Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cover of the Week - Punisher Max, Return of Bruce Wayne & Black Widow

It's Cover of the Week time! Each week we chose which one are our favorite, most eye catching, and just flat out best covers from the latest serving of comics. This week, Ryan, Kirk, and myself go for deadly women, psychotic killers, and everyone's favorite millionaire with an unhealthy obsession involving bats and crime. Hit the jump to see them.

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - PunisherMAX #7

Ryan L.: Dave Johnson has been knocking these out of the park on this series and I finally get to choose one. This is pretty damn eye catching, no doubt about it. I love the concept and idea of this cover and the execution is even better. I really wish this series wasn't $3.99, I'd be all over it.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - Batman:  The Return of Bruce Wayne #1
 Kirk:  I liked everything about this cover. It tells a story - one that is actually related to the contents of the issue, a rarity in comic covers these days - and has a sleek, cut away bat symbol trade dress that really showed off the art while still drawing your attention to the bat logo and title of the book.  

Matt's Cover of the Week - Black Widow #2 (Variant) by Stephanie Hans

Matt: You know what sucks? I have no idea how to describe what the technique Hans used here with the gun outline and the image inside of it. I'm sure it has an artistic name for it, but my knowledge in that field is obviously lacking. What I can tell you though, is that this cover is eye catching, interesting, and unique in it's composition, and that makes it a winner in my opinion.

Runners-Up: New Mutants #13, Iron Man: Noir #2, First Wave #2

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Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey Matt, the technique is called being awesome. Either that or something to do with a 'keyhole'...and no, that wasn't me being rude, that's just what I assume the technique is called.

Yoyocool said...

All three covers were pretty awesome but i think i have to go with Black widow. Other than that, someone mind telling me what the New Mutant cover is meant to convey? I'm really interested in the whole why they are disintegrating xD.

Eddie Entropy said...

Didn't even realize that the Batman cover was the outline of a bat until you mentioned it, I am a blind idiot.

Jonathan Perez said...

Man, the bat outline was the first thing I noticed. DC always designs catchier covers.

Chris said...

Oh I hadn't seen the Black Widow cover, I really like that one.

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