Friday, May 28, 2010

The Weekly Crisis vs. Solicits for August 2010

It's time for speculation and fan-love to abound as we peek through the looking glass and into the far off future that will be August 2010. There's plenty of things that we each want to discuss, we don't necessarily list our buy list but simply discuss what we feel is comment worthy, for good or bad reasons. And it sure looks to be a big August because nearly the whole crew got together on this one, which is always nice.

Hit the jump to see what caught our collective eyes.


Shadowland Titles

It's official, Daredevil's little family event has completely blown out. But I'm not seeing this as a bad thing. There's a stack of ancillary minis and one-shots but some of them seem really decent. I know I'll be checking a fair few out, but there'll be plenty I'll ignore and that won't affect me. You buy what you want, completists be damned. There are seven issues shipping this month connected to Shadowland and I staunchly plan on buying 4 of them. I'll also be picking up the Daredevil: Black & White issue, so colour me happy. Having never done an event before, I now see what the fuss is about, but I also see how easily avoidable all the problems are. You read the solicits, work out what interests you, and decide from there. Anything important I miss I'll probably get in a review or on the Moments of the Week right here. I'll still figure out what happened, so it won't ruin my story, and if I don't own one section of the story then I'll be fine. But in saying that, this sounds like you could only read the Shadowland mini and you'd be fine, the others orbit but don't collide, they just leave pretty trails in the sky. Let's hope it stays that way.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 & 3

Ultimate Comics Avengers will ship the second issue of the second volume in the same month as the first issue of the third volume. Call me old fashioned, but I just don't get this. It's like releasing Captain America #609 at the same time as Captain America #615. Doesn't this ruin a bit of the suspense as we can see who lives, or doesn't, and so some energy is thus lost from the previous volume? Or are they all stand alone, no connection, no continuity? I didn't think so. Is Mark Millar planning on being so late that he figures he might as well start now before people forget all about this series? It'll probably wrap on time in 12 months anyway? I don't get this and I guess I don't have to, I won't be buying it. I figure this is the man who caused Wolverine to ship issue 73 before issue 72 so what do you expect?

New Avengers #3

Y'know, I almost might pick this title up for the cover and premise alone. A deep secret is seeded in the sordid histories and legacies of three characters; Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, and Wolverine. It's the team-up we've all been waiting for, or at least I have. This is a pretty good trio and you've got kooky-funny, kooky-weird, and kooky-rage-y all together in the one adventure. Just look at the slice of cover above, tell me that doesn't interest you. Well, maybe it doesn't but it does for me. I can't get my Iron Fist love anywhere else anymore so I'll take what I can get. You'll also notice Iron Fist on the cover of Daredevil, and apparently he makes a run in Avengers Academy this month. That's good news for Mr Rand, though I'll be happier when he gets his own black and white one-shot like these other lads have. Oh, and a return to his ongoing would also be tops, thanks.

Morning Glories #1

Man, this series has been getting some series press with teaser images and plenty of speculation. And, I'll admit, it does look good. Nick Spencer seems to have come out of nowhere and been given a handful of green lights to make projects happen, with the Existence books and Shuddertown. He's becoming one of Image's rising names and the company has certainly put themselves completely behind making Morning Glories another major hit. Getting teasers for characters in a series we've never heard of is a bold move, but Image seem to be full of bold moves right now. My only problem with this title, as it stands, is that I don't exactly know what it's about. We know there's some cool kids at a prep school but that's about as deep as my knowledge runs. I'd like to see a bit more before I commit, but I'm sure Image will give us plenty more before it hits the shelves.


Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1

Aside from Birds of Prey, this is definitely the most promising book to spin out of Brightest Day and one of the more intriguing solicitations I’ve read this year. Guy butting heads with Hal should be interesting and I can’t wait to see what is in store for Guy as he teams up with Atrocitus (especially after once being a Red Lantern himself). What I’m really interested in, though, is Kilowog and Arisia’s role in this series and how they will handle Guy’s highly questionable alliance and mission.

