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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/09/10

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With that said, feel free to test out your commenting with this edition of the Moments of the Week!

Avengers Academy #1

Looks like Speedball has done enough penance for his part in Civil War.

The big secret behind the people chosen for Avengers Academy is that they were all on Norman Osborn's short list of kids with potential to be the worst of the worst and next Red Skulls or Dr Dooms. 

Nemesis #2

Nemesis's origin is a little underwhelming.  Read more like he's evil for the sake of being evil.  Was hoping for a more "realistic" approach for him (or as realistic as comic book villains can be). He's supposed to be the only super villain in this real world setting and it's a pretty stereotypical bad guy origin.

This is one big WTF clue to me.  I assume it's supposed to be really clever, but there's no one that could make these leaps in logic. 

Nemesis is finally caught, though he states he planned it all as they beat him to the ground to end the issue.  My only concern here is that no organized police or military force would ever encircle a target like this.  The guns are absolutely useless in such a scenario since you could kill all of your allies with such a closed space.  The guys in the back rows literally cannot fire without hitting friendlies.   Otherwise, it'sa nice splashpage.

Prince of Power #2

I want you to know, I hate you.  I always hated you the most.

PunisherMAX #8

Bullseye is trying to live Frank Castle's life and has gone back to his origins as the family man whose family gets gunned down in the park.  He's kidnapped a family and is acting out his twisted obsessions with them.  They go to the park later in the day for a family outing, too. 

Punisher crosses the line, if there really was one for him, by torturing and then killing a dirty cop.  I liked the build up to this scene.  He actually refuses to kill him and was merely torturing him to get information on Kingpin and Bullseye.  He asked him about his doctor friend that was murdered the day before and the cop outright lies about it.  Castle believed him and then, later, the news reports how the doctor supposedly killed himself and the cover up of this murder pushed Castle over the line.  Really well done sequence and I love how they've mirrored the Kingpin, Bullseye and Punisher's sequences for greater effect (sorry no scans, it's more of an issuewide thing than something that can be shown in a panel or two). 

Secret Six #22

Catman's origin.

Oh god, I laughed so hard at this one.  For those out of the loop or missing the joke, Ragdoll is, well, not completely anatomically correct.

Father dying from cancer you gave him using magic?  Offer her a cigarette!  Stay classy Deadshot.

The man responsible for kidnapping Catman's son reveals that the boy has been given to a rich family that were looking to adopt that will love and look after the child and make sure he has everything he'd ever want.  The bad guy also never wanted Catman to suffer and expected him to die.  His real goal was Chesire, who is responsible for the deaths of said bad guy's wife and child.  To this end, he has Catman tell her another one of her children is dead so she'll give up looking for the boy and the child can grow up happy and out of reach of anyone else that might use him to get to Catman or Chesire (see Rise of Arsenal for more on her other dead child).


This was probably the coolest looking splashpage of the week.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #3

This was a neat way of showing how each person died without actually showing it.  

Black Widow is triggering a chip in Punisher's head when he gets out of line.  What makes the scene is Nick Fury's comments at the end. 

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11

Peter gets Iceman a job at his burger joint.  Dignity is a small price to pay for a man that used to sport a bandana as a regular part of his costume.

Looks like Ultimate Chameleon was masquerading as Jonah at the Daily Bugle.  Peter's spider-sense was triggered when JJJ wouldn't even wave at him.  When he followed him, he was taken down quite easily and is now replaced by the imposter. 

Uncanny X-Men #525

Hope after reacting to Cyclops sending Cable to the future on a suicide mission.  They comment on her eyes glowing like Cyclops's.  The question now is what are her powers?  Does she steal other mutants' powers (Cyclops's in this case)?  Does she just have similar powers to Cyclops?  Unrelated red glowing eye powers?  Be neat if she was Ruby from those X-Factor issues.

X-Men: Hellbound #2

Gambit was sent to Limbo with the others with the hope his thief skills would allow him to find and return Illyana at all costs.  Probably a bad call sending him based on this.

Young Allies #2

This was a funny running joke where Arana is called everything but her actual codename. I hope it continues throughout the series and isn't just a one issue joke.

Continuing the joke, she's called Venomette here.  She's called Spider-Girl again later on. 

Poor Arana can't catch a break in this first issue as she face plants into the building after missing a building jump.

One of the members of the 'Bastards of Evil' (no, I don't know if that's their actual name or just the hot headed member being EXTREME while trash talking in the fight) is supposedly the son of Radioactive Man.  He goes nuclear in downtown New York to end the first issue.  This seems like a huge deal to me.  I'm not sure how they can handwave this kind of explosion away, even for a place like New York where it gets blown up or entire blocks destroyed every other day.  This is basically a nuke going off in downtown New York. 

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THE BEATY said...

It kinda bugs me people who claim that civil war was speedballs fault. I prefer to blame reality tv

Aaron K said...

