Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1 - Less Heroin Use and Impotence Than The Average Archer Comic

Tom Brevoort promotes the new Hawkeye & Mocking Bird ongoing on his Twitter account.

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Anonymous said...

While I normally don't like Marvel and DC employees taking swipes at each other, in THIS case I'm completely OK with it.

Anonymous said...

I am cautiously reading Green Arrow.

The Dangster said...

As a die hard DC fan, i gotta say i have no problems with this. nothing wrong with friendly competition, especially if it criticizes something that needs work.

Ryan Schrodt said...

I think that this is a fun little jab, which I think we'll see more of now that A) the creators are more freely interacting with one another in the public forum of Twitter and B) the Johns/Lee/Didio era of DC seems to have a more relaxed attitude towards Marvel than the Levitz/Didio era did.

THE BEATY said...

ha ha good for him. That story was slightly obnoxious. (my ward a junkie is so cliche

TexiKen said...

DC should respond with a jab at the Red Hulk reveal.

Klep said...

God that Arsenal comic is terrible.

Paul said...

I thought Hawkeye was a girl in the young avengers?

Radlum said...

That was...good, Brevoort is awesome just for making that comment. Rise of Arsenal deserves all the criticism it gets and no matter how mediocre H&M ends up being, there's no way it can be as bad as Rise of Arsenal is.

Melissa said...

Ordinarily, I'd say that's in poor taste, but given the comic in question...

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Man, when I grew up you had to choose a gang, Marvel or DC, and once you chose your side of the fence then you were stuck there, and you mocked the others for their opposite choice.

Sure, now I am an adult and I know you just read good comics, but it's still fun to have little shots at the opposition because it keeps things lively. I loved those old days of Stan Lee ripping on the competition, but even he knows to get published nowadays he has to go to new publishers, something the old Stan would have died before doing. You may grow older and wiser but that doesn't mean you can't still have some fun.

And this quote right here, this is fun. I'd be just as happy to see DC taking some shots back, Deadpool saturation seems likely, as does Red Hulk, or even Franken-Castle, have some fun with it.

Brandon Whaley said...

I hate a love/hate relationship with Brevoort, but this falls firmly on the side of love. This is what Brevoort does best, ripping on DC's mistakes, especially when it seems the majority of readers agree with him.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Hawkeye will shoot dead-cat-tipped arrows? Now there is a weapon u don't see every day. Definitely a dealbreaker for me if not.

The Phoenix King said...

Oh, Tom Brevoort is now my favourite.

If Hawkeye and Mockingbird ends up having 100% more Kate Bishop in an interesting and respectful role, then I may have to build a statue of him.

Anonymous said...


This is why I do not like MArvel that much. I know that DC has made a lot of mistakes in their last books (cry for justice, rise of arsenal and felicia henderson's titans) but that does not give them the right to make fun of the competition when their product is misserably failing. I mean is like spitting to an already beaten guy.

That just seems so tasteless and I keep wondering why they have to bully DC if they are already winning them in sales by 15 or 20%???

What I like from DC is that even when they do stupid things, they do not get in the stupid kindergarden that Marvel tries to pull out everytime.

Geog Johns recently said that he congratulated Joe quesada for his new role in Marvel but that it was sad that he wont be able to work on a project with Joe as he is also a talented artist... that is something I really respect and talks a lot about DC and the kind of gentlemen they are.

On the other hand we have Marvel trowing rocks at them to gain more sales... tasteless

Anonymous said...


I meant "stupid kindergarden fight"

Anonymous said...


DC at this moment are terrible . marvels books after siege have been great . Wheras the end of blackest night was terrible and most titles that have brightest day are trying to be so dark and edgy or just terrible

Anonymous said...

yeah I got to agree with #17

diana cannot see a joke . defend DC after they are done with the mindless violence , dead cats and dead children

Anonymous said...

I do not remember seeing a mock for the piece of s that OMD was nor craptimatum nor red vomit from part of the dc spokepersons.

It is funny how they hire assholes like brevort

Anonymous said...

DC is terrible right now . Blackestnight was the biggest letdown of 2009.

@19 yes red vomit............ (weirdo)

Anonymous said...

wow what a great forum for Marvelites to perpetually bash DC.

I forgot that some days ago I saw a "the marvel crisis" banner, I tought it was a joke but what a naive was I for believing that.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous #17:

I don't think that Dianna is refering to if DC or Marvel are publishing crap; she is refering to DC having respect for the work that marvel does by not mocking them and Marvel doing the opposite.

She's got a good point there, do not see the need to pique the fans of one company against fans of the other. That seems so inmature

Anonymous said...

its just a bit of fun . calm down nerds :L

Anonymous said...