Superman: Last Family of Krypton #1

Finally! Ever since the Multiverse was brought back at the end of 52, I’ve been waiting for Elseworld’s stories to make a comeback. I’m also glad to see that DC made the wise choice of allowing other writers to explore these world’s rather than leaving it all up to Grant Morrison (as Dan Didio has mentioned numerous times on Newsarama). Plus it sounds like a really interesting story and seems like it will be allowed enough room to be explored fully (56 pages an issue for three issues). I look forward to checking this out in trade! On a side note, I'm a bit concerned with the fact that DC would allow the cover artist for this to so blatantly rip-off Alex Ross. What gives?

Shadowland Titles

I’ve never been a huge fan of Daredevil, but the premise behind this miniseries seems intriguing and the guest stars from the teaser images seem like a lot of fun. I could probably spare room for one extra book on my pull list this summer, so I was planning on checking this story out…before it ballooned. Between the recently revealed solicits for August and additional announcements, Shadowland now has nearly as many tie-in issues as Siege, including several spin-off miniseries and a slew of one-shots. If the conclusion of Siege taught me anything, its that you can’t trust Marvel to tell a complete story in the main miniseries of an event. Since I’m not willing to pick up 30 books for a single story starring a character I’m only marginally interested in, you can count me out.


Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet #1

Brian Clevinger of Atomic Robo fame is writing this, and really, that should be enough to get you to pay attention. Clevinger is one of the funniest and most clever authors, and I am sure this is going to be an awesome ride through one of the most infamous moments of Marvel history: Thanos killed half the universe! This looks to be one of those All Ages title, so it should be fun for the whole family, and it's $2.99 for 40 pages of comic. That's a pretty good deal in my opinion.

Secret Avengers #4

At first sign, the cover is incredibly awesome: Steve Rogers as a member of the Nova Corps (even if temporary)? F@&# YEAH! Reading the solicit makes me slightly worried however, as it says "The fate of one hero and the birth of another will be decided here", which is a pretty loaded statement coupled with the picture. Why would Steve Rogers pick up the Nova helmet, is it implying that Richard Rider is Nova No More? Or perhaps something far more sinister, such as Nova dying? Brubaker might have gotten death threats from the Tea Party because of that Captain America, but if he kills Richard Rider, one of my favorite characters, The Weekly Crisis will be declaring Holy War on his ass! Bru, if you are reading this, don't do it, OR ELSE!

Superman: Earth One HC

DC has been doing it for some time now, but in case you didn't know, they "Advance Solicit" their collections. What does that mean? It means that even though up there in the title it says "Solicitations for August 2010", this book won't actually come out until October 27th, a two full months later. I'm still not sure why they do this, I figure it's so they know fully ahead of time how approximately many copies they need to print? In any case, it seems like a bad policy, because it requires retailers to decide if their customers are going to buy something five months from now. It is especially disappointing to see it happen in what is going to be one of their higher profile books, and for the launch of their new Earth One series.

Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #1

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A previously thought extinct species makes a surprise comeback. Elseworlds are back, everybody! I wonder if this is a just one-time thing or if they plan to bring the concept back full time? There also seems to be a noticeable increase in the attempt to make Superman family popular again after years of losing readers and dwindling sales. It seems that DC is putting a lot of their talent and effort into the Superman titles, aside from the previously mentioned Earth One, there's also JMS taking over the Supes title and Paul Cornell taking over Action Comics, plus a collection of a Luthor mini series by the same team of the Joker HC (would have been great if they published both of those at the same time).

Wolverine: Weapon X #16

I have been waiting for Jason Aaron to write more of Nightcrawler, since he plays off his relationship with Logan really well. Of course, as everyone knows by now, Nightcrawler died during Second Coming, so this is a somewhat bittersweet moment for me. That being said, it mentions something that Kurt left in his will, asking Logan to do him a favor from beyond the grave. We also know that this is the final issue of the series, and that it will be relaunched as just "Wolverine", and that the first arc will involve Wolverine going to hell. Could Nightcrawler have asked him to do something with his soul, or perhaps with Mephisto?


