Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reader Question - Bring The Love Edition

Hey, all you groovy cats in Weekly Crisis land. We wanted to mellow the mood around here and see if we could bring the love back to this four colour medium we love so much. Sure, there's plenty wrong in the world but how about we chat about all that is right. We want you to comment on all the groovy things going right in the comic world and what makes you truly happy.

I'm happy, on this blessed day, for David Aja's art, in any form I can get it; that my local library stocks trades of all denominations; the fact that there are 3 more high profile Marvel movies coming out soon, and Ryan Reynolds is donning the Green Lantern power ring; the Irredeemable Ant-Man, Eric O'Grady, is finally back in my pull list; and finally, I wish to thank the world that Francesco Francavilla puts so much of his art out there for free in the internet world. Seriously, check him out at his site,  and then his blog, and then his Pulp Sunday blog,  and then his contributions at Comic Twart. They're all extraordinary. Hell, I'm happy for Comic Twart too, there's so much good  in the world right now.

So, casual and constant reader alike, what makes you happy today?

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Matthew said...

Thor and the Warriors Four! How can anyone be sad after reading that?

Ivan said...

Secret Warriors and Superman: Secret Origins, mostly. I'm also trying some writing and so far I've been getting a kick out of it. I'll start art lessons soon, so this year I intend to figure out if I'm good enough at my passion to consider it more than just a hobby. We'll see.

Black Ice said...

Secret Avengers, Secret Six, and Secret Warriors. I really like secrets.

CrispyCritters said...

Dropping DC for Marvel!

Sarcasm aside, I'm excited for Fracton to finally take over Thor. It'll be a slobberknocker.

Return of Bruce Wayne, as well. DC's best titles are the Morrison Batman issues. I'm excited for his bridge the gap issues of Batman, too.

Anonymous said...


What makes me really happy is the Green lantern movie Next Year, the Predators movie by Robert Rodriguez, the 3 Green Lantern related comic books (I have not seen Emerald Warrior but as Tomasi is writing it, it will be pure awesome). Any comic by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Gail Simone and JMS.

From the Marvel side I really want to see Thor and more Ed MCGuiness goodness in Hulk, also New New avengers and Wolverine.

Big list eh?

Radlum said...

I'm happy that today a local newspaper is starting to publish JMS's Thor, once a week (every wednesday), from issue 1 to 8 (they also publish Fraction's Iron Man every saturday). I didn't read back when it was published so this is going to be a good opportunity to do so (I can get used to the comic being in Spanish and the price is lover than 2 dollars).
Also, Thanos Imperative and Shadowland are practically upon us and I have faith they will be great.

Andrenn said...

Jersey Gods has always made me a happy camper, such an amazing series, can't wait for its return one day.

the Young Avengers returning this July has me smiling so wide, I can't wait to get my hands on Children's Crusade, its my most anticipated comic of the year!

Ultimate Spider-man, Bendis and Lafuente are a dream team and I hope they never leave.

Haunt, while its had some faults to work out it really is coming together nicely and I'm just so happy to see Greg Capullo back to doing interiors on a regular basis. I missed it.

Invincible! Whats not to love about this book? Even more so for the epic Viltrumite War thats going on!

Doug Mahnke's art, he said he's in it for the long haul on Green Lantern and I couldn't be happier about that, I hope he never leaves!

Space Jawa said...

I agree with Matthew: Warriors Four is made of joy and happiness, and each page is infectious. And the next issue comes out tomorrow!(!!)

I have no doubt after reading it that I'll be going back and buying the TPB they have of the previous Power Pack Mini Series.

I'm also happy for the current Marvel Cosmic U, and just how awesome Rocket Raccoon and his league of butt-kickers are.

I'm happy that Deadpool Team-Up is more often than not a pleasant surprise each month.

Klep said...

I'm glad the Widow has her own ongoing, and is in addition in 2 Brubaker-penned books, and I'm glad that the Birds are back.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you changed back as "The Weekly Crisis" lol =)

Brandan said...

I'm happy for Grant Morrison continuing the greatest Batman story ever past this year.

mugiwara said...

Gunnerkrigg Court is a smile 3 times a week.

Dickey said...

Four more issues of gorgeous Daytripper, two more of excellent Demo, and who knows how many of amazing SHIELD, all proving to me just why I got back into comics.

An internet venue that provides a low barrier to entry for small creators and fun-loving amateurs to serialize some sequential art and get their name out their. Sure, it invites a wave of poor quality stuff. But if you ignore that and focus on the good stuff the internet off, it makes it a worthwhile place.

Sr. Lado Brillante said...

Tiny Titans FTW!

You can't help but smile and feel happy again after read it.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Damn, you know, just reading through that comment thread made me smile. Feel the love, people, feel it.

Matt Duarte said...

SHIELD needs to start coming out sooner, I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms, and we are only one issue in!

Koottie said...

Is no one reading The Second Coming. I'm so happy that this story is concluding, because its been such a good story. I swear I might shed a tear if Cable dies saving Hope

Daryll B. said...

A few things that always brings a smile to my face month in/month out in comics....

Gail Simone, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Kurt Busiek, Jon Hickman, Paul Dini, Chris Giarusso, Fred Van Lente writing....

Nicola Scott, Stuart Immomen, Dan Jurgens, Art Baltazar, Pia Guerra, Ivan Reis, Mike Wieringo, Jim Lee, Jim Cheung, and now I have to add Dustin Weaver on art...

Get Fuzzy, Pearls Before Swine, Girls and Sports, Heathcliff, Garfield, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, Curtis, and Boondocks in the newspaper...

and the great debates with my fellow comic book fans every week in the shop and on sites like this great one...always challenging my ways of thinking....

Enjoy the new comics folks....

Anonymous said...

Scott Pilgrim and Atomic Robo.
You can't read those books and not feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

blueairplane said...

Speaking of Scott Pilgrim, I'm quite happy after seeing the trailer for the movie. It looks like they're really trying to capture the feel of the books.

Anonymous said...


I am really happy that the world cup is really close and also have high hopes in the Mexican soccer team as they just beated 2-1 Italia (the current champions of the world) inn a practice game, isn't that amazing!!!!

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