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Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 06/23/10

Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern Corps, Green Arrow, Thunderbolts and a whole lot more bolster Ryan's and my pull lists in this week's Post-Crisis Previews.  Hit the jump to find out what we're buying and what we think and expect from each book!  And, as always, feel free to let us know what you're getting or comment on what you think of our picks or even suggest books you think we should be buying!

Written by Joe Kelly, Stan Lee & J.M. DeMatteis
Art by Max Fiumara, Michael Lark & Marcos Martin

The Grim Hunt continues as many Spider-powered characters find themselves prey of the Kraven Family! Guest starring Kaine, Spider-Woman, AraƱa and Madame Web. Plus Spidey Sunday Feature and Kraven backup stories!

Kirk: Really enjoyed the first part of Grim Hunt, but the ending left me a little put off by the unnecessary killing of a side character that has barely appeared in a handful of pages over the past decade.  The resurrection this brought about also leaves me puzzled as to where they are going with the story.  None of this ruined the first issue for me, but I have some concerns moving forward.  Let's hope they make me forget all about it with another solid issue. 

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Romita Jr.

The Avengers have assembled and the villainous Kang has revealed that they must travel to the future to save their own children from destroying the universe! Yes, the entire universe. But it will take one more Avenger to make the trip complete. Who is the newest hero to join the ranks of the Avengers true? And why is the once-great hero Wonder Man hell-bent on stopping the Avengers at every turn? Backup feature: Another brand new oral history of the Avengers chapter by Bendis!

Ryan: I really hope that Wonder Man doesn’t take a full villainous turn in this issue. I’m sure he has his reasons for standing against the Avengers, but the character is already underutilized, there is no sense in adding mistreated to that. That being said, I’m pretty excited about this issue. The last was a lot of fun and the twist with Kang and the time-travel story was very intriguing.

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Yanick Paquette

The most anticipated miniseries of 2010 continues! As Bruce Wayne's astonishing journey through time continues in this 6-issue miniseries, The Dark Knight travels to the eras of high seas thievery! Mastermind writer Grant Morrison's most ambitious project to date continues to chronicle the return of the original man behind the cape and cowl — Bruce Wayne!

Ryan: I feel that The Return of Bruce Wayne has been a lot better in theory than in execution with two interesting, but ultimately lackluster issues. That being said, I really find it hard to believe that a creative team as talented as Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette can, in any way, screw up such a golden concept as Batman the Pirate. This should be ridiculously fun.

Kirk: I've been enjoying the Elseworlds nature of this project and just love the concept of a Batman in time.  The diverse artistic talents attached to the project also give each issue its own unique look and feel and is another thing I love about the project.  Now, as an event, I feel this is two issues in and kind of lacking any real depth or forward momentum.  It's just Batman being Batman in different time periods with some sprinklings of Superman and friends trying to play catch up to him.  I personally am happy with the pacing, but can see how some might want some more meat to the 'Return of Bruce Wayne' aspect of the story.  Me, I just want more Batman in time.

Written by Paul Dini
Co-feature written by Marc Andreyko
Art by Dustin Nguyen
Co-feature art by Jeremy Haun

Hush finally breaks his silence and decides to make life difficult for Batman. What is Tommy Elliot's gameplan? And what will Bruce Wayne's return mean for the man who's been masquerading as Bruce all these months?

Also, the final, thrilling installment of the Manhunter co-feature is here! Kate confronts a vicious enemy who has infiltrated her personal life. Everyone she cares about is in danger, and so is her secret identity! Can she protect her loved ones? And when it's all said and done, will she decide to stay in Gotham City – or return to the relative peace of Los Angeles?

Kirk: I gave up on this title with the numerous unannounced fill-ins mid storyline.  It really ruined the series for me and I was set to never look back on it until I heard about a follow-up to Paul Dini's Heart of Hush storyline (we have a guest post reviewing that arc later in the week for those curious about it!), which I enjoyed greatly when it was coming out.  If this issue actually ships and is what the solicit says it is this week, I'll be a happy man.

Written by Josh Howard
Art by Josh Howard

IT'S NARA VS. THE WITCH QUEEN! When the dust settles, what will be the fates of Asia, Violet, Joan and Mel? The shocking conclusion sets the stage for the upcoming final chapter of Dead@17!

