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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/16/10

Hope your enjoying the start of your weekends because it's about to get better with the Comic Book Moments of the Week!  We've got Spider-Man, New Avengers, REBELS, Birds of Prey and more in this edition.  Hit the jump for the momenty goodness!

Amazing Spider-Man #633

A three page spread of just a small exchange between Lizard and Spider-Man as his more mammal-like brain adapts to emotions and thought and the realization that he murdered a little boy.  I wish I could have posted the entire thing, but it's nearly the entire issue building to this and I had to show something from it, so I hope this is enough to get you interested.

Amazing Spider-Man #634

Never thought I'd see this guy in a comic again.  At least, not for another 10-15 years when the next generation of writers re-introduce their old favourites.  Possible cannon fodder for the Grim Hunt?

Mattie Franklin, the one time Spider-Woman, is killed off in a rather unnecessary way.  Only thing that really let me down in this issue.

And she was killed off to resurrect Vladimir Kravinoff, the second Kraven the Hunter who was killed by Kaine during the Clone Saga.  Not sure why he's a werewolf though...

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1

Wait a damn second here.  Is that, yes, that is Ben Reilly Spider-Man shown with the other spider totem characters.  Does this mean he's still alive?  Are they going to have him appear in the crossover?  Everyone else, even Kaine, has returned so far.  Or did the artist just get a generic "draw different spider people lying on the ground" and included him? 

Oh, and for context, this is a dream sequence Madame Web has been projecting into Peter's mind and a prelude to Grim Hunt in the back of this issue.  Just caught me by surprise to see him included in the image.

Atlas #2

This one's pretty self explanatory.  For those curious, a gorilla is estimated at about 20 times our strength, so he's probably got 3D Man's strength of three men trumped by quite a bit.

Birds of Prey #2

The White Canary has set up the Birds of Prey by exposing Black Canary's secret identity and framing her for a murder.  It even made mention of the little girl she was going to adopt, Sin ("the next Shiva"), which might imply the White Canary is somehow related to or even the mother of Sin.  This being comics, it could also mean she's some kind of rapid aged or time travelling Sin back for revenge on her "mommy", but I'm going to just ignore that train of thought.  

On a related note, I didn't think Black Canary's identity was secret.  I'm not big on her history or anything, but, well, she doesn't even wear a mask and poses for photos with the JLA and everything.  Her husband was even the mayor of Star City.  Can't even blame this on the "glasses and slouching effect" of Clark Kent/Superman.  She's the same person, just in fishnets. 

I'm just going to leave this here...

Brightest Day #4

If you were curious about the new Aqualad, here's the two whole pages he appears in in this issue of Brightest Day.

Heralds #3

This is why I fear the US ever using our beloved metric system.  Well, them, Liberia and Myanmar, who will always be Burma to me. 

Incredible Hulk #610

That freaky red guy is a Hulked out Amadeus Cho.  He got some kind of reality warping powers due to his super brain and he turns MODOK back into a regular human.  I don't know how to feel about this.

Doc Samson redeems himself by dying to help Banner contain the radiation.  But Bruce Banner + gamma radiation equals....

The Hulk!!!!  And what a glorious return.  Paul Pelletier was born to draw the Hulk.  For those that don't want to click the image, know that I've made this one into wallpaper size (1680x1217 for our high resolution friends).  Click on through for the full size beauty.

New Mutants #14

That smarts.

Oh, it's on.  Magneto isn't about to sit around and watch his people exterminated.  Come get some Nimrods.

New Avengers #1

Can someone explain to me why Luke Cage is acting like this?  He was Cap's best bud and backed him up all through Civil War and wanted to keep the Avengers going after he died, even if they had to be outlaws to do it.  Now, Cap is back and Cage is acting like a dick and 'sticking it to the man', despite it being freaking Captain America asking him to join/lead an Avengers team.  I really don't get why he's acting like this.  Please, someone explain it to me.

Luke Cage, the guy who wears jeans and a t-shirt for a costume, doens't have any money or his wallet on him, but the guy in yellow booties and a bandana does?  The mind, it boggles.

