Saturday, June 26, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/23/10

Holy crap, this took me forever to get done.  There were just way too many moments this week and I fear I probably missed out on a lot as well.  I've spent too many hours putting this together already, so I'll just cut it short and let you have at it.  Hit the jump for your Moments of the Week!

Amazing Spider-Man #635

Really enjoyed this scene.  Caught me off guard and it's still great even after re-reading it.  Makes complete sense and just plain worked for me.

The problem with reviewing comics the minute you finish reading it is you don't get much of a chance to re-read or digest it.  It's pretty obvious they are going to somehow make this be Kaine in the costume and Spidey will wake up in the grave he fell just before the fight.  It's just kind of dumb coming to the conclusion after a review is posted, though I did speculate on it.  I still really like the issue and think agree with my assessment on it, but this sequence loses a lot of impact.  I still can't see how Kaine knew to take a Spider-Man costume with him or stripped Spidey of his, put it on and had it fit properly when he is practically the equivilent of Eddie Brock's Venom in body shape compared to Peter. 

And he died so that Kraven could return.  Not sure if it's because he's "Peter" or just a worthy sacrifice or what, but Kraven is human and looks normal enough.  At least, for a guy dressed like that. 

Avengers #2

Wonder Man is confirmed for bad guy status after destroying the Avengers's time machine thing and attacking them.  I imagine he'll be a key member by the end of the arc and help them stop whatever's going on.  Or Bendis can destroy the character.  Whatever works.

Time is broken!  That means we get crossover madness with random timelines and this is Apocalypse and his new Horsemen, which look like Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #3

Batman will be hard to stop?  Ya think?  This has to be the understatement of the year.

I like how Red Robin was worked into the story.  He was the only one that believed Bruce was alive and it seemed like Morrison was ignoring everything that Yost was doing with the character in his title.  Nice to see it being used.  

Oh, and is Huntress a JLA member?  I don't remember seeing her on the roster's that were announced, but haven't been reading the series either. 

Batman requests Jack Valor write everything Bruce remembers down in a book for him to find in his next quantum leap adventure.  Prep time times a billion here.  He's taking it to a whole new level.

Next time on a very special Return of Bruce Wayne - the Bat Ranger.  He's gonna take on Jonah Hex, too.  Not sure if that's because of the movie or originally intended by Morrison.  Only thing I'm disappointed about is that Cameron Stewart won't be doing the art on the next issue anymore.

Detective Comics #866

Joker's expression is what makes this scene work for me.  It's like even he didn't expect the gun to go off like that. 

Nothing else needs to be said other than that this is the funniest scene this week. 

Fantastic Four #580

I'm not sure where Hickman is going with his Nu-Earth interludes, but I really enjoy them.

Why must every writer do a "Thing gets to be human" story?  It will never stick.  It will go wrong or be reverted the instant a new writer comes on the title or just will not last.  Yet it's the only Thing story creatiors seem to want to tell. 

Franken-Castle #18

Franken-Castle is knocking off some people on his list and next in line is a rematch with the man that killed him - Daken

Green Arrow #1

Green Lantern enters the Star City forest created by the White Lantern ring wielding Deadman and his ring is immediately disabled.  There's a tree with a glowing White Lantern logo as well, though I'm not sure if that's visible to him or just something for the reader to draw conclusions from...

Not really up on my Green Arrow, so can't really say if these are new people or old favourites joining as his Merry Men.  I imagine Speedy could be the girl with the bow in the back, but draw blanks for anyone else.

Green Lantern Corps #49

Cyborg Superman returns and has taken over the Alpha Lanterns...

...and looks to have set up a new Warworld on Green Lantern Stel's homeworld (he's the robot Green Lantern and the planet is, obviously, a robot one).

Better be stealthy with a bright green glowing combat uniform.  She's also got a giant, glowing lantern in her chest.  Stealth++.  Oh, and did I mention John was a sniper?  He was a sniper.  He likes to snipe. And when he's nervous and going into battle, he uses his magic wishing ring to make a siper rifle for close combat so you know he was a sniper at one point.

Hulk #23

Sigh, how does Jeph Loeb get away with making General Ross a power hungry pyschopath from his earliest days?

And why does the supposedly incredibly powerful cosmic Hulk, which was created by the Eternals, get destroyed in one page by the Red Hulk?

Red Hulk drains all of Leader's gamma radiation off, which turns him back into a normal human being. 

Joker's Asylum II: Killer Croc #1

Damn, Croc makes that suit look good.

Context time!  Croc escaped from Arkham (shocking, I know) and was helped by this couple.  They were bottom of the barrel thugs for a random mafia wannabe.  They help him out, feed him, keep him safe from the cops and they get him to help them take over the territory and eventually they all become top dogs in this part of Gotham.  They treat him like a human and part of their family and all that jazz.  As time goes on, they start getting more and more power hungry and start abusing Croc, treating him like a monster and only really using him for his muscle to kill enemies and, eventually, the two turn on each other and use Croc to try and kill the other so they can have more money and power.  In the end, Croc realizes what they are doing and it ends in this scene, which features Croc's only spoken lines in the comic. 

