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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/30/10

Sorry for the delay in the Moments of the Week, but Canada Day celebrations extended into the weekend with family and friends sticking around for the weekend.  I hope our American readers are enjoying their July 4th as much as we enjoyed our birthday celebrations.  This edition of the MotW features Dex-Starr's origin, Dracula's death, Atomic Robo goodness and much more.  Hit the jump and enjoy!

Action Comics #890

I wonder if we'll actually see Lex in space (Mister Mind's interference stops him from leaving) or if this will tie into Green Lantern at all.  The ring trail going into other dimensions is also interesting.  Is it Nekron's realm?  The Anti-Matter Universe?  Will Lex be able to create a ring? 

Speaking of Mister Mind, his reveal as the mastermind behind the villains from those previews that were in every other issue of DC comics was great, especially his dramatic entrance exploding out of one of his minions' body.

Astonishing X-Men #34

I'm with Beast in these pages.  I can't stand the "new" Scott Summers and I'm just glad someone is taking Scott to task over his behaviour and characterization of late.  

Just a funny Wolverine page. 

Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #4

Bernard is a recent hire for Tesladyne.  He saw a ghost in the lobby of the building and they are testing him.  Just some great and funny dialogue in this scene.  I like how it starts and ends on similar WTF like expressions.

Being scientists, they need to do SCIENCE when confronted by a ghost.  It's very complicated and scientific work, as you can clearly see.

The ghost actually ends up being Thomas Edison, Robo and Tesla's oldest and greatest enemy.  Robo kind of messed up one of Edison's experiments and caused him to get trapped in this form.

A quiet moment between Bernard and Robo.  I'm taking a liking to Bernard.  He's grounded and plays off Robo well.  Kind of the opposite in personality to Jenkins, who was criminally absent from this issue. 

Batman Beyond #1

The title of the story is revealed as Hush Beyond on the final page w ith some foreshadowing of Hush as the antagonist.  Whether it turns out to be Hush or not remains to be seen.

Death of Dracula #1

Here's the Death of Dracula.  If you recall my Captain Britain and MI13 love from back before it was cancelled, you'll recall that Dracula died in that Vampire State storyline (one of the best stories from last year in my opinion, you should read it if you haven't) and looked nothing like this Dracula.  He also dies in such a pathetic manner.  Just stabbed with no real build up in the first few pages and is forgotten shortly afterwards.

Doomwar #5

Deadpool is written extremely well in Doomwar.  He meets that cross between badass and complete joker that most have a hard time finding a mix between, usually falling more on the comedy relief jokster end of the spectrum.

Here's the reasoning behind using Deadpool and...'s what happens when he travels through that gateway - he turns to moosh.  And yes, that's a Hello Kitty Deadpool. He eventually regenerates before...

Doom sporting some vibranium infused Destroyer armour shows up.

Flash #3

Flash Fact - Boomerangs to the face hurt.

Green Lantern #55

Doug Mankhe confirmed for god tier artist. 

Sinestro should be the main character in Green Lantern.

Red Lantern Lobo?

Dex-Starr, or Dexter as he was originally named, had his origin told in this issue.  Continue on if you can handle the d'awww inducing origin of this rage filled cat.

I originally thought Dex-Starr was just a blue alien cat, but it's actually a Russian Blue.  Not quite as blue as in the comic, but not just random colouring either.  Oh, and his owner died and assholes tried to drown him in a sack.  Not cool, but they get their whats for...

The last few panels are the heartbreaking ones. 


Invincible had a hole the size of Denmark punched in his stomach and his intestines were smeared across an alien planet.  They stuff them back in and wrap Omni-Man's cape around him and that makes him all better.  Just get him a senzou bean next time.  Speaking of which, next time on Dragonball Z...
Betrayal from within as the Viltrumite War heats up.

Justice League of America #46

That is a great story Donna.  Thank you for explaining how you were making stuff up to sound cool.

Justice Society of America #40

Our WTF moment of the week is brought to you by Justice Society of America where Obsidian is cured of being gay - just kidding!  Just look at the reaction faces for everyone in these images.  This isn't some random fan edit for kicks, but an actual edited and approved and printed comic book page that is in one of the highest profile titles from DC.  I'm not saying we need to get the pitchforks out or boycott the book, but this is just one big WTF of a page that adds nothing to the story, makes a joke out of being gay and is just plain awkward. 

Secret Avengers #2

Nova + power of Seth = bad day to be an Avenger.

Thor #611

This was a great scene with Thor saying some last words for the fallen Loki

Oh my, indeed.

The Disir are running wild in Hel thanks to the previous moment with Mephisto.  They tell Thor and company to stay out and let them feed.  Thor tells prepares to introduce them to his hammer.

Wonder Woman #600

The current explanation for why Wonder Woman's origin is changed.  Oh, and in comic shot of the new costume.

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Saga #1

Jubilee confirmed for vampire food?

Daken's getting a new costume for his new ongoing, as seen above.  It's the same as the one on the cover to Daken #1, but this was a clearer shot of it.

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kwaku said...

I think that JSA page was a joke on the fans who were saying Willingham would come on-board and make Obsidian straight because he's a conservative.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

That Thor eulogy was the best written thing ever. They could have gone for something more soppy but that would not have been right.They weren't blood and Loki was an ass, but he died saving them so he has to have that going fr him, just a little bit.

I'm assuming that one was written by Gillen. Absolute dominance from him, constantly.

Aaron K said...

The longer "Doomwar" goes on (in Marvel time), the more glaring is the absence of the bulk of Marvel's heroes. The Dora Milaje and FF have been fighting Doom for, seemingly, days, if not longer. Where are the Avengers? When this was a skirmish, their absence could be explained away by "Siege". Now, they're just slackers. Still, it's been a wonderful series and I'm looking forward to its conclusion with great anticipation.

Ivan said...

Man, Alan Scott looks very disappointed in that last panel.

BJay said...

Hello Kitty Deadpool=Priceless!

Nathan Aaron said...

I love Dex-Starr SO much more now. Those last three panels of his story were HEART BREAKING! And yes, I know it was shmaltzy as crap, I don't care. Loved it!

NOT related to comics this week, but I'm curious about something. I know NOTHING about Kaine (I saved myself from all Spiderman books of the 90's. LOL) but how is it he's fighting the original Kraven in the backup story currently going on in Amazing Spiderman, since Kaine didn't appear until 1994, and Kraven died in 1987? What am I missing here? (At first I thought he was fighting Alyosha, but no, he says he's Sergei, so I was wondering if anyone had the answer.) Thanks!

Eric Rupe said...

Nathan - Kaine is the original Spider-Man clone but failed one. The original Clone Saga took place is ASM #149/150, which was in 1975, so Kaine was around in MU time when Kraven was alive even if the character didn't debut until after Kraven's death.

Nathan Aaron said...


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