I love Stuart Immonen's work on this issue.  The colouring and inking really makes a difference compared to his previous New Avengers work in the last volume.  It's like night and day.  However, it looks like there were deadline problems.  Take a look at the circled sections above for some rushed work.

This joke never gets old.


Brainiac-3 creates a Solaris-like (or maybe Solaris?) tyrant star and is off to find Brainiac-1? I feel like quoting Badboys here - $%^# just got real.

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David said...

Much as I hate the BND era of Spidey, that is a powerful moment with the Lizard. I wonder if they've bothered to plan out why/how Peter knows Ezekiel but didn't end up with the new powers he got during The Other.

Philipe said...

The bizarre fact about this Luke Cage thing is that Bendis himself kinda "recreated" the's amazing that he wrote this and didn't think it was kind of weird for him to be pissed at Cap. Plus he also gets to run the friggin' Thunderbolts! Bendis needs a vacation or something, he's probably too tired...

I'm actually starting to dislike Cage and his whole "tough guy, not gonna wear a costume" thing. He's only interesting because of Jessica, period.

I say put him back in his golden jacket!

Kirk Warren said...

@Philipe - I dont mind the "costume". He doesnt bash those in costuems and it's unique on its own. I think it would be a step backwards to go wtih the tiara costume again.

Vilyathas said...

That Sun Eater looks more like Solaris the Tyrant Sun. Maybe they're setting up for a crossover with Superman?

Philipe said...

@Kirk Warren

I was kidding, of course. But I do think Bendis tries really hard to push Luke as this great character that I don't really see in him. I'm serious...if it wasn't for his relationship with Jessica I don't think Luke would be very interesting. He's very stereotypical (if there is such a word).

iwasherefirst said...

I thought Cage's reaction was to do with the fact that after Fury's Secret War, Stark's (supposed) cock-up with the Secret Invasion and Osborne's entire reign, the MU still wants to put someone in that position with all that potential to fail and Roger's was suggesting that Cage simply fall back under that banner.

Maybe I'm just digging into the subtext a little much, but that seems to be why they made such a big deal about his team being separate from Cap's. Cage is anticipating another breakdown and sees his Avengers as the team that can oppose Cap should that happen, like they did with the last two top cops.

twobitspecialist said...

This thing about characters being in multiple teams is annoying, and I'm not talking about just Wolverine. Luke Cage being the leader of the New Avengers and the Thunderbolts. Steve Rogers being the leader of the Avengers and the Secret Avengers. The Thing being with the New Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Beast being with X-Men and Secret Avengers.

And why in the world is Daredevil in those panels?

Steven said...

iwasherefirst - You are reading a whole lotta subtext into it. It was just a typical Bendis characterization moment. But since Bendis basically gives all of his characters the same personality, those scenes never work well in his books.

That may or may/not be Solaris, but it is certainly the same type of thing. It is not the same thing as a Sun Eater though, he just blew up a sun to make it.

Hopefully we'll find out why Pulsar Stargrave looks like Brainiac the first in the Legion's time.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Aw, man, Magneto is an old man, what is his secondary mutation, to be ripped? I hate seeing old nipple-less men with veiny shoulder/neck muscles, but maybe that's just me.

As for Luke Cage, man he's just there so Iron Fist has an excuse to be there, and that's fine by me. I assume Rand has dollar bills in his junk because he dances for the ladies and that's where their change goes.

Zdenko said...

KUdos for the Seinfeld reference in the Heralds moment. :)

And Paul does draw a awesome Hulk. He's like the Gary Frank of the modern age... :)

Steven said...

@Ryan - Magneto has been de-aged more than once over the years. He was de-aged back to infancy at one point and then, when re-aged, he was brought back to around his mid to late thirties.

The same thing happened to Xavier when the Brood destroyed his body and the Shi'ar cloned him a new, younger body.

revelshade said...

What, no LSofH geeks read this blog? No one digging the new origin of the new/old Legion villain Pulsar Stargrave? Plus the cool way he got his groovy, reeks-of-the-seventies Bond-villain-esque name? Pulsar Stargrave! Pulsar Stargrave! Pulsar Stargrave!

