Sunday, June 6, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/03/10

Welcome to another edition of the Moments of the Week! It was a pretty small week in terms of books coming out, but we still had some pretty important moments showing up, such as Iron Man and Captain America arguing in Avengers: Prime, more mysteries developing from Brightest Day, and others. There is quite a bit of gore porn going on (as usual), but we shall counter that with the cutest scene ever. What am I talking about? You are going to have to hit the jump to find out.

Avengers Prime #1

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark face off in the ruins of Asgard, moments after the events of Siege. And yet, somehow, Tony already knows that Steve is going to be "the new Nick Fury". Precognition powers or continuity error? I think we know the answer to this one: BENDIIIIIIIIIS!

Transistors: the answer to everything!

Oh just Steve Rogers being his awesome self.

Brightest Day #3

Man, The Free Willy sequels really took a turn for the worse after the second one. Seriously though, the image of Aquaman getting mauled by an orca made me laugh out loud.

The implication here is that Ronnie Raymond knew what he was doing all along when he turned that girl into salt, and the whole time he was a Black Lantern. What do you guys think?

I'm going to spare you the "HEY KIDS, COMICS!" joke, and just point out that one of the corpses shown here, that were completely skinned, is from a teenage girl that was shown in the previous issue playing video games. You stay classy, DC. (cue the haters)

Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers #3

Armless Tiger Man, the sensational character find of 2010. Or is he really a character from the Golden Age? Either way, completely ridiculous.

Franken-Castle #17

We all knew that Frank Castle would eventually go back to his former self sooner or later, and we see some of that seeding here. The Bloodstone, which has regenerative powers, is inserted into his body.

Invincible #72

Looks like the latest issue of Invincible was really... gut wrenching.

Joker's Asylum II - The Riddler #1

The Joker: Worst. Roommate. Ever.

Red Hood: The Lost Days #1

Jason Todd totally Kill Bill-ed his way out of the grave, apparently. I also wanted to mention Pablo Raimondi's artwork here, which looks absolutely spectacular here. He's much better suited to real life stuff than the space opera they had him doing in Realm Of Kings: Inhumans.

Red Robin #13

Oh no he didn't! He brought up the pixie boots!

The Thanos Imperative #1

Kirk mentioned some of the issues with the art and the coloring in his review of this book, but I also wanted to mention something else: What the hell is up with Groot? It feels like Miguel Sepulveda didn't know how to draw him, so he avoided having him throughout the issue (he only shows up in three or four panels at most), and he looks like crap in all of them. Not to mention he looks pretty small, considering other artists depict him the size of a small hill.

I have to admit, this is a pretty awesome splash page, and a demonic version of the Defenders with Namor, Doctor Strange, and the Hulk plus the others would make just about anyone crap their pants. That being said, if I am allowed to put on my nerd hat, we had already seen a Hulk, in the Realm of Kings one-shot, and he looked nothing like this, plus he was killed by the Revengers! Tut tut, DnA!

Thor and the Warriors Four #3

Baby Thor gives himself a makeover. Do note the "Doc" sound effect when he turns into Baby Doc Blake.

Behold the infinite cuteness of Baby Thor riding Baby Beta Ray Bill! Can we just go ahead and declare this the best comic ever?

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Anonymous said...

I think we read almost all the same comics.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe , you used "Bendis" and "Continuity" in the same phrase....pretty sure that violates several different codes of the "Makes Sense" statutes.

Anonymous said...

Cap should keep the Asgardian shield and paint it with his colors. You just know an Asgardian shield can take a whuppin' and keep on slingin'.

Klep said...


Space Jawa said...

On GotG: I might be more annoyed by DnA forgetting they supposedly killed Hulk in Realm of Kings, except for what's been said nothing dying in the Cancerverse. I'm guessing that when they pulled his heart out before, it did something else to him. Replaced his mind with that of one of the Lovecraftian monsters running around, perhaps? It might also explain the change in appearance.

