Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/21/10

Comic-Con and some real life stuff has been eating into most of my free time this week, so the reviews (should be up tomorrow) and Moments of the Week were delayed slightly.  Despite some decent books coming out this week, there was very little in the way of moment worthy images, which makes for a light update this week.  Hit the jump for your momenty goodness.

Amazing Spider-Man #638

This was the oh so secret "we can't show you right now" conversation between Mary Jane and Mephisto that was left out of One More Day.  It is also the only page related to that OMD story or why she agreed to trading their marriage.  Why did we need to wait this long to see something that added nothing to the story?

The Amazing Spider-Man gets taken out by a cinderblock.  One that was thrown by an ordinary fat man several meters into the air.  Spider-Man dodges BULLETS.  He was taken out by someone throwing a cinderblock at him.  Have you ever lifted one of those?  They're heavy and you are not throwing those.  It would be difficult to just throw that up to the water tower let alone actually hit someone with the speed and spider sense of Spider-Man.  It's magic, though, we don't have to explain it.

And why were we viewing Spider-Man fighting this random thug?  He's doing this the night before his wedding.  The fat man falls on him and he can't get up, so misses the wedding in the morning.  They don't get married because a fat man fell on Spider-Man.  Bravo Joe Quesada, this so justifies breaking up the marriage.

Avengers #3

Time's gone loopy, so random people are showing up.  This time it's Devil Dinosaur and Killraven

Batman Beyond #2

New Catwoman for Batman Beyond universe.

Looks like it's a Hush.  Now whether or not it's Tommy Elliot is another story...

Brightest Day #6

So graphic and unnecessary.  Did we really need to see the heads come off?  Are we just trying to one up the gore in every issue?  This is their marquee title and banner event. 

And then they supposedly kill Miss Martian.  Now, she's going to be in the Young Justice cartoon, so I find it difficult to believe she's really dead, but J'onn states she has no thoughts and he couldn't pick her up with any kind of telepathic scans when arrived, so it seems pretty dead to me.  Probably find out next issue, so save the rage until it's a confirmed kill.

Dark Wolverine #88

The rematch between Punisher and Daken seemed like a lot of fun.  Can't wait for the oversized hardcover as I'm trade waiting this one, but seeing these (and the next moment) sure make it difficult to wait.

I imagine the chest glowing bit is the bloodstone that will eventually lead to Frank returning to a normal human again, but damn if it isn't a great fight sequence.

Heroic Age: Prince of Power #3

I wonder if they have death scrunchies on sale at Comic-Con?

I think I like the Thor/Cho dynamic better than the Herc/Cho one. 

Cho slips the cat god a roofie that sends her on a LOLcats induced bender.  I know the whole LOLcats joke has been done to death, but I still liked it.  Thor's reaction was great, too.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

I still don't understand how Earthman was even chosen to be a Green Lantern, but he's no longer a GL as of this issue.

Darkseid is.

New Avengers #2

Wolverine goes out of his way to stab the crap out of Dr Strange (and Son of Satan I guess), despite being friends with him and knowing he's possessed.  Not really sure how to feel about that.  Definitely doesn't seem like a friendly thing to do, but they comment on it later...

Bendis plays it off as a joke, so I guess I'll let the nerd rage slide on this one.  Bonus since it was funny.

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #3


And nothing of value was lost.

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Anonymous said...

"I still don't understand how Earthman was even chosen to be a Green Lantern, but he's no longer a GL as of this issue."

I like many have no idea how earthman became a gl becaus i have noo idea who earthman is. and that sadly is why the book will not last long . most readers only know some of the legion and their stories

Anonymous said...

Wait, so the canonical reason Peter and Maryjane aren't married is because he was trapped under a fat guy after getting hit with a cinder block. Goddamn I hate you so much Quesada. Couldnt he have at least come up with a plausible reason for him to miss the wedding I mean goddamn.

Anonymous said...

At #2, obviously the fat guy IS Quesada.

Akylle said...

Sigh...all that good will ASM had built up with Grim Hunt was completely eroded with this issue.

Anonymous said...


twobitspecialist said...

"Oh, sweet Justice. Thou art a fickle lover for keeping me waiting this long..."

Anyway, here are my thoughts:

Amazing Spider-man: Sigh.

Brightest Day: I'm actually surprised there is not an argument defending DC for its gratuitous gore in its comics.

New Avengers: This is the part that made me chuckle. Since I haven't read enough Wolverine, I really don't mind if it's in character or not.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Strange that so many people railed against Franken-Castle, called it names, everything, but it always seems to make with the cool moments and when it gets the HC many will likely fawn over it. Maybe this'll teach people to just wait and judge on the actual story and not what you think it might be.

forrest said...

I like how Anonymous 7 is complaining about anonymity while being anonymous.

Anyways, my MOTW was the back-up in Walking Dead #75. And getting the GL Emerald Warriors preview in Streets Of Gotham. And what was up with the actual main story in Streets of Gotham being 2/3 the length of the Twoface back-up?

Space Jawa said...


And people wonder why we can't have nice things...

mugiwara said...

