Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Marko Djurdjevic's Spider-Man Rogues Gallery

Click here for full sized image.

I've always been a huge Spider-Man fan - he got me reading comics in the first place - so seeing Marko Djurdevic draw the entire rogues gallery like this is a real treat and something that has to be shared with everyone. Be sure to click the link for the full sized image.  That's only a small cross section of the mammoth sized image shown in the above banner.

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Flip The Page said...

his Mr. Negative is AMAZING there, to say nothing of Kid Kraven and Kid Scorpion.

Also is that Morlun the Devourer or whatnot in the top right background or am I confused? cause if so woo for totem acknowledgement!

tirga said...

Nice art, too bad Screwball is missing.
Who is this guy between Juggernaut and Vermin? He looks like Annex from Avengers The Initiative.


Zdenko said...

The one with the blue hood? That's Raptor from ASM Annual 36 and ASM 608-610.

And, wow, I knew Marko is a awesome artist, but, this is outstanding.

Also, what Flip the Page said: ''Also, is that Morlun the Devourer or whatnot in the top right background or am I confused?''

Nathan Aaron said...

Yay! A Marko Djurdevic cover set that ISN'T a variant edition! I love it! (THIS is the way you do it, Avengers books! LOL)

Please, for the love of mankind, kill off Freak. He is such a sucktacular villain. And MORE Paper Doll, I think she rocks!

Chris said...

Well Juggernaut and Vermin are on completely opposite sides of the picture, but I assume you mean the guy between Juggenaut and the Jackal and that is Raptor, who is a newer villain who was actually after Ben Reily.

This is an awesome picture btw.

Zdenko said...

@Nathan-I think they tried to kill Freak 3 or 4 times already, but he just dodges those tryes. :P

twobitspecialist said...

That is one rocking banner! But I'm afraid I don't know who some of those lesser known characters are (like the blond next to Jonah).

And where's Ben Reilly?

Kirk Warren said...

@twobitspecialist - Most of the lesser knowns you might not recognize are new BND cast members. The blonde is Nora, the reporter from Frontline.

Drew said...

Wow, some of these look truly remarkable.

I may have to pick up some of the BND stuff I've been avoiding because some of these characters look pretty good. I like many of the new costumes as well!

Wez said...

Someone actually likes Paper Doll?

Incredible image though. New Desktop Background.

BT said...

I remeber reading somewhere that Marko hates the comic book industry. Why does he still work in it?

Kirk Warren said...

@BT - He said something along those lines a long time ago before he started working in comics. The quote is:

"CGC: What do you think of American Comics in general?

Marko: Not much. Every once in a while some great artist like Ashley Wood comes along and creates a milestone of comicbook history, but in general, neither the stories nor the characters really appeal to me. Exaggerated Anatomy, shitty costumes, flat dialogue and stupid soap opera plots just don't do it for me. If I'd have to name a favorite comic it would be "From Hell" and that's so far away from American mainstream that you could almost think it's European."

Ivan said...

Haha, what money won't do to people...

Jeremy said...

@Ivan - CGC: So Marko, has your opinion on American Comics changed at all?

Marko:...what? Oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of CHA-CHING!

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