American Vampire #6

In case you didn't' notice the fine print, American Vampire joined the $4/22pg. book club this month, along with Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors and Time Masters: Vanishing Point, among others. Honestly, this makes me want to just give up and stop picking up the few remaining Marvel and DC comics I'm currently getting. It's obvious that DC is charging $4 for this is because Steven King co-wrote a back up in the first five issues, same reason why the first collection is being released in a hardcover first. I get that the whole $4/22pg. comic books are seen as an inevitability by some people but that doesn't mean that they provide a decent price-to-content ratio. If the $4/22pg. comic is the inevitable baseline for Marvel and DC, and I'm going to end up dropping all of their comics eventually because of the price increase, then I feel like I should just do it now rather than later and use that extra money to try out comics from other companies and see if I can find some hidden gems, or just solid and enjoyable comics that I would have passed over otherwise.

Shadowland Titles

When it was announced that Andy Diggle was taking over Daredevil, I was definitely interested. I've enjoyed what little of his work that I've read and Daredevil was title that had pretty much done it's own thing for the past few years, ignoring and being ignored by the larger Marvel Universe, which was the kind of comic I've been looking for from Marvel or DC lately. Sadly, his first on the title was actually a Dark Reign one-shot which sent off some warning bells but I still kept an eye on the title to see if it would be worth checking out. That came to an end when Marvel announced Shadowland. Or, more specifically, when they kept announcing one ridiculous tie-in after another. A Daredevil centric event is kind of a stretch but the number of tie-ins is just absurd. Personally, I find the whole Daredevil and The Hand vs. the MU kind of silly to begin with as they wouldn't stand any kind of chance but add some of the bizarre guest-stars like Ghost Rider and I'm just no longer interested. I'd call this disappointing if I wasn't expecting something like this from the moment Diggle's Daredevil run began with a Dark Reign tie-in. That said, I do rather like Daredevil's new costume.

X-Force: Sex and Violence #2

Not sure why this isn't just titled X-Force: Violence or X-Force: Violence and Even More Violence because, and let's be honest here, there will be nothing in this comic that remotely resembles anything like sex. Nope, the only thing that will be found in here is the utterly juvenile let's have naked people but cover up everything in the most absurd manner possible. I honestly have no idea what Marvel is going for with this title other than trying to be "edgy" but coming off looking like a bunch of buffoons. It's really depressing that this 90s influenced mentality still has a solid foothold in any part of the comics industry.


Everything Shadowland

While I wouldn't normally have any interest at all in reading Ghost Rider - the flaming skull isn't really doing it for me - I would be neglecting my responsibilities as a Daredevil fan and blogger if I didn't get everything connected to Shadowland. While the Ghost Rider one-shot isn't due until September, August is the month where we really see this event explode. The Shadowland mini-series I'm most looking forward to checking out are Shadowland: Blood on the Streets and Shadowland: The Daughters of the Shadow. Not only do they seem intriguing in their own right, knowing that current Daredevil co-writer Antony Johnston will be working on the former increases the chances of it being well in line with the main event, and Daughters of the Shadow also has a close natural link to the general Shadowland concept.

Daredevil: Black and White

Really, how can I not? This one-shot looks really intriguing, featuring three separate stand-alone stories written by Peter Milligan, Rick Spears and Ann Nocenti. This also gives Nocenti another chance to team up David Aja, as she did for Daredevil #500. Judging by the solicit, this issue seems to investigate Matt Murdock from every angle. With this much Daredevil-related stuff coming out in August, I'm starting to get a feel for what it must be like to be a Wolverine fan.
"Daredevil, the blind avenger of Hell's Kitchen faces a life changing decision when he is presented with the chance to see again. But at what cost will Matt regain his sight? Guest starring Bullseye! The Kingpin of crime, ever the Machiavellian mastermind, uses lawyer Matt Murdock's quest for justice against him in a deadly money-making scheme. And the Man Without Fear finds himself embroiled in a gang war in Japan."

