Monday, June 28, 2010

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Dustin Nguyen's Batman: Wizard of Oz

Admit it, you want a Batman: Wonderful Wizard of Oz Elseworlds now.

After last week's Batman: Heart of Hush Trade Waiting guest post, I felt like spotlighting one of my favourite artists and a work horse that rarely misses a deadline while managing to keep a monthly schedule - a rarity in comics today - and that man is Dustin Nguyen (Homepage | Facebook | deviantArt). 

I went with the above image, of which you can view a slightly larger version of here, because, as the caption states, I'd love to see Dustin do a Batman: Wizard of Oz miniseries using various allies and villains as the set pieces.  If anything, the art alone would be worth it.  Hit the jump for a small selection of his other works.

Put Paul Dini and Dustin on a Batman Beyond ongoing or miniseries.  PLEASE.

Dustin seems to enjoy drawing Mr Freeze.  He has a lot of spectacular art posted of him.

A larger image of the Heart of Hush trade cover. 

A cover to Manifest Eternity, a series he did with former X-Men writer, Scott Lobdell.

A great Hellboy image.

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Ivan said...

Dustin Nguyen is an amazing artist. I love artists that convey the most emotions with the least strokes, and to my untrained eyes that's exactly what Nguyen's work looks like.

Except those last two pieces, I would never guess they're Nguyen's. Both also look great.

Andrenn said...

The second I saw this post I was hoping you'd spotlight that excellent Batman Beyond image. That has to be my personal favorite of his. Just because Return of the Joker is my favorite Batman movie.

I first saw Nguyen's artwork back on the small story arcs prior to Heart of Hush, and while it was good stuff, his work on that story arc blew me away. I think he's one of DC's best artists.

Also I totally agree, Batman Beyond by Dini/Nguyen is my dream comic as of now.

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