Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cover of the Week - Dark Wolverine, Incredible Hulk & Black Cat

Some interesting covers this week, from artistic homages to JRJr goodness.  Hit the jump to see what Ryan L., Matt and myself chose as our Cover of the Week and why.

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - Dark Wolverine #87  - by Stephanie Hans

Ryan L.: I just love the meaning of this cover. Daken standing in the shell like some bastardised version of Venus being birthed into the world. It's really the blood running down his little throne that captured my attention. That little detail puts this cover up as my favourite of the week.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - Incredible Hulk #610 by John Romita Jr

Kirk:  We all know what this cover means and that is exactly what makes it a great cover in my eyes.  We knew the Hulk was eventually going to return - we just didn't know when.  The promise of this cover, as evidenced by the Moments of the Week, comes through in spades and I had to force myself to put the book back on the shelf and just wait for the trade on more than one occasion this week.  That is a good cover in my eyes. Only thing that really hurt it is the trade dress, which isn't pictured.  Cluttered up a bit too much of the art in the final print, but still looked fantastic.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1 by Amanda Conner

Matt: We all know that Amanda Conner can both draw amazing covers and beautiful women, so putting her on cover duty for this Black Cat centric mini series was a smart move. What really won me over, though, it's the details in the background and the name of the title (at least the Black Cat part) that was incorporated as part of the image, channeling the work of Dave Johnson.

Runners-Up: The Joker's Asylum: Mad Hatter, REBELS #17 & Amazing Spider-Man #34

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Gil said...

Of those above I like the Hulk and Mad Hatter covers most, but my favorite cover this week was definitely Fables #96. I love the stringy hair falling into the water with the petals, the red and green palette, the title and numbering. It's such a gorgeous cover. You can check it here:

MC Nedelsky said...

I thought Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers had a great cover. It lied terribly about the interior, but still good.

nf said...

Mad Hatter for sure.

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