Ryan: Josh Howard has done a fantastic job at making Dead @17: Witch Queen one of the strongest chapters in the entire franchise. As it closes out this week, I can only imagine that Howard has some big tricks up his sleeve, especially considering that this issue leads into the final chapter of the franchise, which has been years in the making. As a fan of the series, I’m totally pumped.

Written by Jay Faerber
Art by Julio Brilha

Dynamo 5 returns in an all-new miniseries! As the team struggles to adjust to their new powers, they must combat an alien menace with its roots in an untold adventure featuring Captain Dynamo, Omni-Man, Supreme, and other Image heroes!

Ryan: While the last handful of Dynamo 5 issues weren’t quite as strong as the opening stories, it has been far too long since we’ve seen a new issue from this awesome comic. I’m a little leery since the crazy awesome Mahmud Asrar won’t be handling the art chores on this issue, but the brilliance of Jay Faerber’s character work should still elevate the issue in Asrar’s absence. Even so, Julio Brilha has some mighty big shoes to fill.

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Neil Edwards

A giant toy store full of deadly videogame kids and killer Legos. An underground labyrinth inhabited by needy Swedish nannies. The Impossible Man. Arcade. And a babysitter named Johnny Storm...Enter the Frank-tastic Four.

Kirk: Ugh, I hate Arcade.  HATE.  I don't think there's a villain worse than Arcade.  Maybe Toyman.  Coincidence they share the same M.O. or just a horrible gimmick?  Maybe Hickman can make this work for me, but I'd really prefer to get more on this war of the four cities and other stuff he's been building towards.

Written by Keith Dallas and Jim Beard
Art by Josh Howard

What can be more patriotic than spending the Fourth of July at...a comic book convention? That's Ray's thinking at least, although his fellow Ghostbusters think they're in for a boring day of cosplay. But when a dastardly demon with delusions of grandeur unleashes the fireworks, the Ghostbusters must stage a revolution of their own!

Ryan: I normally avoid big license properties like this as they are usually a letdown, but as a huge fan of both the Ghostbusters and of Josh Howard, I have to pick this one up. I can’t say that my hopes are tremendously high for this as the concept isn’t the most exciting, but at least I know it is going to look damn good!

Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Diogenes Neves

BRIGHTEST DAY shines its light on Star City in this oversized first issue from up-and-coming writer J.T. Krul (BLACKEST NIGHT: TITANS, GREEN ARROW #30) and future superstar artist Diogenes Neves (New Mutants)! ""The Fall of Green Arrow"" has ended. Now who carries the heavy bow of the Emerald Archer? Coming out of the devastation, what miraculous event has occurred in Star City and what mysteries await inside that bring the forces of good and evil in search of its lone protector?

Ryan: A few months back, Geoff Johns told me on Twitter that if I picked up Green Arrow #1 this month, my disgust at the end of Green Arrow/Black Canary would be absolved. With JT Krul at the helm of the book, I was pretty sure that was a strong possibility, but then Rise of Arsenal happened and all bets were off. I know that Krul has the chops for this, but its going to take some pretty massive things to make up for all of the damage that has been done to the Arrow Family in the last few months. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually NOT looking forward to a Green Arrow book that much for once.

Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Adrian Syaf

BRIGHTEST DAY continues scorching with ""The Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns"" as the Alphas seek to recruit John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and even former Guardian Ganthet into their ranks! What is their ultimate goal — and who is the mastermind behind it all?

Ryan: I’m really on the fence about picking up this issue. On one hand, I really like the Green Lantern Corps and this series used to be amazing. On the other hand, I was totally let down by Tony Bedard’s first issue, I can’t stand John Stewart, Kyle Rayner bores me to death, and the Alpha Lanterns are perhaps the least interesting concept to come out of DC in quite some time. There is a strong possibility that I’ll pass on this one.

Kirk: Bedard confirmed what future solicits already told us - Cyborg Superman is going to be appearing in this arc.  I'm onboard for the duration and can't wait to see what he's been up to, especially his reaction to not being able to die or even appear in Blackest Night, which Bedard also mentioned would be addressed in this arc.

