Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Marvel Crisis Revealed!

After numerous comments and complaints from a select group of our readers, we feel it is time to come out to our readers with the secret agenda of The Weekly Crisis: we are agents of Marvel, doing their viral marketing for them. All throughout the years of the Weekly Crisis, through the thousands of articles we have posted, and through all the reader interaction, we have only had one goal, one single thought behind it all: Marvel is awesome, and you should think exactly the same way. But just how deeply does the Marvel bias run over in this website? Hit the jump to read more.

We will be breaking it down contributor-by-contributor, to see how far down the Marvel hole they are.


Regularly reads EVERY Marvel comic.

Owns every issue of Alpha Flight, even the short-lived Omega Flight mini. They are all bagged, boarded and graded. He stores in the kitchen cabinets "to keep the Maple syrup smell in mint condition".

On Halloween, he dresses his dog in M.O.D.O.K clothes. Also, on Christmas. And Easter. And President's Day. Currently working on a new Beta Ray Bill costume.


Owns several bookcases worth of Marvel collections. Has also been banned from the public library because he kept several of their Marvel Premiere Hardcovers.

Actually, Eric's house is entirely made up of Marvel Omnibus editions, choosing not to use Absolute collections because "they are not though enough".

Can name all of the members of the Texas Initiative team, alphabetically and in the order of which they were created.


Spends most of his paycheck on Marvel Comics. Currently considering taking out a loan to buy even more comics.

Can easily go into two thousand word rants about the importance of even the smallest Marvel characters, especially Slyde.

Married his wife on the date "06/16", because all the other days "just weren't Marvel enough".

Ryan S.

Regularly ranks all the Marvel comics he buys from "AWESOME" to  "MILDLY AWESOME"  and "TOTALLY AWESOME", which is the highest score.

Named his dog "Thanos", his cat "Beyonder" and his hamster "Galactus". He arranges and films epic battles between all of them and posts them on YouTube.

Has an Avengers tattoo...on his butt. He regularly drops his pants and shouts "Avengers ASS-emble" at formal and children parties.


She is responsible for over 83% of Sweden's importation of Marvel comics, though only 5% of the exportation.

Earned a Ph.D. thanks to her research paper "Daredevil: The True Limits of Humans' Sensory Organs". She is also currently studying how to read, write, and even speak braille.

Did a pilgrimage to Hell's Kitchen and spend forty days and forty nights living in that part of the city, to "absorb the ambiance smell".

Ryan L.

Owns all the Marvel movies in DVD, Blu-Ray, and even the dead format HD DVD. He regularly watches all of them, even Ghost Rider and Elektra.

Actually had something published in a Marvel comic.

Insisted in spending his honeymoon in Madripoor, which according to him "Has some great beaches, and is specially delightful during the month of August".


As you can see, the Marvel bias runs deeply in this site, for a variety of reasons. I guess we should have come out sooner to you readers, but now that it is out in the open, hopefully you will understand and appreciate this site a bit more. I hope you enjoyed this small look at the lives behind our contributors, and that you keep visiting us here at The Marvel Crisis. What was your favorite bit of Marvel-loving trivia? Let us know in the comments section.

Note from the author: In case you don't understand what's going on, make sure to visit some of our recent comment sections, such as this one, although we've been getting them in several other places as well. 

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btownlegend said...

Is this why Yost left Red Robin??

Anonymous said...

no offence but was it worth the effort? it was probs someone being multiple people anonmously

Anonymous said...


This post was funny in a good way, I bet that right now the DC whiners are reading their crap such as Cry for justice and are beating themselves with a dead mouse to get some kind of weird revenge on Micke Mouse over buying Marvel.

DC Fanboys go and cry to "the source", I guarantee you that there you wont find any Marvel at all and stop complaining about everything.

Akylle said...

It's good to see y'all embracing your destiny as agents of Quesada. Everyone knows Didio kicks babies.

Ivan said...

Haha, I was laughing out lout the whole time.

grifter said...

any chance we can join? LOL

Anonymous said...

yawn... zzz.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Fun fact - at one point in my life I owned 3 versions of DD on disc. How sad/ decide.

I just realised, anonymous (mostly) gets annoyed that we only post to rant against DC/Millar, yet I wonder what percentage of comments this person gives us in the positive/negative ratio...and as sich, what's the difference between them and us? If you look through the history I was an ardent supporter of The Marvel Crisis long before I came on board, and most of my comments were happy ones. Why can't anonymous show us the love as often as the hate?

And @anonymous2 yeah, it was worth the effort, not that it required much and what little was fin, so you should always spend your time doing things that are fun. We do.

brandon said...


Now we need a post about how much Ryan S hates Morrison.....


Klep said...

Even the comment section is in on it!