Justice League: Generation Lost #4

Maxwell Lord's powers are on the fritz and killing people instead of mind controlling them.  I get that.  It's like Aquaman's dead sealife power.  What I don't get is why they turn into Black Lanterns...

Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #4

I have no words to describe this.  He knocks a guy out with his stub (is that politically correct? I have no idea what to call it that doesn't sound bad...), manages to unlock his restraints and then throws a guy bigger than him through the air and into a wall with one arm and his legs in restraints, thus unable to gain any leverage or momentum with which to throw the man.  I blame drugs. 

Hypocrite much Ollie?  You killed Prometheus in cold blood just like this.

This is kind of creepy looking.  Arsenal appears to be looking at the reader instead of the man he is killing (Executioner, the guy that helped blow up Star City).

Some beautiful symbology of Arsenal burning his old house down with his daughter still inside.  It's a drug or withdrawal induced hallucination of her though, so it's alright to burn her alive.

Secret Warriors #17

I really enjoyed this page.  It's one of my favourites from this series so far.  Not sure why it made me smile so much. 

We've seen the Secret Warriors and know about the other two caterpillar teams, but this is the first we've seen of Alexander Pierce's team.  I don't recognize anyone, though.  Not sure if they are all new or obscure characters I can't place.

Not the helicarriers!!! NOOOOOOO!!! At least they weren't the same model as the one the Avengers used to end Siege with.  Imagine two carriers blowing up like that? China wouldn't exist anymore if these carriers did that. 

Supergirl #53

We can't even spell Hell in a comic book?  Let's assume this dream is where you can't read the writing and they are trying to be accurate.

That dream caused Supergirl to have some night terrors.  Instead of wetting the bed, she fires off her heat vision.  Uh, she could have killed a lot of people with that.  In fact, Lana Lang lives with her and could have easily be killed.  Shouldn't she, you know, not sleep near people anymore if there's a risk she'll melt them without knowing it?

Bizarro Supergirl.  Er, ah, Bizarro-Girl I guess based on the bottom of the page.

Superman #700

This is what makes Superman start walking for the upcoming storyline.  A woman blames him for not saving her husband while he was off SAVING ALL HUMANITY FROM TOTAL ANNIHILATION.  So now he thinks he's lost touch with the little people and and is going on a walk about to get in touch with himself again.

The worst part about the walking storyline, or at least the reason for it, is other stories have shown how Superman deals with this already and did it better. 

Thunderbolts #135

NERD RAGGGGEEEE!!!  Okay, it's not that bad and I was kind of expecting it, but it still sucks that Baron Zemo turned out to be a fake.  Still digging this new direction for Thunderbolts, too, even with the Baron Zemo cop out. 

For those wondering how they were containing the Juggernaut, seems something can stop him and it has to do with the Captain Universe story Roger Stern recently did in Amazing Spider-Man

New warden for the Thunderbolts is the recently de-armed US Agent.  I was wondering what happened to him after seeing what Nuke did to him.  Good to see he wasn't forgotten in the shuffle.

Speaking of Nuke, I loved Fixer's reaction at the end.

Ultimate Avengers 2 #4

Uh...these are pages 1 and 2 of this issue.  Anyone see any, well, similarities?

Sadly, I, too, am not sure if Millar is being serious about the Spider being the love child of Spider-Man and Charles Xavier back from the future.

Dude, that's cold Nick.  I see why she busts your balls every chance she gets.

This is the origin of the Ultimate Ghost Rider.  I'm guessing that's Ultimate Mephisto playing the part of the "devil". 

X-Men Legacy #237

Uh, where are her legs?  I can get the idea of blending the two timeline images together across the Sentinel's eye beam, but shouldn't Hope have some hips and legs extending down into the beam?

Laura tried to go through the time portal and and turns out it burns up any organic material trying to pass through.

So Cable let's his TO virus overtake his body and passes through no problem.

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twobitspecialist said...

Those Hulk stories have been crazy stuff since day one. The Abomination is killed. MODOK is depowered. Red Hulk is Thunderbolt Ross. Betty Ross dies. Doc Samson dies. Now the Leader is depowered? These has all happened for shock value's sake only. You know everything will be back to status quo once Loeb's run is over.

onefinemess said...

And Greg Land ruins another comic!

... and there was no rejoicing.


I think the story in Legacy was actually decent but. LAAAANNNNND!!! *shakes fist like Kirk doing KHAAAAAANNNN!*

The Dangster said...

artwork on Arsenal doesn't seem that good. also, i cringed when i saw the reason why Superman is going to walk America. It's so flawed and cliched.

I can't tell if tim sale did a new page or if they just put new captions from his Hulk Grey stuff.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Am I supposed to comment on those Millar pages or what? Ha. Is it worth hearing people defend it? I would just say, writing Nick Fury that way is pretty crappy. 616 Fury would never do that, and that's why I like 616 Fury better, because crass sexism isn't characterisation. Lame.

Radlum said...