Written by Bob Schreck
Art by Nate Van Dyke

It's been 13 years since little Tim and Lex Murphy escaped from the island of Isla Sorna, and recent public opinion has reversed, with the world clamoring for authorities to re-open Jurassic Park! With the help of their controversial Granddad's inheritance and their own sharp wits, a secret deal is struck to open a new park! This time they'll get it right...right?

Ryan: Do I think that a Jurassic Park comic is a good idea? Probably not. Do I still love Jurassic Park so much that I put up with a tremendously so-so follow-up novel and two simply horrible film sequels? Yes. Does that mean I will pick up this comic even though I know better? Maybe.

Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Yildiray Cinar

Paul Levitz and rising star artist Yildiray Cinar (TEEN TITANS) continue their run on the Legion as a Legionnaire decides whether to remain with the team — or join the Green Lantern Corps! Also, in the explosive aftermath of last issue, Saturn Girl must find her missing children and face the possibility that they may be dead!

Ryan: While I’ve never been 100% on board with the Legion of Super-Heroes despite sampling a number of creative teams on the characters, I was really impressed with the first issue from Paul Levitz and Yildiary Cinar. The issue hit all of the right notes for me and set up some really intriguing storytelling possibilities. The world must be upside-down or something this week as I’m dreading the new Green Arrow comic, but I’m actually excited for the new Legion of Super-Heroes.

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Alessandro Vitti

The Heroic Age is here, kicking off a new story-arc – with special guest-star Captain America! The glory days of WWII are revisited as you are invited to the reunion of Steve Rogers, Nick Fury and the remaining members of the US’s most elite Special Unit from the Greatest Generation! Find out why raves that SECRET WARRIORS is “a surprisingly tense and engrossing black-ops story” in part 1 of “Last Ride of the Howling Commandos!”

Kirk: I'll have to check out this "" sometime.  They sound like a good "resource" for comic book news.  In all seriousness, Secret Warriors has been ramping up big time lately.  Hickman is firing on all cylinders and this sounds like it will be a blast with a focus on Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos.

Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

The War of the Supermen is over. Who is left to pick up the pieces? Fallout from her actions during the war plague Supergirl, and Kara has to make one of the toughest decisions of her life: Should she continue to be Supergirl and stay in metropolis — or is it time to move on? And with Cat Grant and the villainous [CLASSIFIED] coming at her harder than ever before, is being a superhero even worth it? ""Who is Supergirl?"" begins here!

Ryan: In the not-too-distant past, Supergirl was actually the best ongoing superhero title that DC was publishing thanks to the great creative team of Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle. Since that time, the title took a severe nosedive in quality as it was forced into crossover-after-crossover-after-event story-after-crossover with the other Superman titles. Can this issue, deemed a fresh start for the creative team, bring the title back to its former glory? I sure hope so.

Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Kev Walker

Special Post-SIEGE issue – that introduces a brand-new character! When a magical landmark like Asgard crashes to Earth, the fallout doesn’t end just by sweeping up the wreckage. This historic disaster has unleashed unprecedented threats, and one of them is pillaging the American Midwest! This sounds like the perfect mission for Luke Cage’s untested team of incarcerated superhumans—and while the newly assembled Thunderbolts boast the power of Juggernaut, Ghost, Moonstone, Crossbones and Man-Thing, are even they ready to handle the girl known only as…Troll?

Kirk: Sadly, this solicit didn't want to spoil anything, so makes no mention of the cliffhanger from last issue that showed Baron Zemo taking out Luke Cage and attempting to recruit the rest of the new Thunderbolts team.  Fixer was shown with Zemo over in Captain America, so at least one of them must accept the offer.  I hope he is a recurring character in this series or at least the villain of the first arc because I'm an unabashed Zemo fanboy and would buy every issue of this book if he's in it.  In fact, I may buy it anyways because this first issue was quite good even if we disclude Zemo's appearance (I went back to the shop and picked up a copy after the fact).  Really anticipating this issue to see where they go with the Zemo plot.  

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Ron Garney

With battles raging in both the future and the present, pushing Wolverine and Captain America to their very limits, the most important battle may yet be the one taking place inside the mind of a cyborg assassin. Witness the battle for the soul of a Deathlok. Oh, and laser claws too.

