Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brightest Day Teaser Image

Click here for ridiculously large version.

DC unleashed a teaser image for upcoming Brightest Day storylines, as shown above.  It's similar to the older Countdown teaser images they employed.  Say what you will about Countdown, but those teaser images got people talking and speculating and were some of the best ads to come out of DC in a long time.  Hit the jump for mild speculation on what this teaser might be hinting at.

Hal Jordan - White Lantern?

Biggest one is Hal Jordan in his White Lantern costume laying dead (?) in the broken White Lantern Power Battery.  Hal's died before and the White Lanterns can revive the dead, so is it possible he'll die again?  Likely just controversial imagery, but I suspect we'll see him wielding a white ring again at some point.

Deadman Commandments

Deadman is going all Moses on us with his headstone/tablet.  Is he going to raise more dead, as he was attempting to do with the original Dove in recent issues of Brightest Day?  Is that what the tablet/headstone with "Rise" enscribed on it means? 

Star City Forest Is Burning

Looks like someone will be taking tips from Alfred in The Dark Knight and burning Green Arrow out of the mysterious Star City forest that sprung up in the aftermath of Blackest Night and Cry For Justice, the latter of which saw the destruction of Star City in which the forest sprung up in.  And is Martian Manhunter doing the burning or is that just an unrelated shot of him doing work on Mars?

Anti-Monitor Goes Galactus Cloud

The Anti-Monitor is shown as a giant cloud at the top, which is similar to the Galactus cloud in Rise of the Silver Surfer.  Or maybe it's a Lion King reference and he thinks Hal is Simba?  I'm not sure.  The big AM was shown fighting Deadman in an early Brightest Day issue, so he's definitely got some part to play in this story.  I'm just not sure what the cloud visage implies, but it appears to be coming from the fire that is burning the Star City trees.  Maybe Anti-Monitor comes to Earth to track down the White Lantern entity/power battery and it is located in Star City?

Emerald Warriors

In the top left, we see Atrocitus, Ganthet and Guy Gardner handling some kind of green casket construct.  Hal Jordan's body (assuming he dies)?  John Stewart isn't shown on this image nor is Kyle Rayner.  Maybe one of them? They also have a lot of architecture/city building constructs there, which is why Stewart immediately sprung to mind for me with his background as an architect.  Could be Xanshi related.

The Hawks

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are shown on the left and I assume that has to do with their trip to the new Hawkworld.  Not sure what else to take from that part of the teaser.

Jade Dies...Again?

Jade is shown being carried by Hawk and Dove.  Kyle Rayner is no where to be found with his ex-dead girlfriend unconscious and/or dead.  And why Hawk and Dove?  They were with Deadman recently trying to revive the former Dove.  How does Jade factor into that?  Something JLA/JSA related?


New Aqualad is obviously a reference to his upcoming debut (he was on all of 2-pages and powerless in his recent cameo).  Aquaman's dead body could be Black Lantern related or Mera completing her mission to kill him or maybe Aqualad inadvertently causes it (maybe he drains moisture/water from things and accidently killed him?).  As most of the revived Black Lanterns have shown signs of reverting to Black Lantern status, I imagine it's only symbolic and not an actual death again.  And are those Black Manta's eyes behind Aqualad?  Did he kill Aquaman?  Is he Aqualad's father?  What part does he play?

Firestorm United

Looks like the two Firestorm hosts are burying the Black Lantern version of Firestorm.  Symbolic gesture of the two working together and overcoming differences? 

Other Oddities

  • Magog's staff appears to be broken in the bottom right.
  • Captain Boomerang's boomerangs are bloody and piled up near the Star City sign. 
  • Looks like the Qwardian Weaponer's shield, as shown on recent a Green Lantern Corps cover, with the White Lantern net construct Deadman used in his battle against the Anti-Monitor is on the ground near the Firestorm hosts.
  • Star City sign on the ground.  Related to the burning forest or another disaster for the city?

The Inspiration

And the inspiration for the above teaser is Pete Blume's The Rock.

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Noah said...

Im not so sure the white lantern is Hal Jordan. His hair is kinda tinted blond leading me to believe that this is probably Dove or somebody that isn't Hal Jordan. Also note that both Ronnie and Jason's feet are on fire a little bit and I can also see if Ronnie and Jason are trying to do opposite things instead of both trying to bury BL Firestorm since they haven't gotten along in Brightest Day. Also I could just be nitpicking here but the black lantern aquaman doesn't have hair and also there are numerous green arrows in the white lantern tree that martian manhunter is trying to burn down. 1 last thing. Hurrah for dead Magog!!!

Anonymous said...

MArvel produces way better teasers.

As usual DC produces only crappy things

Matt Duarte said...

Now, let's not forget that Marvel did that crappy OMD teaser that did not actually tease anything.

I think both companies have equal track records when it comes to this kind of thing.

twobitspecialist said...

Now, if you REALLY want to nitpick, Atrocitus, Ganthet, and Guy Gardner are actually on the top right, not top left. But I can understand it if Kirk was actually looking straight at us instead of the picture when he said that.

Lucho said...

I wonder... It´s not clear to guess.

But I love these teasers. Best thing of Countdown were these teasers.

Kirk Warren said...

@twobit - Its the top left of the teaser image, not the little piece I cut out for clarity.

Jank said...

I can't remember the old ones exactly, but did the previous DC teasers foreshadow future events, or was it mostly misdirection?

Anonymous said...

Yeah get it right twobit!( mr smartass)

Kirk Warren said...

@Jank - They were misdirection adn a bit of truth. More abstract than straight up clues.

twobitspecialist said...

@Kirk - Ok, sorry. I read that thinking it was the cut-out.

@Anonymous #8 - That was uncalled for. And what's with the hate, anonymous? I'm not feeling the love here!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica. @twobit probs no love from anyone as you have causing fights and attacking peoples views for no reason. My two cents

twobitspecialist said...

@Jessica Now I feel like Bruce Wayne in the prison scene of Batman Begins.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous #2 "dc produces only crappy things" because your crap doesn't stink? OMD was full of crap now why don't you criticize that? As the self-proclaimed biggest Firestorm fan in existence I am intrigued. What does this mean to Prof. Stein? Where is Gehenna? What does this mean to Lorraine or Mikhail? and why do you hate DC so much?

Anonymous said...


Let's not forget black manta's eyes under the rock watching aqualad. maybe they're related.

Nuv said...

Ha! Simba!!
I'm enjoying Brightest Day. I've actually never liked Aquaman, but Martian Manhunter, Firestorm and The Hawks all deserve some polishing, and they appear to be getting it.
I'm most torn on Deadman, as I love that character and think he's too iconic to remain 'Aliveman,' but he's proving to be the most enjoyable part of the series in his current state.
What say ye?

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous 14 - I mentioned them in the Aquaman section where I speculate on if he killed Aquaman (if he does die again) or if it implies its Aqualad's father and so on.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a comment on the dinosaur head in the rock next to Black Manta's eyes? I don't know what to make of it...

Nuv Takhar said...

I thought I was like the heavy dude in Mallrats, as I was staring at the thing and just couldn't see it, but then, like the Magic Eye sailboat in the movie, it popped out.
That's amazing!
I think it's just a freak coincidence/optical illusion caused by inking, rather than an actual dino-skull, but amazing nonetheless...

Anonymous said...

I don't know... it looks pretty intentional.

Has anyone found the sailboat that DiDio said was hidden in there?

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