Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cover of the Week - The Walking Dead & Age of Heroes

It's Cover of the Week time! Each week we chose which one are our favorite, most eye catching, and just flat out best covers from the latest serving of comics. This week, Ryan and I are on deck with our picks.  Ryan went with a simple, yet striking Walking Dead cover while I went with a super hero filled Age of Heroes cover.  Hit the jump for a look at each cover and why they were chosen.

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - The Walking Dead #72 by Charlie Adlard

Ryan L.: As soon as I looked to the cover my eyes were drawn to the katana blade. Michonne is an excellent character and to see her dressed up and in the company of ladies is intriguing. That she still holds her blade perfectly straight behind her tells even more. This is not where she wants to be, needs to be, nor should be. It's artistically a simple cover, but it's damn effective. As usual, another Walking Dead cover that made me wish I was following along each month instead of in trades.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - Age of Heroes #1 by Greg Tocchini

Kirk:  Love this cover by Greg Tocchini.  His Spider-Man in particular looks amazing.  The cover alone has me believing this is an Age of Heroes and nearly got me to buy this comic. 

Runners-Up: God Complex #6, Batman: Streets of Gotham #12 & Brightest Day #2

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Bruce said...

Seeing Marvelman on the cover here tells me that Marvel intends to integrate him fully into the Marvel Universe with the Age of Heroes. Is Marvelman's presence why they killed off Sentry? Assuming they killed him off, that is.

Just wondering.

Kirk Warren said...

That's Captain Britain, not Marvelman.

MutantX22 said...

No "Moments Of The Week" this week?

Kirk Warren said...

Ryan did hsi reviews Friday and I was gonna put them off til today, but didnt get time. Ill have them up tomorrow.

Matt Ampersand said...

Man, it's so weird seeing Tocchini drawing something so "Heroic" after I have been reviewing his work on Last Days of American Crime. Though he did sneak in some nipples in the girl in white between Spider-Man and Doctor Voodoo.

But man, his Spider-Man looks awesome. I'd love to see more of Spidey from him.

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