Also, prediction: Based on the change in the Avengers name, I'm guessing the evil Defenders will be known as something like the "Attackers" or "Assaulters".

On TatWF: Yeah, it is a pretty dang awesome comic.

mugiwara said...

Avengers Prime:
It's just me, or Cap smiling while picking dead soldier's weapons is a bit out of character?

Brightest Day:
Aquaman getting mauled is priceless. Laughed too when I saw the scans.
I don't think that children or teenager should be treated differently than adults when it comes to gore and violence. But I note that for DC, bare boobs are OK when there is no skin over it.

Franken Castle
Is there more than one bloodstones? Because this makes me a little worried about Elsa.

Matt Duarte said...

@Space Jawa: I like your explanation regarding Hulk's change. Have a No Prize!

@Mugiwara: Well, there's no indication that Cap killed them, it just looks like he kicked their ass, maybe broke a few bones, and left them unconscious.

Also, part of Elsa Bloodstone's powers are genetical. And if she has another Bloodstone, well, I'll go for a No Prize and say that the one that Morbius has is actually from another reality, that he got during his time with A.R.M.O.R.

mugiwara said...

@Matt: Oh, my bad. I did'nt read the comics, so I thought those guys were brave Asgardian warriors fallen during Siege, in which case Cap should have paid some respects.

Ivan said...

How convenient, one of the elves happened to be wearing blue chain mail. :P

Mike-El said...

If there's no death in the Cancerverse, how did Mar-Vell kill the Magus?

Matt Duarte said...

He killed him in our Universe, after he had crossed over.

Anonymous said...

baby thor on baby beta ray bill, amazing! between this and them calling him thor-horse in the last issue i might have to pick this up in trade.

blueairplane said...

All of the Power Pack books have been really good. I always have to wait for the trades, though, so I can feel a little more secure about my kids reading them to death without actually killing them.

Jeremy said...

Heh, I don't read Invincible, but I like how that guy used pretty much the same damn move on Invincible that he used on Atom Eve

Daryll B. said...

I like how Mjoinir shrunk to accommodate Baby Thor.... this is a book that needs to be in places so lil kids and their parents can see it...

But riding lil Beta Ray Bill is just wrong....

Joker Asylum had me laughing..I had to admit

I want to pick up Avengers Prime because of Alan Davis, but Bendis.....I so torn!!!!

Didn't even notice the Groot thing until you mentioned it...Now watch DnA throw us a curveball like Groot is related to the Tree of Life and he holds the key in "curing" the Cancer-Verse....

Anonymous said...


It is great that no Greg Horn comics are on the horizon, I really hate the way he traces his drawings from porn.

MMM I was wondering if the world would fall in a kind of crisis and destroy itself if Greg Horn traces the faces, bodies and positions from Batman a xxx porn parody since it is already a comic book.... = 0

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Great write-ups! Love that Power Pack comic. I'm gonna get it in digest form when the collect it.

I think in regard to Ronnie Raymond and Brightest Day, the Black Lantern Firestorm (a separate entity living inside Firestorm right now) is intentionally sharing his memories with Ronnie to screw with Ronnie's head.

That's my guess.

The Irredeemable Shag - The Source for DC Comics' Nuclear Man

Anonymous said...

wow let's see... Invincible being all blood and guts and nobody bitching like they do when anything DC comes out....

Also Franken-Punisher which is a piece of crap since the supernatural tales is getting a lot of respect and no one seems to even mention that it is subpar that anything dc puts out...

Wow that is what I call anti-DC these days.

It's sad to see the death of the fair play in comic-blogs

twobitspecialist said...

Anonymous #22 - Maybe I would take your comments and those like it from others more seriously if they would attach a name to them.

Matt Duarte said...

I figured that Armless Tiger Man was an existing character, but I didn't know Sims had done a spotlight on him. Oh, Golden Age, you were so wacky.