You see, I'm not actually a real person. I'm an AI construct created by Marvel specifically for the purpose of talking up Marvel products on this website. My hatred for BND is a red herring to make me seem more believable.

Anonymous said...

nuff said! LOL

Daniel Woburn said...

This has further made my day. Now it's some kind of mega-day.

Anonymous said...

wow it seems like a whiny DC guy made angry a lot of bloggers - that is the amazing thing. Why you just did not ignore him?

Anyway, the banner is really original IMHO

Anonymous said...

MARVEL Comics are GOOD Comics, it's about time you gave them a frickin' break on this biased blog!

Ryan Schrodt said...

I will not give up in my quest to complain about Morrison's recent output!

The funny thing is that I'm actually way more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy, though I do really have an Avengers tattoo (but it is on my leg, not my butt).

McE said...

Excelsior! No-prizes for everyone!

Mother of three said...

As a mother of three I am tired of Ryan's plight to destroy all that is good and decent inside Grant Morisson that I am going to write my congressman and let him know!

Anonymous said...

I followed Ryan to this blog, you used to write for Newsarama, right?

You, and the team of writers here, have always been professional and wrote about what you like and read unapologetically.

Why would you let one anonymous, cowardly board poster get to you like this. This "anonymous" is not worth the effort in any sense.

It does not seem like maintaining this site is easy at all and that you all sacrifice a lot to give us our updates. I check your site daily to get a WC fix.

You just brought yourself down to this 4th Stooge's level. You just let he or she know that he or she is in your head.

No, this was not worth the effort.

When I saw this post, I didn't know if it was a joke. It was very disappointing to think a blog I have been following for some time is just an arm of Marvel.

The Weekly Crisis rocks, and you just brought yourself down to this guy's level. He doesn't need the attention. It just gives the impression that this person is in your heads.

Whatever this is, I don't get it. I just want my regular updates, not a sarcastic ode to some "anonymous" person who has no life and who hates your site so much they are always posting on it. (Makes no sense) Why give this person so much attention?

This site rocks too much to let some anonymous coward see that they got you good and angry.

I am speaking from experience. Useless people need to be ignored. Success is the best revenge.

Anonymous said...

Would you review the independent comic I create if I bomb your boards enough? Why give press to some twerp who is mad because he is a fan of your site. (This anonymous is nothing but a closeted fan who is mad because he agrees with what y'all write.)

You are wasting your time and my time. Y'all must have better things to write about.

What do you think of DD's new costume? They just inverted the colors, The costume is black and the DD insignia is red now. I think it is very unimaginative.

Why not a post on that?

I don't give a damn if the review, commentary is Marvel-Centric. Marvel puts out a lot of crap but DC is Craptacular at the moment. When did Superman get so boring? What are they going to do with Dick Grayson, building him up as Batman when Bruce Wayne comes back? At least at Marvel they organically evolved Steve Rogers to a new role seeing as how Bucky worked out.

I used to dig GL a lot but they lost me adding every color of the rainbow to the corps.

Do y'all thing and let the haters hate. That proves you must be doing something right.

Eugenious Rathbone Funkhouser VIII

Anonymous said...

You guys shitted all over Siege, and rightfully so. (If any comic deserved to double as toilet paper...)

There is no bias, you just call them as you see them.

Why do this? serves no purpose.

Alan Gabriel said...

Puppy M.O.D.O.K simply cannot exist. The planet would be shattered by the pure cuteness of it.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I saw this as an 'ode' to the fact that we're all just good blokes who don't mind having a laugh. It's the weekend and we'll be back to regular scheduled programming right on Monday.

Flip The Page said...

While I find this pretty funny I gotta say it's not the best idea to goad the trolls. I mean you're a pretty professional site, and this might be seen as petty by some.

But then I'm saying that as someone who's being abused by a petty unprofessional blog (the worst blog ever in fact), so I'm just being fearful that you'll fall down to that level

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

There is, on average, a greater quantity of consistently enjoyable books published by Marvel monthly than any other company.
Deal with it.


Kirk Warren said...

This was just a joke banner and post we put together for a weekend thing. It's not anyone getting in our heads or us being mad. We're a blog andhaving fun with some commenters remarks about our 'bias'. We'll be backto our old name and look on Monday.

Anonymous said...

lol, this was great, nice and lighthearted, as I personally think it should be taken. I especially liked "Maple syrup smell in mint condition" Tattoo, 616 and Pet incorporated 'love' as well as knowing there is another Slyde fan out there.
I appreciate the effort. Thanks.

grantFan2099 said...

Your blog has completely destroyed comics for me! >_< Thanks a lot Marvel Crisis!

Morfina said...

Funny, but April Fools was months ago

Matt Duarte said...