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #3

This series starts in June and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm something of a Clint Barton fan (I have a soft spot for the low-powered guys) and I'm interested in seeing the couple dynamic between Clint and Bobbi. I'm hoping for something fun and sexy.

Amazing Spider-Man #640

No, I won't be picking this one up since I'm not looking to add ASM to my pull list, but I'm definitely looking forward to learning what Marvel is going to come up with to explain how the world forgot about Peter Parker being Spider-Man. ASM #640 marks the end of the One Moment in Time storyline and it's going to be fun to see how the Spidey fans react to it. Also, do note that this story arc will carry the acronym "OMIT." Did they do that on purpose? Who knows.


Those are the titles that caught our eyes the most, but not necessarily everything that we are going to purchase in August. What else should we check out? What are you most interested about for that month? Let us know in the comments section.

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CrispyCritters said...

Well, the second issue of Ultimate Avengers 2 just came out. The SIXTH issue comes out on August 4th. The first issue of UA3 comes out August 11th. You must have misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

Zombie I am

Am I the only one who thinks that the S. Rogers being a member of the Nova Corps is a lot like say a little thing called the new lanterns deputies? in a thousands more entertaining title called Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps during a tiny event called Blackest Night? Talking about rip-offs...

Kirk Warren said...

Based on the first issue of Secret Avengers, Nova abandoned his helmet for the call of the Serpent Crown. More than likely, Cap is just picking up the helmet and going to get intel from Worldmind. Don't think he'll be a Nova Corps member.

Anonymous said...


I have no idea what you mean with the ultimate avengers. There two diffrent stories connected . It is not like #1 to #3 in the same month .
Millar is making up for the delays for comics the avengers have had in the past. many readers would welcome it

Anonymous said...


Steve Earl said...

Yeah, the OMIT thing was released months ago on purpose. The guitar picks, the one page ads that said nothing but OMIT.

Yeah, issue 6 comes out a week before issue one of Ultimates V3.

Do you guys really gotta rush to press so fast you can't re-read each other's sentences or are all of you this far out of the loop?

Anonymous said...

Whatever that is not Bendis-talking heads boring me to death is fine with me. I totally prefer John's gore vision than Bendis bore vision.

Matt Duarte said...

Wow, a lot of negativity up all in this comment section. Let's address some of them, shall we?

Questioning Millar's tendency to run late is perfectly valid. Almost every book that he's been involved in the past couple of years has run late, just off the top of my head, Kick-Ass, Civil War, Ultimates, Nemesis, Old Man Logan, and War Heroes. The editors at Marvel must be REALLY confident in Millar for some unknown reason OR they already have all of the script already in their possession so they are confident in scheduling this so close to each other.

@Zombie: A military organization deputizing people? It's not exactly a novel concept that needs to be swiped from another book. Hell, even early in the Nova series (way before the Blackest Night deputies), they deputized a random civilian to become a member of the Nova Corps. But hey, maybe Marvel will make several toys out of Captain Novamerica!

@Steve: I'll have you know that we edit and proofread all of our articles for any spelling mistakes, grammar errors, etc. Obviously things may get through, but this is not the case.

I've know about the OMIT thing for some time, but clearly Christine didn't which is why she commented on it. If she didn't know about it, then we have to assume that some other people didn't know about it either, so they would be interested in reading about it, or commenting about it. I wouldn't edit out her comments just because *I* knew about it.

Also, considering the Solicits came out like ten days ago, I'd hardly call us "rushing to press".

Anonymous said...


Just a quick note guys, I have seen that if a Johns comic per say Brightest Day has the death of a baby bird you go all purist and he is crazy gory mad man etc. But if a title like X-Force: Sex and Violence is published you just use a small amount of bashing and it is not seen again in any of your posts...

Marvelism maybe?

Kirk Warren said...

@Avayan - I dropped X-Force because it was just blood and violence and death. I made many notes on how I felt about it in those reviews and how it didn't appeal to me.

However, I don't complain about stuff blowing up in a Michael Bay movie because I expect that. It's the same with X-Force - it's what you expect and it is a part of the concept with a team of mutants on a death squad of sorts.

