Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cover of the Week - Mystery Society & Peter Parker

It's Cover of the Week time! Each week we choose which covers are our favorite, most eye catching, and just flat out best covers from the latest serving of comics. This week, Ryan Lindsay and Matt offer up their picks. Hit the jump to see them and why each was chosen.

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - Mystery Society #1 by Ashley Wood

Ryan L.: It's easily the simplicity that draws my eye to this cover. Nice, simple lines that form one heck of an image. This doesn't even really look finished, it could be a sketch variant, but it's a cover that certainly stands out for me. I just can't dig on superhero pin ups so this week Ashley Wood takes the win by going back to the sketch pad and showing me process.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Peter Parker #3 by Doug Braithwaithe

Matt: I have to admit, out of all the times we've done this feature, this has been the hardest choice for me. Despite a very strong selection of comics this week, there were no covers that immediately jumped out at me and said "Cover of the Week"-worthy. In the end, I settled for this Peter Parker one. One thing to note that I found interesting is that Braithwaithe didn't draw any web shooters. I always was a fan of the organic webshooters (cue outrage from readers).

Runners-Up: Weapon X: Noir, Justice League: Generation Lost #2 & Detective Comics #865

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Melissa said...

I like this week's Generation Lost cover better than the last one, but I'm still with all those people wondering if Mitchell Hundred becoming Maxwell Lord is the big twist at the end of Ex Machina.

Anonymous said...

How can you call yourself a Marvel fan and LIKE the organic webshooters?! We already have to put up with all your constant DC worship and Marvel bashing; saying you like organic webshooters is like spitting on us when we're down.

You should change the name of this column to DC Crisis!


Space Jawa said...

I'm actually a fan of the organic web shooters, too, so you have my support there.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Anonymous 2 - oh, no. Here we go again.... ;)

Anonymous said...


The organic webshooters were introduced by JMS right?

I think those were a great addition and also the Movies included them and looked great. I fondly remember the scene when Peter is learning to shoot web and says "Shazam"

Now that I remember that movie included two DC references, one was the Shazam word for Captain Marvel (from DC hehe) and the scene with aunt May saying "You do too much - college, a job, all this time with me... You're not Superman, you know"

Kirk Warren said...

Actually, they showed up in a Paul Jenkins comic first. Probably a group decision though and built off of JMS's work, but Jenkins was theone to first introduce them.

Matt Duarte said...

Yeah, Paul Jenkins introduced them shortly before JMS was brought on to Amazing Spider-Man. Most people think they were introduced during The Other.

@Melissa: That cover was really close to driving it home, but two things bothered me: Max Lord totally looks like Mitchell Hundred, and the " chess pieces" do not line up with the board.

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