This was obviously meant to be a tongue in cheek post. Poking fun not only at the readers but also at ourselves. There are several of these that are dangerously close to the truth, but I'll let you guys figure out which one is which.

And was it worth it? Considering it took me probably around 45 minutes to write, yeah, I would say so. What honestly took me the longest was finding a cover of an HD DVD Marvel movie, I think only Hulk was released in that format.

And yeah, haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll, etc. We know. We are not seriously mad at anyone, and we are aware that this is an incredibly small vocal minority of our commenters (which at the same time are a small minority of our readers), but like I said above, it's a tongue in cheek post that we all thought was funny.

@Anonymous #19: If you are a comic creator and wish to send us a digital or physical to review, you can always contact us via email (though there's no guarantee that we'll review it). No need to troll our comment sections, that would just cause us to mock you by changing the banner of our site :)

@Morfina: Maybe for the next April Fools we'll change it to The DC Crisis

Kirk Warren said...

If you want to get technical, the site is already named after DC. Check the about section. Crisis is from all of DC's major events.

Daryll B. said...

Firstly, to my ex-partners and current soldiers and friends, Happy Memorial Day from here in the states...

This blog brought me to tears...of laughter....

Anyone who takes this seriously, c'mon...what's wrong with the blog writers having a joke at some of their "fearless" critics expense...?

Man...some of these folks would have gone ballistic during Infinite Crisis when you guys were doing the "which titan would die next?" speculation

Matt, just promise me that you'll never go the "Michael Richards" route with your snark... =)

mrpeepants said...

anon people just trolling. You guys read plenty of DC and many of the DC "must reads". I started reading many DC series based on articles from this site. DC Marvel fanboyism is similar to video game bias. Its ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


This is a great site, and even one of the best there is. I find annoying that Newsarama took out the comments section in the main article page, I hope you wont do that as it is ine of the things that make great this site, the diversity in comments.

Arnold said...

At least you admit your Marvel bias. It was pretty annoying to read you cream all over yourself for Marvel and try to come off as completely neutral to the big two.

Anonymous said...

wow so the lesson we learned today is if you do not agree with the reviews of the comics that dc puts out do not dare to say it nor express it in this blog or you will be automatically called a douche, a punk, a schmoe and a coward.

Instead if you go all marvelite it does not matter who you are as long as you destroy the DC output.

Well done

Minhquan said...

I'm a DC fan, but I never felt Marvel bias from the Weekly Crisis. They gave praising reviews to the good DC books (Power Girl, Secret Six, etc.), gave critical ones to the bad ones. In fact, Secret Six tops the rankings at Weekly Crisis on a regular basis, and a bunch of DC books always make it to the top five. Honestly, instead of detracting from people for liking what they like, dissatisfied readers should try to persuade DC to simply offer better stories and art--so good that even if you hate DC, you have to admit the strength of their titles. But my last word is that the Weekly Crisis is not the problem here.

Chris said...

Great post, this seriously made me laugh a lot.

Ryan Schrodt said...

I thought a nice addition to this might be a breakdown of the "Book of the Week" honors that I've given out on my Power Rankings:

2010 so far:
DC - 14
Marvel - 8
Image - 1
Avatar - 1
IDW - 1

DC - 20
Marvel - 21
Image - 7
Avatar - 2
Dynamite - 1
IDW - 1

Of Marvel's Book of the Week honors in 2009, 3 came from their Ender's Game adaptation, so only 18 were from the actual superhero titles.

Christine Hanefalk said...

I'm surprised to see so many people take this post so seriously. Take a step back, take a deep breath and count to ten. ;)

Also, why are people treating a comic "bias" (whether real or imagined) as something similar a political bias in news reporting? There is no contradiction between reading Marvel AND reading DC.

At the end of the day, when bloggers start being motivated by something other than expressing an opinion on something that interests them, the quality will suffer.

Meanwhile, I've been working on my own Marvel bias and will be reviewing some Power Girl later in the week, and I will have nothing but good things to say about it. :)

Matt Duarte said...

Reading some of the anon comments left here... I'm not sure if people are trying to play along or are taking this seriously, which is kind of worrisome.

Martin from Graffiti On The Sun said...

I hope Marvel pays you nicely for are the publicity you guys do for them.

LexLoki said...

I, too, am inexplicably angry that the people who run this place are having fun and enjoying themselves. That sort of thing really needs to stop, lest it interfere with the serious business of discussing comic books on the internet.

The Tastemaker said...

I CANNOT believe all the crap you guys give MARVEL their OBVIOUSLY the BEST comics company out!!! Grow up people and leanr to read REAL COMICS!!!

Anonymous said...

yawn... eh? yawn... zzz.

Anonymous said...

Well, the problem is that this is some sort of inside joke for the staff, well fine, it is your site.

