Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crisis On Infinite Arts - David Aja's Daredevil: Black & White #1 Cover

He's a man of few words on Twitter, usually just linking to awesome YouTube videos and posting the odd image, but when David Aja posts a cover sketch he's not just competing with a mere few words, he's penning volumes in the ballad of the man we know as Daredevil. Aja has recently revealed the process he went through to create the latest cover for a one-shot titled Daredevil: Black & White. It's another Mighty Marvel Magazine, one of my favourite formats, and this time we get my favourite character. Looks like everything is coming up trumps for me. We get a few gritty black and white tales of the scarlet swashbuckler and it's out from Marvel this August.
David Aja rose to prominence as the artist on the relaunch of The Immortal Iron Fist as penned by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction. The comic community quickly sat up and noticed his stellar work. His covers were especially spectacular, yet now we only see Aja's talent here and there but not currently on anything specific.

The following images show his process to get the cover ready for this latest DD one-shot. I think you'll enjoy them. And if you do enjoy them, make sure you keep an eye out for any other work he does, he's a talent not to be missed.

This is the order in which Aja linked the images and it gives you a good, albeit quick, understanding of the steps he takes to create a cover which I feel is pretty damn well executed.

Aja draws inspiration from an Old Miller/Mazzuchelli classic

Aja makes his own quick sketch of what goes where

Aja puts together a layout for the drawing

Aja's layout comes to life with clarity

Aja inks his work to add depth and vibrancy and only then does the drawing truly take shape

The image is dotted for a tone of grit and old school

Aja's cover is coloured, and complete. And awesome. And completely awesome.

This issue ships in August and for $3.99 you'll get 48 pages of ol' hornhead with Peter Milligan, Rick Spears, and Ann Nocenti in charge of words which will be accompanied by art from Jason Latour, Mick Bertilorenzi, and David Aja. I know I'm absolutely picking this one up. I hope after seeing what Aja can do with just a cover you'll join me on the journey.

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Anonymous said...

Probably my favorite artist because of his work on Immortal Iron Fist, but how do you pronounce his last name?

I usually go with a-ha even though it totally could be exactly how it's spelled, a-jah. Maybe even a-yah.

Steve said...

Aja is simply brilliant. His work on Immortal Iron Fist was spectacular, but in my opinion his finest work was the story he did with Ann Nocenti in Daredevil #500 (entitled "Three Jacks"). It was a terrific milestone issue all around, but that story alone made it worth the cover price.

Dickey said...

Well this is some excellent solicit news. I was just asking the guy at my shop last week if they knew of any Marvel B&W magazine issues coming down the pipeline. And what does this morning offer but a volume of the horned wonder himself. Good times all around.

That Nocenti/Aja strip was quite excellent last year. Can't wait to see what they offer this time.

Matt Ampersand said...

@Anonymous #1: Considering Aja is from Spain, his last name is pronounced "ah" (same phonetic sound as in "apple") and "ha" (as in "have"). I wouldn't be surprised if people over in the states pronounce it different though (like "Ajax" but without the x)

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I had been worried that the B&W experience, which I had been thoroughly enjoying and thought Dr Strange and Ares were great examples of, was over. There's had been one solicited for a while and it wasn't the most massive seller. I guess they hope with Shadowland in full flight more people will pick it up. It'll either really work or it won't, but gobbless 'em for trying. I'll be buying it no matter what month it ships.

Anonymous said...

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