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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/14/10

Some late night Moments of the Week to catch you up on the week's events.  Hit the jump and enjoy.

Amazing Spider-Man #637
Peter performs the "Mark of Kaine" in honour of his dead 'brother'.  It's a little more than the simple finger tips he did to Norman Osborn back in American Son.

Kraven looks amazing here. 

During their fight, Julia Carpter uses her new Madame Web powers on Spidey to show him what would happen if he killed Kraven and how it would lead him on a path of vengence.  They should do a Spider-Man Dark Knight Returns mashup with this future.  My only problem with it is Wolverine giving Spidey the 'get out' pose as he gets kicked out of the Avengers.  Dude has killed thousands of people at this point. 

The Kraven's escape, but daddy starts killing everyone and tells Ana he'll teach whomever returns between her brother and her.  I loved how the sadistic little girl jogs off into the woods to kill her brother.  So cute. 

Kaine was dead for 15 minutes and now he's back as some twisted monster thing by the name of Tarantula.  I don't understand the point of this.  He was a pretty compelling villain if they wanted him to be just as the dark, twisted clone of Peter.  I don't even get how this mutation even happens.

Avengers Academy #2

Wow,  that sucks for Reptil.

Batgirl #12

Oracle gets her first sidekick with another wheel chair bound computer wizard going by the codename of Proxy

Batman #701

The UFC was never the same once they allowed the dangerous Extreme Butlers into the octagon.

Daredevil #508

Just a cool splashpage.  The new costume works so much better with this style of art compared to Tan's more super hero-y art.

I wasn't sure what the implicaton of this scene meant.  Is Matt possessed by something?  Are they going to try and make his actions justifiable by making him 'insane' or not in control of his actions?

Big fan of Master Izo.  Glad to see him back.

Not a Daredevil event without Elektra.  Be interesting if she actually agreed with Matt or joined up with him.

Girl Comics #3

This was the moment of the week for me.  Couldn't stop laughing at this one.  The story was actually quite good and I'd say the best of the Girl Comics series.  Just a quiet short with Wolverine and Jubilee meeting up and talking about how she's handling no powers and all that. 


Vril is the best Brainiac.

Another perfect Brainiac 2 moment.

Superman #701

 Uh, where I come from, that's arson.

And in case you thought they were just minor blazes, these houses aren't going to survive this with a couple pales of water.  And to top it off, Superman lets the 8 year old kid out in the middle of the night by himself know that he should be the one taking care of the gun wielding drug dealers taking over their neighbourhoods.  Not sure, but there's also a speech bubble with no text in it in the middle of the bottom panel.  Or a weird Moon. Not sure. 

Peter Parker gives up on the whole covering Superman deal in the top panel while Bruce Banner sits at the counter (there's a better shot of him on the next moment).  This is the infamous scene in which Superman orders a "Philly cheese steak sandwich".  It's like that joke about ordering Brazil nuts in Brazil.  They call them nuts. 

Superman performs chores to get his food.  He's officially a hobo.  For those wondering how much he made per hour, it took him "a second" to clean that store room and he didn't break a sweat.  Assuming the Philly cheese steak sandwich is $5, he'd be getting paid $18,000 per hour to help out at this shop.

Here's the heart attack scene.  If you were looking for the medical rationale behind this, Polite Dissent has it for you from a doctor's perspective based on the symptoms described.  I like how Superman is staring at the old man like he came across a dead body.  "Hmm, dead.  Get an axe to be sure."

Superman just discovered a high school philosophy text.  Gavok over at 4th Letter! did a good job fixing this page.  The facial expressions are what kill me with this page.  Superman holding his hand to his chin as if he said some deep, life chaning thing when it's just complete strawman bullshit is saddening.  He doesn't even wait to see what the man has to say afterwards.  He just walks away as the guy tries to talk to him as if he didn't even care what he had to say.

Thanos Imperative #2

Silver Surfer makes a dramatic entrance.  And just what is he heralding?

One of the best moments of the year so far.

All of the Guardians of the Galaxy seemed to get a moment as they fought the Cancerverse Defenders team.  This is Gamora's.

Drax doing the destroyer bit with Namor.

And Cosmo proving he is the strongest one there is by taking down the Hulk.

More of the Aspects from earlier.  Celestials, Galactus, Tenebrus and Aegis - this is epic on a scale unheard of.  What could top this?

That tiny man is our Galactus in front of the Cancerverse's weaponized Galactus Engine, which is like some evil Shining Time Station nightmare come to life.  If this were a movie, Crazy Train just started playing. 

X-Force: Sex & Violence #1

This hurts just looking at it.

Like watching a movie.