ASM: Meh. This doesn't make me roll my eyes more than all the times Spider Man got embarassed by the likes of Black Cat or Cap America, while being 10 times faster than them. Spidey is one of the biggest jobbers in comics, when he faces regular humans. And let's not forget the track record of the brick who already took down Cyclops and the Silver freakin Surfer.

Prince of Power. Too bad it's only a mini and it doesn't sell. People on the net are always complaining about the lack of fun in comics, but when there are actually fun comics, almost nobody buys them. Go figure..

Ultimates: In this issue, Loeb successfully made me care about the Valkyrie. The whole thing was pretty entertaining. It feels strange to write that, but since the reboot, Loeb has been very good on the Ultimate comics while Millar's work is just pathetic.

GregVersion2 said...

BD - As soon as I saw that scene in the first few pages of Brightest Day I put the issue right back on the shelf. Hooray for more pointless gore. Seriously, the book opens and ends with this nonsense. Did I time travel back to the 90's or something?

ASM - The whole issue was (and I'm guessing the entirety of OMIT will be) one big "**** you" from Joe Q. From the awful art to the terrible story, it's clear he's just trying to rub it in to anyone that even thought to criticize BND. Meh, I'm fine avoiding Spider-Man until someone stops letting the nuts run the asylum at Marvel.

LOSH - Eh, I was only interested in his title to see what Earth-Man could be as a GL. That plot seems to have ended a bit too soon, but he might get the ring back.

UCU - Ugh

Kirk Warren said...

Comments related to personal attacks against creators, their personal wellbeing and their families have been deleted as have any attacks against the person that made them (I appreciate and respect the thought behind calling him out on it, but it just leads to more off topic and hate filled comments). Please refrain from such comments in the future.

Anonymous said...

Awwh, I dropped Brightest Day a while back, I have always had a soft spot for M'Gann though, I hope she is not dead.

I agree with Punisher and reaction to Franken-Castle. I do myself personally prefer him away from that sort of story generally, but hey, that's what MAX and older issues are for, shouldn't limit a writer from doing and trying new stuff, and his exchange between Daken was priceless. It's great seeing him build as a character too (Daken). Plus as I was saying, Frank will be back to normal soon.

Then to his father? I raised my eyebrow at first with the stabbing scene, but once the joke came, I smiled and recognized it as really just a set up.

I agree with the comment about Prince of Power and fans, and how this is a fun comic, but isn't getting it's due attention. Hopefully features like this might encourage a few people to give it a chance.

I like the Thor/Cho dynamic. Not as much as Herc and Cho, but that's probably because I prefer seeing Thor less... jokey, than he is here. I have other Thor comics for that for the most part, so I can appreciate it here more, but still...

I made a fan fiction once about Marvel characters and spending time doing mundane things like watching You Tube, so I smiled at Thor's line there. I wonder if he has watched Techno Viking? I wonder if they signed up to post on any forums what their usernames would be? Too far?

Pregnant Hela freaked me the hell out. Though I think this may be the first time I have seen Cho draw a girl with a bigger stomach than her butt lol

(is it possible an Anon disliker is sabotaging Anon by posting conflicting comments? Don't want to contribute to the off topic too much, just really appreciate this site, hope Anon can stay)

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #13 - I like the Thor/Cho dynamic because it just seems right that Cho would piss him off in this way. It takes Thor out of his element. He doesnt act this way with other people and you are right, he is more jokey, but I just like to think Cho rubs him the wrong way like no other character. He's interacted with other geniuses before, like Reed and Tony, but none have really shown such disregard for his theological origins or acted as condescending as Cho. To me, I just enjoy how that works out between them. It's like how Thor and Herc don't really get along, but with Cho, Thor is more reactionary due to Cho's personality. At least, that's my view of it. I recognize that many might see this as "thor doesnt act like that" though. It's definitely a valid criticism.

Michael said...

A fat guy is the reason why Peter and MJ didn't get married? I always thought it would have to be something big, like the Sinister Six. But just a normal fat guy? Glad I decided to jump back off ASM after Grim Hunt. A shame though, there's been pretty good stories with Spidey this year.

laura said...

Th. why did you delete oll the other comments ?
the person made a valid point on the anonymous feature.

also I know you guys did not like the 2 comments a feature but at least they were not abuse . the only reason you get 56 comments is because 45 of them are fights!

Kirk Warren said...

@laura - Im not sure what you are referring to with 2 comments a feature. During the two weeks we turned anonymous commenting off, we were averaging ~10-15 comments per post. With it enabled, the previous 2 weeks before turning it off averaged ~15-20 comments per post. There's no need to exaggerate or make up numbers in some misguided attempt at taking a cheap shot at us or other posters.

And the other posts were deleted because they all referred back to the original post and were off-topic infighting over smoething one person said.

Chris said...

I still can't believe that is all the MJ whisper was....there has to be more to it than that.....

Pop said...

God I prefer rokk comic. All your comments are arguments . Yeah loads of comments with nothing to do with the feature is not good weekly

Anonymous said...

Good riddens Pop. Enjoy Rokks entire posting of comics, copy and pasted moments of the week sorry highlights of the week from kirk and nothign but patting on the back from the people that write there with no comments from anyone else.