And no one went all puritan or anything on it. A simple one paragraph note on how the graphic depiction of a bird being bludgeoned and falling to its death before cracking its head open and smearing on a gravestone is not what you expect from the marquee book for a linewide event/banner story. That's all we commented on. There were no signposts or boycotts or anything of the sort created and we didn't drop books over it or claim it was the worst story ever because of it. We discussed a page from a comic book. Egads, damn us.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

And that's why at the internet, ha. I misread a part but I still find it incredibly ballsy that Millar would be ready to go with the next volume so soon, it didn't even seem like Millar had his scripts ready for that Vampires V X-Men storyline about a month ago when he got all ragey on his boards. If this can ship on time then good on him, I wish no ill will, but I'd be suspicious.

@Crispycritters - that was a very nice way to word things, no rant at all, thank you, much appreciated, stick around these parts, we'd love to have you.

@ANONYMOUS5 - I'm surprised you took the whole piece as a Millar bash, I thought there was something much more interesting at play on this page, but I'll get to that in a moment.

@JAMBAM - you have the best name ever. That is all.

@Steve Earl - my bad, see as above.

@Avayan - I'm a more Marvel person, I openly admit, but that you'd label the site with Marvelitis seems a bit it terminal?

The thing I was curious about with this page was how much discussion we gave Shadowland. I'd thought people would take us to task over that way more quickly. Guess people missed that in all the Millar bashing I did.

And we even mentioned some Vertigo and Image titles, like people want us to, and that raised no response. It seems like people only want us to trash Morrison or Millar so they can get their feathers all ruffled up. What a shame.

However, thanks for commenting one and all, you make the day so much brighter in your own ways.

Anonymous said...


@Ryan: hey ryan after all, we (the people who comments on this site) are at the end of the day fanboys and we love to rant about ehr... everything haha. But the good thing is that we (I know I do) enjoy a lot this site, if not we were not taking the time to post. What I want to say is, you do a great site, keep up the good work folks!

Also as a petition, do you think that it would be too much to ask for some reviews of old crossover classics like superman-spiderman, batman-hulk, aliens-wildcats, xmen-titans etc?

Steve Earl said...

Eh, I haven't had a drink in a month and not enough coffee today, I came across as quite the cliche'd internet fanboy. Sorry about that!

Steve Earl said...

Eh, I haven't had a drink in a month and not enough coffee today, I came across as quite the cliche'd internet fanboy. Sorry about that!

GregVersion2 said...

I thought that the cover to Last Family of Krypton was made by Ross at first. Kinda seems odd that they wouldn't use Ross even just to have his name attached to it.

And wow, I never realized that we haven't had a proper Elseworlds title in years.

Anonymous said...


I'm not saying that being a marvelite or a dc guy is a bad thing, I just feel that the bad DC titles receive lots of bashing and that the bad marvel ones just the half.

All I'm saying is that it would be a better blog if the bias to Marvel was eliminated.

Flip The Page said...


I think you're not really looking at this correctly. There's no bias. DC is just genuinely being pretty ridiculous, having a gory, miserable, horrendously mistitled event at the FOREFRONT of the company. Comparatively X-Force is a parental advisory smaller comic that had it's own self-contained event where everyone knew what to expect because it's in X-Force... and New Mutants and X-Men Legacy, but those were far more toned down.

Basically what I'm saying is that you're pretty much mixing bias up with common sense.

Ryan Schrodt said...

I'd say as a whole our site is a bit biased towards Marvel, but not to the point that I'd call us Marvelites. In fact, I'm a die-hard member of the DC Nation myself and every week my review column is close to 50% DC books with the other half a mix of Marvel and indies.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Aztec - man, I just love any commenters truth be told, they make the internet a different place, that's for sure. And I'd love to review some of those old crossovers but i don't have any, sorry, dude.

@SteveEarl - don't worry about it, man. As long as what we write gets you here and makes you passionate then I'm fine.