Oh, and Daniel Rand, "private dancer" is a visual I so didn't need. Thanks, RKL.

Kirk Warren said...

@Steven - Oops, I mixed up the Sun-Eater with Solaris. I'll fix that in the description.

onefinemess said...

I agree with iwasherefirst about the Cage thing, but I agree that those scenes weren't written as well as they could have been (and I typically like Bendis' stuff).

The multiple team thing is a bit much, but it's par for the course with Marvel. I guess the Thunderbolts are Luke's "day job" and the Avengers are his off time and weekends...

re: Atlas: I enjoyed it.

re: sacrificing spiders. I get why it happened for story purposes but uh... why not kill Madame Web instead of a young girl? I mean, really? Or Arachne? Anyone? And yeah, really curious to see how the Ezekiel stuff sorts out.

Kirk Warren said...

@onefinemess - storywise, they need Madame Web for her abiity to see the future still, so won't be killing her just yet.

Nuv said...

F!@# YEAH, Bad Boys!!!
I love those movies. Pretty much any time the word s#!% is used in them is epic.
"I'm confusin' my own s#!%..."
"You come up with this s#!%..."
"Look like a chip a' s#!%..."
Man, I hope they go through with making the third installment...

I check out the site daily. Great read as always.
Colossus' arm being snapped was f@#$in' crazy!

Peace out!


Ryan K Lindsay said...

@revelshade - you know Rand's a dancer for money, he'll do anything that you do...and any old music will do, ha.

Matt Duarte said...

There are so many Iron Fist Stripper jokes to be made, but I better not open that Pandora's Box.

onefinemess said...

@Kirk: Yeah, but that's totally arbitrary, they could have easily written it to get what they need from her in another way, or have it done earlier, etc. All at author's convenience. The death for life thing is a core concept, but the way they are accessing the future and how they take the life are just details imho.

/geek off :P

twobitspecialist said...

The thing we have also failed to point out is that Danny Rand is a millionaire (I think he is still, anyway). He carries around dollar bills? I work for a rich boss, and I know for a fact that they don't carry cash usually.

nf said...

REBELS is so good.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@twobitspecialist - I don't know the current account of Rand's bank account as when he returned from hell, in his series, his company was completely run into shit, but then he'd also got Misty pregnant and I haven't seen that addressed again either. Who knows, but I can say as for why Rand carries those dollars with him, there are actually two answers.

1, the fun answer, because he likes to buy hot dogs while on patrol and doesn't want to break $100's and carry all that change with him


2, the serious answer, if he doesn't carry cash then he must carry a card (I am assuming at some stage during the day he'd have to purchase something while in costume, and his card could easily identify him to anyone who found it (for those who don't know the Rand/Fist connection) or it could easily be stolen and the signature forged and billions of his dollars stolen.

I like the idea of Iron Fist munching on Hot Dogs way better :)

Jarmir said...

RKL: For your Hot Dog answer I award you a NO PRIZE :D

Great way to explain the situation (hey Spidey does it regularly, so why not Iron Fist)

Toby said...

didn't Brainiac 5 make a reference to Pulsar Stargrave during Last Stand of New Krypton. I think he said something to the affect of Pulsar Stargrave is rumored to be Brainiac 1.

Nathan Aaron said...

Man, what happened to the art on Heralds?! It was announced that the Marvel Divas guy was drawing it (too lazy to look up his name at the moment, sorry) and then he did one issue, and it's been fill in ever since!

Also, did that Spiderman prologue also appear in the first issue of Grim Hunt, or do you HAVE to buy Black Cat in order to get it? I'm guessing answer #2.

Philipe said...

@Nathan Aaron

You HAVE to. I know, it's's weird for Marvel to do that. I mean, it's not like they do a cover showing something or some characters that are not even featured inside the actual story. I'm blown away...I mean blooooooooown.

Kirk Warren said...

@Nathan Aaron - Like Philipe said, it's only in the Black Cat issue. However, I heard that book was actually really good. I was expecting American Son or Negative Man type miniseries and skipped it altogether. Comics Alliance did a round table review on it if you were wondering what it was like.

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