"I want you to know, I hate you. I always hated you the most." Is that a reference, Kirk? I heartily approve. :)

onefinemess said...

Am I the only one who found the Avengers Academy twist blah and really underwhelming?

Also... looks like name/url was removed from post options?

Matt Duarte said...

@Onefinemess: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the end. I think I saw Gage comparing it to the Thunderbolts reveal. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, but the reveal just made me think "Huh, that's kind of clever", but it didn't have me anticipating the next issue that much. I'm going to stick with the series, at least until the first arc is done.

The Dangster said...

1. did they explain why he isn't penance anymore?
2. i agree, the human hunting part of Nemesis's origins is a bit stale.
3. as i recall, cheshire was willing to let her kid die in Villains United. (I also don't know why she's teaming with Deathstroke in Titans, since he shot her in that, again makes me with DC would pay attention to gail simone). But still that scene was epic.
4. I liked the ghost rider deaths, a great contrast to the punisher sequence last issue. I really like Ultimate Avengers line. its a guilty pleasure. wish they redesigned ghost rider a bit.

Rawnzilla said...

I don't know if you noticed Kirk, but the Radioactive Man's son blew himself up at Ground Zero in NYC.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Wow, Nemesis is looking really dumb. How can anyone read that page of riddle explanation and tell me it's a good comic. I'm actually astounded at how crap it is. Are there editors in the Icon range, perhaps there should be...

And that splash in S.H.I.E.L.D., yeah, it made me really stop and analyse exactly what was happening, it was pretty awesome but this issue was nowhere near as good as the first, sadly.

McE said...

I've been reading Nemesis as camp. 'The Batman gone bad', but the Adam West version of Batman. If read like that, the clue and its explanation make perfect sense.

I just wish I knew for sure that Nemesis was supposed to be campy.

Shawn said...

Avengers Academy. (Cue music) dumb, dumb, duuuuuuumb. (..and no I didn't mispell the 'dunh' sound effects for the music.)

Nemesis 2. Some lazy exposition on Millar's part as far as how he got to the pentagon scenario. He could have introduced some flaky tree-hugging intern who's a historical buff that overhears the convo while serving coffee. Or maybe the Chief still secretly believes in leprechauns and unicorns. Anyway McNiven's incredible art almost makes up for this awful book. Almost.

PunisherMAX. Are we sure this isn't part of the Brightest Day line of comics?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Young Allies. Sigh. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for the levity in your...WTH you blew up NY! AGAIN!! Pretty soon Chernobyl will be the safest place to live in the MCU.

hokutononerd said...

Secret Six keeps getting more awesome!

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@MCE - camp, hey? That's probably the best idea ever, Millar will probably even turn around at the end and go, yeah, it was camp, of course it was, didn't you get that. Real life retcon, can't wait.

daryll b. said...

Well another nuclear blast near me...grrreeeat.. just what my area The Marvel version of me is dead like 20 times over by now...

...but with that said I love the running Arana joke. That's something on a "Peter Parker-Johnny Storm" dynamic with her and Nomad.

I hope "Hope" is Ruby too....because that may be the only thing to save this crossover....

Catman's characterization is on a whole new level...

onefinemess said...

Sooo... how about that character reversion we all knew was coming in Captain America 606? Zemo is a douche/villain again! ...and so is the Fixer? WTF.

alex said...

RE: UXM and Hope

I imagine that, considering their first meeting and the bond between them that has been a main point of the crossover, that the recent development in Hope's powers is tied to Rogue's absorption power.

twobitspecialist said...

I might get Avengers Academy just because I was a fan of Speedball when he was still with the Thunderbolts.

Michael and Emily said...

I'm not reading Nemesis because I have a feeling it's not very good... but that Riddle explanation was a pretty obvious homage to Adam West Batman. That was a hallmark of the old series... the insane leaps in logic. You know:

Commissioner Gordon: It could be any one of them... But which one? Which ones?

Batman: Pretty *fishy* what happened to me on that ladder...

Commissioner Gordon: You mean where there's a fish there could be a penguin?

Robin: But wait! It happened at sea... Sea. C for Catwoman!

Batman: Yet, an exploding shark *was* pulling my leg...

Commissioner Gordon: The Joker!

Chief O'Hara: All adds up to a sinister riddle... Riddle-R. Riddler!

Commissioner Gordon: A thought strikes me... So dreadful I scarcely dare give it utterance...

Batman: The four of them... Their forces combined...

Robin: Holy nightmare!

Diego said...

No Doom Patrol awesome moment? I believe it was pretty cool, specially the final pages (THAT.MOTHERFUCKING.SPEECH!)

Kirk Warren said...

@Diego - We do our best to find as many moments as possible, but with lesser read books, there are fewer discussions and postings of pages for me to grab from my usual image boards or forums. If you have a link to any particular moments, feel free to post them in the comments (Imageshack is a good free image host; you can then copy and paste the url here) for the rest of our readers to see and we'll even try to add them to the MotW if possible.

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