Jank said...

@Pop- And that's their fault how?

Am I the only one who thought the new Catwoman looks strange? Her head-gear seems really bulky and unwieldy IMO.

Rawnzilla said...

You kids need to behave. I thought OMIT was pretty cheesy. I did enjoy the Wolverine stabby stab scene though.

Anonymous said...

you should adopt the revouloutions comenting system and lless of the rokk bad mouthing

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous #23 - You mean the commenting system that lets anyone post with any name they type in the field? Yeah, thats revolutionary. I wonder if we could work something like that out. Oh wait...

And what bad mouthing? Do you not see the "Friends of the Weekly Crisis" field at the bottom with Rokk's site there?

Anonymous said...

yeah well sorry all I see in the comment section is arguements and insults ( sam loeb) granted its usually people without names.but thta is the only reason you get over 20 comments

at least rokk comic does not attract people that speak ill of the dead

hal said...

Good riddens Pop. Enjoy Rokks entire posting of comics, copy and pasted moments of the week sorry highlights of the week from kirk and nothign but patting on the back from the people that write there with no comments from anyone else

that bad mouthing I guess,

hal jordan said...

I think revoulution has nicer readers . not your fault kirk

Daryll B. said...

This has been a big month of people playing off of Thor: Power Pack, Jane Foster, Iron man, but no one has gotten under his skin like Mr.Cho...

*SIGH* I know it re-affirms me dropping Spider-Man however those panels just made me pissed all over again...

Devil Dinosaur vs Spidey...odds of Peter being used as a toothpick?

I love Levitz on Legion,,,but for all the build up and potential drama with Earth-Man as a GL, this was abrupt and felt empty...seriously...

Steven said...

The commenting problem can be solved pretty quickly by getting rid of the ability to post anonymously. I don't see a whole lot of trolling by people who bother to put a name to their comments. But those lovely anonymous posters and their lack of manners feel free to flap their lips ad nauseum.

To keep it on topic: I don't think the GL stuff in LOSH is meant to be about Earth-Man. I think the new Guardian creature is more who you should be watching. This book will only fail if it can't get enough readers who have patience for long-term, intricate sub-plotting.

Oh and it's Miss Martian, not Martian Girl.

Kirk Warren said...

@Steven - I'm losing it. I even read your comment and read it as my having used Miss Martian and searched the name just to prove it (was gonna link the Miss Martian wiki page and ask when she changed her name). I come back and re-read the comment and Im the one that used Martian Girl. I have no idea what was going through my head when I typed that. She's even one of my favourite DC characters and one of the reasons I stuck with Teen Titans for so long. I've fixed it in the post. I blame bad tacos and staying up late scrounging up Comic-Con news.

Re: comments, we are taking a look at the commenting features and re-evaluating the options at present.

Anonymous said...

get rid of it . it puts your site in a bad light

Bobby Weenus said...

I was shocked by New Ultimates. Not by the pregnancy, or the character kill moment, but by the stance that Loeb had written it from inside the mind of a brainwashed person. It was disjointed from the moments outside of the narrator's prospective but that just made it an even better read. It really is a shame that he has to ruin an otherwise awesome writing example with typical shitiness.

On the Franken-Castle subject, I was someone who thought that it would certainly blow, and I was totally surprised to find the story to be a must read. It just feels out of place in the Marvel cannon, like that stint when Cap was a werewolf.

Kevin said...

I will admit that I did get my idea from seeing Kirk's Moments of the Week. I wanted to do something similar so I decided to start my own back when I ran my own seperate blog. But I never copy and paste what Kirk has done with his Moments of the Week as I always gather my images for my post before hand and try not to look at Kirk's before posting mine. So while I did get my idea from Kirk I never copy his. If we have similar images than that is because we saw a similar thing with those particular images. I don't see a problem with that. We are just trying to point out good, and sometimes bad, stuff from comics each week.

Also if you see the Weekly Crisis is amongst the friends of the Revolution and get along with one another very well. Weekly Crisis is one of my favorite comic book related websites and love all the work the team does here.

Ivan said...

RE: Thor "out of character", I don't mind when they slightly bend a character's personality to better fit the humorous tone of a story. Batman at the JLI, for example, was still Batman and was hilarious.

Matthew B said...

I just have to say, I've been keeping out of the Prince of Power because of Marvel's dreadful grasp of actual mythology. It's easy to take mythology and shoehorn it into today's world, but do they even do any research? Case-in-point (and I didn't even read the issue): Hathor was represented by a COW, not a CAT, in the Egyptian myths. The writers were maybe thinking of Bast, but yeesh, what a dumb mistake to make.

Matt Duarte said...

@Matthew: Having not read the issue, it seems strange that they would make such an obvious mistake, considering that Van Lente (co-writer of Herc/PoP) has pretty in depth knowledge of mythology (and just about everything else, really, he's a smart guy). Maybe it was a conscious choice to dumb it down since people automatically associate Egyptian gods with cats?

In any case, I wouldn't get too hung up on it, it's still a fun and entertaining book.

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