Thursday, July 15, 2010

Avengers Word Search - Marvelman to Join Avengers?

Marvel is hyping up it's newest Avengers member with a...word search?  Odd, but I'm game.  Hit the jump to see my mad word search skills in action.

Above is the 'completed' (hopefully) word search and here's the list of what I found.
  • Deadpool - God, I hope not.  Has to be a joke.
  • Wendell - As in Wendell Vaughn, the cosmic Avenger known as Quasar.  This would be interesting and tie into Fred Van Lente's new Avengers book, though this word search seems to imply it's for the Bendis written Avengers.
  • Hulk - Unlikely. Actually, with an appearance in the Avengers movie planned, he might be pushed into the Avengers.
  • Red Hulk - Again, unlikely.
  • Iceman - Odd choice.  If it's Bendis, he seems to like writing him in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, so it's not entirely impossible he'd join.
  • Taskmaster - If it's Avengers in general, they seem to be implying he is Finesse's (a new character on Avengers Academy) father.  He could also be brought on to Secret Avengers to fill a merc-like role or other black ops dealings.
  • Rogue - She was recently benched from active duty on the X-Men by Cyclops for letting Hope fight during Second Coming.  With her past with Ms. Marvel, it seems like a good dynamic could be established with her on the team.
  • Hellstrom - As in Daimon Hellstrom, the son of Satan and currently appearing in New Avengers.  With the magic slant on that title, he seems like a lock based on the names I've found in this word search.
  • Venom - Highly unlikely.
  • Quake - Nick Fury's current right hand woman and leader of the Secret Warriors. Not sure if she'll join or not.  Be an interesting choice.
  • Bendis - Nooooooo!!
  • Kimota - What is this?  Kimota?  I don't know any "Kimota".  Wait a minute.  Someone has a magic word like that.  Who was it again?  Oh yeah, Marvelman.  Marvel hasn't done anything with Marvelman since aquiring the rights (well, they have some really old reprints recently launched, but nothing new and no news on Moore/Gaiman reprints yet), but are they willing to fold him into the Avengers to, I suppose, replace Sentry?  We all know they want to do something with Marvelman, but is Bendis going to tackle him first? 

Reader Finds
  • Clor - I actually skipped him since he's sort of dead.
  • Hood - Didn't notice this one. I'll blame it on his name officially being "The Hood" for my missing it, ahaha.
  • Molly - As in Molly Hayes, the Runaways character in the bottom corner.  I looked forever for her name thinking if she's on the page she'd be in the puzzle, but couldn't find it until a commenter pointed it out.
  • Eon - Didn't pick up on this one either, but he could possibly appear to annoint a new Protector of the Universe, like say Noh-Varr.  
  • Rom - The Space Knight.  Seems to be caught up in copyright problems, though a certain Marvelman was last year.  Possible announcement for Comic-Con about the rights and reprints forthcoming?
  • "Goblin" - Little lacking in any specifics, but could refer to Green Goblin or Hobgoblin or Demogoblin or the dozen other Goblins floating around the Marvel Universe.  Maybe Phil Urich will return as the good Green Goblin?  Who knows.


Did I miss any? If so, let me know. Otherwise, feel free to speculate on the list of potential new recruits for the Avengers.  Do you think Marvelman will make the cut?  Do you want him to be in the main Marvel Universe?  Who else seems likely to make the team from the list above?  Also, be wary of Marvel's advertising.  They have a history of releasing teasers like this that turn out completely false.

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Anonymous said...

Probably Deadpool. After all, what would Marvel be if they didn't try and dump him into as many teams as possible, Wolverine style?

Ivan said...

I myself place my hopes on 'Rithell' and 'Molupar'.

Anonymous said...

Clor is on there. Not sure if it counts since h'es a robot/clone and dead (or as dead as comic book robot clones can be).

about me! said...

I don't think I could handle Marvelman being folded into the 616 universe. It'd be like Batman paling around with Rorschach.

JonesHawkeye said...

I also spot Molly, Hood, Clor and Eon.

Aaron K said...

It could just be random noise, but there's a backwards "Bug" in the top right corner. He could be a member with Quasar of a Cosmic Avengers team.

Four lines up from the bottom, it says "LW has come". It's the return of Len Wein! Or of Logan Wayne - Dark Claw - from "Marvel vs. DC"! Or the emergence of Lauren Wolfe, a member of the Black Team in "Secret Warriors"!

Kirk Warren said...

@JonesHawkeye - I looked for Molly everywhere after seeing her in the corner and couldnt find her until you mentioned it now. Didnt notice the Hood either. Left Clor out intentionally and not notice Eon. I'll add them to the list.

Philipe said...

I'm betting it's either Rogue or Hellstrom. I think it would be a little weird to have Rogue on the team...I don't think she fits there. Too much drama for an Avengers book.

Hellstrom would make total sense, I would like that.

Anonymous said...

Goblin is in there too.

Anonymous said...

Son is also listed right above Hellstorm. Maybe 1 of the Next Avengers will come back with the Avengers?

Matt Duarte said...

I was going to mention Bug, but I see someone has beaten me to it.

Also, in Hellstrom, it also includes "ROM"

Anonymous said...

ROM would be big news (on par with Marvelman), but unlikely due to the legal issues.

Anonymous said...

Bendis shouldn't write Miracl... ehh, Marvelman. He would ruin the character forever IMO.

acespot said...

col 11;row 4; read down: GOBLIN

Kirk Warren said...

@acespot & Anon 9 - I noticed teh Goblin word, but didn't think it was really worth mentioning since it's not a specific Goblin mentioned (Green/Hob/etc). I suppose we could get Norman as some kind of Hannibal Lector type of character (ie they pump him for information inside his cell or some such), but other than that, there's not really anything tangible to it. However, I'll add it to the list since it is unlikely they just randomly had a goblin word show up.

Deicide The Everliving said...

I know Venom is unlikely, but isn't he the only Dark Avenger that got no conclusion; the only one who didn't resist arrest in some way, and the only one who was willing to play nice with his teammates?

I dunno, sometimes I wish Bendis were to put Mac Gargan in the New Avengers just to conclude that "medication makes Gargan meek" plotline.

Anonymous said...

I see "Mogo" in there! DC/Marvel crossover!

themattmurdockchronicles said...

My money's on the Dalai Lama - second line, 'Lama' See??? Obvious really.

weirdoidx2 said...

Bug is their too, written backwards on the top row. He's currently with the Guardians of the Galaxy but maybe he'd be made an avenger.

Anonymous said...


All signs point to Galactic (Infinity Gauntlet GoG/Annihilation, Space Hulk allies) or Mystical Avengers:
Hellstrom is mention on Van Pente's Q+A on his blog. Lots to mull over there. LOVES Gerber, the new team is like a D&D party.


Near Misses:

SWAG (the Heroic age avengers)
Gorilla Man
Blue MarvelMan
Dr. Voodoo

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