I actually don't mind Ult. Nick Fury's attitude (besides the fact that I see him as Samuel L Jackson in a comic book), I mean, the guy is no saint, cheating on his wife is wrong, but hardly the worst he has done.
Also, am I the only one that hates that drawing of Apocalypse and his Horsemen? I usually like John Romita's Jr artwork, but that one looks really bad.

Steven said...

I am pretty sure that Horseman is Iron Man, not the Hulk. The little white dots all over the torso of the armor point that way. Not to mention the armor itself.

Have you ever read any Hulk stories featuring ol' Thunderbolt? General Ross has always been a power hungry pyschopath. He has done completely traitorous things time and again, always justifying it as his patriotic duty. Going all the way back to when Stan was writing it. This whole arc has been based on old Hulk storylines, some very old. As exhibited by the era appropriate artwork for the flashbacks.

That JT Krul. Boy his work gets better and better all the time. Now Roy can go be a full-time villain in Titans and be badly written by Eric Wallace.

JC said...

So random brain tumor husbanded-woman is to Superman as Sally Floyd was to Captain America? Bleh.

kcgadiyar said...

Whoa, huge week. Took me almost a half hour to go through all of these. Really appreciate the effort.

Regarding the spelling of "hell" in Supergirl. It is meant to be a callback to project 7734 which General Lane was in charge of, this project was the one which ended up blowing New Krypton up.

Ivan said...

Radlum, I agree. That's a very unimpressive design for Apocalypse. He looks...chubby. Shoulders slumped...A big villain like him deserved better.

Kirk Warren said...

@Steven - I can kinda see that now. I was thinking it was a throwback to Hulk's time as a Horseman and the size/bulk seemed more like the Hulk to me. The hair was throwing me off as well.

And my experience with Ross, even from some of the stories he references, was that he was not hunting the Hulk because he was jealous of how powerful he was and upset that Hulk wasnt trying to take over the world like he supposedly would do with that power and is at the endof that issue. He wasn't just a Saturday morning villain. He cared about his daughter and honestly believed Hulk was a threat to people and tried to make up for his mistake in overseeing that project.

He didn't just hate Bruce Banner because he was a doctor and had to "babysit him" at the gamma project and he didn't hate doctors because they saved his life after a plane crash.

Yes, Loeb is drawing on older stories to add his retcons, but that doesnt mean I have to accept or like it either. At this point, he's now an unredeemable character. Just a generic villain and always has been. I don't want to believe he was in all those older stories. Hell, he wasn't even written that way in WWH, which this issue references/uses to prove its point.

@JC - Pretty much. That or the woman that spit in Iron Man's face in Civil War and blamed him for her kid dying.

@kcgadiyar - Ah, that makes a little more sense, though it still looks weird seeing it like that.

Jarmir said...

GLC: Why can't DC just drop the "John, milatry man" thing. I remember Kirk pointed this out to me in the prelude to BN arc, in which John creates soldiers and a sniper rifle (again, for close quarters fight).

I don't know much about John, but what I know from reding this blog is

a- He was also an architect
b- he has more willpower than any other green lantern

So what does he use his wishing ring for? Creating useless military gear?

The only reason I can think of DC doing this so often is to glorify the US military: there is a GL US military, who wishes for US military stuff, so the US military most be sooo cool!

That is so lame... why can't they show how much creativity he has instead of just how silly/stupid his thiking is with stuff like this?

Jonathan said...

I agree with the JRJR comments. I'm honestly not a big fan of his style, as his characters all seem to have a bit of the blocky, sketchy feel the Horsemen have in that image. Plus, Iron Man looks like he has a horse head for a penis.

As for John Stewart, his military background actually started with the Justice League cartoon. I guess architect wasn't a cool enough job for the kiddies.

While I don't necessarily mind the idea of John being an ex-Marine, it does bug me when it is alluded to as obviously as it was in this comic. Also, it is inconsistent with his characterization in major parts of his backstory. Plus, I prefer the architectural constructs to the military constructs.

Wez said...

I dont really mind JRJR stuff from ASM. I like some of it in some places but I dont think he works well drawing multiple characters on one page.
For instance his male characters all look very similar and have the same straight nose and that scratchy shading. Without the costumes I would have a real problem telling who is who. You could say though that is just his style though.
His covers though are my least favourite work though. The cover to Avengers #1 made me not pick it up and I decided to wait for the trade instead.
He is miles better than Greg Land though.
I keep looking at the 1st panel of the second last image that you posted. Nobody has a face (apart from Domino's black eye) in the back and I cant see if thats a weird shadow covering X-23 and Wolverine on the left or has someone covered Laura in a cape???
I must say though I do like his Cable with the TO virus.

tirga said...

Oh god, this woman slapping Superman for saving millions of lives instead of saving her husband... I so wish it was Silver Age Superman she slapped! Imagine the super dickeries that would have ensued!


acespot said...

where do the images of the letters to supes come from? They sure weren't in #700...

vinniewarlock said...

They didn't misspelled HELL wrong in that hellish page of Supergirl's nightmare... that's 7734 upside down, referring to General Lane's 7734 Project, that was responsible for the destruction of New Krypton...

Medicina said...

killer croc jokers asylum is my favorite interpretation of k croc

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