Monday, May 10, 2010

Cover of the Week - Avengers: The Origin & Thor and the Warriors Four

Hey folks, sorry, but we are running a bit late with this edition of Cover of the Week. Let's just skip all the formalities and skip right down to the winners, as chosen by Ryan and me. Hint: someone gets punched in the face. Hit the jump to see the winning covers.

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - Avengers: The Origin  #2 by Phil Noto

Ryan L.: What's not to like about this cover? Iron Man is seriously getting flattened and Hulk's not holding anything back. I love that you can see Stark's mouth just below the bottom of the helmet and he's really taking it hard, and the concentric circles at the point of impact just give it more weight. There should be a set of variant covers with Hulk punching different characters like this and showing the real impact and result it would have.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Thor and The Warriors Four #2 by Gurihiru

Matt: Sometimes a cover does not need a striking design, eye catching colors, or incredible craftsmanship to win the honor of Cover of The Week. Sometimes, all that it is needed is a good visual gag to earn the love of this humble reviewer. And really, Katie Power trying to get a saddle on everyone's favorite space horse Beta Ray Bill, is a pretty funny gag.

Runners-Up: Amazing Spider-Man 630, Batman and Robin #12, Spider-Man Fever #2

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mugiwara said...

I LOVE Gurihiru! Their art is awesome and their Power Pack covers are always win!

Chris said...

Sorry. Cover of the week is the Astro City book, no questions.

Ivan said...

Bigger runner-ups, cool! Let it never be said that the Weekly Crisis does not listen to it's public.

Matt Ampersand said...

We always try to listen to the public.

Except to Anonymous. That guy is a real a-hole.

Space Jawa said...

The print version for Warriors Four is even better - it includes a word bubble for Katie which has her saying 'Pony!'.

Even if it didn't, that cover is still made of win. It was good enough to catch my interest and get me reading a mini-series that would have flown under my radar otherwise.

Daniel Woburn said...

I'm pretty sure Stark would be dead after that punch, it doesn't seem like the Mark I armour has much in the way of shock absorption.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Matt - Say what you will about anonymous but the dude is surely prolific.

@Daniel - Yeah, I hope Stark has a good dentist, he's getting punished there.

JonesHawkeye said...

My favorite cover of the week was the David Finch variant for Uncanny X-Men with Cyclops holding Nightcrawler's corpse. The black and red is really affective, but what really makes it pop is the white outline around Cyclops' body against the dark grey background. I stared at that cover while I worked at the comic store all day Saturday. It was hanging on the wall with the other variant covers that came out last week. As you look at it from a distance, it really has a spot embossed 3-D effect because of the coloring.

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