Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 06/03/10

June is kicking off with a bang with the arrival of the next Marvel cosmic event, Thanos Imperative. The only catch is that it's the only major book coming out this week.  Hit the jump to see what else Ryan and I will be picking up and our thoughts and expectations for each. 

Note: Due to the US holiday on Monday, comics are delayed until Thursday this week.

Written by Jim McCann
Art by David Lopez

Hawkeye, the world's greatest marksman is back—and reunited with the world's most dangerous super-spy, Mockingbird—in an all-new ongoing series! The deadly duo defied every obstacle to make their way back to each other and put together the all new WCA team—but now the one thing that divided them years before has returned to haunt them: the Phantom Rider! This ancient enemy is out to destroy all our heroes hold dear, and is teaming with Clint Barton's arch-nemesis, the obsessed assassin Crossfire, to do it! Writer Jim McCann and penciler David Lopez, the team behind the acclaimed New Avengers: The Reunion, reunite to aim the spotlight and crosshairs on Marvel's terrorist-targeting tandem, delivering a monthly dose of classic threats, new enemies, shocking allies, unexpected twists and dysfunctional dynamics in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

Ryan: I probably wouldn’t be picking this up if it weren’t such a slow week, but it has a strong creative team and I have always loved the great classic Hawkeye and Mockingbird stories—especially the first Hawkeye mini from way back when. Having not read the recent Hawkeye and Mockingbird comics recently, I’m not sure what to expect from this one, but I’m hoping for the best!

Kirk: I really enjoyed McCann's previous Hawkeye and Mockingbird series, so I'll gladly pick up this one.  

Written by Bryan JL Glass
Art by Victor Santos

Destiny, prophecy and free will collide as Karic, too late to save those he loves, challenges the power of the snake god in the very heart of the capital. But is Karic's fate just as doomed as he aligns himself with an ancient Nathair, the demonic spirits who once ruled the world? The dramatic double-sized finale to ""Destiny"" defies expectation, and will change the world of the Templar forever.

Ryan: As sad I as am to see this excellent volume of Mice Templar come to an end, I do have a feeling that this action-packed and likely-to-be-emotional issue is going to be absolutely superb. Of course, it helps that this series has been nothing short of spectacular all along. This is definitely the comic to beat this week.

Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Marcus To

A surge of organized mobs spreads across Gotham City like a virus! Who are The Socials and what is their mysterious agenda in moving young people across the city in self-organizing crowds? Is it mind-control or simply youth boredom? What starts as fun and games becomes deadly and leads to an unexpected confrontation between Red Robin and Robin!

Ryan: Chris Yost set the bar for this series very high with his absolutely stellar 12-issue run, but if there is anyone that can keep that momentum going, it is new writer Fabian Nicieza. Nicieza’s run on the previous Robin series was a huge success, so my expectations are high for this takeover. Plus it helps that we are keeping artist Marcus To who has been a total superstar on this title.

Written by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa
Art by Various

Exceptional beings exist who possess the ability to take on any identity. Among them is Noa, the most famous last generation synthetic doll. Sky Doll Spaceship lifts the veil on some of her often very extravagant past experiences: call girl in the middle of the desert, sexy comic book heroin, limo driver, and finally, the normal (ironic, funny, sometimes melancholic) life of a doll on planet Papathea... Discover through new exciting tales of Sky Doll by Canepa & Barbucci featuring art by European superstars Matteo De Longis, Claudio Acciari and Pierre-Mony Chan (Spin Angels)!

Ryan: Sky-Doll is one of my all-time favorite comics and so I’ve been clamoring since the conclusion of the original series through Marvel/Soliel for more goodness. While I’m disappointed to see that this comic will feature guest artists, I look forward to more brilliance from the writing. I don’t think we will see a more intelligent or complex comic this week.

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Art by Miguel Sepulveda

THE NEXT HUGE MARVEL COSMIC EVENT IS HERE! The dangerous and mysterious fissure known as The Fault has opened, and the dark forces of a rival universe where there is no death are pouring through to claim ours! Nova, The Silver Surfer, Quasar, Gladiator and more of the greatest cosmic champions of the Marvel Universal line up to stop them, but it could be more than even they can handle. Luckily, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and some of the galaxy's underdog, never-say-die heroes have a plan. It's a crazy plan. It's called...Thanos!