X-Men: Second Coming #2

They had to use several thousand pounds per square inch of pressure to set Colossus's arm after it was broken.  Anyone know why he couldn't just go human form and have them set the arm?  And why do they have such a device in their medical area?

Wolverine and Storm discussing his actions in X-Force while mourning Nightcrawler.  I don't think Kurt was so naive that he didn't know Wolverine has killed more people than smallpox.

Rogue gets kicked off the X-Men (or as close to kicked out as can be with the benched status) because Hope saved their entire species?  Cyclops, you really need to be replaced as leader.

Uncanny X-Force team.  Too tired to bitch about Greg Land's "art".  Wolverine was kind of broken up about Nightcrawler thinking he was a monster for being a part of X-Force earlier.  When Cyclops disbands the kill squad, what does Wolverine do?  Make a new one with Fight Club rules.

Okay, okay, got to take a potshot at Greg Land.  Bonus points for anyone who can figure out who this is.

No sooner do I complain about the X-Men not having a personal life or any downtime do they start playing basketball. Sort of.

Hope was shown going all Phoenix mode again and then it flashes to this scene with several new mutants flaring up on Cerebro (or whatever it's called these days).  Not sure if they are new mutants or returning favourites, but more than likely have something to do with those New Generation of Hope teasers from a week or so ago.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that's X-23 Logan's talking to. Do I get the bonus points?

Akylle said...

That "I am merely a herald" bit was pretty damn epic. Marvel Cosmic is so much better than GL/GLC.

Klep said...

Yeah, I guess that has to be Laura, but it's only the dialogue that gives any real indication.

Anonymous said...

so how about that thanos imperative review

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous 4 - I started it, but didnt have time to finish it. I have to get a guest post out tomorrow that got delayed with time restraints and hopefully the thanos review as well. These moments took up most of my time tonight just compiling, cropping, uploading, etc.

JP said...

Let me just start by saying that I meant no disrespect in our difference of opinion concerning Superman #701. Just an observation, you seemed to put alot of effort into explaining how the moments from #701 support your view of the issue.

On a subject we both agree on, I am thrilled that you included the REBELS #18 moments, but am surprised you left out the Starfire/Captain Comet moment.

Also, are you currently picking up REBELS? If not, I strongly recommend it, especially since it is just as good as Marvel's Guardians of the Gaxaly.

P.S.>>If you are not picking up REBELS, is it possible you may drop Superman and replace it with REBELS?

Eric Rupe said...

Namor play basketball is the greatest thing ever.

twobitspecialist said...

My Two Cents:

Amazing Spider-man: What could have been a great story was marred by out-of-character moments and continuity errors. Plus, the whole Kaine thing was cheap.

Avengers Academy - Good issue. I liked that they focused on Finesse instead of Veil. I'm thinking issues are going to spotlight different students. It was a great character study on how Finesse really is the one to watch out for.

Daredevil - It was sold out at my LCS so I haven't bought it yet. From what I hear, it's a great companion piece to what's going on in the main Shadowland book.

Superman - You're putting me in a predicament, because now that I see the actual scans, these Superman moments are not as stupid as you made them out to be. Still, Supes is coming off awfully holier-than-thou rather than the grounded hero he's trying to be (and I agree he's pretty much a hobo now).

Thanos Imperative - Why am I not reading this?

X-Books - Sigh. I don't think I'll be able to get in the bandwagon anytime soon.

And points for mentioning Gavok and 4Letter!! Those guys are awesome too.

Dan said...

Thanos Imperative, is just brilliant stuff. Great characters and more 'wow' moments then your usual 'event' every issue. Looking forward to seeing what the aftermath will be.

Jeff T. said...

I find it hilarious that Wolverine, Cap, or Iron Man would be ordering anyone out of the Avengers for killing. Not to mention that apparently killing a clearly irredeemable nutjob would mean Peter would go over the deep end and on some sort of rampage.

Ramon Villalobos said...

There is always a bit of hypocrisy whenever anyone on the JLA or Avengers kill anyone. Both teams are filled with a member who's killed someone but whenever it happens, they gang up on the person all high and mighty like.

I pretty much only keep up with the X Men with the moments of the week so... thanks for that. haha. Cyclops has sure come a long way from the days he was written by Grant Morrison. Back then he was a cool guy that led the team pretty well without acting like a douchebag.

Also, It must be said that while I don't read the Marvel cosmic stuff, those images up there look ridiculously cool. A giant skeletal Galactus machine head? Win.

Wez said...

I cant figure out the Greg Land image.

Did he 'reference' Mick Jagger or someone? X-23 has a serious lack of female hips.

quietomega said...