@Anon #22: ANTI-DC HUR HUR. Funny how you seemingly glossed over the fact that I called out the continuity error in Avengers Prime, or the ugly art in Thanos Imperative, or that Pablo Raimondi's art in a DC title looked better than in a Marvel. But you keep on fucking that chicken, Anon. Keep fucking that chicken.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Quite honestly, I am shocked that Invincible was that gory, I always thought it was meant to be completely all ages and yet what little I have read has certainly had some blood and guts in it. Can anyone confirm for me, is it T+ or All Ages?

As for Franken-Castle, I think that sort of Grindhouse title speaks for itself, and I only hear good reviews from people actually reading the comic (the hate usually comes from those not liking the concept).

But one thing did make me laugh (the death of the fair-play in comic blogs). Now, I've been reading comic blogs for some time and they usually come across as pretty fanlad ragey. So, I'll ask again, and hopefully this time receive an answer, where are the OBJECTIVE blogs, I want to add them to my feed?

Eric Rupe said...

Ryan - Outside of the first trade, Invincible has never looked like an "all-ages" book. It's always been pretty violent and bloody though, from what I've seen, the gore has been getting more gratuitous as the series has gone on, especially the last year or two.

Sam Hill said...

You have finally done it. Your vast stupidity has finally proven to me that it is time to quite reading your asinine drivel.

I really gave you more chances to win me over than you deserve. I chose to ignore that more often than not your comments are just negative. I chose to ignore the fact that most of your moments are just here so you can make a quick, cheap, completely unfunny joke, and you continue to neglect to actually place moments that made a difference or held some importance. But I can no longer ignore your apparent ignorrance of story. Why do you feel the need to make innane comments on stories that only prove how little you know about the story or can even understand.

This weeks best example was in the very first moment. It is clear from reading this page in the comic, that this is not immediately after the battle. For starters Steve Rogers is no longer in his Captain America uniform he was wearing at the end of Siege, and Clint Barton is shown in his new Hawkeye costume. The heroes have obviously returned to help with clean up instead of abandoning Thor and his people. But instead of noting this or even mentioning the actual fight Steve and Tony are having, and its importance, you idiots take a cheap shot at continuity.

If you can't comprehend this from reading the issue, then you are a complete and utter moron. And if you didn't read the issue, then stop commenting on it, especially on the continuity of it.

This kind of idiocy occurs every week here, and I am fed up with it. I will not be returning to your piss poor website.

Kirk Warren said...

@Sam Hill - It'll be tough going at first, but we'll try to soldier on without you.

brandon said...

I never understood the goal of announcing that a person wasn't going to visit a site anymore.

If the content changes as a result of the angered brain-dump they won't be around to see it. If the content continues on without a hitch they still won't around to see it.

If they plan to lurk then why bother announcing anything? Maybe they are just drunken posts...

Ivan said...

Whatever shall we do without Sam Hill and his frequent insightful comments?

Oh wait.

PMMDJ said...

So, is "Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers" worth reading? I haven't heard anyone talk about it, but I'm a sucker for WW2 comics...

Ryan K Lindsay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan K Lindsay said...

Wait, what, Sam Hill is no longer coming back. Then I'm not even going to write anymore, what's the point...? ;)

Anonymous said...


So a marvel site is losing a fellow marvelite??? wow that's outstanding...

What's next? pissing off a lot of DC readers by insulting most of their comics?

oh wait....

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, good comment man, a lot of people think the same that you are thinking but have not enough balls to say it or is afraid of the Marvel-Fan outrage that is populating this site...

I-Van the Crippler said...

u know..sometimes i get the feelin that all the rants abt WC bein anti DC are by the same guy...cus lets face it ...there cant be that many retards out there in the world......

anyways...Flags of our Fathers is ok....the Warriors four see interesting....

Anonymous said...


I am having the feeling that Marvel is trying somehow to make Steve Rogers and Tony Stark Superman and Batman to match the DC trinity (not so sure about Thor being like wonder woman, after all both are based on myths) for the Marvel Universe.

