

Keep up the good work Kirk.

angry gothic bodybuilder said...

This stuff makes me really angry!!

Nathan Aaron said...

The new Lizard has GOT to get rid of those lame dreadlocks. Man, that's just bad. - But so Bachalo.

That can't be Baron Zemo, as he's the new big bad in the next storyline for Captain America.

And oh yes, Secret Avengers ROCKED it out! That was one amazing issue! I love that new book already. Bendis who?

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