@Avayan - I try to, generally, only write about the things I'm liking, unless something really gets my goat, and I don't buy anything I don't like. And I only seem to like Marvel and creator owned, DC still doesn't resonate with me.

Eric Rupe said...

I still don't get this whole "bias" thing.

1)Marvel puts out a ton of more comics thus we are more likely to review more Marvel comics than DC just on sheer numbers alone.

2)It assumes that A)DC puts out as many good comics as Marvel and B)that we just refuse to talk about them or the bad Marvel comics. Maybe we just don't read the good DC comics or the bad Marvel comics.

3)It ignores the possibility that most of us here at TWC might just not care about DC (not say this is true BTW). Frankly, we have NO obligation to even buy or review any DC comics. Or Marvel for that matter. We do this in our free time and out of our own pocket. It's a hobby, not a job.

4)It assumes that Wolverine and X-23 graphically killing people is the same thing as graphic violence in a comic that essential features the Justice League.

5)It ignores the possibility that, just maybe, DC just puts out a bunch of shit comics. It could happen.

Christine Hanefalk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine Hanefalk said...


My bad for missing OMIT previously (I blame OMD). I remember hearing about it back when it was announced, though never specifically looked at any teaser images of it or read up on it. For some reason, the premise of the story arc stuck, the name of it didn't at the time.

There are times when I check out comic book news sites virtually daily, and there are times when I simply don't have the time, mostly due to work constraints. Whether or not I'd consider myself "in the loop" varies tremendously depending on what's happening away from the computer any given week or month, and I would assume it's the same for most casual fans.

Either way, I'm sorry for the mistake and we'll make sure to check for these kind of errors in the future.

If you want to combine your drink with your caffeine, may I suggest an Irish Coffee? ;)

Anonymous said...

janet buff

sigh you will nit pick anything to critisize millar wont you ?

Matt Duarte said...

Silly Janet, don't you know we hate DC, not Millar?

Now if Millar started writing for DC again, we could have a real ragefest down here.

Anonymous said...


hmmhmm You had a whole feature over a word that millar made. It is quite sad and pathetic . I dont see why he deserves so much abuse . why dont you consentrate on jeph loeb or james robinson for a change.

Anonymous said...


I love the crisis and I am also not one of the DC whiners. But every chance you guys get you whine and rant about millar. Millar excels at widescreen action comics.

Anonymous said...


+ why do the delays piss you off ?
You dont read the comics why does it bother + the delays happen because millar wants to make the issue as good as he can .

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@birdseye - you do make a good point, if we are not reading the comics then the delays shouldn't bother us, and you know what? you're right.I have no intention of reading Ultimate Avengers, or most of what Millar publishes, so I guess I should just stop caring. I should, and I might, but I make no guarantee, but I'll try.

As for why we rant on Millar, well my article about CLiNT wasn't exactly a rant, I don't feel, just more a discussion. I didn't lambaste him, I just put it out there.

The moment Millar does something I feel good about I'll surely post about it. I just can't guarantee when that will be because Kick-Ass wasn't my cup of tea, and Nemesis certainly isn't.

Anonymous said...


thank you :)

CrispyCritters said...

Sometimes, and I mean, SOMETIMES, Millar is late because of flare-ups of Crohn's. I can accept that. I've got it myself. He has had to go in the hospital. Seems fine with me. maybe he just runs late. It happens to all of us at work at one time or another. he makes big bucks, so he gets a pass. Not "fair" but what is. Shit happens like this is "real life." When you pair him up with artists who take their good ol' time, it gets really late. He was in the hospital for his last issue of FF, so his good friend and British tv director Joe Ahearne finished the script based on his plot.

But I don't care. Books come out when they come out. Usual running time for a book these days is six weeks. Not exactly monthly. I'm down to ten titles from seventy.

Only reading Batman and B&R from DC. Avengers, SA, NA, Thor and four others I can't remember. maybe I should just make it six.

Oh, and Iron Man.

Anonymous said...

No solicits for Zenescope comics? they are puting out some good stuff you should give them a chance

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