@Wez: Psylocke looks like she lacks hips as well, so at least Greg Land is really consistent in not knowing female anatomy this month

Is anyone else annoyed by how Mike Carey seems to only write Scott as a douche? I haven't read that much of Legacy but his take on Scott comes across more as a jerk than any other writer's take.

@Kirk: Though I generally liked Superman 701, I'm surprised that you didn't include any of the suicidal woman panels; those were easily the worst part of the book most especially when compared with Morrison's succinct (1 page, 4 panels vs what felt like pages and pages) and genuine take in All Star Superman 10.

And whoa, Thanos Imperative looks like it kicks loads of ass

Kirk Warren said...

@JP - I'm not currently reading REBELS monthly, bu tpicked up some trades of it and am awaiting this Brainiac one.

Anonymous said...

Go see INCEPTION everybody! This is not spam. It's the best movie of the year by far.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck you andy diggle. Hyping up the worlds greatest villian story is nothing but a generic possessed hero story . At least bendis and ed pushed the envelope but this is nothing special

Wez said...

@quietomega : I kinda think that Carey is one of a few writers that gets Scotts personality right these days. He is making necessary choices and keeping the hard choices away from most of the others.
I view him in the same light as Tony Stark during/after Civil War. Making the douche choices but with his best interest at heart.

I was kind of hoping that they wouldnt be right and Bishop would have been proven right. Which in turn would lead Scott to some kind of breakdown and possibly letting the little bit of the Void in his head out to cause some mayhem.
He could be an excellent villain.

Anonymous said...

So fucking disappointed with daredevil

Aaron K said...

Thanks Great Anonymous for giving us movie spam and cursing about Daredevil. Insightful stuff! I wouldn't count Diggle and Johnston out just yet. It's not at all uncommon to mislead the reader early for a bigger reveal later. Besides, Matt's eyes ALWAYS look like that. I think he just had a migraine. :)

Matt Duarte said...

I don't think that Dardevil is being possessed. They mentioned in the other issues that they needed Matt to do this to himself, not through some outside force, or else the whole plan would fail.

MisterSmith said...

If The Thanos Imperative really is the end of the cosmic line, at least we know they're going all out.

Nathan Aaron said...

Spiderman was INTERESTING. I wasn't as impressed with the ending as you appeared to be. And while you mentioned really liking Michael Larks' art on this final issue, it seemed REALLY really rushed to me. Which is AS usual a problem when you're putting out an almost weekly title. In fact, I'd guess a majority of this issue wasn't EVEN drawn by Michael (the last issue only have FOUR pages drawn by him.) The majority looks like Checcheto to me. This issue has FOUR artists listed. FOUR. Geesh.

I'm sorta bummed they killed Madam Web. She's been around forever, and always found her to be really cool. It was an OK story, but still can't even touch a candle to the original.

Kirk Warren said...

@Nathan - Yeah, I was informed the last issue had several different artists by a commenter in the review. I wasn't blown away by the ending. I make several mentions of it in the review, but I did end up enjoying the story overall.

Ivan said...

"This is the infamous scene in which Superman orders a "Philly cheese steak sandwich". It's like that joke about ordering Brazil nuts in Brazil. They call them nuts."

No, we don't. Over here we call them "Pará nuts".

adezzy131 said...

that land x-23 is trace of megan fox. i cant find the image though

Michael said...

Namor trying to play basketball made my day.

andrewsaltz said...

Can we get weekly "Shining Time Station" references? That made my weekend.

+1 to "if daredevil is possessed I will punch my fist through the the TPB" club

Vilyathas said...

The Thanos event is everything Blackest Night should be, but falls way short.

[Rant alert]

1. Zombies or eldritch abominations? I think it's a tie with this one, but I think the Thanos event does convey a sense of universal threat more than Blackest Night's dead rising in various tie-ins.

2. Big Bad is portrayed as overwhelmingly undefeatable. No contest between Nekron and an entire fricking universe.

3. You know the action is going up to the elevens when the powerhouses come into play. Here, we get Galactus and the Celestials in on the action. In Blackest Night, the Entities make one splash of a page, and that was it.

4. A rag-tag group teams up with an arch-nemesis to turn the tide of the war from behind enemy lines. This is where Hal Jordan and the Rainbow Raiders should be, bringing up some MacGuffin from Ryut. There's potential for interesting interactions between the various villains, but not much was said and done.

5. Galactus Engine. That's all.

[Rant ends]

So, yeah. Geoff Johns can keep his Comic Book Writer of the Year award, while I curl up with this TPB when it comes out.

BroMan said...

My next visit to the comic shop will consist of Thanos. They may have the Gauntlet trade...major overtime=major money Definately Thanos Imp.

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