But I was not aware of this jerky troll or the bias comments. This post made me aware of it and I don't know why. (Now that I am aware of the bias criticism, which are unfounded and baseless, I don't know why I was needed to be alerted that some anonymous dude doesn't like your reviews.)

Some sites are accused of being commercial, too indie, too whatever.

This site never gave me the impression of caring about criticisms like that until now.

In the end, this post is basically for the benefit of one person who annoyed you.

If you consider it taking it seriously, well, I can't afford comics, I read your site to keep up to date and to know what is happening and you guys are always on the money with your commentary, which is appreciated.

When I read that you were agents of marvel, I didn't know what to make of it. Then I read more and the purpose of this post is just baffling.

It may be tongue in cheek for you, it is just confusing for me.

This post is boring and unneccessary and brings attention to a person who doesn't deserve it. (Whoever this anonymous troll is. )

The reading of the habits of the staff is fine, making a post to mollify some schmuck I don't get.

This is the first time I logged and and said WTF?

This may be hilarious to you, but it is not to people who don't know or care about the bias conflict.

You regularly bring our attention to topics we care about, and I don't care about this troll.

It may be sad to admit, but this site gets me through the day and the week. Seeing you waste time on a guys are too professional for that.

If you consider this taking it too seriously, well, we are your fans. (Well, I cna say I am)You put out a great website, and when people get used to something great, it is hard to accept something less than that.

Sorry to pile on guys. If you guys are rolling on the floor with this post, great for you. I'm glad u are having fun, if this allows u to blow off steam. But it is unrealistic to think other people will get it or understand its purpose.

Marc said...

Eric, why haven't you even opened your second Fantastic Four Omnibus? For shame!!

Joe Quesada said...

Something is wrong with your banner, it now reads "Weekly Crisis" rather than "Marvel Crisis" as we'd previously agreed. Your wages will be docked unless this is changed soon!

Koottie said...

I have to ask what is Marvel about 6/16?

Kirk Warren said...

@Koottie - They call the 'normal' Marvel universe (like Avengers, Spider-Man, other in-continuity stuff) the 616 Universe. Matches up with the date he picked. 616 just differentiates between Ultimate, Marvel Adventures, MC2 (spider-girl universe), Age of Apocalypse and the myriad other alternate realities.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Joe Quesada - Will do, boss.

Servamdp Gomez said...

Lol, I have to say I am pretty lame for admitting this but i had forgotten for a moment christine was part of the staff and he hit me when i read the post.

Other than that, I have to say that i actually look up to you guys. I'm a very lazy writer and i dream of running a successful blog as the weekly crisis but the former stops me lol. Then there's the fact money is tight and i don't buy singles anymore leaves me out of the loop for comics.

Still, I want to say that the weekly crisis is what actually is what got me into comics full time. That's right folks, I was 19 years of age when i started reading the Weekly Crisis and I'm 21 now still a daily lurker on the blog.

But to elaborate more on how the weekly crisis change my life, it was the amazing Editorial/Opinion piece I think either Matt or Eric made on Revamping the Wildstorm Universe. This is important as i had made a impulse buy of The Authority and i was really digging everything Wildstorm then. Which should be enlightening to anons here that Weekly Crisis cares for the well being of other imprints/publishers other than Marvel.

Then came What Marvel is doing wrong and i was hook ever since as The weekly crisis was allowing me to catch up with all that has happened (I only had been following stuff on wikipedia up till then and buying the odd TPB like Ultimates 2 Volume 1. If anything, i have the weekly crisis to thank for introducing me to CBR, blogging, and the inner workings of Marvel without buying the comics lol.

As for the bias, I find it not to be alarming in the least. Furthermore, I like how open these guys are to new stuff as Eric regularly reviews manga which Marvel doesn't license in the least and Matt reviews European comics.

So overall, all is right in the world for the most part as

Servando Gomez said...

Damn, i posted to fast. I meant to joke that, "for the most part as to how they run the place. Now only if Ryan L admits that The Runaways on a whole was better than Y: The Last Man then we be getting places xD." But yeah, Y: The Last Man is awesome and more power for those who love it more than me ^^ and i merely kid with that tongue in cheek post xD.

Jule said...

Do you realize that you make me laugth loud again in my office...

Jajajajaja, i really like this post.

I think that this its a very very good blog about comics in general, and i dont seem to observe a marvel bias, please keep the good work and DONT FEED THE TROLLS, please

Christine Hanefalk said...

@Servamdp Gomez You are certainly forgiven for forgetting I'm part of the staff since I haven't posted much lately. When I joined the blog, I signed up for 2-3 posts a month since I have my own site (and a job that keeps me very busy). Lately, things have been more hectic than usual, but I'm looking to jump back in with my own posts very soon.

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