Kirk: Not sure what's going on in this story arc yet.  Deathloks from the future are coming back to kill people in the resistence, Wolverine and bunch of Avengers try to stop it, mess up and now the Deathloks, who were already pretty tough, get super powered upgrades (energy claws like the Adamantium Men arc that kicked off the series, repulsor tech ala Iron Man, etc).  Don't know what they want, who is controlling them or how they are going to stop this.  Also, it's starting to sound a lot like Second Coming's Nimrod invasion, though I'm really enjoying this one. 

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Greg Land

X-Force cuts their way through a dangerous future trying to cut off Bastion's armies at the source. They better hurry as the X-Men in the present are falling left and right.

Ryan: All of the stars are aligning for this next chapter in the Second Coming crossover to be incredibly awesome and action-packed, but then Marvel pulls the rug out from under readers by having Greg Land be the “artist.” You can expect some interesting concepts to be totally ruined by the fact that each page features the same pictures traced over and over and over again. What a load of crap.

Written by Paul Dini
Art by Stephane Roux

In dreams, you're his! Zatanna's attempt to intimidate Brother Night backfires when his servant, the nightmare imp Fuseli, attacks her where she's most vulnerable — the landscape of her dreams! If he has his way, this sleeping beauty will never wake up…

Ryan: The first issue of this series showed that Zatanna could easily hold her own thanks to the awesomeness of Paul Dini and was more than enough to convince me to come on board for a second issue. Stephane Roux had a few hiccups as he made the transition from cover-to-interior artist, but so long as he keeps improving, this could quickly become a must read series. Let’s hope that this issue follows suit from the previous and that the successful of the debut weren’t a fluke.

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Radlum said...

Really looking forward to read ASM, Second Coming and Thunderbolts (first time I have actually liked Luke Cage); GLC and Avengers are on trial, if this week's issues aren't good, I may end up dropping the books.

grifter said...

i will marshal all my recources to read all your recommendations.

The Dangster said...

i'm nervous because i want you to pick up streets, but the solicit is wrong, it's part two of the Carpenter's storyline.

Kirk Warren said...

@The Dangster - ...
You have got to be kidding me...

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Kirk, if Hickman wants to write Arcade I say let him. If he wants to write Forbush Man I'd let him. I have a fair degree of faith built up in him. I also don't mind a bit of a silly one-shot every now and then.

tirga said...

So are Quake, Hellfire and others still relevant in Secret Warriors or is it a 100% Nick Fury book now?

Have to desagree about Tbolts. Zemo as a recurring villain would pull me away from this comics. I'm already about to drop Cap America for that. Sick of the character regression.

FF: I love Arcade, but having the annoying Franklin Richards in this comics wiil ruin it for me. Unless Hickman decides to do something interesting with his godlike powers, I'd like him to go the same way as Lian Harper.

Mugiwara (not $*%ing tirga, damnit!)

Jeremy said...

Alan Davis draws the BEST Arcade. Excalbiur #5 is far and away the greatest story Arcade has ever been in, and a lot of that was because Alan Davis making all the sight gags come to life. Too bad we got fake-Bryan Hitch on pencils(who, funny enough, started out as fake-Alan Davis)

Also, no Superman #700 preview? MARVEL BIAS CONFIRMED

Kirk Warren said...

@Jeremy - I'm going to start when JMS does on 701. From what I understood of the description for 700, JMS isn't even doing anything. It's just a preview for his upcoming run ina backup.

Ethereal said...

The Return of Bruce Wayne, GLC, and LSH. I want to like LSH because of the strength of Levitz, but the first issue didn't really blow me away. I'll see where it goes, but I'm hoping it gets better. Solid week from DC.

FF, Secret Warriors, Weapon X. I want to like Thunderbolts, but it keeps tying in with every other book. It's frustrating. I haven't decided to pick it up, yet. Still good stuff from Marvel.

quietomega said...

@Kirk: a preview of Streets of Gotham is up on, and it IS the second part of the Carpenter storyline. The Heart of Hush sequel will probably be next month.

I find it especially annoying since I'm not sure if I should be annoyed with DC or Dini about the mix-up; the cover doesn't even remotely have a Carpenter connection to it so I'd think that Dini threw in the storyline at the last minute. On the other hand, I've been enjoying the title anyway so I really shouldn't complain.

Anyone else interested in Detective Comics 866? Dennis O'Neill!

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