Monday, June 7, 2010

Matt Fraction on Writing Thor

Matt Fraction on why he loves writing Thor, or perhaps how...via his Twitter feed.

In Pullquotes, we present a quote and related imagery to provide a source of discussion and/or thought among our readers. Feel free to comment on the above image.

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Flip The Page said...

man, that's a nice quote. makes me a little ashamed that i keep wishing gillen stays on instead of him

Anonymous said...


Black Ice said...

Great more Marvel news. ;p

Matt Duarte said...

I keep waiting for his run to start. I like Gillen, but it feels like we've been waiting for a year already.

mugiwara said...

I think Fraction described the way he usually write X-Men... Unfortunately.

Don't know what to expect from him on Thor. I liked his previous works, but it looked like some alternate universe Thor. Wonder what he will do with the classic one.

grifter said...

is that a new costume for the Fraction run? is he back to the gun-toting, armpit-showing '70s style? i like the current mesh armored sleeves.

Anonymous said...

@ grifter That's Thor's look from the three one-shots Fraction wrote a year ago along with the God Sized special. Check them out, they're pretty sweet.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Yeah, the image is Fraction's Thor one-shots, which were young Thor, pre-Marvel Thor, and they were awesome, except the God Sized one wasn't so much so.

I find Fraction's process interesting, and he's no doubt a funny guy, but he hasn't been buy on sight for me lately because I just don't dig on Uncanny...I'll wait on Thor and see some previews first...

Anonymous said...


It is ironic that Dc is about "icons" and Marvel about "likeable heroes" but the writers and artists from Marvel are appretiated as "Gods" and the DC ones are considered "totally flawed villains". Least here tough

forrest said...

From what I've read about his upcoming run, I'm expecting something like what, Hickman's done on Fantastic Four, a classic yet modern, science fiction feel. And if it isn't, then I'll petition for Hickman on Thor. I fully expect Fraction's Thor to be great, though, as I have no problems with his X-Men and love his Iron Man (even if I'm mostly alone on those).

Anonymous said...

Marvelites Assemble!!! (it should be the cry of war for this site) ; )

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@AVAYAN - sorry, I have no idea what you meant? Are you trying to imply that we worship Marvel creators and trash DC creators as villains? Ha. Good one.

forrest said...

Because you guys don't all wholeheartedly praise Gail Simone month after month for Secret Six, or Greg Rickshaw for Detective Comics or all the other great DC comics. You people should be ashamed that you hate DC so much.

forrest said...

Rucka, not Rickshaw. I hate cell phone auto-spell.

Philipe said...

I know it doesn't have anything related to this post, but I just wanna say that DC should be ashamed that they put out a book like the "Titans: Villains For Hire" one-shot. I just feel sorry for the 10 year old who bought that book and saw THAT last page.

DC should stop publishing comics for a month in order to repent for that.

And yeah, Marvel rules. Isn't that like, common knowledge? ;).

Lucho said...

I don´t care about Thor but Fraction´s Iron Man ROCKS!!!

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey Forest, count it as serendipity because i think Greg Rickshaw is possibly the coolest name ever. Ever! Thank you.

I-Van the Crippler said...

i think gillens work on thor was amazing....especially him writing DOOM and loki....if he does get off THOR i say he get his own Doom mini...or maybe an ongoin...cus lets face it ....DOOM rocks at whatever he does...

Anonymous said...

@ Phillipe: u r wrong man! Walking dead rules! ; p just kidding


Matt Duarte said...

@Avayan: Now, my detective skills are not quite Batman levels, but I can deduce that you do not actually enjoy our site a whole lot. I have not seen a single positive comment from you, and all you seem do is complain. Now, if there's something I don't like, I usually stay away from whatever that thing is, and I feel that you should probably do the same. You don't like this site, our opinions, or you just plain don't like us? Well, you can go ahead and not visit it anymore. No one is forcing you to keep visiting it. Hell, you can even go ahead and start your own blog, they are free!

Philipe said...


Okay, you're right...WALKING DEAD RULES!

And FABLES! But that's it...

Anonymous said...


@Matt: hey, I have been reading some of the rants from Avayan and I think he really likes this site, if not, why would he coming back to complain... If he really hate this site he would not bother to spent some minutes writing.

Hey Avayan dude! I see what your problem is... you are in a love/hate relationship with the weekly crisis!

@TWC: Grant Morrison probably feels the same way with some of his fans loving/hating him.

@Phillipe: man I have seen some "roamers" for the upcoming tv series for the walking dead and I can tell u something: they look scary. Hoping it will be great.

Philipe said...


I just read on CBR that the first season of TWD will only have 6 episodes! WTF?? I was bummed by it. Why not treat it like any other series out there? I wonder if it's because of's probably more expensive to make then, say, Mad Men.

Now Ryan, how about a Walking Dead post? ;)

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Philipe - I'm waiting for the new trade to hit shelves to review that one, as for a Walking Dead introspective....uh, stay tuned. Let's say I don't have anymore to write on that one...

The TV show only got 6 eps, I know it bypassed the pilot process and got greenlit for 6, I thought that was just a start and there'd be more for the season if the opening went well...maybe I was wrong. If so, when does it debut? Mid-season or the start? Either way, this thing is going to be epic and I'm in for the long haul already.

Kirk Warren said...

The way Kirkman spoke of the show and writing process (he's actually writing an episode and involved with teh show) is that six is a great start and they are writing with the idea that they willgeta second season, despite no official confirmation of said second season (obviously ratings will decide). Even Dexter only gets 12 episodes a season. It's not that bad to have only six.

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