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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/28/10

Friday means it's time for the Moments of the Week.  We've got cowboys, bladder spasms, Punishers everywhere and more in this week's edition.  Hit the jump and enjoy!

Action Comics #891

Lex expected this.  I couldn't dream of something like this and he expected it.  Moments like this are why I love comics. 

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #2

Really cool silhouette scene.  Great use of colour and sense of motion here.

Batman: The Widening Gyre #6

Remember that awesome moment from Batman: Year One?  You know, the one where he tells the mobsters they're done feasting on the innocents of Gotham?  One of the greatest Batman moments ever?  Well, Kevin Smith didn't think Year One humanized Batman enough, so he he had him relate to his new sidekick/pet character how he actually had a bladder spasm and pissed himself during that scene. Good times.

Not content with making a joke of one of Batman's greatest moments, we get another excellent scene where Batman's fiancee relates to Alfred the story behind why she's nicknamed Batman 'Deedee'.  That's right, the first time they had sex, they did it 11 times (she mentions the number specifically on another page) in one go.  Alfred's response?  To tell us the hilarious story of how a 15 year old Bruce Wayne was statutorily raped by a pre-med college student.  Nothing says Kevin Smith comics like rape!  Even with only spotlighting two horrible moments from this comic, it's pretty safe to say that this is one of the worst comics ever written.

Frankencastle #19

The Punisher/Daken fight shifts in Frank's favour this issue.

That's gonna leave a mark.

New pain.

Green Arrow #2

Green Arrow gets arrow'd in the head, just like he did to Prometheus in Cry for Justice.  As he's living in the forest of life or some such, I imagine that tree with the White Lantern logo on it will bring him back. 

Green Lantern #56

It's Christmas in July when Larfleeze learns of the one we call Santa.

Is Sayd actually dead?  Larfleeze has only used constructs of those he's killed so far, yet there she as a construct below Larfleeze.  He tells Hal that she's "on an errand" and trails off.  Was he just covering up the fact he killed her?  Or is she really on an errand?  Lex Luthor was able to make his own constructs in Blackest Night, though, so who knows?  We'll have to take Larfleeze's word on it.

Hector Hammond becomes possessed by the avaric entity, Ophidian.

PunisherMAX #9
Bullseye is seriously $%^'d up in the MAX Universe.

I'd put Frank as a green man, myself.  

All I could think of at the end of this incredibly messed up chat was Van Wilder with Bullseye's 'good talk' line at the end.

Thor #612

There is something eating giblets with chopsticks that makes Mephisto so much more evil looking to me.  

Ever wonder how Thor would react to a One More Day-like offer from Mephisto?  Think he'd sell his soul or trade his love of Sif/Jane Foster for a rebuilt Asgard or something similar?  Yeah, me neither, but I bet it would play out exactly like it did in this moment. 

I loved this little speech.  It's such a fitting line that takes into account these are gods that know they live in an endless cycle of deaths and rebirths. Adds a lot of weight to the journey to Hell they are about to undertake when we know the stakes are that much greater.  

Wonder Woman #601

A quick shot of the new origin for Wonder Woman as her mother kills herself to prevent the shadowy figure from using the Lasso of Truth on her to learn where Wonder Woman, still a child at this point, had been spirited off to for safe keeping. 

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twobitspecialist said...

Lol It actually feels like the MotW are early this week.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Smith needs to walk away. His Daredevil was a rehash at best, his Batman is pathetic and I wish I could bring myself to defend his Green Arrow but no. Mike Grell is his only visionary.

Alan said...

Kevin Smith's Batman was so damn awful.
First off...even after he told that story I can't imagine Batman saying "very funny" or "Yeah Yeah Yeah" to anyone. He's never been given to that type of common speech.
Has Keven Smith ever read a Batman comic book (other than scanning Year One?)

quietomega said...

Loved how Pete Woods drew Master Mind in this week's Action Comics; I couldn't stop laughing the whole time, especially with the scene that you posted.

Wow, I didn't think that The Widening Gyre would be THAT bad. I enjoyed Smith's Cacophony despite some of the really stupid moments, but this looks Ultimatum levels of terrible.

Matt Duarte said...

Just reading over that Kevin Smith Batman moment : "He's obsessive compulsive like that" in reference to the number of orgasms? What the hell?

twobitspecialist said...

"Hey, Kevin Smith, how bad is The Widening Gyre?"

"THAT bad."

That X-Men tagline needs to happen.

Mewzard said...

I'm surprised no one put Hector Hammond becoming the host of the Averice Entity Ophidan or that Hank Henshaw showed up in Blackest Night, with his chance of death at hand, only to be ignored by death, due to him only being living energy (which nearly breaks the desperate man).

Other than that, good list.

Kirk Warren said...

@Mewzard - Huh, it isnt there. I have the image saved in teh folder. I must have skipped over it by mistake. I've uploaded the Hector Hammond image now.

Ivan said...

- "How do we make Hammond creepier?"

- "I know, cross him with a snake!"

It worked.

James said...

Kevin Smith can go to hell; that is one of the classic Batman moments of all time and his attempt to 'humanize' it disgusts me.

Daryll B. said...

TwoBit beat me to it...well played Sir.... and I am a Kevin Smith fan and could not believe this...

I can see kids using the Larfreeze logic next Christmas...

You only have to wonder what other "thoughts" Luthor has had about Mr. on 2nd change that...because Kevin Smith will probably be tasked to write it...

Thor 1 Spidey 0

Wow..they killed Green Arrow original...

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Damn, Frankencastle really is looking pretty fine. And I can't wait to get into Aaron's PunisherMAX trades. Or some more Gillen on Thor. Damn, far too much to catch up on. I'll never get there....

And I'm a massive Kevin Smith fan but this just sounds pretty low rent to me. Like he's taking SModcast tales and weaving them inot the DCU, shame.

btownlegend said...

Mr Mind needs a limited series.

nf said...

That Luthor vs. Mister Mind moment is one of my favorites in a long time. Well written by Cornell and Woods is nailing the art duties. Fantastic.

Chris said...

The whole Widening Gyre run was weird/not that good for me, I didn't even bother picking this up since it was $5 and now I'm pretty glad I didn't.....I still love Kevin Smith though.

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