@21 no but Dc just now has been crap . I dont know how you can defend a comic about a man that uses a dead cat as a weapon

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious . its funny because it true . its also funny that 21 and other nerds are going nuts :L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L:

Brandon Whaley said...

Uh oh. DC fans are getting butthurt up in here. Perhaps if you took your fanlad rage and directed it toward the higher-ups of DC, who are directly resposible for the feces flooding the market right now, things would change and this crap wouldn't even be an issue. I'm not saying Marvel hasn't done its share of crap (Siege) but DC is the Troma of comics right now: let's see what kind of shock value/gore porn we can put out to get people talking, for better or for worse.

And yeah, this is a jerkwad comment from Marvel. Who cares? They've been this way since the beginning. I recently read an interview with DeMatteis from Kraven's Last Hunt that was jabbing at Crisis on Infinite Earths. This is who Marvel is. They poke fun.

Occasionally, it hits home.

And let's not forget, not only was Roy using a dead cat as a weapon/trying to protect it, he was doing this while on a heroin bender brought about by a bit of sexual dysfunction with his villainous ex, which was in turn brought about by an event that saw him have his arm brutally severed and his young daughter callously killed. And none of this story was handled with tact. ASM recently saw the Lizard eat Doc Conners' son. Not an easy scene to pull off without gore and shock, but they did it. It can be done, DC just has no interest in it right now.

Frankly, I'm sick of it.

Also, regarding this site being on the Marvel bandwagon: go back and read Ryan S.'s reviews of Secret Six. Then read some of the reviews for Siege. That argument falls apart quite quickly now, eh? Iþ all comes down to one thing.


Anonymous said...

I think DC can rip on marvel if marvel does something bad. Sure siege was bad but not blackest night/ rise of arsenal/fall of green arrow/JL/ JUSTICE!!!/teen titans bad

Kirk Warren said...

For those wondering about a Marvel bias based on this quote, I'd like to point out that I chose this quote for two reasons:

1) I completely agree with the sentiment behind it. Rise of Arsenal should be ridiculed and DC shouldn't get a free pass or be allowed to just sweep it under the rug without any kind of public lashing.


2) I completely disagree with the fact Marvel is using public forums to behave this way. Yes, it's entertaining reading and let's us do posts like this and discuss it, but it reflects poorly on them, especially when they have their own blunders from the past few years.

The quote is actually negative towards both Marvel and DC if you view it from the same perspective as me. That is what makes it so good as a forum for discussion.

twobitspecialist said...

OK, DC fans:

"Superman, now with 100% less heroes that make a pacts with the devil to undo their marriages with supermodel wives to save their old aunts."

Happy now?

Anonymous said...

oh I forgot supermans been shit now :)
Invincible is the new superman

Kirk Warren said...

Invincible has his own problems if you saw this week's issue. ;)

Ryan K Lindsay said...


I'm a Marvel fan and I'm happy now, love the quote. Haha.

Anonymous said...

yeah but that issue was good. more then I can say for action/ new krypton for more then a year.

lets be honest . im not a marvel fan but it is better then dc

Matt Duarte said...

@twobitspecialist: Good one, although that should have a little disclaimer note that says "Superman may not actually appear in the Superman title"

Oh god, I'm not helping here, am I?

Anonymous said...

I never got thatthat ... how come krypton...smallville..nightwing ... phantom..lois...james robinson

yeah supermans been a bloody mess. I will just stick to invincible

Anonymous said...


ok seriously guys I want to know why people say your bias because all the anonymous comments have been spot on about DC

Anonymous said...


Basically what I see throu all of the comments is this: "DC is shit and everyone who likes their titles are stupid brainless nerds"

So I guess that I will now say that I am only a fan of Hellboy so I wont be called nerd, butthurd and such nice things.

And that is the school that Breevort teaches: bully others while you can.

I do not care if there is or not a "bias" in this place, I just do not enter to marvel reviews and attack them and stick to the comics I like... but the trend seems to be proud of pick on DC "nerds".

Great, well done

Brandon Whaley said...

I think the trend that we should be pushing here is that DC and Marvel have both had their slumps. DC is just in one right now.

And no matter what anyone thinks...

...its frikkin' comics. Its not the end of the world. But it is entertainment, and it should entertain, not disgust, regardless of who happens to be putting it out at the time.

Anonymous said...

im calling them nerds as they went nuts over a joke

Anonymous said...

@ sastry

oh take a bloody joke for christ sake

Anonymous said...

yeah as marvel is not being fkd up all tipe you can consider it a joke

Anonymous said...


nf said...


I agree with you. I think Rise of Arsenal is just horrendous along with the Villains one-shot, and DC should get called out more about it, but at the same time it really doesn't do Marvel any favors with all the blunders they've had over the years.

This comes from someone who doesn't read anythign Marvel except Atlas of Agents books.

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