Do you guys think the same? that just came to my mind as I read that moment of the wek of steve and tony arguing...

What do you think Weekly Crisis staff?

Ivan said...

Seriously, you'd think those people are employed by DC to defend it like it's THEIR company.

What kind of blindness keeps them from seeing the Marvel is just as bashed when they put out shit? Have these people read the "Siege" reviews? Not very flattering.

Kirk Warren said...

@The Great Anonymous - I dont think they are trying for a Superman/Batman dynamic. The characters are too different from those DC pillars to maintain the same viewpoints and friendship, but they are definitely playing up the Tony/Cap relationship in a similar manner.

Anonymous said...

@The great anon

you are a DC fanboy who thinks that there are only 3 comic books being published: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Do us a favor and grow up, there are a lot of comics besides your superbuddies

Two-Bit Specialist said...

@Anonymous #41 Wow. Way to pick unnecessary fights, loser.

zoora said...

gotta admit, these rants have livened up the comments page, haven't seen these many comments in non prize posts in recent times.

Price said...

I've been reading post from this website for a while, and usually enjoy it, despite not always agreeing with it. I think Sam Hill definately has some rage issues, and was possibly out of line, but I can't say he was completely wrong. I've noticed some similar trends recently as well. I don't think I am going anywhere soon, but I hope you guys care enough about your readership to address these issues. Thanks for everything.

Matt Duarte said...

Hey Sam! You are probably not going to read this anymore, considering you claimed to forever leave and never come back, etc.

But if you do read this, I wanted to say that you are right! At the beginning of the issue, in the recap page that I normally skip, it says that Steve Rogers is now in charge of the US's security. So what do you know, I was apparently wrong, and this was intended on Bendis' part.

I guess my confusion came from the fact that ASGARD IS LITERALLY IN FLAMES throughout the first few pages. Now, I don't know about you, but the way that I see Steve Rogers is that saving lives is his utmost imperative in such situations. If a flying city is burning up, wouldn't a firefighter go and try to stop the fire, or rescue anyone that might still be inside? Or would he go have a meeting with his superiors, change his clothes, and then head back to see how that fire is doing? Doesn't matter if it was the President of the United States of America calling, I figure Steve would probably care about the safety of the Asgardians first and foremost. That's why I thought this issue (which I read) was set immediately after the events of Siege: because no one had dealt yet with the fire in huge mystical city that holds magical artifacts of tremendous power. It was an honest mistake!

I did notice the clothes thing, but this is not the first time that different artists have made such a mistake. Hell, it even happened in this same event! Remember the ending of Siege #1 and that issue of New Avengers? Cap was wearing different clothes in both.

That all being said, I think you still came off as a huge douche bag. We always appreciate feedback, and we have made changes because our readers asked us to. But this is literally the first comment I've seen you make in the year-plus I have been blogging, and you proceeded to call us (or me, whichever) "complete and utter morons", idiots, ignorants, and our website "piss-poor". Have you ever brought this problem that you have with the Moments of the Week before? I certainly don't remember, we usually just get positive remarks, and honest discussion. We always converse back and forth with our readers, and the Moments of the Week are some of our most popular posts. If you had such sever problems with it, to the fact that you need to vent your rage in such a manner, you probably should have done it sooner, don't you think?

(and there go a couple hundred words that he is not going to read, if he keeps his word)

@Prince: Thank you for commenting in a calm way, unlike Sam above. What issues are these we are talking about? How can the column be changed for the better? Like I said above, we always appreciate feedback, but you are going to have to be more specific.

Matt Duarte said...

@zoora: The ironic thing, is that all these people claiming anti-DC bias, seemed to NOT want to comment on the Vertigo article I did last week (which only has 11 comments, and a couple of those are mine). Instead, they prefer to come here to bitch and moan about how much Marvel pays us, etc.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@THE GREAT ANON - hey mate, I don't see a direct connection between supes/batman and cap/tony, but I see what you are getting at. Obviously neither company would directly copy, but I think they're different enough to be considered well their won beast.

