Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cover of the Week - Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War, Captain America & Iron Man: Noir

Hey, Cover of the Week is back on it's Sunday schedule! Every week we take a look at some of the favorite covers that hit the stands. This week we have some period pieces for you, one set in the 1930's noir period and the other one in some nebulous 1980's with a magazine mock-up.  And then there's a guy with a purple sock on his head.  Hit the jump to see them

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - Deadpool - Wade Wilson's War #1 by Jason Pearson

Ryan L.: I'm pretty well burnt out on Deadpool, to be honest, and I don't even pick up on any of his titles. He's like a teen starlet that pops up in all the magazines and you just kind of hate his face for it (OMG, he's totes someone in Twilight!). I have let Deadpool pass me by but I am picking this cover this week because Jason Pearson does a spectacular job of putting this whole idea and concept together. It looks like one of those old magazine covers, the image is grainy, the sub-titles all, purportedly, lead you to pages to read the articles. I just dig that they did something different with this one. As for while I'll be buying this series, it's got some Bullseye action, which I always like, and Duane Swierczynski is writing it.That might not mean much to you but it means everything to me. I'll follow him into battle and see if I'm dutifully rewarded in Valhalla for it.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - Captain America #606 by Marko Djurdjevic

Kirk:  I'm a huge Baron Zemo fan and he's never looked as good as he has in this Marko Djurdjevic cover. 

Matt's Cover of the Week - Iron Man: Noir #3 by Mike Fyles

Matt: This one is a really cool image, although it could really be my irrational love of zeppelins. The armor in itself is also very striking, you can still tell that the armor fits with the times that this comic is set in, but there's small hints of how ahead of the time it is.

Runners-Up: Justice League: Generation Lost #3, PunisherMAX #8, Secret Six #22

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Shawn said...

Whew, Kirk, you saved it this week. While the other two covers were good, Captain America 606 along with it's variant really jumped out at me. And while David Finch usually isn't my cup of tea, his cover on Batman 700 caught my eye.

Speaking of eye-catching covers...Titans 24, Jokers Asylum Harley Quinn 1, and Meta 4's first issue did the job for me.

Ivan said...

Kirk, a lot of people seem mad that Zemo is apparently going back to "absolutely evil" mode. How do you feel about that?

Kirk Warren said...

@Ivan - I don't like the flip back to Saturday morning villain motivation after everything Fabian and Busiek did with him in Thunderbolts. However, I'm just happy to see him in a comic again. It's been a while. This first issue was pretty light on the Zemo aspects. We know what Brubaker said in some interviews, but there's still no definite 'have to do this for my father' type explanation given by Zemo himself. Have to wait and see the rest of the storyarc before passing full judgement, but I'm happy with what we've gotten so far.

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