Ryan: Last week’s kickoff issue was a great start for Thanos Imperative and ended with one of the best cliffhangers to come out of Marvel in some time. With the cosmic heroes set to face off against the returning original Captain Mar-vell (leading the forces of the Fault!), I cannot wait to see how they manage to convince Thanos to join their ranks to save the universe. 

Kirk:  I'm surprised to see the Silver Surfer involved.  Him, Thanos, Nova, Quasar, Gladiator - it's a veritable who's who of the Marvel cosmic cast.  Ignition kicked thi soff with a bang last week, let's hope the main event can continue with the momentum created there.

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TheGoose said...

Captain Mar-Vell better stay dead once the story's over.

Anonymous said...

It is so confusing that they launched Thanos Imperative Ignition #1 and now the 2nd book in the event is Thanos Imperative #1. JUST CHOOSE ONE NUMBERING PLEASE!

/pet peeve.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the numbering is a bit confusing. I don't get why comic companies number prologue or one-shot issues with that number.

onefinemess said...

Good call on "Him" being involved in the Thanos Imperative.

/geek off

I'm definitely excited to see where the mini goes. With both the ongoings suspended, all bets are off (except for Nova being over in Avengers, I guess). Soooooooo. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

No mention of Brightest Day 3? I just saw the preview with the antimonitor - aliveman fight and it rocks!

Wondering who is drawing that sequence

Ethereal said...

Thanos Imperative is the the only book from Marvel. Jeez.

It's actually the only book I'll be picking up this week period. nothing interesting anywhere else.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #5 - I dropped it after thelast issue. I'll follow the story through the Green Lantern titles. I wasn't enjoying the bits and pieces of stories givento us breadcrumb style in Brightest Day.

Anonymous said...

i saw a preview and rocket racoon was threatening thanos with eternal life. I am definitely looking forward to it

Steven said...

@onefinemess - I hope "Him" is involved in this storyline. I don't like the ignoble deaths that Abnett and Lanning seem to have a habit of writing. Adam (of course being the original "Him") deserved way better than they gave him, to go along with the personality lobotomy they'd given him I suppose.

They could do worse than throwing Genis-Vell into the mix. There's a cosmic character that deserves bringing back. Far better than his lame sister, who I'm sure they'll be returning.

Aaron Kimel said...

What's the over/under on how many issues Hawkeye and Mockingbird lasts? I enjoyed the New Avengers: the Reunion mini quite a bit, but I don't know how confident I am that this series will be able to support itself for over a year. The sales figures for Spider-Woman had dropped pretty severely by issue #7.

PMMDJ said...

Wait, Hawkeye is the world's greatest marksman? Better than Bullseye?

And since when is Mockingbird the world's most dangerous super-spy? Is Nick Fury not in the running anymore? Or Black Widow?

Joe said...

Have you heard about a little book called Brightest Day ?!? Y'know the one that will be the #1 selling book for the next 11 months?

Joe said...

This site is so Marvel biased its hilarious!

I-VAN the CRIPPLER said...

oh come on...i get it that Brightest Day might be the highest selling book...but lets not forget that Loeb's RULK was also the top selling book at marvel....the people here ignored that too...so it boils down to quality....and books like Thanos imperative and Red Robin are much much better than BD....

twobitspecialist said...

@Joe: Yeah, never mind that Red Robin is also on this, you troll.

Ivan said...

I think the "Marvel bias" joke has run its course.

Dickey said...

Quick question, do ya'll think one needs to reed last week's Thanos one shot to be up on the knowledge for this week's event, or should it be self-explanatory enough? I'm interested in checking it out, but haven't had the chance to dive into the Marvel cosmic storyline over the past year.

Kirk Warren said...

@Dickey - Hmm, hard to say. I don't think you need to read it to get into the event, but believe it was good enoughto warrant reading regardless. Aside from the reveal of the leader of the Fault forces and setting up some players, nothing really vital happened there that you would need to know. If you absolutely must skip it, I dont think you'll miss out on too much and should be able to get into the event.

Dickey said...

Thanks Kirk. Yeah, it's not so much that I don't necessarily want to buy it, just trying to keep the weekly budget down. Already seen the reveal of the leader due to the magic of the internet, but who knows, I may just end up buying it too.

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