@Price - I'm not sure what issues you really think we need to work out. I can only passingly think of two, 1) would be factual errors, and I don't think those really impact our site too much, sure they exist, but they aren't dominant, in my view, and 2) if it's because we don't gush over DC I don't know what you think we should do, man. I don't buy any DC comics (I'm sorry, I don't, the interest just isn't there) and I doubt my pregnant wife is going think me using more money to buy comics I don't even really want just to appease some idea of fairness/objectivity in my reviewing is going to make any sense, and you know why, because it doesn't make any sense. I buy what I like (with my own money) and I review it because I enjoy it, and others (polite people) seem to genuinely appreciate the views presented on this site. I can't see a LOGICAL way to fix this perceived problem. Have you got any ideas for us? Hell, Christine, an unashamed Marvel fangal, asked readers to help her choose some DC titles, and she's got a review on the way, you can't get more fair than that. Can you?

@Matt - yeah, we do a good piece about DC but it seems some people can't crawl out of the woodwork to see that one. Not our problem, mate,

Anonymous said...


@mattfraction What can the Mandarin’s rings do? Iron Man/Green Lantern xover…! about 15 hours ago via TweetDeck
Fraction responded:
@GeoffJohns0 together, all of ‘em can save the direct market…! #LETSDOTHISTHING about 15 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to GeoffJohns0
wait weren’t me and @geoffjohns0 plotting our GreenLantern/IronMan xover in real tweettime? wasn’t mandarin getting a red ring or something? about 10 hours ago via web

And Johns responded once more:
@mattfraction Then Hal loses his ring, but finds one of Tony’s suits. And thinks it’s the coolest thing to ever pilot

Anonymous said...


I know that a crossover between marvel/dc has not been done in some years (I think the last one was the epic JLA/Avengers) but it feels like this is the right time for an IM/GL crossover you know just because both franchises are rocking and GL has an upcoming movie.

Please DD and JQ let Matt and Geoff join forces for this!

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@THE GREAT ANON - Yeah, I'd read that for sure. Good detective skills on the old Twitterino.

Price said...

Thanks for taking the time to ask guys. Ryan, I am not in anyway refering to your alleged Marvel bias. I myself am a Marvel faithful and read very little DC (not because of the gore mind you, but because of the rampant poor writing). My concerns with your post here, would be that I have noticed more and more of your moments followed with joke commentary. While some of these moment are laughable, there are other exciting or important moments I would rather see showcased. Also sometimes your guys have a tendency to comment on continuity or logic when is seems most of your problems are easily explained in the issue. I don't believe the explainations are beyond your grasp, so I would be forced to assume that whomever is posting that week didn't read that particular issue. In this regard I would suggest that if you didn't read it, refrain from critizing it. An address to this problems would go a long way to improving your posts. Hope I wasn't too harsh, and thanks for listening.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Price - hey, man, not too harsh at all. You take the time to tell us, we'll certainly take the time to listen. I don't do the moments posts, Kirk and Matt do, and yeah, the whole schtick is basically to see what jumps out from the week and put it up, added commentary gives it heart and personality. I can't comment too directly, as I don't create the post, but I think some of the moments are taken from scans or what have you because if we only posted moments from what we read it would be a pretty locked in set of moments for each month so the lads shop afield. This may arise in certain comments being made around moments but usually I haven't seen this become a major issue, or really an issue much at all in the ages I've been reading this site, but you can bet we will be more diligent in how we do this from now on.

I hope that this problem has only been with the moments and not on other posts, I assume it hasn't so I can only assume you like/LOVE out other writing, so I'll say thanks in that assumption, ha (thanks!).

Thanks for taking the time to let us know and stick around to let us know how we go, we'll only get better with more comments and discussion, that's the whole point.

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