Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cover of the Week - The Rawhide Kid & Thor and The Warriors Four

The FIFA World Cup just finished, and Spain won it. Of course, they are not today's only winners, as we sit down and look through this week's cover, to choose our favorite and declare it the Cover of The Week. Hit the jump to see them.

Ryan L's Cover of the Week - The Rawhide Kid #2 by Dave Johnson

Ryan L.: This is cover is pretty catchy, there's no doubt about it. Sure, it's an obvious riff on a fantastically great movie but I love the serious tone we get at the start of the cover (the top) and then the reveal at the bottom. It's a lame joke but it got me to laugh (especially when I added my own voice to the captions) and out of all this week it was the one to stand out the most.
Matt's Cover of the Week - Thor and The Warriors For #4 by Gurihuru

Matt: Really, they had me at "Bearded Thor", but the composition with the giant World Serpent coming off the side though not quite fitting in is also pretty cool. This series has had incredible covers, and the last one doesn't disappoint either.

Runner-Ups: Godland #32, Secret Six #23, Scarlet #1 (LaFuente variant)

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that first one a terrible stereotype of the gay lifestyle for one of Marvel's very few openly homosexual characters?

Ryan K Lindsay said...

In the same way that Big Gay Al was, yeah, definitely, doesn't mean I don't get a chuckle from it. I guess Marvel could be taken to task over it but I am pretty sure that the whole series is written in the tone that the Rawhide Kid is now pretty flamboyant. I could be wrong, I haven't actually read any of it.

I hope spotlighting this cover doesn't offend anyone. That certainly wasn't the intent, I just thought playing this against the grimy and gritty cowpokes was a good laff. I guess Marvel and Dave Johnson did as well. I guess it's very Queer Eye and all of that, and no one took offense there, so I'll assume no one will here either.

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